Rekkles | EUphoria | 2021 LEC Summer S8 EP8

Rekkles joins Drakos and Caedrel in the studio to talk about G2 Esports, his recent performances and more.

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0:00 Cold open
0:23 Intro
1:50 Stream highlight SEblacks channels
5:32 Who will make playoffs
8:47 Giving up before the game ends
11:29 XL
13:51 Playstyle RGE vs. FNC, MAD

17:35 Start of segment
20:56 0:4 weeks
25:25 G2 Rekkles playstyle
29:07 Forcing misplays vs. Reacting to misplays
30:34 Aggressive non-scaling champions
35:54 Nelson, draft in FNC game
41:34 All veteran team

44:13 Complacency, burn out
49:55 Crowds
54:23 Worlds
57:32 MAD

Next Week
1:00:35 Upcoming Superweek
1:04:35 Matches to watch
1:05:58 Final thoughts
1:08:34 Outro


  • The Leara Queen
    The Leara Queen29 dagar sedan

    So weird to watch this after playoffs knowing how wrong everyone was

  • Rasta
    RastaMånad sedan

    This didn’t age well

  • Robyo Power

    Robyo Power

    Månad sedan


  • mj-rim
    mj-rimMånad sedan

    Now he is out, was wrong on MAD too and FNC flippyness turned out too hard to predict

  • Medinger
    MedingerMånad sedan

    That MAD bit aged well

  • Jamnik Boży
    Jamnik BożyMånad sedan

    57:32 XDDD wake up bro

  • Jan Kovalík

    Jan Kovalík

    27 dagar sedan

    Snapback to reality

  • Norman Tapalan

    Norman Tapalan

    Månad sedan

    he's delusional XD

  • GodLgn Draco
    GodLgn DracoMånad sedan

    Rekkles 😍❤️😍

  • Alex S.
    Alex S.Månad sedan


  • mjsjsjsj


    Månad sedan


  • Jacob Lindkvist
    Jacob LindkvistMånad sedan

    Mr. MVP

  • Pedro Semião
    Pedro SemiãoMånad sedan

    Rekkles is always so eloquent and honest that it makes us want to listen to him talk for hours. +1 great episode!

  • Linus
    LinusMånad sedan


  • Tony Touma
    Tony ToumaMånad sedan

    Why would u care about other channels cliping stuff, thoose are the channels that the fans like watching!

  • Diranged ADC
    Diranged ADCMånad sedan

    So good to hear you recognizing the playstyle adjust and winning lane to free miky etc.. I think we all as fans saw that too. Frustrating as you are more than capable and now you are doing this its working so well.. Good luck in playoffs dude.. go smash it !!

  • Anonymous Night
    Anonymous NightMånad sedan

    "Science stuff I don't know enough to talk about" should be a mindset a lot of people should take to heart.

  • KMaan
    KMaanMånad sedan

    Maybe an unpopular opinion, but i miss frosk. Don't get me wrong i love caedrel, but frosk was such a fresh breeze!

  • Alexander Divino
    Alexander DivinoMånad sedan

    In CS:GO, Astralis used to pretty much performing 'bad' but they always end up succeding by being good at playing around the things that other teams/people hate.

  • Manuel Meyer
    Manuel Meyer2 månader sedan

    Damn, what an honorable thing of Rekkles to still think of whether it was healthy for FNATIC or not that he left and that he is happy that it seems to turn out well also for them. This is sportsmanship at its best.

  • Jean
    Jean2 månader sedan

    LEC is lucky to have great veterans who grew comfortable with the media and the casters. This episode, like the one with odo, was great.

  • Nicolas Varingot
    Nicolas Varingot2 månader sedan

    always a pleasure to see this show and to hear from the three of you

  • SKT Zedekiel
    SKT Zedekiel2 månader sedan

    this is what i needed

  • dienutz
    dienutz2 månader sedan

    i absolutely love Rekkles! he's so humble and so considerate but also super focused and hard-working! great role-model for the community and awesome to see him make appearances like this. great show guys!

  • tony SP
    tony SP2 månader sedan

    Ok, don't want to be a boomer, but I saw Nelson on an IWD video where he said a horrible draft is good, so I don't buy this narrative.

