PALADIN in Burning Crusade Classic: Is It Any Better Now?


  • hvdhvd3333
    hvdhvd33333 timmar sedan

    No the classic tbc version is really bad ..

  • John Ståler
    John Ståler18 timmar sedan

    Darrowshire launch 30 july. vanilla server with old pre nerf AV +++

  • spicy lemon
    spicy lemon13 dagar sedan

    Prot pallies are annoying in mana tombs tho....that first boss PTSD

  • Frost Draco
    Frost Draco21 dag sedan

    On horde side no one plays holy. its almost all prot and ret.

  • Frost Draco

    Frost Draco

    13 dagar sedan

    @spicy lemon Might be because people were playing holy before this ally side

  • spicy lemon

    spicy lemon

    13 dagar sedan

    Weird on ally side everyone goes holy and prot, I'm almost guaranteed the ret spot in raids cause theres a drought lmao

  • Uranus
    Uranus25 dagar sedan


  • DatMan Jay
    DatMan Jay26 dagar sedan

    The lowly donna only charge because forest aesthetically juggle via a cynical eagle. delicate, slow waste

  • Ante Novak
    Ante NovakMånad sedan

    Crusader aura is probably the best feeling to get when you are lvling

  • BigBossAdidoss
    BigBossAdidossMånad sedan

    Paladins suck at pvp

  • The Deadest Trim
    The Deadest TrimMånad sedan

    I have a boost is this worth it?

  • Draedo
    DraedoMånad sedan

    raise volume. i gotta turn vids up so much to hear them. maybe im deaf

  • Treuburch
    TreuburchMånad sedan

    Conq wasnt aoe capped because it was the prot pally's only aoe ability for non-demon/undead from my guess.

  • Peter Refsgaard
    Peter RefsgaardMånad sedan

    This guy is a HUGE fan of those blood elf females huh? xD

  • ITeazZx Gaming
    ITeazZx GamingMånad sedan

    Like i said many many times, paladin is a "Runescape Simulator"

  • Courtnie 97
    Courtnie 97Månad sedan

    Just a note: Ret wasnt actually playable for the most part until sunwell content. Thats when they fixed seals and basically that improved the rotation immensely allowing Ret to actually do damage without having to spam multiple seals throughout the fight. Also replenish got added at one point for judgements I believe that made paladins mana batteries.

  • Pentashift
    PentashiftMånad sedan

    This title screams I never played Burning Crusade

  • Buttersaemmel
    ButtersaemmelMånad sedan

    the second part of the video still says "Rogue overview". just wanted to point that out.

  • Justin Perry
    Justin PerryMånad sedan

    purifying power doesnt do anything for holy shock

  • stormgnief
    stormgnief2 månader sedan

    i startet lvling ret now on tbc classic and its better than vanilla.

  • Pietro Moopy
    Pietro Moopy2 månader sedan

    1:17 Ready to work!

  • alek madrid
    alek madrid2 månader sedan

    atm paladins are OP as fuck just like in shadowlands. will most likely get a nerf soon. also top single target dmg in game atm

  • Young Bwana
    Young Bwana2 månader sedan

    I’m just glad we get crusader strike... vanilla was rough. so... many... consumables.... so much reliance on RNG...

  • Benderdick Cumbersnatch
    Benderdick Cumbersnatch2 månader sedan

    WillE: Great guide! But there's a bug in your Protection talent tree. You recommend 1/2 "Spell Warding (spell damage taken -2%)" instead of 2/2 (-4%). And you placed that point in Reckoning 1/5 "2% chance after being hit by enemy, that your next 4 swings will hit twice". Nobody uses Reckoning to tank, lol. That's first of all an insanely low chance of proccing. And secondly, it just increases the risk of the boss parrying your attack and hitting you (the tank) hard via parry-haste. Everything else in your talent tree is correct. Everyone runs that tree which you showed, but with 2/2 spell warding and 0/5 reckoning. Furthermore, there's a very popular variation: Remove 1/1 Blessing of Kings, Remove 2/2 Improved Judgment, and put it in 3/3 Pursuit of Justice. This gives you a 15% chance to avoid (literally completely avoid) all spell attacks, plus it makes you run 15% faster which helps speed up the raid/dungeon since you can prepare pulls that much faster.

  • Monster3games
    Monster3games2 månader sedan

    Im just waitin for classic wrath tbh playing my pally until his demise and rise as a dk

  • Derrick Bonsell
    Derrick Bonsell2 månader sedan

    I'm not a horde guy but I got to admit that I can't resist Blood Elves either.

