Sam Smith - Writing's On The Wall (from Spectre) (Official Video)


  • Rania Baggelis Mango Galani
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    Mmm, the time of this video pleases me.

  • Luis Mesa
    Luis Mesa13 timmar sedan

    Es increíble lo que hace con la voz. Hay momentos que parece que le acompaña una chica. Creo que pocos cantantes que pueden hacer esto. Yo no lo conocía hasta ahora. Un 10, por lo que hace.! Increíble!

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    The life of a double 00

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    Why does he sound like a cat being strangled?

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    Which song is better, Skyfall or this? I couldn't decide. Both song are glamorously amazing. 2021 and never get bored.

  • Sun JoeXYS
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    Guess I am one of those jerks who prefer this song to Adele's Skyfall.

  • burokuu
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    who knew a rejected bond theme for this could cause such debate in the music community

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    The worst 007 theme ever.

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    La vida que tengo no se consigue fácil

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    I love how everyones talking about radiohead after listening ins video about the topic. I do fully agree tho and find this one too poppy and in that empty.

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    Sam voice takes you over the sky

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    Best Bond song ever!

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    My song to sing ever

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    just listened to radioheards music. This Smith's theme is way better, good choice.

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    That sums it up ✔️

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    I remember hearing this and thinking it almost got me but something’s just not right. Then I went back to skyfall and thought “ ahh that’s better”

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    Sam Smith sing met hart❤️Jams Bond.

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    Very underrated. The more you listen the more you like.

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    this is my first time listen to this song and it does sounds good

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    I saw a surgeon that is to do surgery. Dr stated" Diabetes Gastroperisis is fatal. He did not hospitalized me. Dr. Send me to die at home. I am very angry. I love your music as my coping skills

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    I am with you my brother you will be ok if anything you will be taken to a better place stay strong❤️

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    The best bond ever. Sean conery second God bless him.

  • Scott Conchie
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    Can anyone please settle a debate for me please? At 2:09 a shadow is seen flying across the wall at the back. Now, i think its a shadow of a bird and my wife says its a bug, can we solve this?

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    Your movie is about the 4th Reich in the CFR.

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    Before you ignore this remember that everyone started from somewhere. Hello Im Khari, Im a lover of it all Bossa Nova, Hiphop, Rock, and the beautiful jazz. I made a track called ⚔️"Dueling Dragons" 🐉. For years I wanted to be a musician but fear always made me say "My time is too late, I missed my shot" so at 26 I became fed up with the day to day, moved to rural japan 🎎🗻 and started putting out music. This song is all about the good vs. the bad. One minute you're focused, the next meeting you are distracted. One minute you are planning for great things, next minute you are wallowing in your sorrows. The beat is from Japan! The artwork is from Russia 🇷🇺 the instrumental is from the superb Dutch producer 🇳🇱 the lyrics are from America 🇺🇸and the temptation is from Germany🇩🇪 , so I hope that you enjoy the show! It's quite theatrical. We also created a new genre Hip-hop + City Pop #CityHiphop. (You jazzers might like Schroeder and Lucy though) =)

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    Mirip lagu egois lesti

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    okay time to clean my ears with beautiful Radiohead spectre.

  • Angelika Radomińska
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    I have read some comments and recently watched the Radiohead version and I like Sams , their version is just weird to me.

  • John Carlo Macorol

    John Carlo Macorol

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    That's exactly why its better, this is too vanilla that even people like you with bland taste of music can appreciate it.

  • GetLostDude VEVO
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    I'm a metal-head but this song is good . Soo.....i have to stop listening this 😉😀😁

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    Que bela música

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    Truly a masterpiece🙏

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    01:01 Dự báo thời tiết nói, hôm nay không có anh ở cạnh em 🕳

  • Mario Brother
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    I think Sam tried to hard to one up Adele, and because of that the song becomes forgettable. Adele does such a perfect job with Skyfall that trying to best it is impossible. And this is why Radiohead's version of this song is soo much better, because they were authentic to the song, they weren't trying to copy or best another artist or song, they were performing the song according to what the band is and has been for years, they were true to the material they wrote, you can say that they performed the song from their soul as opposed to Sam that like I said was trying to one up another artist. This for me is the worst Bond song with Daniel Craig as 007. Chris Cornell did a fantastic job with You Know My Name, and despite the fact that Another Way To Die is kinda of a depart from the traditional 007 songs I think Alicia Keys & Jack White did a good job and the song sticks in your ear. With this being said, in my opinion, Skyfall and No Time To Die are by far and away the best 007 songs. Adele set the bar very high, Sam tried to best it and failed, and then Billie Eilish came and was smart enough not to try to jump over Adele and instead went her own way and created something truly original.

  • EmilyywYT


    6 dagar sedan

    @Mario Brother i didn’t get offended. I’ve listened to both adele and sam smith since i was a kid, and i don’t think they’re doing that. They said that it was hard for even them to sing that song, and i don’t see why they should outperform adele, because they’re talented anyways, and he doesn’t get anything out of it. Alot of ppl these days are saying that they’re related because of the similarities in their voices.

