Sandy Munro On Next-Generation EV Technology: Tesla, Solid State Batteries, MegaCastings, VTOLS, Q&A

Sandy Munro's keynote session from the Charged Virtual Conference on EV Engineering, April 19-21, 2021. In the session, Sandy discusses advanced EV technologies from Telsa and other EVs including solid-state batteries, hydrogen fuel cells, mega-castings, and VTOLS. In the second half of the video, Sandy takes questions from the live audience.

The slides from Sandy's presentation are available to download on the conference site:

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Tesla’s Inverter Technology Versus Other BEVs: Sandy Munro’s Analysis


  • Hank Kingsley
    Hank Kingsley13 timmar sedan

    Tesla is setting up to be a company like Hyundai, with tentacles in many different TAMs. If you beat them on autos, they will profit in other addressable markets like energy sector, AI cloud solutions, domestic robotics, appliances, etc etc

  • mogeking56
    mogeking563 dagar sedan

    Tesla has forced the technology to jump leaps and bounds over other companies only because they are loosing billions of dollars by being lazy and greedy. Now they have to compete by spending billions of dollars and stop sitting on their hands.

  • w4csc
    w4csc4 dagar sedan

    Every new technology makes YOUR new EV worthless.

  • Mehrdad Zand
    Mehrdad Zand5 dagar sedan

    Hi Mike why not use the wheels as a generator by putting a coil in tires and a magnetic core either in the middle of the wheel or as part of the disk drive? that way you can recharge and add to the distance an electric car can travel

  • Mark Stemmett
    Mark Stemmett11 dagar sedan

    You need to visit Hytec Automotive in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

  • America's Way Out
    America's Way Out12 dagar sedan

    Thanks, I just started reviewing all these technologies, your introduction certainly was informative.

  • Steve Zodiac
    Steve Zodiac19 dagar sedan

    8000 tonne press is nothing, how on earth do you think Terminator 1 was terminated ?

