Solid State Batteries - Autumn 2021 mass production in Japan. Is it FINALLY happening?

Solid state batteries are the long-promised Holy Grail of battery technology. They're smaller and better than existing Lithium Ion batteries. They charge more quickly and last much longer. What's not to like? Trouble is, no-one's managed to mass produce one at any useful scale yet. Turns out it's quite tricky to make them reliable! Now though, two major Japanese companies are finally firing up their full production lines. So will 2021 be the year?

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  • nitin tijore
    nitin tijoreTimme sedan

    Solid state batteries may the next option to lithium ion batteries... but the auto future will be definitely electric.....

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown13 timmar sedan

    Solid state batteries would be too disruptive to every industry, they would give phones and watches and every other device the ability to run for 10x the time of the best battery right now, they would charge in minutes not hours and they would not have the safety issues of the latest batteries. I doubt the industry would allow solid state unless there were multiple releases of solid state at the same time so profits could be spread across the battery industry......

  • MuttleyGameTube
    MuttleyGameTube15 timmar sedan

    Bs after bs, 120 years ago Nicola Tesla give us the future we are just dreaming today, all ditched by energy corporations. He was going around with an electric car that didn't even need to get recharges as he was getting a continuous flow of power wireless. He give us wireless and clean energy to the world. Just think how the world is now due to pollution and co2 created from the prehistoric way we do energy. Want even mention Nuclear power plant, the madness!

  • gatordontplay417
    gatordontplay417Dag sedan

    spicy pillows

  • Adam C
    Adam C5 dagar sedan

    Wouldn't it be good to have nuclear reactor batteries, like the ones on the aircraft carriers, you only need to charge it up every 20-30 years.

  • Adam C
    Adam C5 dagar sedan

    You didn't talk about Lithium Polymer batteries.

  • Joe
    Joe7 dagar sedan

    why do people call dead batteries flat?

  • AWcinema AWcinema
    AWcinema AWcinema7 dagar sedan

    Something you failed to mention in your video Sony took a free battery patent change the chemical compound and made trillions of dollars off of if it wasn't for the doctor and his wife who invented Sony would not be the battery company that they are today fact check this and you'll agree

  • Steven Merlock
    Steven Merlock7 dagar sedan

    Just having a think it occurs to me that all of these “Solid State” batteries will need “Charged” by something. That said many American EV’s are coal, gas and fossil fuel ran. Nuclear and solar do not run the majority of ECO Cars in our nation.

  • Sophie macquet
    Sophie macquet7 dagar sedan

    I just want a phone battery that will not degrade over time

  • Andrew J
    Andrew J8 dagar sedan

    Really interesting, thanks so much for this video. I have swayed between lithium ion, hydrogen, nuclear etc.. Now think that solid state is the way to go, even for household use. Nothing is impossible, unless the will is not there.

  • Ibraheem Ali
    Ibraheem Ali8 dagar sedan

    Great content

  • Ibraheem Ali
    Ibraheem Ali8 dagar sedan

    Wow how do u make such awesome animations? 4:00

  • Archons
    Archons9 dagar sedan

    quantumscape will probably be the first people to do it ps: seeking alpha is full of crap.

  • Kerta Drake
    Kerta Drake9 dagar sedan

    I feel like solid state batteries can live up to the hype, but most of the companies that get involved are the types that make their money of pretty animations made to convince a bigger company to buy them out so the owners can cash out rather than actually producing a product. I'll only believe it's coming if an actual big company that manufactures batteries starts producing economical prototypes instead of all these small-time startups.

  • WePC
    WePC9 dagar sedan

    I can't wait to see these in everything! Laptops, cars, phones. With better batteries we can rely less on fossil fuels, so exciting!

  • firdaus bin abd muttalib
    firdaus bin abd muttalib9 dagar sedan

    Solid state battery is the best solution so far to most global problems, we need to make it happen

  • firdaus bin abd muttalib
    firdaus bin abd muttalib9 dagar sedan

    Yeah, still nothing

  • Brian Holder
    Brian Holder10 dagar sedan

    We moved to plastic bags because paper bags were responsible for deforestation. We're moving to paper bags because of plastic pollution. We're moving to electric cars because we hate oil. Q: How are we going to generate sufficient electricity to power all those cars? It appears that for every solution there are three more issues.

