Starting Again In Late Classic WoW - My Thoughts & Experiences


    UNKNOWN USER8 dagar sedan

    u are one of the best druids I ever met in my entire classic career

  • Pancreas Dragonheart
    Pancreas Dragonheart8 dagar sedan

    I wanted Classic+ from the very start, because I knew Classic would be fcked up. I predicted this atleast ~3 years before they announced Classic: I knew warriors were overpowered late game. I knew there were going to be hordes of bots. I knew mages were going to AoE farm dungeons and complete destroy much much more than just the market. I knew there would be a min-max mentality, where everyone knows everything due to SEblacks and addons. All they needed to do was to remove the slow effect from Blizzard on elite mobs. BOOM.

  • TheWeeaboo
    TheWeeaboo15 dagar sedan

    1 massive tip though. You guys should learn to whisper other players more for dungeons instead of only asking in chat. :d

  • TheWeeaboo
    TheWeeaboo15 dagar sedan

    You could run 30 fps in Vanilla? Dude you must have been a god on your server. :d

  • TheWeeaboo
    TheWeeaboo15 dagar sedan

    I have to say that as a TBC player who played classic to see how Vanilla was at least remotely like, the ruining of the immersion started pretty quickly already. Sure the nostalgia of coming back to wow in general after quiting in early cata kept me going strong and in the end I quit classic vanilla because I just didn't have the time available to sometime spend 3 or 4 hours just on setting up your bank, doing your proffessions, having your bank char clean enough. Only to then still spend a lot of time getting a group together have actually a decent amount of douchebags that would ragequit because 1 or 2 players were actually new to the game and a dungeon like Maraudon is quite daunting for the first time. (and early vanilla the groups came pretty quickly but even as a healer and a tank it could still take time to get people to come to the dungeon and get it started) But the fact that there was this whole ghosting into a reset dungeon and actually ressing at a boss to farm dungeon gear (or however they did it) just actually destroyed the game. Especially because Blizzard couldnt reroll anymore because that too would've upset people. Also the phases were done badly. No meaningful honor system for the first phase of pvp actually just didn't make sense to anyone that didn't actually play Vanilla wow during the patches where pvp didnt give honor. Sure pvp for the sake of it isn't a bad thing but when youre already on a tight schedule, doing pvp for no honor feels about the most pointless thing in the world. And joining a full PvP server, to then not having World PvP for the first month or 2 in Vanilla Classic is just completely pointless. How they handled the servers as well is a major point of contention. Waiting 10 hours to log in on the first day on the server I specifically reserved my name on 2 weeks prior and having to wait another day before actually getting a server that we could comfortably play on was also just another bad start of the journey. Especially because on that 2nd server the names we wanted to reserve were already taken. :) So yes I actually quit like 1 month into classic. Which sort of surprised me because I had expected to take time even in the worst case. As always, real life did have it's neccesary impact. :) And ironically I lost my job just before corona so I shouldve had plenty of time but I did not consider going back. Although that was quite a concious decission. Going to play wow 24/7 after losing my job to name just 1 thing was not going to be a great thing for my mindset while in my late 20s. :d Of course, it was always going to be a mess. That is why we didn't get Vanilla servers in the first place. They only did it because it made them a lot of money and still does. But things like not having enough servers ready only to then have several servers introduced within hours feels like levels of incompetence that wouldn't even be tolerated at a small company. So how they did not forsee this? :)) It cost them a good deal of long stay subscriptions I am sure.

  • Dungarg Avramov
    Dungarg Avramov26 dagar sedan

    The reason wow is a dead game nowdays is the exact same that people prefere the easy and fast way for everything ... idk i have leveled over 150 chars in 1x and it is still the most fun thing to do and people prefere playing private servers getting max level etc ..

