BED PRANK ON GIRLFRIEND! He hid inside the bed!!


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  • julia Chrobok
    julia Chrobok7 minuter sedan

    Noone is gonna talk about how he WRECKED A MATERACE?!?!?!?!

  • Michele e Joana
    Michele e Joana14 minuter sedan


  • Supiah Balangan
    Supiah Balangan22 minuter sedan


  • YoutubeSicka 4
    YoutubeSicka 424 minuter sedan

    1. You ruin a good bed 2. This is uncomfortable to watch during the pandemic like she put the shopping bag without..

  • Lobo Alfa
    Lobo Alfa31 minut sedan


  • jason hine
    jason hine35 minuter sedan

    All his pranks are staged which is boring

  • NecroBanana
    NecroBanana53 minuter sedan

    Fake and gay

  • Nisiu Chan
    Nisiu Chan56 minuter sedan

    HOW do U repair THIS BED!?

  • Loyda Yuliana Fernandez Davila
    Loyda Yuliana Fernandez DavilaTimme sedan


  • vxdka
    vxdkaTimme sedan

    *is he suffocating*

  • krim bob
    krim bobTimme sedan


  • هاني رمزي
    هاني رمزيTimme sedan


  • GeorgeIsKiddin
    GeorgeIsKiddinTimme sedan


  • عالی ترین ها
    عالی ترین هاTimme sedan

    روانی بود🤣

  • UB91
    UB91Timme sedan

    gay fake

  • Arjun #
    Arjun #Timme sedan

    Ho on 😳🤯🤯😱

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent2 timmar sedan

    Some people have waaaaay too much time on their hands 😉

  • Why you look like that
    Why you look like that2 timmar sedan

    you just asking for a beat down

    JUSTRADGE2 timmar sedan

    I’m just looking at the cute puppy in the end

  • carlos caballero
    carlos caballero2 timmar sedan


  • Son Le
    Son Le2 timmar sedan

    So much effort for a prank and still couldn't pull it off properly

    ARIO SISAGNI HOTRI✓3 timmar sedan

    Ngen dah ❤️😂

  • Justin Parker
    Justin Parker3 timmar sedan

    I wonder if she had any idea

  • Mona Abo Eleneen
    Mona Abo Eleneen3 timmar sedan

    Look at The dog 🐕❤️

  • Ag Ps
    Ag Ps3 timmar sedan


  • Author Kun
    Author Kun3 timmar sedan

    That's some Junji Ito shit right there

  • 2HOOD4U
    2HOOD4U3 timmar sedan


  • Julio cesar Palacios
    Julio cesar Palacios3 timmar sedan

    The likes

  • Julio cesar Palacios
    Julio cesar Palacios3 timmar sedan


  • Britney Jeff
    Britney Jeff4 timmar sedan

    The doggo be like I want sum

  • Asmadi Abdullah
    Asmadi Abdullah4 timmar sedan


  • dex3ble
    dex3ble4 timmar sedan

    Саня! Не слиняешь от армии

  • Ира Потекаева
    Ира Потекаева4 timmar sedan


  • Horror Hoodie
    Horror Hoodie4 timmar sedan

    WhT bout the destroyed bed?????

  • Mahmudun Nahid
    Mahmudun Nahid4 timmar sedan

    Ha ha ha

  • DapperBoar
    DapperBoar4 timmar sedan

    Junji Ito would like to know your location...

  • Орунгул Баймагамбетова
    Орунгул Баймагамбетова4 timmar sedan


    SGT FATROD4 timmar sedan

    Save yourself a lot of time & effort by just hiding behind a door.

  • snacker0711
    snacker07114 timmar sedan

    Ummm scariest part is what you did to the mattress

  • azim
    azim4 timmar sedan


    IRANIAN SONGS5 timmar sedan


  • - ﺂبـَن بـَغـَدٱد 🇮🇶
    - ﺂبـَن بـَغـَدٱد 🇮🇶5 timmar sedan

    اتمنى اني ابكانة

  • IzzyTheAnimeFox
    IzzyTheAnimeFox5 timmar sedan


  • Mandy-Steve Dubberley
    Mandy-Steve Dubberley5 timmar sedan


  • พีรพัฒน์ คําสมุทร
    พีรพัฒน์ คําสมุทร6 timmar sedan


  • احمد علي
    احمد علي6 timmar sedan


  • はたぼー!
    はたぼー!6 timmar sedan

    もうちょっと時間置いてからして欲しかったw あんま意味ないじゃんw

  • Ellen Merlin
    Ellen Merlin6 timmar sedan


  • Sobha S
    Sobha S6 timmar sedan


  • mihila max
    mihila max6 timmar sedan


  • Mik3yZ tV
    Mik3yZ tV7 timmar sedan

    Perfect way to destroy a mattress

  • Leonard Guarabia Jorge
    Leonard Guarabia Jorge7 timmar sedan


  • Savage Gamer
    Savage Gamer7 timmar sedan

    That puppy in the last😍

  • Mheya Kyarra Malacat
    Mheya Kyarra Malacat7 timmar sedan

    Haha ha amazing

  • Manjunath Reddy
    Manjunath Reddy7 timmar sedan


  • Axl Despaw
    Axl Despaw7 timmar sedan

    I remember when pranks use to BE it’s all staged

  • Harry Shankar
    Harry Shankar7 timmar sedan

    chinu 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    JATT TRACTOR7 timmar sedan


  • Divya Divyasaravanan
    Divya Divyasaravanan8 timmar sedan

    Wt a idea😂💞

  • SPS A. Nithyasri G 8 SPS A. Kavinraj G 5
    SPS A. Nithyasri G 8 SPS A. Kavinraj G 58 timmar sedan


