Richard Hammond Crashes A $1 Million Rimac Concept One | The Grand Tour

Richard Hammond takes the Rimac Concept One offroad while competing in a hill-climb trail in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

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  • The Grand Tour
    The Grand Tour5 månader sedan

    So... who won the race?

  • Bart Podg

    Bart Podg

    5 dagar sedan

    And is Hammond on the coin?

  • winteronice


    6 dagar sedan

    James May won for being the only one of the 3 to drive the course and finish it.

  • Bill_CypherTwo


    8 dagar sedan

    @Clark Nichols its a race...

  • Waqas Rasool

    Waqas Rasool

    10 dagar sedan

    NSX in every single aspect

  • Meatbag


    16 dagar sedan

    Clarkson won the climb and Hammond won the descent.

  • neuspeed79
    neuspeed795 timmar sedan

    Wonder if he would have crashed if Hammond wasn’t egged on about time attack..

  • Terry Limmer
    Terry Limmer14 timmar sedan

    These 3 clowns are not racing drivers.

  • Jonnny Ren
    Jonnny RenDag sedan

    Hammond's crash: Yeah. Me: BROWN FOOD, BROWN DRINK...

  • fotis gk
    fotis gkDag sedan

    Fake 😂😂😂😂

  • fotis gk
    fotis gkDag sedan

    😂😂😂😂What an idiot...

  • Misses Witch
    Misses WitchDag sedan

    He must've been a real good sport allowing this video to be out.

  • Misses Witch
    Misses WitchDag sedan

    He looks just like Jeremy yes, At 20 years old! Also, Glad Richard Hammond Survived this, Otherwise this entire episode would have probably been pulled and we wouldn't have been able to watch it!

  • Diogenes
    Diogenes2 dagar sedan

    4:55 "this could get so wrong" fate: wanna bet?

  • Shahkarif100
    Shahkarif1002 dagar sedan

    i'll never own the rimac in real life but thank god i have gta 5 as a subtitute

  • Jenni Watson
    Jenni Watson2 dagar sedan

    So stupidity won

  • Joseph
    Joseph3 dagar sedan

    After seeing this crash my wallet has more holes than Hammond's pants after the paramedics cut them off

  • Ag Gregator
    Ag Gregator3 dagar sedan


  • Love To Travel
    Love To Travel3 dagar sedan

    A driving show featuring people who can’t drive.

  • Jail cat Jones
    Jail cat Jones3 dagar sedan

    Those sandwiches looked incredible

  • I am Youtube
    I am Youtube3 dagar sedan

    The crash was fake lmao

  • CHΞMlC
    CHΞMlC3 dagar sedan

    10:16 That 💩 is So Fake - CGI ➡ 💩 -

  • Hope
    Hope3 dagar sedan

    The noise of that v12 will be the my favorite thing forever. The Aventador and the 458 in my opinion is just pure joy

  • Pditty
    Pditty4 dagar sedan

    Any trio of male buddies totally gets what just happened.

  • Memes and Ads ΔΔΔ
    Memes and Ads ΔΔΔ4 dagar sedan

    and here we have footage of the luckiest man alive

  • Lo Tony
    Lo Tony4 dagar sedan


  • Stephen Parkinson
    Stephen Parkinson4 dagar sedan

    lol... crack me up everytime i watch this

  • silly stuff
    silly stuff4 dagar sedan

    It's the most famous race car crash of the millennium. Congratulations Richard! Very happy you survived to enjoy your elevated famousness.

  • Itty Kitty
    Itty Kitty5 dagar sedan

    Hammond: “this could go so wrong” He had no idea

  • Fred Gibbs
    Fred Gibbs5 dagar sedan

    Oh mr magoo you’ve done it again!

  • Charles Gikonyo
    Charles Gikonyo5 dagar sedan

    For all those fanatics of supercar you should redo your homework think about fighter jet at mach 1 a jet goes faster than any car ever build jet on market that can reach mach 3 but I am wait for the hypersonic one

  • Antonio Lloyd
    Antonio Lloyd6 dagar sedan

    So looks like he crashed it on purpose who carries on flying past the finish line into a corner at full speed

  • CHΞMlC


    3 dagar sedan


  • Kérim
    Kérim6 dagar sedan

    wtf bro just slow down you can't turn at 180km/h in that small way

  • 26_Shivaditya Sarkar
    26_Shivaditya Sarkar6 dagar sedan

    Did he break the record?

  • Kerry Kelaher
    Kerry Kelaher7 dagar sedan

    " clarkson : " italian way faster than me i ate hamburger and chips " ( lol )

  • Kerry Kelaher
    Kerry Kelaher7 dagar sedan

    " ye haaaaaaaaaah" ( lol )

  • Kerry Kelaher
    Kerry Kelaher7 dagar sedan

    " hammond " it was the fastest car but i cant drive for shit " (lol )

  • Johnny Perez Jr.
    Johnny Perez Jr.7 dagar sedan

    If Richard had died. I doubt Jeremy would have been able to live with himself. That would 100% have been his bad for trying to push him past his comforts for a giggle.