  • Aaron Valenti
    Aaron Valenti28 dagar sedan

    Thank you for making this video. I was pretty bummed I missed WoW Classic. I was hoping for the 2004 experience again which I have such great memories of. Still looks fun, but nothing can be the same as it was

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  • Luis Rodriguez
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    Omg I was do use to the game. 6 years ago. I forgot how original felt. I've played it since beta

  • George Costanza
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    I agree on a lot of your points. I've reported bots in retail and they will get banned but they will also get to run 24/7 for months before the ban wave happens. In that time they've already made enough to cover the cost of new bot accounts. The dungeon boosting is annoying for sure. One could either join a guild that does boost runs for their alts and you or try to start your own groups for the dungeons as you level. I admit that you may not be able to find a legit group for all dungeons while leveling. That being said I think now is actually the best time other than at launch to play wow:classic. The hardcore and most of the bots will be moving to TBC, leaving behind those who truly want to be there. It's not perfect but it was never going to be.

  • Patriot AZ
    Patriot AZMånad sedan

    It takes way too long to level which is why I won’t play TBC. I can’t start at level 1 and spend 6 months to get to 70. And I refuse to pay to boost a character. Oh well. I’ll have to find satisfaction in watching videos like this.

  • MrRyan6262
    MrRyan6262Månad sedan

    What’s the name of the addon that you use to make your health and mana bar rectangular and cleaner?? I used to use it in WotLK but forgot the name.

  • Barry
    BarryMånad sedan

    Talks about the problems with world buffs and boosting: Every bit of gameplay footage, chats going wild von wb and boosts. Sad reality...

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    Yep, it's really unfortunate...

  • prankedxd
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    What server is this? I think i recognize a name or two

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    Earthshaker EU

  • Omg ItsPingu
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    Hhaha marriku swa

  • Omg ItsPingu
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    Geweldig nederlands accent

  • amoran225
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    Agree with the video. I just started wow classic after a lengthy break from wow and haven’t been able to find groups for instances as everyone seems to be getting boosted. Definitely has a different feel to when I levelled during the original tbc and onwards

  • Nikolay Petrov
    Nikolay PetrovMånad sedan

    You did not notice most of these "bad" things when you were 13. None of us did. This is why the game seemed to be so colorful back then.

  • Hamsterwheel


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    The bad things I noticed weren't there way back. There were no megaservers, no layers, sharding, and bots were much less prevelant compared to now

  • milo
    miloMånad sedan

    Hello i've just started this game and i'm wondering if anybody has a guild for new players and which server on EU? I went on that classic but it was empty, i'm going to start at TBC

  • James P
    James PMånad sedan

    I suppose if you arrive at a "sweet spot" time you can enjoy something of the old wow. The two times I came in, either everybody was there or, like now, nobody is there. Everyone now is either 60 in outland, or 60 boosted, wow starter continents are dead. Pity the new player!

  • Aeghul Mora
    Aeghul Mora2 månader sedan

    the classic community is one of the worst ive ever seen. i was in vanilla that communiyt wa sthe ebst just ppl these days have become utter trash.

  • Jambo Cochelli
    Jambo Cochelli2 månader sedan

    “Given the chance players will optimize the fun out of the game”

  • Dan Killen
    Dan Killen2 månader sedan

    Starting classic is something ive struggled with alot, I really wanted to do it, but now at this point, after missing all the recreations of the big important world events, and lack of being able to get friends to play it, I just don't see it being possible for me.

  • Barkley


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    Its unfortunate man. I have a lvl 60 and 30. I really wanted to make a blood elf for the new xpac but this game is impossible unless you have a 60. Boosts , meta, and cheaters. Its literally impossible to get to 60 normally. What a good game that could be so much better. You should play but just know your gonna have to solo 1-60 so be prepared to spend 1 month and at least 300 hours to get it.

  • wojciech piosik
    wojciech piosik2 månader sedan

    i ve had the same pc pentium 4 2.66ghz and fx 5200 this card was so bad .....

  • WindBlownLeaf
    WindBlownLeaf2 månader sedan

    I would love a tbc wow but with remastered graphics. Not keeping my hopes up though, blizzard is just way too lazy to redo all the textures, lighting etc

  • WindBlownLeaf


    Månad sedan

    @Ronin Zero I'm sure it would be possible to make the remastered graphics toggle-able. My friends and family that I used to play with feel the same way. I played and enjoyed classic, however they dropped it after trying it out because it looks outdated.