  • Mario Brother

    Mario Brother

    7 dagar sedan

    @EmilyywYT No, I said that Sam tried to mainly outperform Adele, and failed. And yeah I don't like the song, I don't like Sam as a person and as a entertainer (despite the fact that he has a fantastic voice). However mate this is the internet, I can say whatever the fuck I want to whoever I feel like. Now you might not agree with what I have to say, and that's fine. But when you try to tell me to shut up, or to go tell my opinion to other people, well that's fucked up. My opinion is as valid as yours, and vice versa. This could have been a way more interesting interaction if you tried to tell why you think I'm wrong instead of getting offended and tried to dismiss me and my opinion.

  • EmilyywYT


    7 dagar sedan

    Bruh so ur saying that sam is copying adele? They are two different ppl with two different voices, whats the problem? If u don’t like the song, go tell ur opinion to other ppl

    RANDHY KUSUMA8 dagar sedan

    I am right here cause the girl who sang this song in the voice kids

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    Finish music James bond 😭😭

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    This song is made for Oscar❌ Oscar is made for this song✔

  • Sam Sketches

    Sam Sketches

    6 dagar sedan

    It was made for the Oscar tho. They commissioned him cuz radioheads song was too melancholy

  • Baishali S
    Baishali S8 dagar sedan

    This song is a fkn masterpiece! That's all it is! Sam Smith is a fkn legend! That's all he is!

  • Baishali S

    Baishali S

    6 dagar sedan

    @mr Han Man leave me alone

  • mr Han Man

    mr Han Man

    6 dagar sedan

    he is not he, he say that he wants to be called "they" and that he have no gender

  • Baishali S
    Baishali S8 dagar sedan

    I just wanna know what those who are saying that Radiohead's one is better than this, think about Billie's trash 'No time to die'😂

  • Baishali S
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  • mr Han Man

    mr Han Man

    6 dagar sedan

    Goldeneye, you Know My name, Skyfall were all far better imo

  • Linetz Ortiz
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  • J B
    J B9 dagar sedan

    This is an outstanding song but radiohead's version was way better imo

  • Игорь Гуров
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    Политика дьявольская система шобы уничтожать население чтоб им пусто было каша блядь из топора как в сказке только без крупы

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    This man can sang!

  • Roseann Allen
    Roseann Allen10 dagar sedan

    This is a hauntingly romantic song

  • nymphocat
    nymphocat10 dagar sedan

    Radiohead could get the word "Spectre" in the lyrics of their version without making it cheesy or in-your-face. This song is all of those adjectives, and it doesn't even have the title of the f*ckin' movie on the lyrics!

  • Alok Hota
    Alok Hota10 dagar sedan

    This is so boring 🙄

  • Loïs Anna Noort
    Loïs Anna Noort10 dagar sedan

    2021 and still one of my favorites

  • Control Oz
    Control Oz10 dagar sedan

    If this was just a Sam smith single I’d leave it alone. I don’t think much of him as an artist but that’s just my opinion and taste. Spectre by Radiohead however, has the pulsing nuance of the perfect Bond theme. It’s beautiful, deliberate and was the clear choice. In a perfect world an overpaid exec would be clearing out his desk right now for making this mistake a reality.

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin10 dagar sedan

    Now this....this is perfection

    WAGNER PEREIRA Tur10 dagar sedan


  • Jose Morales
    Jose Morales10 dagar sedan

    Daniel Craig 007 just hits different.

  • Gianna Gordon
    Gianna Gordon11 dagar sedan

    I love all the Bond songs, truly, this one just hits different. I don't think I'll ever get over how magical and immersive it is.

  • Flynt Coal
    Flynt Coal11 dagar sedan

    I do genuinely like this song but my god that Radiohead song was incredible

  • Steven Giraud
    Steven Giraud11 dagar sedan

    Not bad, hes a very good singer, i like all james bonds music, especally a view to a kill.

  • Rafid Ahbab Samin
    Rafid Ahbab Samin11 dagar sedan

    1:47 Monica Bellucci and Daniel Craig

  • Lucaso Curry
    Lucaso Curry12 dagar sedan

    Ha Gay

  • 28 Reyhan Yudhistira Aldani
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    Mirip lagu dangdut njir😅

  • henrique monteiro
    henrique monteiro12 dagar sedan

    Lindsay thorngren

  • Ali Afshar
    Ali Afshar12 dagar sedan

    amazing song amazingggggg

  • Versus Channel
    Versus Channel13 dagar sedan

    Guys search a Filipino singer singing in competition Reiven Umali - writings on the wall version my gosh he is amazing a better version of this song

  • Naseem Ayub Bhatti
    Naseem Ayub Bhatti13 dagar sedan

    Most popular Bond song was from the movie The Living Daylights performed by A Ha.

  • Hamidan Sejuxx
    Hamidan Sejuxx13 dagar sedan

    Kesini gara gara Cakra Khan !!