  • Abstract Exchange
    Abstract Exchange19 dagar sedan

    HYDROGEN AS BATTERIES : HYDROGEN BATTERIES. Electric vehicles must switch to use hydrogen batteries instead of chemical batteries. People often think about hydrogen as fuel, but many forget that hydrogen is not only a fuel, but also very good battery, too. 1/ The fundamental science dictates essential truth of all chemical batteries : if a chemical energy storing mechanism is charged as quickly as producing hydrogen, then this mechanism PRACTICALLY CANNOT HAVE BETTER ENERGY CONVERSION RATIO THAN ELECTROLYSIS PROCESS. Besides, it is possible to setup and adjust electrolysis reaction speed (for example slow down speed) to reach energy conversion ratio of electrolysis better than any chemical batteries. The best one of all possible chemical batteries in AEROBIC earth conditions is HYDROGEN BATTERY. All revolutions of chemical batteries, lithium batteries, LFP batteries, LTO batteries, graphene batteries .. are for reaching to the features of hydrogen batteries. 2/ New concept : hydrogen battery = (fuel cell + hydrogen storage object). The most simple hydrogen battery = 1 fuel cell + 1 compressed hydrogen balloon 300bar, can easily beat best lithium batteries by all features : more capacity, more power, less weight, forever lifespand, no degradation, charging in 5 minutes, same or better energy conversion ratio, but just noremarkable bigger volume sized than lithium batteries. 3/ So just equip electric vehicles with hydrogen batteries instead of chemical batteries. And equip hydrogen filling stations with mobile electrolysers to produce compressed hydrogen 300+ bar on site from electrical outlets. 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(Additionally envisagedly, owners of ANY SMALL COMPRESSED HYDROGEN MOBILITY VEHICLES/ROBOTS/DEVICES can buy small mobile household electrolysers to recharge hydrogen batteries at home at night/any times). 4/ Example and comparison : hydrogen cars vs battery cars, hydrogen batteries vs chemical batteries : The old approach sets high H2 cost because : they pay for making H2, then they pay much for converting H2 to liquid H2, then they pay much for transporting liquid H2 by trucks (complex safety trucks, and very small weight of liquid H2 on every trucks), then thay pay for keeping cryogen conditions to store liquid H2. But in new approach of ‘electrolysing hydrogen filling station” : you use electricity from electrical outlets at electrolysing hydrogen filling stations to run electrolysers to produce compressed hydrogen 300+bar on site. So you pay only for electricity and water ofcourse. No other fees. No complex cryogen equipments. Compare : hydrogen batteries vs lithium batteries in the approach of “electrolysing hydrogen filling station” : 4.1/ Grid transmission loss : hydrogen battery charging and lithium battery charging onsite cause same grid transmission losses. Conclusion : Equal. 4.2/ Energy conversion ratio in charging : (electric energy -> chemical energy) Electrolysers in quick mode (very high electrolysis reaction speed) have energy conversion ratio about 70%. Lithium batteries quick charging has energy conversion ratio about 60-70%. Electrolysers in slow mode (small electrolysis reaction speed) have energy conversion ratio 90%. Lithium batteries slow charging has energy conversion ratio 90%. Conclusion : electrolysers win, because of the ability of flexible modes of scheduling and functioning to reach higher energy conversion ratio. 4.3/ Energy conversion ratio in performance : (chemical energy -> electric energy) Fuel cell has energy conversion ratio about 75+% in mode of intensive power performance (when require delivering much walt/seconds), energy loss in form of heat. Lithium batteries have energy conversion ratio about 70-% in mode of intensive power performance (when require delivering much walt/seconds), energy loss in form of heat. Fuel cell has energy conversion ratio about 85+% in mode of nointensive power performance (when require delivering less walt/seconds), energy loss in form of heat. Lithium batteries have energy conversion ratio about 95-% in mode of nointensive power performance (when require delivering less walt/seconds), energy loss in form of heat. Conclusion : Equal. 4.4/ Energy loss in energy packing compressing process : Hydrogen battery using compressed H2 300bar cause about 3-5% energy loss for compression. But hydrogen battery weight is very small. Lithium battery loses 0 energy in compression. But lithium battery weight IS INHERENTLY HIGH. That means you always need to transport noneccessary lithium battery heavy weights on your vehicles every seconds. -> The higher power category, the higher loss with lithium batteries. The longer range, the higher loss with lithium batteries. Conclusion : hydrogen batteries win with big advantages 4.5/ Lifespan : Hydrogen batteries have practically forever life span. Lithium batteries have lifespan about 3 years. Some good ones have 5 years. Other modern modified lithium batteries have more lifespan but smaller capacities. But all of them degrade every year. 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Nets of electrolysing hydrogen filling stations ideally use intermitten clean energy/renewable energy. But electric charging stations can not pick up times. High power electric charging stations terribly conflict with intermitten shedules of clean energy/renewable energy. The more higher power electric charging station, the more terribly it conflicts with intermitten energy supply of clean energy/renewable energy. Conclusion : hydrogen batteries win. FINAL NATURE TRUTH VERDICT : HYDROGEN CARS WIN MANYFOLD AGAINST BATTERY CARS. Just need to make right approach, and right choice.

  • KW Awards
    KW Awards21 dag sedan

    Those USAP bastards.

  • David Wright
    David Wright22 dagar sedan

    Swappable batteries package easy in and out for everyone with limited parking and condos and apartments, is definitely the go to for electric cars, making aptera more than just any electric car. Aptera would be a car the whole world needs, ,,,,, plus batterie warehouses or stores are the best and easiest way to quickly solve no infrastructures of changing systems along with solar, people will want to purchase two batteries that could be changed easily by lifting slipping in or slipping out for charging not having to travel and wait for a charger and traffic jam. I would buy a mobile battery or battery's. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Mark Skeldon
    Mark Skeldon24 dagar sedan

    Mega Casting will rule. The platform is decades ahead of current technology.

  • Reddylion
    Reddylion24 dagar sedan


  • R P
    R P27 dagar sedan

    Skeptical fools will go from attacking EVs, especially Tesla, to buy ing Chinese EVS when they go mainstream, leaving American companies hanging. Benchmark is - when you criticize something is there a better solution, or are you just throwing out negatives.