  • Ronin Zero

    Ronin Zero

    2 månader sedan

    Why would they do it in the first place? Many prefer the old designs.

  • Gary Coleman
    Gary Coleman2 månader sedan

    Why report bots? Why does people care so much if someone runs a bot to farm? It doesnt really hurt anything

  • Ronin Zero

    Ronin Zero

    2 månader sedan

    How old are you? Bots are the reason why the economy is so broken in many servers.

  • Riley Dennis
    Riley Dennis2 månader sedan

    It's 1024x768 xD lmao

  • Viper
    Viper2 månader sedan

    Man, I remember starting playing WoW in 2009 and trying to properly on my old Intel Celeron Advent Roma Laptop in 2009......good times lol

  • G00GLE 5UCKS
    G00GLE 5UCKS2 månader sedan

    Classic WoW ultimately for me isn't worth the work. I'd really enjoy an EZ server with 100% XP boost and 2x item drop rate and 2 x spots in each honor rank. Tryharding with worldbuffs and max consumables also becomes pointless when everyone else does it. Heck, why did people need maxbuffs for MC anyway? Sure it may take 1-2 hours longer but farming consumes took much longer than that. In the unlikely event I'd ever play Classic again I'd make my own guild this time. Each player gets to reserve items and whomever did gets to roll for them. No DKP, no loot council, no drama. No maxconsumes, just chill and fun. Raid with PvP specs.

  • Toshio
    Toshio2 månader sedan

    tbc hype tbc hype

  • Aurorithus Shadowstar
    Aurorithus Shadowstar2 månader sedan

    Great review! As someone who didn't get into WoW until Cataclysm and more or less missed the "glory days", I found your verdict to be a bit of a bummer but a huge relief at the same time. I haven't played Classic yet, not any WoW in probably 2 years. I kinda wish I played back in the day just to be part of the community of ppl who look back on it so fondly. I do have nostalgia for the time I spent in jumping in and out of Cat and Legion, but I know it's not as strong as for those were in from launch thru Wrath. Expecting to rekindle or experience that through Classic is probably asking too much. Like you said, the meta has changed too much. Blizzard has changed. Times have changed. Oh well. It's a relief though because if I'm being honest, the time I would spend grinding in Classic is much better spent on other things. I might still jump in here and there for a quick play session for what its worth, but I won't be trying to max out my experience. Maybe, just maybe, the league mmo will be a similar great experience as was vanilla WoW. Here's hoping. 🙏

  • Adam Miller
    Adam Miller2 månader sedan

    6:04 How did you set up your UI like that?

  • GozuTob


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    Easy, addons

  • Showsky
    Showsky2 månader sedan

    lol! Yeah i remember listening on spotify in the mid 2000s

  • Lem D
    Lem D2 månader sedan

    Does he think it's worth it? He said no

  • em nawong em nawong
    em nawong em nawong2 månader sedan

    I tried wow for the first time yesterday just to experience the so called number 1 mmo in the world, but boy oh.. my eyes really hurts looking at the graphics looks like a mobile/cellphone game I dont get why people are so addicted to this game, and the game mechanics and combat really bored me to death I couldn't play it without getting sleepy for 15-30 minutes of playing.

  • TheDarkDonut 135
    TheDarkDonut 1352 månader sedan

    This game was amazing I feel so sad for a lot of time now, I miss wow so much, I wanna come back so much but it just isn't worth it anymore everything will be destroyed if I play again and while I am getting old I realize that I don't have the time I had to play it now... I hope they will revive the game one day but for now the game is shit and not worth playing

  • blarghts
    blarghts2 månader sedan

    I quit playing Classic wow becaue while its the same game but its not vanilla wow. The damage information can do to a game is incredible.

  • Saii158
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    No Blink182????

  • Rick
    Rick2 månader sedan

    ziek nederlands accent haha, hoe krijg je die kop van je tauren zo?