  • Andrew
    Andrew10 dagar sedan

    The issue is, if these aren’t any lighter for the amount of charge they hold, this won’t take off in the commercial transportation sector. Mass is a serious issue for trucking in the United States, as they’re always knocking right on the weight limit.

  • James Hoiby
    James Hoiby11 dagar sedan

    This is possibly the best introduction to the current state of solid state batteries I've ever seen. Thank you!

  • ah64D beast
    ah64D beast11 dagar sedan

    9:10 only if they can perfect the technology but most likely it's going to be another 30 years before we see this come to light

  • John Rogers
    John Rogers11 dagar sedan

    I would not yet write off nuclear fusion. It would be wonderful to harness this technology. As for the solid batteries these would be great for short range air transport.

    BNOVA11 dagar sedan

    I think once Toyota and big companies in Japan is involved it is likely that it will become to fruition. Toyota is not only doing batteries but also building engines that use water as fuel.

  • DarkRock
    DarkRock12 dagar sedan

    Good video and a very interesting topic. Unfortunately I am not knowledgeable enough to comment on weather or not this is just another fake hype but I will stay informed on this topic, as I find it very interesting. I believe our world really needs to decarbonize and soon.

  • Jeroen Beltman
    Jeroen Beltman12 dagar sedan

    I believe it when I got a solidstate battery powered ev in my driveway…

  • andrew cobb
    andrew cobb12 dagar sedan

    In 1986, when asked what I'd like to see different in a service, I told that manager I wanted everyone to know what I was thinking within 20 minutes. "You're off your trolley..", she laughed. Well, not so much. :)

  • Dieter Laser
    Dieter Laser12 dagar sedan

    By the way: TDK Corporation introduced the technology for solid state batteries - similar to the concept of Murata - already in 2017. So the video's title could also be "Solid state batteries - Autumn 2017 mass production in JP (actually in Europe)... ;-) These batteries, called CeraCharge, are in mass production and used in real products. Both products - by TDK and by Murata - and the technology behind will certainly not used in BEVs, though. But I understood this is also the message of the video

  • Raymond Thalseth
    Raymond Thalseth12 dagar sedan

    At the end of 2021 Ensurge Micropower say they will be able to massproduce their roll to roll tech batteries. The massproduction is as you say a huge challange, but these guys have a roll to roll method for massproduction. Very interesting production tech.

  • COD ProCamp
    COD ProCamp12 dagar sedan

    It's Media not Meteor

  • Against corruption
    Against corruption12 dagar sedan

    Come on Japan 🇯🇵 need to get ahead again

  • Cloud9
    Cloud913 dagar sedan

    Brawndo Has What Batteries Crave!

  • Ruaraidh McDonald-Walker
    Ruaraidh McDonald-Walker13 dagar sedan

    Sony licensed the Li Ion tech from its British inventors in the first place though. Only certain Li Ion chemistries (there are many) are capable of spontaneously combusting with over temperature. Great video though be very interesting to see how this unfolds.

  • Pierce Alexander Lilholt
    Pierce Alexander Lilholt13 dagar sedan

    Is this about batteries? 🔋

  • oodimvale
    oodimvale14 dagar sedan

    lol....São Paulo - Capital - Brasil

  • Jason C
    Jason C14 dagar sedan

    You should do a video on Nano One Materials Corp. I'm sure you will be very interested in their cathode technology that make cathode materials less expensive, higher voltage, safer, less degradation and more environmentally friendly. Nano One has created partnerships with names such as VW, Pulead, and an undisclosed USA OEM and multi billion dollar non-chinese cathode manufacturer. Their technology has already been proven. Scale up and commercialization should occur in 2022

    BUTCH NEWS14 dagar sedan

    Large scale capacitors... dat's the helper the battery needs. Your old trunk is now a thousand volt capacitor.