  • David Beckham
    David Beckham29 dagar sedan

    another click bait worthless content video .

  • Alex Air
    Alex Air29 dagar sedan

    Tesla shill?

  • maria cornwallis
    maria cornwallisMånad sedan

    Lets see what happens when every car is an EV fighting for a charge point when they are all occupied.... lets see what happens when all the lithium and other rare minerals for use in the making of the batteries are all used up. Your batteries will not be getting any cheaper. You may be fortunate in having your private charge point but millions of others around the world live in tall blocks of apartments or rows of terraced houses where they cannot get their EV within 100 yards of their home.... They are the ones who will be crying "Help".... How far do you think an electric HGV can travel on a full charge? Lord Bamford (JCB) has stated that they can only be used for 4 hours before being charged up for more than 12 hours... He is now manufacturing all his diggers and cranes etc to be powered by hydrogen engines.. I may be in the minority for the next ten years or so but EVs are not the future , Musk has fooled the world's politicians and car manufacturers. BREAKING NEWS :-- ELECTRIC CARS ARE CAUSING THREE MILE QUEUES BACKING UP FROM BRITAIN'S MOTORWAY SERVIE STATIONS AS THEY WAIT FOR A VACANT CHARGING POINT Lets hope they are not on a smart motorway where there are no hard shoulders to sit on...

  • rick jennings
    rick jenningsMånad sedan

    The laughable element formally pause because wool visually applaud outside a literate pilot. productive, impossible double

  • Ralph Lumbard
    Ralph LumbardMånad sedan

    Sandy. I too for more then 20 years have been saying that the future of transportation is above the ground. My reasoning has always been that we cannot continue to support all the infrastructure and consuming all the natural resources required to keep moving along the surface of the earth. We are seeing it even today. Our roads are a mess and bridges are crumbling and we are continuing to build more knowing full well we can’t pay for the up keep. Air does not need constant repairs. We simply cannot afford to remain on the ground. Spreading out the population both vertically as well as horizontally even just 100’ AGL adds an interesting element of safety. It will save millions of lives.

  • eschdaddy
    eschdaddyMånad sedan

    Stay awesome and safe Megan!!!

  • Kevin McCarthy
    Kevin McCarthyMånad sedan

    I say NO, and NOTHING from China. Thats it. China will steal the technology. You have a wonderful show . Very interesting stuff. I cannot figure out the battery stuff it changes so quickly. Two days ago Tesla`s new battery

  • Arlie Riefer
    Arlie RieferMånad sedan

    The two Hyper Car Toyota’s that won LeMans should be exciting enough for the public!

  • Arlie Riefer
    Arlie RieferMånad sedan

    MAGA casting is at the heart of the C8 frame so the E-Ray Will a dream EV!

  • Carl Klopfenstine
    Carl KlopfenstineMånad sedan

    Sandy, If they can put hydrogen on a chip, can they also put oxygen on a chip or maybe Methanol?

  • w4csc
    w4cscMånad sedan

    Please research and tell the public what you find about PARALLEL-connected battery fire potential. If one cell shorts, all the power from the parallel-connected cells is discharged through the short, shorting the parallel-connected cells setting them on fire which causes a chain reaction of all cells being cooked by the burning cells.....ONE cell If a cell shorts with no cells in parallel, this dangerous scenario is eliminated.

  • Chris Christodoulou
    Chris ChristodoulouMånad sedan

    Somebody is doing wrong calculations...250gH2 for 5.5kWh???

  • David Gentz
    David GentzMånad sedan

    Why the white coat stupid

  • vabels54
    vabels54Månad sedan

    One question to Mr Munro, concerning the structural resistance of the one-piece front and rear car bodies. Too rigid, means that, in case of accident, the forces coming from the outside will go integrally to the drivers, passengers and cargo (the problem with chassis made cars, like old VW Beatle). What about this?

  • R P

    R P

    27 dagar sedan

    ... I have the same question about the cybertruck, tho, that's another level of structure. Accident avoidance can only go so far.

  • R P

    R P

    27 dagar sedan

    Ideally they will be rigid until an accident, then they crumple in a controlled designed manner. Controlling deceleration and limiting cabin intrusion.