  • Brendon Patrick
    Brendon Patrick2 månader sedan

    I hopped back on my level 54 rogue and was like, "oh god, I have no idea how to level in classic now that I'm coming back" 😖😖

  • unseenufo
    unseenufo2 månader sedan

    omg. I listened to dizzy up the girl as well. But i started one week before tbc.

  • Hamsterwheel


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    Hell yeah dude!

  • Oved Sommers
    Oved Sommers2 månader sedan

    What server are you playing?

  • Gunplabro
    Gunplabro2 månader sedan

    Blizzard really did absolutely everything they could too ruin classic. They made the dungeons easier, they upped the player cap on every single server, gave us post nerf raids. The phase system was also ridiculous. Should be coming out NOW. Not what, 8 months ago?

  • Will Swanson
    Will Swanson2 månader sedan

    i fucking hate world buffs, and totally hate how much it ruined the immersion of this game. its also a compete min max game at this point, very little exploration and goofing off. and yes i agree with future expacks feeling like a level race, pushing through too linear and destroying the immersion.

  • Aaron Creech
    Aaron Creech2 månader sedan

    Tbh some people you killed might not have been bots. If I get ganked while killing a mob I try to focus down the mob and then accept death. Make myself a snack in case I'm camped. If I'm already down health from a mob I'll probably die anyway.

  • Toby Croxford
    Toby Croxford2 månader sedan

    Wow classic is and always will be WOW!

  • Dallas Scandling
    Dallas Scandling2 månader sedan

    WoW is dead since blizzard see the players as enemies

  • 2ndchanceinlife
    2ndchanceinlife2 månader sedan

    I’ve watched this long ass video. How is the warsong gulch and arathi basin ? I’m interested in getting back for twink BG

  • gotico gordo
    gotico gordo2 månader sedan

    i want to start playing now, i hope its not too late, i want to play tank warrior, i dont care if it sucks or its hard, i just want it

  • The PvPete Show
    The PvPete Show2 månader sedan

    even before people sold runs it was hard to get into dungeons in the lower levels as most people just grind out mobs and quests to level this is a correlation doesnt imply causation situation

  • William Johnstone
    William Johnstone2 månader sedan

    That playlist sounds dope. Preach brother!

  • Hamsterwheel


    2 månader sedan

    Hell yeah dude \m/

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith2 månader sedan

    We all learned from the Classic re-release that people just sucked back then and there weren't many resources to help you. I actually wish they would release it again updated with quite a few changes.

  • Bryan Salcedo
    Bryan Salcedo2 månader sedan

    Where can I find information on servers that run dungeons and leveling legit? Can't find on the subreddit.

  • AHC
    AHC2 månader sedan

    Been luring kids?

  • Mikki
    Mikki3 månader sedan

    Multiboxing is not allowed, but bots are. WAT

  • Mickey Stark
    Mickey Stark3 månader sedan

    U know it like the back of ur head? No its like the back of ur hand bro. U cant see the back of ur head dude. U spent too much time in the game

  • Clayton Alexander
    Clayton Alexander3 månader sedan

    The WoW Classic meta turned me away. Which is so unfortunate because I was so excited for the game before it released. I’m hoping they release fresh Classic servers.

  • Clayton Alexander
    Clayton Alexander3 månader sedan

    Would you consider WoW Hardcore? I’m thinking about it.

  • emil angmo
    emil angmo3 månader sedan

    whats the name of that song in the end?

  • Chris Ø. Olsen
    Chris Ø. Olsen3 månader sedan

    wasnt vanilla wow, just a social hub within a game back then. you played with the people to have fun. atleast what i remmeber about it. today its just i need gear and i need to clear fast.