  • Jesok37
    Jesok372 månader sedan

    Sleeping at night is overrated.

    MRMIGUELGONCALVES2 månader sedan

    Rekkles Ashe confirmed in week 8

  • Donald Dank
    Donald Dank2 månader sedan

    Nice episode and all. But if this was Joe Rogan or Charlamagne asking questions we’d have a 99% better picture

  • Caio Oleskovicz
    Caio Oleskovicz2 månader sedan

    I dislike podcasts, usually I think they're too long, messy, and empty. There are some of them, however, absolutely worth every second. This one is a perfect example. Caedrel and Drakos managed to keep it interesting, respectful and insightful. And Rekkles is super classy. His eloquence and naturality are really a good followup. LEC production value is really nice.

  • Felipe Ruiz

    Felipe Ruiz

    Månad sedan

    @Caio Oleskovicz I disagree with u a little but I do think that covid hurt this podcast a lot, I used to watch this every week now I don't find myself so invested anymore. But a gest is always a good thing, and well this gest is kinda special haha

  • Caio Oleskovicz

    Caio Oleskovicz

    Månad sedan

    @Devin Murphy I dislike the format itself in most cases. Hard to keep me interested to watch a full program. That is what I meant - I enjoy Caedrel and Drakos and still cant manage to watch most EUphoria. (and holy fuck people start assuming things when you express an opinion, dont you, people?)

  • Devin Murphy

    Devin Murphy

    Månad sedan

    Don’t use bad podcasts as a metric for the quality of podcasts as a form of entertainment. You have to find the good ones, euphoria is a really good podcast.

  • Karol Kozłowski
    Karol Kozłowski2 månader sedan

    Rekkles giving so much respect to Rogue shows how much knowledge he has about the game compared to Upset who can only say that Rogue bot lane won’t surprise them and getting solo killed on level 1.

  • Nick Thomas
    Nick Thomas2 månader sedan

    Can someone please tell Draccos to turn up the gain on his mic? He always whispers and I can't hear him.

    EMERPUS EMEM2 månader sedan

    Rekkles is such a god damn banger guest

    EMERPUS EMEM2 månader sedan


    EMERPUS EMEM2 månader sedan


  • Giovanni T.
    Giovanni T.2 månader sedan

    It's always a pleasure to listen to Rekkles.

  • TheDLI12
    TheDLI122 månader sedan

    but what about the skinergy, the Baus pointed this out for us.

  • oz
    oz2 månader sedan

    Hearing reckless talk about Astralis made me realise they are the classic na team

  • Seth Sjölund
    Seth Sjölund2 månader sedan

    B A N G E R.

  • Philip b
    Philip b2 månader sedan

    I would have liked to hear his opinion on lck and lpl

  • L'alpaga
    L'alpaga2 månader sedan

    8:00 stats and a team on paper is definitely not everything. Just remember FPX, many pros said that they looked bad on paper and they destroyed worlds

  • Travis King
    Travis King2 månader sedan

    Am I the only person that heard campfire is one of the best casters? who is this guy?

  • Santo Cocchiara
    Santo Cocchiara2 månader sedan

    One of the best episode

  • Yedil Sultan
    Yedil Sultan2 månader sedan

    The stream snipers like: "Astralis has nothing in their life" ft. Rekkles

  • Expander
    Expander2 månader sedan

    Looking forward to the superweek!

  • Ptronoh V.
    Ptronoh V.2 månader sedan

    I love him ;_;

  • Grace L
    Grace L2 månader sedan

    Rekkles sounds like LS

  • SnakeSquared
    SnakeSquared2 månader sedan

    Does anyone know what headphones they are using?

  • Isaac Hunter

    Isaac Hunter

    2 månader sedan

    i would also like to know

  • Jessica Kristanti

    Jessica Kristanti

    2 månader sedan


  • Mingwei Shi

    Mingwei Shi

    2 månader sedan


  • edi nita
    edi nita2 månader sedan

    #Nelson4the W

  • Felipe Rojas
    Felipe Rojas2 månader sedan

    if AST played in LCS instead of LEC they would be top 3 team, they play the same style as TSM

  • Lou Balto
    Lou Balto2 månader sedan

    I stan Magicfelix for never giving up!!!!

