How many pounds do you guys think you would get?!


  • Handsome Jack
    Handsome Jack20 minuter sedan

    Name of the brown haired girl in the blue jumpsuit?

    xSCHOBELx3 timmar sedan

    Gay af

  • Ambush87
    Ambush879 timmar sedan

    Definitely cheated haha

  • Oliver Smith0108
    Oliver Smith010810 timmar sedan

    You all did it wrong

  • nick4819
    nick481922 timmar sedan

    160? What a bitch grip.

  • Telisha Yah
    Telisha Yah22 timmar sedan

    The feminists are mad. 🤣

  • TJ mears
    TJ mears23 timmar sedan

    i did it before like a month ago and got 182.6

  • Chris Woollard
    Chris WoollardDag sedan

    160 doubt lmao

  • Noah Smith
    Noah SmithDag sedan

    lol, the women purposely didn't squeeze it all the way

  • Lefty Bronson
    Lefty BronsonDag sedan

    It went exactly the way I expected it to..

  • Austin Klimek
    Austin KlimekDag sedan


  • 、Dylan。
    、Dylan。Dag sedan


  • Famous tikkari
    Famous tikkariDag sedan

    I can 500

  • Stephen Flint
    Stephen FlintDag sedan

    Where's the video of the blacksmith dude clicking one of those.

  • MaNNeRz Laguna
    MaNNeRz LagunaDag sedan

    I want to squeeze something but it's not that thing they're all squeezing 👀😂

  • ryan wilson
    ryan wilsonDag sedan

    I thought champagne would have gotten way more then what he did lol. Lmao what was with the one dude doing a punch motion. And come on girl you really held it upside down and said like this?

  • A Veteran Outdoors
    A Veteran OutdoorsDag sedan

    You Used you leg cheater

  • Jo Griffo
    Jo GriffoDag sedan

    Start above your head with your arm out straight and move your arm down to your leg with your arm straight without bending your elbow and somewhere in that is your strongest point

  • Jacob Fritz
    Jacob Fritz2 dagar sedan

    I got 172 and shocked tf outa all my work buddies when they had me do it like 3 times to prove it

  • Gabriel Sanchez
    Gabriel Sanchez2 dagar sedan

    If you subtract the leg leverage his score was 32

  • Henry Alcantara
    Henry Alcantara2 dagar sedan

    The fact nobody noticed he faked the ending lol

  • jimmy rounds
    jimmy rounds2 dagar sedan

    He pushes it off his leg

  • Kekked
    Kekked2 dagar sedan

    My was in school at 7 Grade like 80-90kg and i was 16 B-)

  • The Seventh Son Of The Emperor!
    The Seventh Son Of The Emperor!3 dagar sedan

    That’s just a scale shaped so that you’re hand can use it...

  • Mexican Sloth
    Mexican Sloth3 dagar sedan

    Those girls probably have something that can grip a lot harder

  • Cody Rsling
    Cody Rsling3 dagar sedan

    Fuckin house of Chad’s and Kyle’s

  • Fast Bro
    Fast Bro4 dagar sedan

    eh I've seen better

  • Lewis Jones
    Lewis Jones4 dagar sedan

    You put it against your leg your cheat

  • Veronica Moody
    Veronica Moody4 dagar sedan

    Im not a very strong girl my would have been 40 im not very big lol

  • needaccount94
    needaccount944 dagar sedan

    What a shitty product placement

  • Ray Wood
    Ray Wood5 dagar sedan

    I don't know why but I feel like I'm watching Gen z ersion of Big brother

  • Jake hager
    Jake hager5 dagar sedan

    Ofc you had to do the highest, douchebag

  • TheShadow_797
    TheShadow_7975 dagar sedan


  • 5starHUNTING
    5starHUNTING5 dagar sedan

    Easily the weakest people I’ve meant

  • WheresTheFun
    WheresTheFun5 dagar sedan

    I got 89.4kg.

  • LegacyMan
    LegacyMan6 dagar sedan

    Challenges people then cheats to seem better and stronger than anyone because you want people to think your a rich chad so you can make money

  • Bad Vibes
    Bad Vibes6 dagar sedan

    champagne would’ve won but he didn’t know how to do it

  • EH
    EH6 dagar sedan

    that first girl holy fuck😍😍

  • TheHotandshot91
    TheHotandshot916 dagar sedan

    LOL is all I have to say I’m a diesel mechainc it wouldn’t be a competition

  • Kocún
    Kocún6 dagar sedan

    Why is this trash in my feed?

  • Melanie Cabug
    Melanie Cabug6 dagar sedan

    "Is it good?" *Laughing sounds stops*

  • Sourav Banerjee
    Sourav Banerjee7 dagar sedan

    Why tf does everyone have a blk water bottle? Promotion?

  • RatMilkBehindYou
    RatMilkBehindYou7 dagar sedan

    the perfect ad doesn’t exist

  • Umut Acar
    Umut Acar7 dagar sedan

    Who is the last girl ?