  • 3219000
    32190002 månader sedan

    seal of blood will be available on alliance side i heard, if so then would human be best choice, trying to decide betewen human dranei or blood elf

  • Kevo Smith
    Kevo Smith2 månader sedan

    5:15 ofc it takes long if you dont have a seal on .....

  • James Wildman
    James Wildman2 månader sedan

    I heard they were giving Alliance side Seal Of Blood as well

  • c4n4d4
    c4n4d42 månader sedan

    Both factions getting both seals is the dumbest shit of all time. Doesnt fit at all with the themes of the faction classes

  • ThisIDIsTheLongestID
    ThisIDIsTheLongestID2 månader sedan

    I find Blizzard’s decision to give Seal of Blood to Alliance a very lazy decision. If they thought Seal of Blood was more powerful than the Alliance equivalence, they could buff it. Seal of Blood was a symbol of Blood knights(a.k.a. Blood elf paladins).

  • Ksiazyk Grégoire
    Ksiazyk Grégoire2 månader sedan

    Seal Twising ? When do we talk about it ? Because saying Ret will just be a support class without talking about seal twisting is wrong.

  • Steve M
    Steve M2 månader sedan

    I want to see the 2h reckoning build in action, anyone know of any vids?

  • CheeseGangCinematicUniverse
    CheeseGangCinematicUniverse2 månader sedan

    ret finna pop off with seal twisting

  • EQOAnostalgia
    EQOAnostalgia2 månader sedan

    Paladin from what i recall back during the end of TBC was in a great spot, that or the Pally i knew was just really good idk.

  • Mani Mustermann
    Mani Mustermann2 månader sedan

    without watching I must confess the title kinda confuses me. as a former sunwell prot I know back in the day there was nothing more powerful as a full t6 prot. basically a paladin with 2 warriors strapped to his back. if he gets even better in classic tbc he will be really broken

  • Agent XIX
    Agent XIX2 månader sedan

    I have prot pally, i have holy pally, i have ret pally my alts are all pally so yea ill play pally for TBC but i watched the video cuz i love my paladins

  • yEA man
    yEA man3 månader sedan

    "Rogue Overview"

  • Mortemus1
    Mortemus13 månader sedan

    How have I only discovered your Channel, love the videos

  • Seth
    Seth3 månader sedan

    Illumination will still be overpowered. During WOTLK they nerfed it to 30% mana refund.

  • Bogdan Iacovescu
    Bogdan Iacovescu3 månader sedan

    bro...ret paladin in classic was quite ok in pvp

  • TheDaid
    TheDaid3 månader sedan

    I've been a paladin since Tbc and I plan to be one again in tbc classic.

  • Lucy
    Lucy3 månader sedan

    Your time stamps state rogue when you mean paladin

  • cus
    cus3 månader sedan

    Love these videos, thank you for making them!

  • Monk Soup
    Monk Soup3 månader sedan

    I don’t play horde because they’re ugly, I don’t play horde because their cities suck . Can never find anything

  • tim y
    tim y3 månader sedan

    ya we know played it b4 already Locks rock Pallys Rock etc been there done that

  • onioncultist lord of the onion
    onioncultist lord of the onion3 månader sedan

    Paladins: Are now very good tanks and viable dps. Me, a Clown: I'm gonna be a holy paladin!

  • Ryan Walsh
    Ryan Walsh3 månader sedan

    Horde and Alliance paladins are getting both seals

  • barkie126
    barkie1263 månader sedan

    god I cant wait for tbc hope the servers wont be shitty at the start

  • The Drewster
    The Drewster3 månader sedan

    Whoever watches this video: Blizzard is making it so both Alliance and Horde have the same seals across the board. So Alliance ret pallies will do the same dps as Horde ones.

  • Mike Borggren Eilsøe Larsen
    Mike Borggren Eilsøe Larsen3 månader sedan

    So no one else is going to mention how 95% of the palas in his video are Female Blood Elves?

  • H M

    H M

    25 dagar sedan

    Does it need to be mentioned? :P

  • Deplorable Trumplican
    Deplorable Trumplican3 månader sedan

    This dude better look at himself in the mirror. We, taurens, are effing HOT!

  • Sempronius
    Sempronius3 månader sedan

    Blood elves are for those who want to be alliances but dont want to suck at pvp change my mind

  • Xzalt
    Xzalt3 månader sedan

    Shockadin/Arms will be no joke in 2s lol, works nicely with some other stuff also, probs not great in 3s though

  • DriftNick


    3 månader sedan

    Paladin is just so much worse than druid with a warrior.

  • VerbalCoffee
    VerbalCoffee3 månader sedan

    I'll hold off on Pally for TBC. But if they go as far as to release Wrath servers, I'll be serving the light.