  • roy satter
    roy satterMånad sedan

    We all know this was a stolen election by China an democratic socialist Marxist party. Stop buying anything made in China stop feeding the war machine fight to be free or be a slave.

  • james pong
    james pongMånad sedan

    I see a lot of bolonni coming out of Tesla

  • Språkdoktorn
    SpråkdoktornMånad sedan

    Hydrogen the most plentiful "eliminate" in the Universe! Haha! Yeah, you may try to eliminate that element if you like!😂🤣

  • Nicky Lacambra
    Nicky LacambraMånad sedan

    JOHN BERDINI does not need CHARGING station - Self Running Electric Motor/Generator

  • Neville Fursdon
    Neville FursdonMånad sedan

    Have a look at this video on running a truck engine on hydrogen

  • Richard Hamilton - Gibbs
    Richard Hamilton - GibbsMånad sedan

    Thanks for doing this. I have the greatest respect for Sandy Munro and his engineering knowledge. As another old guy, I know there's no substitute for having paid attention to everything around me all my life. It's worth remembering and respecting the enormous depth of Tesla from both a management and technology perspective. Elon Musk has built a company that is a magnet for the best talent in the world, and the ongoing result is that Tesla is the most competent and far-sighted company in the world in every aspect of physical transportation, energy production, energy transportation, energy storage, and AI. Every aspect? Invent, research, design, and develop; manufacturing systems; software control systems; user interfaces; user assist systems (FSD, for example). Tesla is now so far ahead in every area of its technology, every aspect is licensable. The scary aspect for every other organization is the Elon Musk corporate model. It's an entirely new model that disposes of the old power heirarchies that exist inside every other company (departments, management structure, etc). This new model gets much faster, better results which means that any old heirarchies can't catch up and will have no choice but to licence from Tesla.

  • Damian Sco
    Damian ScoMånad sedan

    In the beginning yes, lots of VTOL space. 20 years later, all the lawyers will be involved with right-of-way crash responsibility.

  • discodavid26
    discodavid26Månad sedan

    British wall plugs are superior to American ones in every way except one…… if you have a British one left on the floor and step on it it’s a cross between stepping on Lego bricks and feeling like somebody stabbed you through the floorboard with an knife into your foot🤣!

  • discodavid26


    Månad sedan

    It is funny though that according to Wikipedia there something like 12 different wall plug systems all over the world … the American style is spread out over the world in blobs and then you get the European and British styles as sort off the 3 most famous ones… but then there’s another 9 types!

  • Robert Brainerd
    Robert BrainerdMånad sedan

    My car lives in an uncontrolled environment ; it will be damaged/totaled by others. I don't own the vehicle ; it's owned by the insurance companies. Let the government/industry decide what I drive ; charge me a yearly fee and give me a car.

  • Chris
    ChrisMånad sedan

    British electrical plugs are not 'clunky'. They are best and safest in the world. Earthed and fused. U.S.A. two 'prongs'?? Are all electrical products connected by two prongs double insulated (plastic) in U.S.A?

  • Harrick V Harrick
    Harrick V HarrickMånad sedan

    Good Lord keep that Cyber Eyesore Truck off the roads in that shape.. please, be merciful!

  • Christoph Resmerowski
    Christoph Resmerowski2 månader sedan

    LOL ... never heard of this "expert".

  • Bennie Staggd
    Bennie Staggd2 månader sedan

    Why not put a high powered alternator on the car to charge the battery when its moving

  • Kirk Johnson
    Kirk Johnson2 månader sedan

    Doesn't the Aptera's use of vacuum cast composite body components take advantage of the giga press casting idea without having to buy a giga press and deal with molten metal? I think the Aptera has maybe 5 total body components that can be self aligning in assembly and hand fitted with no use of robots. So much about the Aptera seems to be really smart to me. I know Sandy is working with them so I'm looking forward to a tear down of one in the next few months as they are getting close to rolling some off of the assembly line. By the end of this year or early next year. Exciting times ahead.

  • Michael Chang
    Michael Chang2 månader sedan

    What about BYD’s solid state battery? It seems that they have that ready for cars soon.