  • DJ Corpus Defectus
    DJ Corpus Defectus3 månader sedan

    did same, resto shaman :p

  • Vector
    Vector3 månader sedan

    and I tough I got lucky that I encountered bot in Hinterlands I was around lvl 50 newbie to classic and I really enjoyed the game and I can also confirm that dungeon groups are super rare great video btw

  • Sebastien Villeneuve
    Sebastien Villeneuve3 månader sedan

    Theres is so many booster cause wow has become a work thingy in the third world countries sadly wow isnt played anymore for fun its just them trying to make a living out of its sad when the actual wow gold is valued 7 time more than the money you own irl this is sad this isnt how wow was....

  • Wassergekuhlt
    Wassergekuhlt3 månader sedan

    “Back of my hand”.. not head, which you cannot see without a mirror or a picture ;)

  • L T
    L T3 månader sedan

    Which server was this on ? Pvp?if so Any issues with gankers ?

  • Anal Commando

    Anal Commando

    3 månader sedan

    Earthshaker (EU). I looked up the mage that got the Atiesh on Warcraft logs.

  • Bryndrson
    Bryndrson3 månader sedan

    Im not playing TBC because there will be a bot there too Ive come to accept the fact that you cannot go back in time, no matter how hard you want to.

  • Nickelbawker
    Nickelbawker3 månader sedan

    classic wow still looks great. dont get the whole wont play old games mentality especially when that person is old

  • oleander1705
    oleander17053 månader sedan

    Super gaaf dat je die foto’s van 15 jaar geleden nog hebt! Maar iemand die nu nog wil starten: wachten tot tbc dus?

  • Joseph Adrian
    Joseph Adrian3 månader sedan

    Started 2 weeks ago in classic for the first time. I'm level 40 atm and i can agree with almost everything he's said in the video.

  • Bixbite Bungo
    Bixbite Bungo3 månader sedan

    What killed it for me was how they decided to release classic wow right before college started back in August. Like yeah those 2 weeks were pretty damn great but once school started I had no time to play classic, which leads to my friends to stop playing. Best case scenario in the far future is everyone who boosts gets tired of playing, leaving a the few people tho occasionally come back and play legitimately, but I'd doubt it.

  • Andraž Hren
    Andraž Hren3 månader sedan

    Imagine if blizzard ignored the drooling retards that were spastically yelling "!No cHaNGeSSss GRRrrrr"!!!! And actually implemented on the degenerate sides of classic wow and actually cared about the bots in the game.

  • Anal Commando

    Anal Commando

    3 månader sedan

    Go play Shadowlands if you want changes.

  • Griffin Brumley
    Griffin Brumley3 månader sedan

    Given the chance, Players will Optimize the fun out of any game.

  • Alexander Wilson
    Alexander Wilson3 månader sedan

    ":looks exactly like" so you did no raids back in the day

  • Keyblader001
    Keyblader0013 månader sedan

    Definitely don't agree with the "blizzard altered too many things" If anything, it's because they didn't change anything that allowed the community to manipulate the game the way they wanted it.

  • Hamsterwheel


    3 månader sedan

    Megaservers, sharding, layering, spell batching are all things Blizzard decided to change. Not the community

  • Wood
    Wood3 månader sedan

    Only reason I am not playing classic is all the bots and fuckery.

  • Chizal 25
    Chizal 253 månader sedan

    5 minutes in, and yeah... the boosted runs is what stopped me from playing classic when I tried again late :/ I wanted to play classic for the slower levelling process, and the challenging dungeons with people, but I made a new character and after whispering literally everyone I could who was a suitable level in stormwind and westfall for at least a couple of hours for deadmines I still couldn't form a group, while watching 3 or 4 groups go in with a level 60 mage or something... classic is exactly like retail now, people only care about the end game and just want to turbo through the levelling asap, may as well give players heirlooms while being boosted through dungeons...

  • Squigin
    Squigin3 månader sedan

    Really?The green album? Blue and pinkerton are so much better.

  • Hamsterwheel


    3 månader sedan

    Blue Album is my all-time favourite, it's just that I discovered Weezer by first hearing the Green Album during that time, cause one day my brother brought home that particular album on CD. After that I discovered the blue album and to this day it's still one of my all-time favourite albums.