  • Athol Bayne
    Athol Bayne14 dagar sedan

    eventually even tiny battaries can be made into mass banks to give good results.

  • andrew cobb

    andrew cobb

    12 dagar sedan

    ATP etc..

  • Vaibhav B
    Vaibhav B14 dagar sedan

    Keep up the good work!!

  • Zoidy Familly
    Zoidy Familly14 dagar sedan

    lithium industry has become the new oil industry where anything that threatens the investment will be met with ruthless opposition, it has to be a gradual move to allow investments to be recovered and moved over to new tech or the economy would crash over night.

  • Shaun Hall
    Shaun Hall14 dagar sedan

    I love this channel!

  • Steven Lilley
    Steven Lilley14 dagar sedan

    Methinks “deCarbonization” term is euphemism for killing Life

  • ordinacija mario malnar
    ordinacija mario malnar14 dagar sedan

    This is awesome channel!!! Så easy to explain

  • Les Jones
    Les Jones14 dagar sedan

    Honda seem to be very quiet given that they announced they wood stop making Fosse fuel combustion engines at the end of 2022!

  • Roger Barraud
    Roger Barraud14 dagar sedan

    Interesting. Sub'd.

  • Roger Barraud
    Roger Barraud14 dagar sedan

    1:17 Barata? Is that Nikto Barata? WAT??!!11!??!

  • Max H
    Max H14 dagar sedan

    The proof in the puddin is in the eating. Im suspicious of batteries in colder climates. Solid state or not. We will see

  • Rob Francis
    Rob Francis15 dagar sedan

    My first home computer had 4kb of memory. TI99. Thats like half a page of text.

  • Skizzy Smith
    Skizzy Smith15 dagar sedan

    throughout history there have been advances that previous generations thought impossible. the rate of advance increases more each year. This century, an electrically powered space ship will convey thousands to Mars. There, we will be changing the temperature of the planet, melting ice, planting plants that are changing the atmosphere so its breathable. Mars has huge resources, it will be needed as we will either run out of our own, or destroyed Earth in nuclear war. Any 8 year old kids reading this.? you will see when you are having fun on Mars, aged 87.

  • Patrick Edgley
    Patrick Edgley15 dagar sedan

    Media hype riding on the back of Technologies that are never quite attained. Why not look at room temperature fusion that the CIA and MIT quickly squashed and is and has been in continuous use since by USA military and intel communities…too controversial I know I know but it worked and still does despite the liars and cover-up.

  • keith glynn
    keith glynn15 dagar sedan

    ...for the time being, I wish that every living and able human being would plant at least one tree and reduce any unnecessary travel unless by green means. Please don't wake me up yet !

  • Master Ji
    Master Ji15 dagar sedan

    We need as batteries, and we need them now, but don't bring global warming/climate change into it.

  • Gino Eelen
    Gino Eelen15 dagar sedan

    All those batteries will still have to be charged somehow so "global de-carbonization" or "fossil-free global transport" is probably a bit optimistic.

  • Gino Eelen

    Gino Eelen

    13 dagar sedan

    And the amount of energy that the battery can put out is the amount of energy that needs to go in to charge it. With the same capacity battery, it is either high-energy fast charging or low-energy long charging. Unless your charger is an over-unity device of course (now that would be something).

  • Gino Eelen

    Gino Eelen

    13 dagar sedan

    @Chasing the Outdoors And how is that grid itself fed? Fossil-free? Let alone carbon-free?

  • Chasing the Outdoors

    Chasing the Outdoors

    14 dagar sedan

    This is a common argument that should be brought up. The electrical grid in America is in such bad form, I can’t imagine how they would ever support millions of cars charging every night. It would require a very low energy/fast charge. Which I thought was a benefit of solid states, but I could be wrong.

  • DannyO
    DannyO15 dagar sedan

    Great objective overview, very much like the format. Just found your channel and subscribed.

  • Ian Robinson
    Ian Robinson15 dagar sedan


    FULL METAL GUNNER15 dagar sedan

    Blablabla. Just let me use it already. I don't need to know anything anything until I can use it.