  • Zharyn
    Zharyn2 månader sedan

    Interesting that what Rekkles says at 40:57 is the exact opposite of what Perkz descriped Grabbz as. Shows that we shouldnt take everything the pros say as a fact bc player perception is a thing.

  • Carl
    Carl2 månader sedan

    i think it's crazy how caedrel hasnt had much experience in casting in front of a big croud. he is so good

  • Mistyk
    Mistyk2 månader sedan

    the misft g2 match is treated like "it's a lose but they should have won and they would be top 2 rn" but it feels like everyone forgetting about msft loss against rogue which is almost the same kind of throw, kinda weird

  • Lalli
    Lalli2 månader sedan

    Team Rekkles I see rekkles I click I see rekkles I like I see rekkles I suscribe

  • Alexander Kure
    Alexander Kure2 månader sedan

    Drakos: "their 6-9 right now" Me: Nice ;)

  • AngeloX44
    AngeloX442 månader sedan

    Another reason why LEC is holistically better than LCS. Lovely content as always, thanks Caedrel and Drakos 💕

  • eriper
    eriper2 månader sedan

    I love you Rekkles, you are such a kind dude and you will do anything to accomplish your goal, you are such a star everybody should aim for

  • Tamie
    Tamie2 månader sedan

    I love Rekkles so much, he is such an amazing player and human being. He deserves all the recognition ❤️

  • Frederik Mortensen
    Frederik Mortensen2 månader sedan

    I could talk with Rekkles all day long. Intelligent, humble, nice human being

  • Lukas
    Lukas2 månader sedan

    Never thought I would watch the whole thing 🤣

  • Just_Ake ß
    Just_Ake ß2 månader sedan

    And here I thought that last EUphoria was great with Upset and the memes but deeemn boy this one has already more likes than the last Episode with only half views, Rekkles man! while not on the rift maybe, but he's just on Another Level!

  • lars walsleben
    lars walsleben2 månader sedan

    MAD has the same amount of wins as the other top teams. They will ramp up in playoffs and they will win again. Humanoid is the best player in europe and he will show it once again.

  • Geeyhan
    Geeyhan2 månader sedan

    My Idol and the reason I became an ADC main. Nice session. #Poggers

  • Kimberly Jackson
    Kimberly Jackson2 månader sedan

    Spring matters to the point if the LEC champions win MSI, the LEC get 4 spots at worlds. In which case FNC, G2, MAD, and Rogue would all make worlds.

  • Youtube User
    Youtube User2 månader sedan

    why are there still these dumb deviders when they're all either tested or vaxxed anyway?

  • patriarch paramour
    patriarch paramour2 månader sedan

    omg the reveal 😭

  • Jeffrey Tyler
    Jeffrey Tyler2 månader sedan

    Wait... does EU STILL use "gamer houses"? I've watched Rekkles and Jankos stream and they both definitely have apartments. But the way he was speaking at the beginning of the podcast made it sound like they were all living together. I'm confused. I hope EU isn't still using "gamer houses".

  • Çağlar Bulgay

    Çağlar Bulgay

    2 månader sedan

    @Jeffrey Tyler grabbz is nothing like a typical boss tho. coaches are not supposed to behave like bosses anyway. coaches are basically friend of players who sweep up after them.

  • Jeffrey Tyler

    Jeffrey Tyler

    2 månader sedan

    @jakey brech But Jankos also has an apartment. Maybe that's just in the off season when he goes home though. I don't know the logistics I just know for a fact that he has spoken many times on stream about his rental agreement and neighbors. It's so weird to me that Grabbz also lives there. I couldn't IMAGINE living with my boss. But I'm 35, I couldn't imagine living with anyone that I wasn't in a relationship with, lol.

  • jakey brech

    jakey brech

    2 månader sedan

    Miky, wunder, caps, Jankos and Grabbz live together whilst rekkles lives separately but they have a main office where they train and strategise

  • Malt
    Malt2 månader sedan

    One hour of Rekkles content? Fucken sign me up

  • rkindblom
    rkindblom2 månader sedan

    P r o f f e s i o n a l

  • Ralph Pena
    Ralph Pena2 månader sedan

    They didn't ask him about keeping a serious face before game and the other members making him crack.