  • Dudimand o
    Dudimand o3 månader sedan

    Gabbat is a beast

  • Evan G
    Evan G3 månader sedan

    Is it worth starting wow rn

  • Evan G

    Evan G

    3 månader sedan

    I’m think of starting wow shadowlands

  • Martin Millaire
    Martin Millaire3 månader sedan

    Have to use a spam filter addon to help with Wtb/wts boost garbage.

  • Zechs113
    Zechs1133 månader sedan

    I'm thinking about getting into classic as I never got into WOW when I first got into MMO's for PC/Laptop gaming mainly because of the need to SUB, But after a year with BFA I wished I started from the beginning. I played other F2P MMO's instead of WOW.

  • Potifex
    Potifex3 månader sedan

    17:39 the classic

  • Kevan Gibbs
    Kevan Gibbs3 månader sedan

    No one: Every WoW player for the last TEN YEARS: "this game isn't what it used to be"

  • TheMetrolux
    TheMetrolux3 månader sedan

    Your character name means queer. You know this, right? 😉

  • Bray Zap
    Bray Zap3 månader sedan

    TBC classic should be a lot better imo, thats going to be the bread and butter sweet spot of classic servers and cant wait

  • Bray Zap
    Bray Zap3 månader sedan

    Game was amazingly fun at launch with how many players there were and just trying to log into the server. Issue is a year+ later, everyone has hit level cap and rarely want to restart the grind over so less and less people will be out in the world

  • Se lina

    Se lina

    3 månader sedan

    yes, classic is only fun in end game but not in level phase sadly.

  • ca dirgemont
    ca dirgemont3 månader sedan

    The fact people would pay for classic makes me laugh so hard

  • Se lina

    Se lina

    3 månader sedan

    The same goes for retail lul

  • Generic Male
    Generic Male3 månader sedan

    I'm level 36 and no problem getting group's

  • Rain Bo
    Rain Bo3 månader sedan

    I love all these screenshots! I wish I had taken this many screenshots while i was leveling q___q

  • TommyBolognattv
    TommyBolognattv3 månader sedan

    what were you selling im enchanting and skinning and 100% poor... first toon in prep for tbc

  • bill tsounis
    bill tsounis3 månader sedan

    Y know every time i whispereed u i thought i was annoying u,hmu if you're down for BRD im still looking for a group

  • Fran ch
    Fran ch3 månader sedan

    I too joined a RFK run in my late twenties. Both in age, and character level.

  • Andrew Lozano
    Andrew Lozano3 månader sedan

    Meta Slaves are ruining classic.

  • Razzik
    Razzik3 månader sedan

    I think you did this just in time, if you tried it again now, you'd make no gold and find nobody to group with while leveling :((

  • treedoor
    treedoor3 månader sedan

    #NoChanges was ironically the biggest change Blizzard ever made to the game. When it became clear that the world buff meta, boosting, and other problems would plague the game (around a month after its original launch) Blizzard should have gone in and addressed those issues. It sounds like they plan to be a little more proactive with TBC Classic, but I'm not holding my breath that that game won't have its fun min/maxed out of existence.

  • Budabaii
    Budabaii3 månader sedan

    You know the quests in mulgore like the back of your head? I've literally never seen the back of my head, I could very well have the only map to dry land back there.

  • Jonathan J
    Jonathan J3 månader sedan

    9:39 lmao a swedish guild, thats a funny guild name in swedish haha

  • TC
    TC3 månader sedan

    8 days played or 60 bucks........ I have leveled so many characters over the years on private servers that I have no problem with the boost.

  • Sleeman0980
    Sleeman09803 månader sedan

    Starting in late p6 is great, I've made SO much money selling low level herbs and ores because nobody does it anymore and everyone is prepping for tbc

  • Sam
    Sam3 månader sedan

    Lvling from 0 is actually much better in TBC than in vanilla. It's still slow, just not as painfully slow (due to this is also no biggi to go without boosting) No world buffs Classes are much better TBC is when vanilla lvling zones are at their peak.

  • Deathrip
    Deathrip3 månader sedan

    What's his UI add-on name?