ROSALÍA Sings Shakira, Ozuna, and "Malamente" in a Game of Song Association | ELLE

It was early March when recorded this episode of for her first ELLE cover ( ). Of the experience, writer Carina Chocano shares:

"Once we arrive at the sound stage, she disappears into a back room to do her impressively operatic vocal warm-ups. After a while, she emerges in an oversize graphic tee and enormous thigh-high platform boots and perches on a stool to play an improvisational game of Song Association for a video she’s shooting for this magazine. She takes it as seriously as she takes everything, which is to say very. She questions if one of the words is correct. She does several takes of her own song, even though it sounds perfect every time. She checks the monitor and thinks the light on her face is too harsh. She makes a suggestion, the lights are adjusted, and she does look better. If this makes her sound like a diva, it isn’t meant to; she’s sincerely nice to everyone around her-her team, drivers, waiters, interrupting fans. It’s just that she has a vision, and her vision is total."

Luckily, for us, that vision came together in one of our most-anticipated episodes of Song Association, to date. Tune in, as ELLE's latest cover star-the Spanish superstar who's taking flamenco mainstream-sings Consuelo Velázquez, Lole Y Manuel, and her own "Malamente," in a race against the clock.

Read our full cover story with Rosalía on ELLE:



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    Thanks to all of you who pointed out that "Bésame Mucho" should be credited to Consuelo Velázquez! We appreciate it - please keep the feedback coming! x

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    SEblacks BEBE Noelia 🌟👍😊✌️📲

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    P.S.: João Gilberto won the Grammy for best album (beating The Beatles!)

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    João Gilberto is one of the creators of the genre Bossa Nova, in Brazil. He has recorded his version of Bésame Mucho. Still, everyone here in Brazil knows this song is not Brazilian nor João Gilberto’s. It was definitely a big mistake hahah



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    Can you guys have bruno Mars on it, please ?

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    bella maravilhosaa ☁️🌹🤍

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    Muy bonita voz de Rosalía si sabe cantar, no como muchas chicas disque cantantes de hoy , excelente está niña

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    Artista SOBREVALORADA...

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    Why she kind of look like Kylie in the thumbnail 🤔 😂

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    I love her. She's gorgeous sweet and adorble with super amazing voice and personality. Thanks ELLE.

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    For a second she sounded and looked a lil bit like Victoria from Måneskin.

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    I felt like I was in a live concert. Ahhhh she's amazing. I didn't know that!

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    Her voice... OMG

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    En Mala: Esta hembra es mala de Gloria Trevi En Baila podia ser Baila esta cumbia de Selena

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    A Real Singer Both in Spanish and English:Love you Rosalía The Truth(Durisima)Y Hermosa.🌹😘✌

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    Bésame mucho no es de Joao Gilberto

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    Rosalía is great, but the composer of "bésame mucho" is Consuelo Velázquez

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    Qué mujer TAN bella... Y qué voz TAN maravillosa.

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    tiene vos de angel

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    Elle , Dont ever put Rosalia and Addison in a same type of show its disrespectful for Rosalia who actually have a real talent.

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    she sounds like billie eilish 😍

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    ok i just HAD to come back here after watching the one with addison rae...

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    same , cant believe they are in a same show

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    Mam so beautiful voice

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    I learnt about her thanks to James Blake, she has such a nice tone.

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    SEblacks BEBE Noelia 👍😊✌️✌️📲📲

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    Sin duda la mejor de todos

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    Ya kisieras tu ser flamenca

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    Bésame mucho no es de Jao no se quien... si no de Consuelo Velazquez orgullosamente mexicana

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    Im in love with her

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    How must it feel to be so beautiful and so talented

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    SEblacks BEBE Noelia ✌️🤩👍😊📲

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    Hermosa ❤️😚😍😸😁👌😃😊🤣 Rosalía

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    “Baila” Me: “Baila, baila esta cumbia!” 😩 I would have loveddd to hear her sing that

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    A ver si mejoras la calidad de las letras de tus canciones , cantas bonito , pero las letras podrían tener más sentido y aportar más a tu público

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    Si deberías escuchar el primero es un sonido más folk y letras más intensas

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    Haz escuchado sus álbumes? Sobre todo el primero…

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    Rosalia es arte❤️🌹

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    The more I watch it, the more I fall in love with her.

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    Her voice is so beautiful

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    Sings super well rosalia 🥰🥰🇪🇸🇪🇸

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    Que hermoso canta esta mujer

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    Bésame mucho is by Consuelo Velásquez not João Gilberto.

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    Stop be hone

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    Her voice is so beautiful, it’s insane.

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    SEblacks BEBE Noelia 👍🤩🌟😊📲

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    Please anybody name introductory song name spoken by rosalia very first song lyrics

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    Those verses are from Malamente song, in the middle of the song aprox.

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    Rosalia’s Akita shirt 🔥love you Rosalia

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    This is the best Spanish tutorial.

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    0:54 Not me singing I'm the Mala guy duh

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    I imitated shakira growing up

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    So this was just her flexing her singing ability on everybody huh

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    No le entendi vergas…and I speak Spanish

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    see this? this is a real artist. u get transported to where those lyrics are coming from. She reminds you that music is poetry ❤

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    you know that she's gen z when bonita was not associated with the la is la bonita song:D

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    Malamente - Rosalía

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