  • TheDanish
    TheDanish3 månader sedan

    I played Classic very casually as a Prot Paladin, loved leveling, tanking dungeons for my small group of friends, and tanking level 60 five-mans for fun/money/gear sets. I did some raid healing on the side too, and offtanked ZG a couple times. I cannot WAIT for TBC! It's gonna be fun having a taunt, like a real boy!

  • Samugremus
    Samugremus3 månader sedan

    Since classic release I have the idea of "Scarlet Zeal" ability which allows you to use your undead/demon only abilities on any race for 10 seconds with 1 minute cooldown. Damn, that would've changed paladin completely.

  • Martin Rasmussen
    Martin Rasmussen3 månader sedan

    2 quick pointers: Your chapter says "Rogue overview", and also Turn Undead is in Classic already. Good stuff though!

  • Lion Sin of Pride Escanor
    Lion Sin of Pride Escanor3 månader sedan

    So much fun raiding in TBC back then.. all of em T6 armor sets was beautiful.. then its started to get downhill after Wrath lol

  • Dario Llanos
    Dario Llanos3 månader sedan

    so holy paladins aren that good in arenas :(

  • ThirtyfourEC
    ThirtyfourEC3 månader sedan

    Paladin has less combat interaction than OSRS

  • Ese1Pac
    Ese1Pac3 månader sedan

    Finally I can start playing with my blood elf army. Blood elf rogue, paladin, warlock, mage, priest and hunter.

  • Jacob Murphy

    Jacob Murphy

    2 månader sedan

    This is the reason I will switch to Alliance for tbc. I absolutely hate blood elves and they will be everywhere.

  • Jacob Major
    Jacob Major3 månader sedan

    I'm not one to comment on video's much, but as a moderator of the Light Club - Paladin TBC discord...this video is not well informed when it comes to seals, holy paladin, or ret paladin. Take this video with 100000 grains of salt

  • Overblotch
    Overblotch3 månader sedan

    Holy paladins are the best tank healers available in tbc.

  • Nick Firestone
    Nick Firestone3 månader sedan

    Holy shock doesn’t get a 20% damage boost from purifying power if you read it carefully it buffs holy WRATH

  • Björn Bidar
    Björn Bidar3 månader sedan

    T6 2 piece bonus is big for ret on mana reg, the rest is almost useles.

  • Sean Flanagan
    Sean Flanagan3 månader sedan

    The first section description timestamp thing is called "rogue overview", I think you meant to write paladin overview.

  • OfficialEzzy
    OfficialEzzy3 månader sedan

    Your Shockadin spec isnt so good tho. Shockadins didnt do dmg everysecond Dmgdmgdmg. Shockadins did dmg with Hammer. So Went Holy and prot for shorter stun cd. (If you were any good in arena)

  • Viktor Blaskov
    Viktor Blaskov3 månader sedan

    Bit of misleading info here, holy paladins will be strong in 3's with the rsham/hpal/arms warr comp. Ret will only play with rsham s3 (maybe even late s3+) and even then rogue + ret is generally stronger. Also holies can easily heal all the way to sunwell with flash of light spam and looots of + healing.

  • Steven Pitera

    Steven Pitera

    Månad sedan

    Agreed. Alot of the hpal hate probably comes from some pserver nerd that read too many arenajunkies archived threads and mad he couldn't just fol spam 100% of the time on a pet like he was used to doing in classic to pad parse numbers lol. Their core gameplay gets more deep holy support and you have to use your full kit now due to raids no longer artificially dumping excessive paladins to fill 40m rosters. So if you go from classic to tbc thinking Hpal sucks, you haven't utilized the full kit not practiced actually doing real pvp.

  • Penultimate Task
    Penultimate Task3 månader sedan

    Paladins were fucking lit in BC

  • Zavh
    Zavh4 månader sedan

    Blizzard said both factions will be getting Seal Of Blood this time around. Regardless of faction.

  • Cad Bane
    Cad Bane4 månader sedan

    We must prepare for incoming blood elf invasion in TBC. There will be a lot of them.

  • Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis4 månader sedan

    I’m guessing none of you guys played BC

  • Brucey69
    Brucey694 månader sedan

    Willie is wrong about Prot in PVP

  • Brucey69


    3 månader sedan

    @DriftNick I’ve already confirmed it private servers 😘

  • DriftNick


    3 månader sedan

    @Brucey69 Good luck playing a awful spec for pvp.

  • Brucey69


    3 månader sedan

    @DriftNick im not going to reveal the details - see you on the battlefield

  • DriftNick


    3 månader sedan

    @Brucey69 What do you think it's good at? not good in arena, not good in BG except maybe spinning on cap points.