  • The Fire Dragon
    The Fire Dragon16 dagar sedan

    It would be awesome if they can get this tech working, but we need to get there BEFORE we start to completely abandon fossil fuels. Climate Change is normal, the Earth is on a cycle of getting hot ages and Ice Ages. We are not facing extinction, but we are facing mass human migration. The Bikini Islands will sink completely below the ocean and the people living there will be the very first who need to find a new country to live in. That said Antarctica will open up as a great "New World" for people in the coming years.

  • mongoosecollector
    mongoosecollector16 dagar sedan

    Carbon free ! Clean energy ! Hmmmm...... and we charge batteries using........ 🙄

  • Paul Kearsley
    Paul Kearsley16 dagar sedan

    Very good video. I think you are right,it's like Fusion ractors,only 30 years away and always will be.

  • Ste Sta
    Ste Sta16 dagar sedan

    All this talk about batteries and no mention of byd

  • Michael Boutte
    Michael Boutte16 dagar sedan

    I don't see how people don't understand 3 things about electric cars. 1. They will not reduce carbon. Why you ask, because the power plants are going to put out the same amount to charge these cars. 2. Renewable energy is unreliable at best. Look at what happened in Texas. 3. If 50% switched to electric cars we wouldn't have the energy to keep the lights on. So renewable energy outside hydro isn't practical. And for a lot of western states hydro isn't going to be an option soon with the drought. And climate change is a natural thing not man-made. They have proven that through historical record. If we 100% stopped producing carbon today it would not change the climate, we would keep warning until it triggers an ice age, Like so many times in history.

  • Uli Troyo
    Uli Troyo16 dagar sedan

    I'm curious about the role of market speculation in the development of new technology. It seems like such a distraction, and yet like such an intrinsic source of funding? Kinda wish there was collaboration rather than competition... but is that necessarily counterproductive in a capitalist economy?

  • Jim Baker

    Jim Baker

    15 dagar sedan

    I've heard of joint ventures when multiple companies see an advantage in working together. Sometimes the restriction on that can be antitrust... government trying to avoid monopolies. Or just different corporate cultures. But it does happen. In fact, nearly every supply chain consists of many companies working together, often around the world.

  • Horse Hearsay
    Horse Hearsay16 dagar sedan

    I think there’s a lot of push from big investors to carve out a markets with hysterics. Compounded with subsidizing green energy movements, it’s a bait and switch situation so that these big investors get their guaranteed return. This isn’t to say that there isn’t merit behind green tech, it’s just that I think it could be more anti human, anti environment than what is being sold. There’s also climate data that doesn’t have the consensus that people think it has. Solid state batteries for basic consumer devices though is at least a more honest application of the tech.

  • Mason
    Mason16 dagar sedan

    Scientist back in the day before they were proven wrong by newer science: it simply is impossible. It's science Scientists today about similar things: it simply is impossible. It's science. Only geniuses are trying to achieve the seemingly impossible, meanwhile everyone else(lesser scientists) harass them and try to make others turn against them. What happened to the smart scientists? There's a difference between intelligence, and prejudice.

  • Timberwolf69


    12 dagar sedan

    Well, this issue exists about as long as there was more than one scientist...

  • oktc68
    oktc6816 dagar sedan

    Personally I'm very dubious of any claims made that this new battery type is X amount better Li Ion batteries. Sure there are different chemical combinations that have higher energy density, they're called explosives. The truly great thing about petrol is that it's is both highly energy dense and extremely stable. Isolated from oxygen and in a tank it's safe. Even the battery in our phones is waiting to burn furiously should it short, no way do I want anything worse anywhere near me. Earth's problem is it's infected with humans, about 6.5 billion to many. Sort that out and we wouldn't need to worry about the environment. Not that we shouldn't strive to improve but it's too many people that are the root problem. Great channel, thanks.