  • Flavio Fenley
    Flavio Fenley2 månader sedan

    The disrespect towards MAD is unreal. They are tied for second with one win from first. They won Spring. The took Damwon to a full Bo5. Just came off a 2-0 weekend. On top of it all, they spend a whole segment talking about how "the feel is most important" and how Astralis players feels good, but when MAD feels good its "they are goofy and not serious" (while also being ahead of G2).

  • Flavio Fenley

    Flavio Fenley

    2 månader sedan

    @Connor Calder and so is Fnatic, G2, and to a certain extent, Rogue. G2 has a stacked team that feel disjointed AND went 0-4. Fnatic has incredible individual skills but force too many fights and their macro is abhorrent. Rogue struggles with pressure and closing out games. Pointing out that MAD makes mistakes isnt the issue. The issue is how much of a blind eye is turned to the mistakes of the remaining top teams.

  • Connor Calder

    Connor Calder

    2 månader sedan

    Because Mad do make a lot of mistakes… this was their biggest gripe when coming into spring playoffs as well - they randomly dive in and die… that’s not disrespectful it’s just a fact. They also said what made Mad so good was their Clutch factor but the reality is when looking at them as a team you have to acknowledge the amount of mistakes they make and how coinflip they are…

  • DaBrauni
    DaBrauni2 månader sedan

    "i played Vayne cuz i had fun in solo q" Rekless belongs to G2 forever now xD

  • Ron Weasley

    Ron Weasley

    2 månader sedan

    To add to this, Vayne was really good in that game if they just played slightly better they win

  • J
    J2 månader sedan

    I could listen to this guys for hours, love them! :3

  • Nils Lauterfeld
    Nils Lauterfeld2 månader sedan

    Am i the only one seeing that mad lions macro is absolutly insane? they lack chemistry wise or they are not that keen on other stuff but the way they win is outmacroing most of their games ... ofc they make mistakes n fight dumb but which team also takes as much crossmap when something happens? they have some kind of worlds aura since msi where their objective priority and macro is so top notch ... also ... best teamfighting team in lec but that title is there since spring split playoffs ... Mad dont need to be as good as the other 3 teams when they have better macro and better teamfighting ... either im fanboyin hard or you sleepin on them :-) curious to see ... cant wait for playoffs....

  • Big Boi
    Big Boi2 månader sedan

    soon ill be recommended: Drakos on League Highlight chanels

  • G2 CrimsonArchlight
    G2 CrimsonArchlight2 månader sedan

    Always a banger when Rekkles is on 🥰♥️

  • AdamTaker
    AdamTaker2 månader sedan

    1:04:29 THE COLLAPSE

  • Brisanka Tarafder
    Brisanka Tarafder2 månader sedan

    Did they just add rekkles face on perkz?

  • ImVidde
    ImVidde2 månader sedan

    How sexy is rekkles though?!

  • Triblex
    Triblex2 månader sedan

    So what Rekkles is saying is that Hyli and Miky WILL int at some point in the game and with Kalista he can stop the int. Yeah seems about right xD

  • Zinnie
    Zinnie2 månader sedan

    57:32 I personally dont agree and think MAD looks better than FNC, esp their macro, FNC just too flippy and have a rush to go in all the time. And even if FNC gets 2nd place in summer, they get total of 20+100=120 points, wheres if MAD makes 4th place they get 90 + 50 = 140 points, so FNC needs to win it all or stay home for worlds

  • Zinnie


    Månad sedan

    @SmileWithMe I see. seems like I missed this change. thx

  • Connor Calder

    Connor Calder

    2 månader sedan

    Points determine seeding in playoffs - not worlds spots anymore. Fnatic need to finish top 3 - that’s it. Mad are just as Flippy as Fnatic, they randomly dive in and die. Overextend consistently… Mad and Fnatic are extremely similar.

