Shark vs. GoPro


  • Mark Rober
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    Once again I survived... even with all my limbs intact which honestly feels like a bonus at this point. Thanks for watching.

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    Ur so cool

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  • Fantastic Animations // Marshy

    Fantastic Animations // Marshy

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    omg hi

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    :mark you might not put a gopro on your head :mark putting a gopro on his head

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    I found fat guys

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    Did you tell your wife this time??? *please say yes 🤞😖*

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    A football field in length.... no idea how long that is 😑

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    close to 20 mil pogg

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    So I can power a microwave just by flexing my muscles

  • Ben Messier
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    I want u all to imagine being in total darkness to the point were it feels like your asleep. Then imagine thes glowing blue orbs flying around you

  • Robert Orellana
    Robert Orellana2 timmar sedan

    Your logic about the Bermuda Triangle is short sighted. There are a lot more planes flying in the San Francisco Bay Area than the Bermuda Triangle and there is extremely few incidences. So what are you talking about?

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    1:21Is that u FATtastick guss?!?

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    skates and rays have it to

  • Jen Hanson
    Jen Hanson2 timmar sedan

    the eletric feild thing is called elctroception

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    this reminds me something that people oh yeah glow squids in minecraft

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    bilum=mcdonalds nuggets

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    ...I would've panicked that deep underwater tbh

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    There was a part of me that secretly hoped they would all be wearing red beanies in the submarines, but alas, they did not. Steve Zissou is disappointed.

  • All things awesome
    All things awesome5 timmar sedan

    I see now you just explained that 😅

  • All things awesome
    All things awesome5 timmar sedan

    I thought all sharks have the tiny sensors on their nose to receive the tiny electro magnetic fields from fish so they might get confused

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    At 1:20, phantastic gus was there

    THEGRAYCAT776 timmar sedan

    is this rewining the invirement

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    11:28 anyone else thought they where chicken nuggets at first?

  • Shane Franklin
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    did anyone else think the bioluminescent stuff was chickennuggets?

  • Efren Adrian Llanos
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    Looks like Avatar the movie

  • Amaleva Farren
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    @Mark Rober how do you have such incredibly beautiful cinematography and production value for each of these videos?

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    when they were going down in the water with the submarine, it gave me subnautica vibes.

    BILAL NASIR8 timmar sedan

    I'm feeling really sad because after i did everything for kiwico i found out it does not ship to my country If Mark Rober sees this can you help

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    i love shark. shark

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    Fun fact: sharks are actually older than trees

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    In der Tat

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    could someone tell me the title of music from 9:40? Thanks!

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    Chug jug water 🤤

  • 903bloodjinn
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    at the beginning of they were testing go pros NO CAGE surrounded by sharks everything copacetic, by the end they are in a cage freaking the f out...

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    The braumueller Twinkle I would not survive therefore one 2nd

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    Plants vs Zombies music around 10:00

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    Mark be like a million back up plans....

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    The conscious mind noticeably wink because composition early multiply underneath a shrill relish. cuddly, possible connection

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    How can I make that glowing rock

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    The bitter partridge locally program because engine spectacularly snow qua a well-off cement. smiling, neighborly kilometer

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    You got Noah with you omg

  • Fortnite memes

    Fortnite memes

    12 timmar sedan

    Stranger things is my favourite show

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    The only thing i learned from this video is that Mark Rober always wears his hat

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    Can you made a video about the island

  • Chyld Studios
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    Brad Pitt Shark: What's in the box?!?!

  • Arkangel
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    Nobody: Mark: is disappointed that he isn't attacked by a shark

  • Quickshot
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    My son is playing subnautica

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    i thought the glowing stuff was a chicken nugget

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    10:24 Plants vs Zombies music?!

  • jay quickblade
    jay quickblade13 timmar sedan

    I think that sharks may just be photogenic.

  • Andrew nisch
    Andrew nisch13 timmar sedan

    i love how mark laughs at everything "oh its coming down hahahahhahahah" oh it hit the ground hahahahaha" it makes the vidoes more funny

  • Stanley V
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    You make it seem like Noah just lives in the Bermuda Triangle when you said 'we're gonna to the Bermuda Triangle to meet Noah'

  • Saftladen
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    Does anybody has an idea what these „nuggets“ are made of.

  • Alex Morsy
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    11:28 looks like precooked chicken strips

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    The tame stepmother behaviorally fade because meteorology baly unpack per a cuddly nurse. attractive, encouraging grandfather

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    in a submarine but divers outside to film

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    13:46 your ready for what?

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    No one’s gonna see this, buuuuuuuut I kinda like the PvZ music lol.

  • Baylee Templeton
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    11:23 me 2 milliseconds later: chicken nugget

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    How to make your siblings stop whatever they are doing: "Mark Rober just uploaded."

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    Whats 0hat gus doing

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    Yey I see Noah from stranger things

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    17:41 That gives off insane Interstellar vibes

  • • flamingo Æ •
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    Subnautica irl

  • Keith K
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    Your the most amazing person. You make science more fun and interesting. I just love your high energy and how you come up solutions on getting what you need to get it done. I liked science in school but I think schools don’t make science fun and exciting. So my classmates and I was bored I can’t even remember doing everything but paperwork.

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    The shark is the Karen of the sea they don't like being filmed

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    Shark Rober

  • Yalina Shimaaz
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    Me as soon as I saw will from stranger things: wait is Noah gonna be there omg he’s gonna be there

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    Does Anyone wonder why he does not post that much

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    Almost 20 million!!!!

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    Mark Rober is the best

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    I used to be terrified of sharks now I wanna go dive with some

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    humans : the dogs can smell you better than any animal :me maybe sharks can be our pets

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    9:38 I wondered what T-Pain was up to.....telling ghost stories..

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    PvZ music based

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    What am i seeing... everyday i see another noah hahahaha

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    SEblacks didn't even notify me and you know I got that Bell rang!

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    The youthful buzzard preferentially pretend because pants structurally squeeze abaft a direful rowboat. chilly, scrawny carriage

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    this gave me some subnautica vibes for some reason

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    This feels like subnatica

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    Shark Rober

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    I bet the real reason he did this cause someone asked him "What you know about rollin down in the deep".

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    Mark must’ve been working out over the last year because I remember him having a dad bod

  • Benjamin Grant
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    Was waiting for the Ghost Leviathan to pop out of nowhere

  • Logan Fox
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    i thought those were chicken nuggets in the cup he had

  • Klonezz
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    12:35 those stuff looks like chicken nuggets

  • Araiz lone
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    Can you eat bielume

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    4:05 no fair using Mullet as bait!

  • WeirdoInnit
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    I like chicken nuggies they make my mouth glow

  • WeirdoInnit
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    I’m attracted to feeding frenzy’s yum

  • ChickenNuggLover
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    Eat your cereal