  • OffTheBeatenPath
    OffTheBeatenPath2 månader sedan

    Hail Idra

  • Rob P
    Rob P2 månader sedan

    Regarding fuel cells you forgot about Ballard Power Systems.

  • s mitchell
    s mitchell2 månader sedan

    levitation is the future . It will be so good that it will help kill millions or billions

  • Spuddy
    Spuddy2 månader sedan

    Do you think that the TESLA charging infrastructure will be forced to convert the Supercharger network to allow other vehicles charging?

  • J Hendricks
    J Hendricks2 månader sedan

    Back in the 60's I was able to buy very efficient, 30 - 40 mpg cars that rarely failed, why can't we go back to those simple vehicles and not insist on high tech problems..?

  • Someguy


    Månad sedan

    Safety changes is a big variable here.

  • A.C.G.B LR

    A.C.G.B LR

    2 månader sedan

    Then stuff was made to last, today made to be replaced

  • tony blackmon
    tony blackmon2 månader sedan

    not interested,i dont want an electric car. they are environmentally unsound and even dangerous . you can keep them

  • Henryk Krol
    Henryk Krol2 månader sedan

    Thanks so much! Very helpful indeed!

  • Kevin Fletcher
    Kevin Fletcher2 månader sedan

    The UK postal service has small scale underground tunnels in London. Tiny trains for post and packages.

  • Craig Duncan
    Craig Duncan3 månader sedan

    Future is in hot hair balloons iv been saying it for centuries.

  • Doomsday Clock
    Doomsday Clock3 månader sedan

    Thats not Sandy Munro...that's former National Security Adviser John Bolton...quit lying.

  • TRY to HELP you
    TRY to HELP you3 månader sedan

    Very good overview/intel

  • SEA U2
    SEA U23 månader sedan

    I offended are you going to have to buy battery

  • Kenneth Segovia
    Kenneth Segovia3 månader sedan

    RIGHT THERE! @43:15 Sandy puts it out that there has been crazy government suppression of technologies, of course, financed by "special interests"!

  • deltaskyhawk
    deltaskyhawk3 månader sedan

    So when you break your megacasting ..... you have to throw the car away because it is not fixable?

  • Johan
    Johan3 månader sedan

    Wireless control of devices which already have power wires going to them? Sandy, Sandy, Sandy... Just multiplex control data onto the power lines.

  • Johan
    Johan3 månader sedan

    The most overlooked hydrogen storage option for fuel cells or for combustion is liquid ammonia.

  • Johan


    2 månader sedan

    @Bruno Smith I'll wait for BE aircraft. Meanwhile, the energy density and inherent efficiency of using free oxygen for half your energy cycle will not be ignored. Are fuel cells a battery or a "H2" power source? How many kilowatts per pound do the best batteries provide, versus H2 and ammonia? There is your answer, right in the numbers.

  • Bruno Smith

    Bruno Smith

    2 månader sedan

    @Johan Oh... so I suppose we are to regard Sandy as God... what Sandy says will happen? Most observers believe Hydrogen has no future in terrestrial transport because BEV will be much cheaper. People make decisions by looking into their wallets. The engineering may be workable, but economics dicates behaviour.

  • Johan


    2 månader sedan

    @Bruno Smith Sandy says the exact opposite and ammonia is not H2.

  • Bruno Smith

    Bruno Smith

    2 månader sedan

    Overlooked for a reason... no future for H2 in road transport.

  • Youmothershould Know
    Youmothershould Know3 månader sedan

    School! In the best way!

  • Florencio Vela
    Florencio Vela3 månader sedan

    i've ordered the tri motor fsd ct & i can't wait for it to get here!! I may buy the S or the Y in the mean time..i got lots of solar & back up battery system as well.