  • Han
    Han14 dagar sedan

    man i need these a lot

  • Chrissy WOW
    Chrissy WOW14 dagar sedan

    WOW brilliant Voice thanks for this great Job. God bless, i love it so much.

  • Tuấn Nguyễn
    Tuấn Nguyễn14 dagar sedan

    I must like this video just bcs the music beginning is so great

  • Gaiusx2
    Gaiusx214 dagar sedan

    bunch of radiohead fanboys in the comment section now...newsflash - this song is still the most loved Bond song only behind Skyfall so quit your whining

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas15 dagar sedan

    Not to take anything away from this song, but it's basic. This song didn't try anything new, so it felt pretty un-unique. The song should feel different but still related to the others in the series. It's also a pretty simple song on a technical level. It feels like they stuck with what was familiar rather than experimenting and creating their own sound for another movie. Conversely, Radiohead made a song that had an heir of familiarity but a unique sound, which you want in a large series. They also fit the song to the vocals, while Writing's On The Wall doesn't sound like it fits Sam Smith's voice particularly well (in my opinion). While this version is good, It's not new sounding or interesting to me.

  • Nicholas


    15 dagar sedan

    But everyone has different tastes and opinions.

  • Anna Fusco
    Anna Fusco15 dagar sedan

    Meraviglioso 😍

  • Smaher Abu
    Smaher Abu15 dagar sedan

    Thanks Sam

  • Sultan saru
    Sultan saru16 dagar sedan

    this is just fuckin sad that they chosen THIS SONG over Radiohead Spectre.

  • Sin Tea
    Sin Tea16 dagar sedan

    I love singing this song at the karaoke

  • Onur Birgin
    Onur Birgin16 dagar sedan

    sevgilimle eskiden bizim parcamızdı suanki bizim parcamız belli değil ama bu yorumu bulursan seni cok seviyorum askimm bul bu yorumu bullllll bulamazsan sg



    16 dagar sedan


  • Edgar Moreno
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  • WildChild
    WildChild16 dagar sedan

    Oh god this is so dumb... Like it does NOT suit a bond movie. Sam just go back to whining about your relationship problems.

  • the epic gamer
    the epic gamer17 dagar sedan

    Wow this song is very underrated

  • Игорь Гуров
    Игорь Гуров17 dagar sedan

    Кто знает как калашников стреляет..тынь тынь только уши не мои суки

  • Игорь Гуров
    Игорь Гуров17 dagar sedan

    Каждое государство миллионы положило и зечем оно нужно

  • Harvey Stork
    Harvey Stork17 dagar sedan

    Worst Bond theme ever, best bar far was Rita Coolidge.

  • Fresh Milk
    Fresh Milk17 dagar sedan

    Hmm this song is good. I never really watched a bond film so I don't know what fits more this or Radiohead's Spectre.

  • William Campbell
    William Campbell17 dagar sedan

    Wow, this guy can hold a tune.

  • salah anwar
    salah anwar18 dagar sedan

  • Rohan Pay
    Rohan Pay18 dagar sedan

    He is so amazing he has a great voice and he is so passionate and so enthusiastic and talented

  • Karin Chavoll
    Karin Chavoll18 dagar sedan

    Cavallieri hotel, the best experience ever!

  • Literally_Nøthing
    Literally_Nøthing18 dagar sedan

    This is one of my favorite song since i was 3

  • Sieg Jong
    Sieg Jong18 dagar sedan

    How people are saying this might be the greatest bond song ever is beyond me

  • Fhazil Hasanudin
    Fhazil Hasanudin18 dagar sedan

    Niceee 2021

  • Jonah Osborn
    Jonah Osborn19 dagar sedan

    My uncle pumpkin and I used to sing this on our road trips, today is just a roller coaster of emotions 😞

  • Ross Bielema
    Ross Bielema19 dagar sedan

    Radiohead's version is far more complex and haunting. There's also a video on You Tube explaining exactly why Radiohead's original song for this movie is one of the best Bond theme songs ever written, but of course it was rejected by the studio or some "genius" because it was "too dark." I've now realized how talented Radiohead truly is. Sam Smith has a great voice, there is no doubt. But a great voice with pretty lame lyrics and a simple tune doesn't come close to the Radiohead one. I just hope the band got paid! More proof that studios/producers often suck and don't know real talent!

  • PrepreTheReal1
    PrepreTheReal119 dagar sedan

    I love this song I’m thinking of doing a cover to this song

  • Jem Palomo
    Jem Palomo20 dagar sedan

    This is a good song for Spectre . . . . Until I heard Radiohead's Spectre

  • Carlos Leon
    Carlos Leon20 dagar sedan

    shame they didn't use Radiohead's theme

  • Parker Pshebnisky
    Parker Pshebnisky20 dagar sedan

    2021 anybody?

  • Mohammed Aaftab
    Mohammed Aaftab20 dagar sedan

    From pedri Gonzales reels 🙌