  • SmileWithMe


    2 månader sedan

    Championship points don’t mean anything for worlds. The points determine seeding in playoffs. Top 3 teams from playoffs go to worlds, regardless of the points. So basically as long as FNC end top 3 for summer, they will go to worlds, independent of where they got seeded for playoffs/how many points they had

  • Aditya Nashikkar
    Aditya Nashikkar2 månader sedan

    Why didn’t anyone ask him what he thought about the song about him.

  • Frederik Virklund
    Frederik Virklund2 månader sedan

    Really interesting to hear Rekkles talk about the crowd. While I'm a huge proponent of viewing e-sport as a sport on par with all other sports, I never thought about the players' relationship with the crowd. Even more hyped for worlds now!

  • spiros junior
    spiros junior2 månader sedan

    Can you stop looking at your laptop screen Caedrel ALL the time especially while the guest is talking and looking at you? its abit disrespectful.

  • Tom Bram
    Tom Bram2 månader sedan

    3-0 weekend let's go MAD Lions!

  • Samu
    Samu2 månader sedan

    I need more than just one hour of this ç.ç

  • Martin726
    Martin7262 månader sedan

    There's no guest like Rekkles, really. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this episode, it was worth every second of it. I'd like to thank Drakos and Caedrel for asking great questions and Rekkles for giving honest in-depth answers. Good luck in play-offs, Rekkles and G2!

  • villain heroes couldn't mfooka
    villain heroes couldn't mfooka2 månader sedan

    Playoff's is gonna be nail biting. 5 teams looking stacked

  • Hass Jand
    Hass Jand2 månader sedan

    I realy think we gonna see the best G2 by the end of the split and start of worlds!!

  • rupicon
    rupicon2 månader sedan

    I think it's hilarious how hilarious Drakos finds the word hilarious

  • ohh blivious
    ohh blivious2 månader sedan

    On the camera angle with rekkles and caedral, you can see drakos in the reflection. Tri cast foreshadowing?

  • Shnozz Berries
    Shnozz Berries2 månader sedan

    how come they play at home sometimes and play on stage other days? did i miss that part or podcast

  • Connor Calder

    Connor Calder

    2 månader sedan

    They are limiting the amount of players that are in the building.

  • Frederik Breinstrup

    Frederik Breinstrup

    2 månader sedan

    Games 1, 3 and 5 of the day are on stage due to COVID restrictions

  • Booter
    Booter2 månader sedan

    Heyyy where's my Spotify version?

  • Ming
    Ming2 månader sedan

    okay Rekkles is a banger of a guest! lets go!

  • Yahli Atzmon
    Yahli Atzmon2 månader sedan

    Personally I do kind of like being able to see some of the highlight clips because sometimes I just can’t find time to tune into the streams.

  • Akaro
    Akaro2 månader sedan

    Anyone else just not notice he was behind the cardboard cutout?

  • Krytiku
    Krytiku2 månader sedan

    Ah but they underestimate the Astralis miracle run to worlds.

  • nono
    nono2 månader sedan

    Rekkles handsome as always.. 10/10 would marry

  • Pritam Mishra
    Pritam Mishra2 månader sedan

    9:30: I would like to report a dead body

  • Nekol12
    Nekol122 månader sedan

    Rekkles, best EU ADC and one of the bests adc in league history. It really chills me out listening to him, and even let me know that he really knows what he's talking about and that he's sure about what he's doing, and believe on G2. Really right now, the best in the team as everything, and the most consistent

  • Daniel Soltanieh
    Daniel Soltanieh2 månader sedan

    Man this was a good episode

  • Morten Myrgren
    Morten Myrgren2 månader sedan

    I always get those clips recommended and i dont like it.... Still keep watching them and i still keep getting mad cause they are so fucking clickbait xD

  • Foster Denney
    Foster Denney2 månader sedan

    EUphoria - the podcast that I listen to while playing TFT.

  • Freeda


    2 månader sedan

    Ha I do exactly the same :D

  • -zbrda zdola-
    -zbrda zdola-2 månader sedan

    Man,i was a very very VERY big Forgiven fanboy back in the days of Rekkles/Forgiven rivalry. Never did rly dislike Rekkles but never really liked him. After this podcast i can really see how he is down to earth and genuinely likeable guy. Really great podcast and talk !