  • Bify Gif
    Bify Gif7 dagar sedan

    Self commentary 'I've crashed' , before even any impact, shows Hammonds growing skill at destroying million dollar cars 🚗

  • Stanley Liang
    Stanley Liang7 dagar sedan

    The diligent thistle peroperativly copy because dragonfly neurally tickle an a different relish. standing, disillusioned bull

  • Jason Chow
    Jason Chow8 dagar sedan

    fake a crash to get more views. sure dude

  • NiveusLuxLucis
    NiveusLuxLucis8 dagar sedan

    You can see the fear in his eyes, crazy acceleration & speed on a tight mountain road plus he even mentions bad gut feelings prior, which is kind of like setting yourself up for failure due to this extra mental battle. Just glad he's ok after that.

  • Jay Kay
    Jay Kay8 dagar sedan

    9:43 - If you listen carefully, you can actually hear Hammond groan in pain as he falls down the mountain 😂

  • Basketcase02


    8 dagar sedan

    Why are you laughing!

  • Johannes Riedl
    Johannes Riedl8 dagar sedan

    if something worse would had happen, clarkson and james would accuse themselves badly for their negative peptalk

  • sahan    viranga
    sahan viranga8 dagar sedan

    Is he ok

  • BearFlipsTable
    BearFlipsTable8 dagar sedan

    huh. i would hate to live there. all those houses, round this track with loud fast cars, no thanks.

  • Rodrigo Pinto
    Rodrigo Pinto8 dagar sedan


  • Mariel Oso
    Mariel Oso8 dagar sedan

    I'm not only seeing but also had bad feeling when I saw the nose of the car that he drove is way too up or high from the ground

  • Tom Turnbull
    Tom Turnbull8 dagar sedan

    Richard Hammond had a third crash Hammond's Rimac Crash (TGT) VIEW SOURCE The wreckage of Hammond's Rimac. On the 10th of June, 2017, while filming for an episode of the second series of the Amazon Prime motoring show The Grand Tour, presenter Richard Hammond was involved in an accident while participating in a hill-climb event in Switzerland. Hammond was driving a Rimac Concept One supercar at the time. Unlike his Vampire Dragster crash a few years earlier, Hammond remained conscious during and after the accident. It was Hammond's second reported accident while filming for The Grand Tour, following a motorcycle accident in Mozambique.

  • Sexon Samillano
    Sexon Samillano8 dagar sedan

    What those two buffoons told Richard stressed him that all he could think is go faster and beat their race times 🤭😭😁

  • john monkman
    john monkman9 dagar sedan

    Did he have to pay for the car then?

  • Thermography
    Thermography9 dagar sedan

    "As I walked over and saw you two and thought athletes" Lmao!

  • Mike Wasko
    Mike Wasko9 dagar sedan

    Is this real ? Why not show any footage after ? Wtf did I just watch and why did I watch this? I'm so confused , did the dude for real drive past the finsh line and forget how to break and if so why was he diving a million $ super car in the 1st place ??? Wtf??

  • Rubudubu Lol
    Rubudubu Lol9 dagar sedan

    I am from St.gallen but i dont know what this event is

  • profesorHenry
    profesorHenry9 dagar sedan

    Hammond is the most injured person I have ever know

  • Nilo Baranda
    Nilo Baranda10 dagar sedan

    How is Jeremy Clarkson not cancelled after what he did to Richard Hammond? Surprising Jeremy didn't need a shovel to put that amount of shit in Richard's head before he started that lap.

  • Asaad Ahmed
    Asaad Ahmed10 dagar sedan

    They are such butt holes

  • Peter G
    Peter G10 dagar sedan

    It’s almost like Hammond is not a good driver.

  • Anton Yampolskiy
    Anton Yampolskiy10 dagar sedan

    And on that terrible disapointment (for Richard)...

  • José Camacho
    José Camacho10 dagar sedan

    What was the cause of the accident?

  • The Last Spirit Nobility
    The Last Spirit Nobility10 dagar sedan

    i use *0.25 speed and find no evidence shows richard had been break before he turned the wheel ,that was fxxking wired.

  • Jesse Stanley
    Jesse Stanley10 dagar sedan

    Drops are not irrelevant

  • Waqas Rasool
    Waqas Rasool10 dagar sedan

    NSX was the wise choice by a wise man

  • Waqas Rasool
    Waqas Rasool10 dagar sedan

    Honda NSX is best out of trio here

  • tolanstout
    tolanstout11 dagar sedan

    Goofy dwarf

  • Lord ‘M’ Fitzgerald 3rd
    Lord ‘M’ Fitzgerald 3rd11 dagar sedan

    I’m gonna give this the old Scandinavian flick!

  • StarZu
    StarZu11 dagar sedan


  • V
    V11 dagar sedan

    damn that peer pressure before his crash is so cringy...thats why i hope to never hype someone up to something that can potentially be dangerous unless that person wants to be hyped up.