  • Rashad Foux
    Rashad Foux3 månader sedan

    @33:26 Will VTOL's take off? I see what you did there XD

  • Brian wild
    Brian wild3 månader sedan

    Where do you get to hydrogen carbon free from ? We use way more. Carbon than we get power from hydrogen.with batteries not so much so you still don’t solve this with light hydrogen

  • ExiledGypsy
    ExiledGypsy3 månader sedan

    Batteries are still heavy. Pushing around all that weight is not efficient and charging time is still too long and lithium production is still costly environmentally. Aluminium-Air is the best for aviation. For cars it will be a combination of batteries, hydrogen and solar. Vitol for general transportation is crazy idea. Can you imagine the traffic management and licencing for safety, forget about deliberate throwing stuff out of overboard. There are already so many cars that shouldn't be on the road already.

  • rick pick
    rick pick3 månader sedan

    does muro have alzhiemers? didnt he say lmp has ssb? but then goes onto say ssb are only commercialy avaliable in a hearing aid ?

  • Someguy


    Månad sedan

    I don't think that's the DSM criteria for Alzheimer's.

  • rick pick
    rick pick3 månader sedan

    3d printing will always be slower than casting / yes they can make some really innovative things but the costs will outweigh the innovation. tesla going to get to the point of a throw away car with those castings. a small accident will total the car out.,

  • clavo
    clavo3 månader sedan

    Except that this is waaaay too long of a video it's great! Sandy Monroe understands the international car industry from the axle bolts to the banker that finances the body shop!

  • Bubba Fatas
    Bubba Fatas3 månader sedan

    I think you are in over your head!

  • Bubba Fatas
    Bubba Fatas3 månader sedan

    Sandy is presuming everything Elon says is realistic and absolute! I’m sure everyone else is working just as hard and not projecting fantasy!

  • Thomas LeMay
    Thomas LeMay3 månader sedan

    The problem with personal vtol is flight is an extremely dynamic situation. That's the reason only 2% of the population has ever operated any type of flying vehicle. Those vehicles will need to be fully autonomous because the average person simply doesn't have a high enough livel of situational awareness if they did there would be zero traffic accidents on the highways today !

  • Thomas LeMay
    Thomas LeMay3 månader sedan

    People building the cars is not the problem. The existing electricpower system cannot handle the current demand on hoter or colder than average days now. If you look at the math regarding the electoral power available for charging the cars you will discover that without solar power on every building making enough power to supply the building plus two vehicles per family unit. Or a new nuclear power plant built every 3 weeks between now and 2035 in the US alone . Second ever changing station must be equipped to change all types of electric vehicles, no exceptions. Tesla can't cover the cost of building the charging stations because the cost of those stations is three times Tesla's annual profit every year . Instead of canceling a pipeline that would reduce the emissions associated with delivering the necessary oil in North America while approving a Soviet pipeline placing American in a bigger hole. The government needs to build a power system that can carry the load and reduce emissions. A good start build enough natural gas pipelines to convert all the coal fired power plants or find a technology that reduces the emissions from coal fired power plants to be lower than natural gas fired electric power plants.

  • TheJesusFreeke


    3 månader sedan

    I think you meant ~10%, not 66%:

  • ChrisBrengel
    ChrisBrengel3 månader sedan

    5:16 rant

  • Phasor Systems
    Phasor Systems3 månader sedan

    Can anyone test this out and give feedback? Browse for circuit solver on the playstore!

  • John Brown
    John Brown3 månader sedan

    FYI: Governor Ron DeSantis has already made Florida a "SOLID STATE" ---> MAKE AMERICA FLORIDA!

  • Brian Cayer
    Brian Cayer3 månader sedan

    Sandy, you have reached the professor level and you deserve a chair when you get tired. I hate to see you endure pain to give me so much info. You gotta take a little guru posture cause that’s what you are. Brian

  • Florencio Vela
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  • khall gharib
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    byd blade battery

  • J Brcich
    J Brcich3 månader sedan

    I had not heard of light activated hydride until this talk. I am surprised more effort is not directed to this technology.

  • Martinit0
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    The IDRA video referenced by Sandy:

  • Horace Thompson
    Horace Thompson3 månader sedan

    Mr. Munro, you are a fountain of info, vision and inspiration. Thank you for this clarity.

    PHOTOGRASPER3 månader sedan

    Is this guy high?

  • Guy Larabie
    Guy Larabie3 månader sedan

    I like both the Hydro Quebec battery idea and the light activated hydrogen solutions, Because of the large availability of electricity, specially hydro, in some parts of the country I tend to go for this option.