  • Jackie Tate
    Jackie Tate16 dagar sedan

    Yeah, I think solid state batteries are going to work. China controls most of the worlds lithium. And just gained control over Afghanistan's massive lithium deposits. That means that unless someone figures out how to make solid state batteries work, the west will have to rely on China for batteries. And where there is a will there is a way.

  • victor chico
    victor chico16 dagar sedan

    Min 3:07 sooooo nice explication 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 niceeeee vídeo💃🏽

  • Ian Zainea
    Ian Zainea17 dagar sedan

    I think they are realistic. Do you know why using a bank of capacitors isn't an option?

  • Red Salmond
    Red Salmond17 dagar sedan

    But will this be able to create light saber ?

  • Ellarian Liara
    Ellarian Liara17 dagar sedan

    "promises of real productions rolls in months... and they fall through" isn't that code word for battery companies stopping them because it'll kill of their industry?

  • TaxTheFed
    TaxTheFed17 dagar sedan

    It seems that Nikola Tesla had a working battery operated automobile. Until that technology is released or exposed, all of these alternative batteries are bullshit and the push to obtain a workable automobile battery drive system dead ended from the get go.

  • Irfan Husein
    Irfan Husein17 dagar sedan

    Very interesting and informative. Thanks you

  • GrumpyWiseGuy
    GrumpyWiseGuy17 dagar sedan

    It doesn't matter what kind of battery is in the next generation of electric cars, if there is not enough energy storage available at night to charge everyone's car up with, I think the fleet is 17 million cars in the US, this is all a moot point. There so far has been no systems level thinking about energy storage either at the micro, or macro or grid level. The current grid is designed to operate at full capacity during the DAY, not at night. Except for hydro, which runs at 99% capacity all the time or not at all. No one is talking about how to rebuild the grid!! But just assuming that all the electrical power needed to replace the energy being used in fossil fuel transportation devices will be available when the car companies get around to it, is pure folly if not pure stupidity. All this new battery stuff is pure marketing hype by high tech venture capitalists trying to make a quick buck and get out as fast as possible. There is no way of knowing ahead of time, which company/technology is going to be the industry standard. Only when Toyota or GM start selling cars with it, will we know. And they are going to keep that technology proprietary for their own profit goals. AND no one is talking about the environmental impact of making these new technology batteries. Like no one talks about the chemicals used in the production of semiconductors. No one is talking about recycling these solid state batteries. What do we do with them when they wear out? Just keep filling landfills up with them? What is the packaging? How is it made? Where do the raw materials come from? All everyone wants to do is make a quick buck and to hell with the cost to society or the planet!!

  • WaschyNumber1
    WaschyNumber117 dagar sedan

    Is this battery typ not better and environment friendlyer? ZNBR Battery

  • Tumble Humble
    Tumble Humble17 dagar sedan

    'fossil free transport'??!! What on earth do you mean..?

  • Photovideo Oz
    Photovideo Oz17 dagar sedan

    CATL has started making sodium ion batteries

  • KWC Coin
    KWC Coin17 dagar sedan

    The fusion was said just 10 year away, not 30. :-)

  • Lochwood
    Lochwood17 dagar sedan

    Very interesting and the thought of a 10 minute charge and 500 mile range from Toyota is a game changer. I will keep my 2016 Scenic 1.6 diesel for a little but longer tho 😂 My worry is where the government revenue will come from once we stop burning fossil fuels. 👍

  • EvShrug


    13 dagar sedan

    Hopefully we’ll have electric lobbyists? I’m very impressed with how far we’ve come with EV’s, America already quietly killed off a million mile vehicle/engine design that would have totally disrupted the automotive industry (including parts suppliers) because of how efficient and durable the design was.

  • Vukan Skevelic
    Vukan Skevelic17 dagar sedan

    You didnt say nothing about the most important thing. IS IT SAFE FOR ENVIRONMENT!??

  • Barry Mayson
    Barry Mayson18 dagar sedan

    Until all electricity is generated by non carbon systems the car will still produce carbon emissions.

  • d.COG.
    d.COG.18 dagar sedan

    I wonder if instead of saying autumn you could say the middle of, or towards the end of, the year. This is being seen globally and we all have different autumns.