  • yik waihin
    yik waihin8 timmar sedan

    The Dog that came in the last second made me laughed till death

  • Eiyqa Jye
    Eiyqa Jye8 timmar sedan

    Unfortunately I have will working with is the and and the key for a lot more of the key in need and is of the it to in pj pi course the am now think on with new own with the is to me and to client wife looking for an update on the

  • 桃もち
    桃もち8 timmar sedan


  • Nishana thalhath
    Nishana thalhath8 timmar sedan

    Like for the caring cute dog ❤️

  • Sathanat k
    Sathanat k9 timmar sedan


  • cactus
    cactus9 timmar sedan

    Could’ve done it without ruing the bed but you do you buddy

  • Lost marbles 20
    Lost marbles 209 timmar sedan

    Bordem strike again 😑

  • Rorthgaming
    Rorthgaming9 timmar sedan

    The dog: what is even happenning

  • Arnavarya Mishra
    Arnavarya Mishra9 timmar sedan

    This is very fantastic but it is very funny also🤣🤣🤣

  • Klee
    Klee9 timmar sedan

    The poor mattress

  • Hall Chi Kien LIII
    Hall Chi Kien LIII9 timmar sedan

    nothing will happen until she comes out of the bathroom and sees something protruding from the bed sheet

  • Gauri Potato army
    Gauri Potato army9 timmar sedan

    Omg so we not gonna talk about how the dog just came there after listening to the scream by his/her master I'm not a dog person but that dog is smth and what about that, he just put the bed easily neatly while sitting in it dude

  • Kazuki Gremory
    Kazuki Gremory9 timmar sedan

    That hurts my ocd lol

  • April Den
    April Den10 timmar sedan


  • Shamimuh Nakiwala
    Shamimuh Nakiwala10 timmar sedan

    People play too much 🤣

  • SSS
    SSS10 timmar sedan


  • Dan Nguyen
    Dan Nguyen10 timmar sedan

    Ok but how does he breath

  • Jackson
    Jackson10 timmar sedan

    Best part was the dog

  • Tiger OX
    Tiger OX10 timmar sedan

    اللهم انصر إخواننا المسلمين في فلسطين.

  • Tiger OX
    Tiger OX10 timmar sedan

    🌿اللهم صل وسلم وبارك على سيدنا وحبيبنا ونبينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين وسلم تسليما كثيرا إلى يوم الدين 🌿سبحان اللَّه وبحمده سبحان اللَّه العظيم 🌿ماشاء اللَّه تبارك الرحمٰن الرحيم الحي القيوم وأتوب إليه 🌿وكفى باللَّه وكيلا وكفى باللَّه وكيلا وكفى باللَّه وكيلا 🌿لا إله إلا اللَّه محمد رسول اللَّه صلىٰ اللَّه عليه وسلم 🌿لا حول ولا قوة إلا باللَّه 🌿إنَّا للَّه وإنَّا إليه راجعون 🌹أستغفر اللَّه العظيم الذي لاإله إلا هو الحي القيوم وأتوب إليه 🌹أستغفر اللَّه العظيم الذي لاإله إلا هو الحي القيوم وأتوب إليه 🌹أستغفر اللَّه العظيم الذي لاإله إلا هو الحي القيوم وأتوب إليه 🌿أشهد أن لا إله إلا اللَّه وحده لا شريك له له الملك وله الحمد وهو على كل شيء قدير يحيي و يميت و هو حي لا يموت وأشهد أن محمداً رسول اللَّه صلىٰ اللَّه عليه وسلم.

  • Jonathan Noordhoek
    Jonathan Noordhoek10 timmar sedan

    Is anyone gonna say some bout how a perfectly good mattress is ruined lol look like a good one yo tho whyyyyyyyy yooooo that’s dumb as hellll

  • Maria Isabel Muñis
    Maria Isabel Muñis10 timmar sedan

    En español plis

  • kentAng yu
    kentAng yu11 timmar sedan


  • Jose luis Garcia
    Jose luis Garcia11 timmar sedan


  • Udo Löber
    Udo Löber11 timmar sedan

    Damn i wonder how a walking yellow cloud made it i to the room.

  • Liam Bork
    Liam Bork11 timmar sedan

    You destroyed a mattress for this shit?! Really!

  • Сауле Аманкос
    Сауле Аманкос11 timmar sedan


  • Jennifer Cantrell
    Jennifer Cantrell12 timmar sedan

    How is there a hole in your bed????

  • Retro Swagg
    Retro Swagg12 timmar sedan

    No one puts their phone to the side before getting in bed unless they finna charge it

  • Elisebi Lalawmpuii
    Elisebi Lalawmpuii12 timmar sedan


  • S- Tale
    S- Tale12 timmar sedan

    Stop giving the creeps ideas

  • Cåt ll
    Cåt ll12 timmar sedan

    The kind of things people make themselves do for views and likes is getting on another level. But I guess it's worth the hassle when you monetize it?!

  • mariangel alexandra izaguirre villanueva
    mariangel alexandra izaguirre villanueva12 timmar sedan

    Hola me llamo Mariangel y Soy tu fans tú sales en la novela rbd

  • Kirby Griffiths
    Kirby Griffiths12 timmar sedan

    This is literally so much work just to scare your girlfriend.

  • Austin Vallerio
    Austin Vallerio12 timmar sedan


  • UwU squad
    UwU squad12 timmar sedan

    I like your puppy he or she was cute

  • L
    L12 timmar sedan

    that' dog is cute