  • Jason C
    Jason C3 månader sedan

    You need to do a video of Nano One cathode innovator. A lot going on. Their new partnerships and recent uplisting to the Toronto Stock Exchange.

  • Errol Naiman
    Errol Naiman3 månader sedan

    Very informative... Very much appreciated!

  • Jorge Bas 20
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    where can i get that batery stl?

  • SamUSA
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    I will never buy a Chinese car because the CCP put innocent people into prison who now suffer inhuman treatment.

  • SamUSA


    3 månader sedan

    @Zigblat Really? Care to post one article about that?

  • Zigblat


    3 månader sedan

    The US does that too.

  • Chris Batchelor’s
    Chris Batchelor’s3 månader sedan

    This is another presentation putting the cart before the horse. The only realizable, clean, low cost way to generate the energy for complete electrification is advanced nuclear which can burn nuclear waste, spent nuclear fuel and thorium. Also non-proliferating. Once that infrastructure is built, or building, the best solutions for transportation are best evaluated. That includes hydrogen generation. The discussion above ignores what could be a reality if science and engineering was objectively considered disregarding politics.

  • dawdwa dawdwadwa
    dawdwa dawdwadwa3 månader sedan

    The exciting exclusive bongo specifically educate because rod extremely peep midst a warlike sister-in-law. bored, somber almanac

  • John Savage
    John Savage3 månader sedan

    Just use Troy Reed's magnetic motor. No battery packs are needed. Or Meyer's water/hydrogen fuel injectors and run a vehicle on water. Just change the injectors in the average vehicle. There's no need to waste $40 grand plus on an electric. This is a classic example of suppressed innovations and inventions. GM has motor that got 53 mpg in the 80's in a 4000 pound car. All this one big joke! All so Wall Street and the fat cats can get richer. How much money is enough? Teenagers are making self charging go-carts. What does this say for the average car or truck? That they could be easily converted to a self charging electric vehicle, thus save people money and create jobs. The save the planet people should be all over this. Where are they? Nowhere to be seen, or heard!!!! God, is this one big joke on the public! And hey they have an engine that gets 200 mpg sitting on a shelf some place. And China is going to eat everyone's lunch and dinner with a cheap electric car. I still can't see how they are going to put one billion people into cars!

  • Paul Winter
    Paul Winter3 månader sedan

    Great show, congrats to your niece Meghan.🙂

  • YK Chan
    YK Chan3 månader sedan

    I thought I heard that airplane (hollow?) wings made without ribs. If so could panel twist and top skin wrinkle in flight?

  • NedSpindle
    NedSpindle3 månader sedan

    Just because it's electric, it doesn't mean a VTOL won't be LOUD; especially during takeoff, and landing. Less loud, sure, but if the number of vehicles is drastically higher, isn't noise pollution a big problem?

  • R P

    R P

    27 dagar sedan

    Also a falling on people problem & a people's right to Open sky in your immediate vicinity problem. Flying car,s never a good idea. Also phooey on in wheel motors, unsprung weight and impact on the motors.

  • Christoph Resmerowski
    Christoph Resmerowski3 månader sedan

    White coat & CEO are not doing it for me, sorry.

  • JimL
    JimL3 månader sedan

    Your autocorrect game is off. Read what you write.

  • dawdwa dawdwadwa
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    The poor nail numerically stay because cough precisely load toward a green grey grieving periodical. careless, slippery vein