  • Proctor’s Gamble
    Proctor’s Gamble18 dagar sedan

    Just when I get my cold fusion reactor going this comes along to make it obsolete!

  • Donald Jackson
    Donald Jackson18 dagar sedan

    The road to "decarbonization" is fking absurd. You morons just take all the brainwashed climatologists at their word when they say: "greenhouse gases are bad for mother earth". Fking ridiculous. The worst thing that can happen is that the sahara desert becomes a lush oasis like it used to be during the Holocene Maximum Period. Plants and foliage FEED off of "greenhouse gases" at an exponential rate and literally make the planet greener as greenhouse gas concentration increases. So, by reducing "greenhouse gases", youre actually killing plants off plants and making the earth's atmosphere less hospitable to foliage. The rich leftists that fund most climatologist research and pay grants revoke funding for anyone who questions the "global warming" aka "climate change" agenda. And anyone who has actual, useful scientific information (regardless of political views, including leftist scientists who have spoke out against climate change) are doxed, silenced by big tech and/or big media and called a right-wing extremist, a racist, a conspiracy theorist, a quack, or a loon. In reality climate change is supported by 3 types of people: Con-artists and Greedy shitheads who are looking to profit off of the middle class's gullibility, those who are too stupid to know any better, or those who are evil and have an agenda, such as eliminating the middle class and/or those who oppose their climate change agenda, attempting to pass a "green energy bill" like green new deal and/or making government bigger, get rich off dumba$$ green energy ideas that VERY rarely use less fossil fuels to produce (like windmills) or cause less harm to the environment than fossil fuels (lithium batteries), chip away at your god given rights, put a financial squeeze on the middle class with high energy prices or like a huge number of leftists that push climate change, all of the above.

  • Starbirth & Calamity
    Starbirth & Calamity18 dagar sedan

    This is my first video from JHT, and thank. This was extremely digestible. Subscribed.

  • vedant patil
    vedant patil18 dagar sedan


  • Taunter Atwill
    Taunter Atwill18 dagar sedan

    NO! After 15 years of total ASS about various "new and sensational" battery systems it's still NO! 😎

  • rc12188
    rc1218818 dagar sedan

    I truly think batteries need to be the next big thing in life. The next wow. Whether it’s this or a different technology. Batteries are on the top of the list, finally.

  • eddy haze
    eddy haze18 dagar sedan

    having a vape mod the size of a cigarette and lasting all day would be great

  • Canadian Swedie
    Canadian Swedie18 dagar sedan

    Its all hype. Just like the global warming fear mongering.

  • nadim basar
    nadim basar18 dagar sedan

    Solid State batteries are coming, for sure.

  • Jonas Pedersen
    Jonas Pedersen18 dagar sedan

    A "dodgy ticker" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Captain Babossa
    Captain Babossa18 dagar sedan

    The big players who own the oil won’t let this tec happen , it has been the case for centuries unfortunately 😭😭

  • Danny Mondo
    Danny Mondo18 dagar sedan

    Very informative. I do wonder about the sustainability of Lithium and the eco credentials of its production , its been viewed as the panacea for the world’s energy crisis.

  • dzul rashdi
    dzul rashdi18 dagar sedan

  • Whirlarc
    Whirlarc18 dagar sedan

    What about John Hutchison batteries in Japan??

  • boost331
    boost33119 dagar sedan

    Quantum scape. See you when im rich.

  • MrCatman6
    MrCatman619 dagar sedan

    My concept is to incorporate waste nuclear material into batteries and solar cells to make them self charging. The major problem is the fear factor of nuclear by the public. With a small amount of radioactive material incorporated in the glass and base material of the solar cell it would produce power even in the dark 24 / 7

  • John Smith
    John Smith19 dagar sedan

    Global decarbonization is a great sounding term but isn't true that the Planet itself produces 95% of the total Carbon Dioxide?

  • Twincast
    Twincast19 dagar sedan

    Given the specifics of the announcement (as opposed to the others'), I'm inclined to believe it.