Someone Dead Ruined My Life… Again.

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    William de Cognsisby is reference to Thomas, who is of Cognisby, AND out of Brittany, AND with wife Tiffany... Of note is the tongue-in-cheek tone of the poem, and if subsumed under this paradigm, alognside the Proto-Germanic for "bitch" being "teef", "Theophania" run through this way of thinking could suggest that this is indeed the original Tiffany, if only s evidence for someone's deep disdain for her

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    Grey, you have a big audience, and yet you squander everyone's precious time and limited life with this almost meaningless, even if very entertaining, entertainment. Your audience is intelligent. I mean, once in a while, you could provoke some thought. What about the dangers of automation? Brexit? Elections? All those topics are ongoing conversations you simply left behind to focus on these lovely frivolous things. Meanwhile the world burns, democracies fall, fascism grows. Your choice, of course. Voicing my frustration cause I admire you.

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