  • Noguffay
    Noguffay4 månader sedan

    I propose a revolution in EV refueling. Battery CHANGING, not battery CHARGING! 5 minutes not Hours! It shouldn't be performed at the end-of-life cycle, it should be performed every day. I'm just going to throw this on the wall of public opinion wherever I can and hopefully, it sticks in the minds of the public's psyche, and catches fire, if possible. Before the BEV industry goes too far down the rabbit hole of battery charging methodology, battery design, and configuration, how about we contemplate, and consider some possible new ideas. How about all the battery manufacturers of the world come together (unify) and move together as one in terms of standardizing design, manufacturing, and infrastructure. How about we make all BEV battery connectivity (electrical/cooling), shape, modularity, and size, standardized? How about, (and here comes the cool part) instead of "charging stations" we create "battery changing stations" for BEV owners? Like a fully automated carwash station, vehicles pull up, they connect to the automated carousel, the car is automatically checked and diagnosed for remaining battery capacity, the battery pack is "swapped out" for a fully charged replacement. All done in less than 5 minutes. Lots of questions, yes I'm sure. "Who owns the batteries?" "Automated?" "How does the disconnection/reconnection of all electrical/cooling points occur?" "For how many vehicle categories, styles, sizes, and shapes can there be a SINGLE standardized battery module changeable pack made?" "Can the new battery standard pack, still be charged at home?" Where there's a will, there's a way. So the infrastructure of the new Battery Changing Stations would be a major capital expense, incurred by who? The existing petrol industry giants alone, or a conglomerate of auto manufacturers, battery manufacturers, existing petrol giants, electrical utility giants, and possibly governments? How would they be designed? Into existing gas station sights? Who owns the batteries? No one/or the conglomerate owns the battery modules. Who owns the charge? the vehicle owner owns the charge. Can the vehicle owner charge the battery at home? Yes. Think of the electricity rates that the Battery Changing Station companies could negotiate for recharging their inventory if they were to take advantage of Off-peak hours and mass flat rates, for recharging. Off-sight/On-sight Automated warehousing/charging of battery module inventory? Or both? These savings could be passed on to the vehicle owners at the time of "Change-out purchase" with a small markup for business operations/profit margins Another way to envision this novel paradigm shift in the EV ecosystem. The initial cost of the battery pack is incurred by the vehicle owner, all be it at a very reduced price, along with the purchase of the vehicle, as a whole. The vehicle and owner, thereof, then enter into the BEV ecosystem of the global/regional/national/country/state/provincial Battery Exchange Program infrastructure. A Battery Insurance Program is initiated and the cost, thereof, is evenly paid for by the ever-growing BEV owners pool; a small/proportional annual expense that is paid for by each vehicle owner. This insurance expense is distributed to the National Battery Exchange Program Conglomerate(s). This expense is a supplemental income, paying for the upkeep/maintenance/recycling/overhead of operations/accidental damage/owner-and-occupant life insurance for the proportional responsibility of this component. Yes! Yes! Yes! No! No! No! OMG...The industry has moved so far down the WRONG rabbit hole and is working, once again, as individual small silo thinking operations, with the utmost lack of the entire global "big picture" and with the atypical self-centered narcissistic market dominance driven gaol orientation, that battery swapping may(will) never work. It could work, but it doesn't look too promising. Not only all that, but it actually is the right rabbit hole, and it may be lost now forever. It would only work as a unified conglomerated industry decision, to make ALL battery packs in as few standard sizes and shapes, as possible. Interchangeable between as many different manufactured vehicles and models, as possible.

  • madmotorcyclist
    madmotorcyclist4 månader sedan

    Wonder why there was no discussion about AL air batteries?

  • paul sutton
    paul sutton4 månader sedan

    With respect to the future of Chinese vehicles, (and manufacturing, generally) we simply must not let them replace the West. Because close behind will be the chinese military, and chinese political systems. Everything that China has to offer is deeply unpleasant.

  • M F
    M F4 månader sedan

    What changed Munro's positive stance with Tesla? Did Elon stop paying him?

  • Volker Siegel
    Volker Siegel4 månader sedan

    Sandy Munro, the light activated hydrogen and the device seems to be 100%, how to say it.. bullshit. There are hundreds of ways to separate hydrogen from water or methane. And maybe even with a strong laser activating a hydrate. But where does the energy for the laser come from? Getting hydrogen gas out of flu gas - literally the gas created in a flame? Why does it need a nano structure? Why does it need a semiconductor layer? The energy is contained on a layer on one side of that disk? These are example points, but it seems mostly nonsense.

  • Maurice Coulter-Boisvert
    Maurice Coulter-Boisvert4 månader sedan

    Have you given any consideration of the Kia EV6 or the Hyundai Ionic5 products?