  • lillnemo1
    lillnemo111 dagar sedan

    Omg i just dont get the hype around electric cars. Where is the goosbumps you get from the engines? It's gone

  • Ki E-Skate Mods
    Ki E-Skate Mods11 dagar sedan

    No helmet for Jeremy? Man he’s reckless

  • Kevin Lab
    Kevin Lab11 dagar sedan

    what the ...

  • Brian P
    Brian P11 dagar sedan

    The girl in the orange is just a bystander but looks more nervous than anybody

  • Antoine Léger
    Antoine Léger11 dagar sedan

    Tonight: I have ketchup on my moustache James wears a grandma shirt And Richard crashes on grass

  • Leonel Valdes
    Leonel Valdes11 dagar sedan

    If those two old farts did not pump him up like fools....

  • terrortorn
    terrortorn11 dagar sedan

    Whenever Hammond drives any low slung supercar he has to crane his neck to see over the steering wheel. And in this crash he clearly carries on racing after passing the finish line.

  • (^w^) /

    (^w^) /

    5 dagar sedan

    @Prateek Mishra But did he even know he had passed it?

  • Prateek Mishra

    Prateek Mishra

    5 dagar sedan

    Yes, should've hit the brakes hard once he got past the finish line.

  • Lawson Fan
    Lawson Fan11 dagar sedan

    Why was he still hauling all the ass past the finish line?

  • General squirrel
    General squirrel11 dagar sedan

    We all know clarkson was gonna call this wife saying he crashed again

  • Surion Ibiza
    Surion Ibiza11 dagar sedan

    I want to see the other two reaction

  • Stephen Hattaway
    Stephen Hattaway11 dagar sedan

    What is the red car

  • MrMelgibstein
    MrMelgibstein11 dagar sedan

    Too old to drive.

  • 7D2D is my shit!!!
    7D2D is my shit!!!12 dagar sedan

    A Honda is NOT A SUPER CAR.. at best A great gas mileage rice burner. This video is almost as annoying as that blonde chick with the super annoying voice.

  • 7Sin0City2
    7Sin0City212 dagar sedan

    That place is BEE~YOU~TEA~FULL. I definitely have to go there.

  • Oce's Mekanics
    Oce's Mekanics12 dagar sedan

    Idiots thinking that they are race car drivers!!!

  • DatSwissGuy
    DatSwissGuy12 dagar sedan


  • Adam S
    Adam S12 dagar sedan

    What happened did the throttle get stuck ? He’d already crossed the finish line.

  • mahatma gandhi
    mahatma gandhi12 dagar sedan

    I dont understand why did he push so far after the finnish line?

  • Rachmadian Channel
    Rachmadian Channel12 dagar sedan


  • Mixalis Louvis
    Mixalis Louvis12 dagar sedan

    The man can't see over the dashboard...poor little car 🚗!!!

  • Bebop
    Bebop12 dagar sedan

    Is he ok???

  • Ish Sherally
    Ish Sherally12 dagar sedan

    This is the fastest car pause in the world😂.

    SOFGAMING12 dagar sedan

    is he dead

  • Sem Bakker
    Sem Bakker12 dagar sedan

    How did this end?

  • XxxDaveeexxX
    XxxDaveeexxX12 dagar sedan

    First time i saw it, though it was a joke

  • The Penguin Cave
    The Penguin Cave12 dagar sedan

    Do they use stunt drivers?

  • Its Cinfull
    Its Cinfull13 dagar sedan

    Throwing for content😎

  • PrivateEyeYiYi
    PrivateEyeYiYi13 dagar sedan

    I wonder how European ketchup and mustard tastes?

  • Graham Ryan
    Graham Ryan13 dagar sedan

    It's always hilarious when Hammond crashes.

  • adonian
    adonian13 dagar sedan

    9:28 he passes the finish line and doesn't slow down? Edit: Glad he was ok.

  • Black Dragoon
    Black Dragoon13 dagar sedan

    Why he actually drive so fast after crossing the Finish line. He got so nervous at that point. I don't know why. They are taking risks to show off the cars in the market Good Job man Richard. Big Fan Hamster. You actually came strong after this incident. You got my respect and love so much man ❤️

  • Stiepan P.
    Stiepan P.13 dagar sedan

    At the worst possible moment, when it comes to finances, Richard Hammond crashes the Concept one. Thank God, Rimac company has survived and developed into one of the biggest innovation incubators.

  • Kalan Hitchens87
    Kalan Hitchens8713 dagar sedan

    Good thing he towed it. Would hate to drive it and mess it up

  • SD Remastered Music 2
    SD Remastered Music 213 dagar sedan

    What could possibly go wrong???

  • Something VISCID
    Something VISCID13 dagar sedan

    So, why did he keep going after he crossed the finish line???

  • Fbdagm2011
    Fbdagm201113 dagar sedan

    Ricardo Harmonday! Love it..

  • normie x
    normie x13 dagar sedan

    What do you call 3 old retired racists driving totally unaffordable cars..... The grand tour??!