  • darrell beets
    darrell beets7 dagar sedan

    Dude I didnt even noticed the black water in every shot X D

  • darrell beets
    darrell beets7 dagar sedan

    0 stereotypes confirmed here. 0

  • Straight white  Male
    Straight white Male7 dagar sedan

    He fuckin pushed it on his leg haha

  • Mixup 221
    Mixup 2217 dagar sedan

    I hate how he doesn’t disclose the fact this is clearly sponsored by black water even though it’s literally a crime

  • MIDdY
    MIDdY8 dagar sedan

    Him: squeeze it My brain for some reason: 💥🔫

  • Andrew Gray
    Andrew Gray8 dagar sedan

    bro you def try hard when you went 😂

  • 13x16
    13x168 dagar sedan


  • Justin Silva
    Justin Silva8 dagar sedan

    You used your leg at the end, oh brother this guy STINKS😂😂

  • fabi
    fabi8 dagar sedan


  • Alex A
    Alex A8 dagar sedan

    My cousin Joe would break this he can crush level three grippers

  • Joshua Vasquez
    Joshua Vasquez8 dagar sedan

    I like how the BLONDE girl didn't know how to hold it

  • MHSlice
    MHSlice8 dagar sedan

    Kiley needed one in sausage form to know how to squeeze it at first attempt tho. And you cameraguy are cheating with your srinky leg.

  • nic
    nic8 dagar sedan

    pretty sure its measuring their IQ

  • 03Boogie
    03Boogie8 dagar sedan

    The first girl used both hands

  • Haden Shinkle
    Haden Shinkle9 dagar sedan

    I saw this In my hero academia

  • Matthew Arney
    Matthew Arney9 dagar sedan

    That's grip strength it has nothing to do with how hard you can hit multiple things are involved with strength than grip strength

  • Frealish
    Frealish9 dagar sedan

    Why do they always speak and act like that

  • Xero
    Xero9 dagar sedan

    Last homie looks fresh out of jail

  • Supercool Cat
    Supercool Cat9 dagar sedan

    Want God-tier grip? Shmeat daily

  • The WubMeister
    The WubMeister9 dagar sedan


  • Mikey Alva
    Mikey Alva9 dagar sedan

    Mans really tried so many times to get a big number 100%

  • Martin M.
    Martin M.10 dagar sedan

    I have something else that Isabelle could squeeze.

  • Wilton King
    Wilton King10 dagar sedan

    Bam, Black Water now readily available at your nearest GNC! Want results? Drink Black Water, and the results will want you today!

  • Jay Den
    Jay Den10 dagar sedan

    Hmmm.. I wonder why? 🤔

  • Travis Duncan
    Travis Duncan10 dagar sedan

    Is that good fuck no

    BIG ANTHO10 dagar sedan

    The professional armwrestlers doing this was waaay more enjoyable.

  • Gaming N Addiction
    Gaming N Addiction10 dagar sedan

    Let men compete with women!

  • Fat Sally Fishing
    Fat Sally Fishing10 dagar sedan

    Bro ur sister 😩

  • WildNMartini
    WildNMartini10 dagar sedan

    kylie kinda bad ngl

  • Muhammad Harris
    Muhammad Harris10 dagar sedan

    Jacob muthal

  • king bibibear
    king bibibear11 dagar sedan

    Used his leg but ok

  • Dylan
    Dylan11 dagar sedan

    The chick in the belly shirt two handed it.

  • Sean Buckley
    Sean Buckley11 dagar sedan

    If your grip strength isn’t at least your bodyweight, you can’t do a pull up. Luckily not a person in this video weighs over 150lbs.

  • Brony Saiyan
    Brony Saiyan11 dagar sedan

    Yall weak as fuck tho lmfao

  • Faisaly Awadh
    Faisaly Awadh11 dagar sedan

    Champagne 🥂

  • Ibrahim Bakri
    Ibrahim Bakri11 dagar sedan

    Oh it's in the gol

  • Dylan Perri
    Dylan Perri11 dagar sedan

    Kylies gorgeous💙

  • 손쩡우
    손쩡우11 dagar sedan

    f1 cars would destroy this challenge

  • MrTrickay
    MrTrickay11 dagar sedan

    Plot twist, it's just a cunt-o-meter. Congratulations. 👍

  • Merc
    Merc12 dagar sedan


  • 2pac the yeet
    2pac the yeet12 dagar sedan

    Black guy sounds and looks like abra cadabra

  • kenshiigames
    kenshiigames12 dagar sedan

    Is that good… doesn’t answer

  • Rabi Purbaalam
    Rabi Purbaalam12 dagar sedan

    Strongest one was the only boy who raised on his own in this life

  • Wolfy Layman
    Wolfy Layman12 dagar sedan

    Where can I find this

  • bigdawggscott
    bigdawggscott12 dagar sedan

    Seen same amount of drink every video

  • TreyFergg
    TreyFergg12 dagar sedan

    Yo Kylie can get it

  • British Wrath
    British Wrath12 dagar sedan

    I pulled over 9000. I guess I should get a girlfriend.

  • Mr Hyde24
    Mr Hyde2412 dagar sedan

    Lmao one of my friends literally just broke my other friends arm just be squeezing it

  • Tolvaj Tamás
    Tolvaj Tamás12 dagar sedan

    I remember that we had to do this on PE lessons, and my fingers where always too sweaty and I couldnt grip on it good enough. So I always ended up with a lower value.

  • Jimmy D Cricket
    Jimmy D Cricket13 dagar sedan

    Against your leg.

  • Charlie Murphy
    Charlie Murphy13 dagar sedan

    Strongest hand jobs in the game