  • Brucey69


    3 månader sedan

    @DriftNick wrong

  • DrPluton
    DrPluton4 månader sedan

    You mentioned Blessings, but you left out Blessing of Salvation. It was the most important Blessing for raiding.

  • Greywall
    Greywall4 månader sedan

    Didn't they mention at Blizzconline that they were gonna change Seal of Vengeance and blood and make them pretty much the same? (ie both being Seal of Blood, but with different names/visuals)

  • Tinoodle


    4 månader sedan

    Both factions get both seals

  • Balloonbot
    Balloonbot4 månader sedan

    Can i heal dungeons while levelling? (1-70) Im a healer at heart but does the holy tree sacrifice an unnecessary amount of damage to be viable?

  • Balloonbot


    4 månader sedan

    @Orrery BandCleveland Ok good to know thanks!

  • Orrery BandCleveland

    Orrery BandCleveland

    4 månader sedan

    As long as you have some intellect gear to toss on you can heal at LEAST 1-60 dungeons without being holy.

  • Neuschwabenland
    Neuschwabenland4 månader sedan

    They will be king boosters

  • Yomom12388
    Yomom123884 månader sedan

    God whenever you show old footage from back in the day the only thing I can think about is “Jesus that UI looks absolutely disgusting”. Looks so cluttered and like it fills almost 25% of the screen real estate, and this would’ve been back in the day when screens were significantly smaller. There’s absolutely no way. Luckily I never got into add-ons back in Vanilla.

  • Temeraire
    Temeraire4 månader sedan

    prot paladin with a bear tank should actually be your most wanted tank combo in tbc.

  • Temeraire


    4 månader sedan

    @. no, you get a bear to tank the bosses and a paladin to offtank adds etc

  • Chaos Dom
    Chaos Dom4 månader sedan

    OMG I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!

  • Dave Mustang
    Dave Mustang4 månader sedan

    anyone who sells boosts as a paladin doesn't deserve to play the class

  • Joey Matheson
    Joey Matheson4 månader sedan

    Crusader Aura is underrated. It's multiplicative, not additive. That means it's your total movespeed * 1.2, not an additional 20%. In other words, If you have epic flying your total movespeed is 456% ([100 base movespeed + 280% movespeed of flying]*1.2 Crusader aura). Most people think it's just 300% increased movespeed for a total of 400%. If you're lucky enough to get Ashes of Al'ar which is a 310% mount, the math increases to a total of 492% movespeed. You ZOOM. Also it's an Aura, so party members get it :D

  • Sad Phrogé
    Sad Phrogé4 månader sedan

    and as always drink milk hit billy and beat your wi-

  • NPC #746862
    NPC #7468624 månader sedan

    The 2 set t6 retri is actually really good in arena. Just put on a fast 1 hander and a shield and preserve mana outside of burst windows. Check out "Speank 1 - Classic TBC Multiclasser - Endless 2.4.3 " by Speank TBC here on youtube for some sick ret pala game play.

  • NPC #746862
    NPC #7468624 månader sedan

    Prot paladin with t5 shoulder hurts my eyes. They are so bad.

  • Aurel
    Aurel4 månader sedan

    u had right. next episode Really soon. nice job !

  • Denis Black
    Denis Black4 månader sedan

    ahhhh, TBC was so good looking back in the day Ghostlands is still the best 10-20 zone

  • Pretentious Latin Name

    Pretentious Latin Name

    14 dagar sedan

    Agreed. My favorite lower leveling zone

  • mav seveneightnine
    mav seveneightnine4 månader sedan

    no mid-bc ret buff no shits given

  • Xuan jie Cao
    Xuan jie Cao4 månader sedan

    Warrior next please!!!!!

  • Patrick Henry
    Patrick Henry4 månader sedan

    As a death knight player from day one of WotLK I can confirm 20% riding speed in PvP is a godsend. I can pick my battles, chase everyone except pesky paladins and fellow death knights(am I wrong in remembering it was in the unholy tree?) run away from everyone, and be first to any and all engagements. I just felt the need to mention that Crusader Aura is in my mind what made Paladins annoying fighting against LOL. They were always there *first.*

  • CallMeTeci
    CallMeTeci4 månader sedan

    Jo WillE, could you do a video about the speed "new" expansion should come to the WoW-Classic? I always hear a lot of people complaining about that they have seen everything after a half of a year - so i wonder: "Why shouldnt Blizzard release every next Expansion after every year?" So the "Classic-Versions" would go up to Retail in a few years and they could ask for a tip (10€ per character?) if you want to beginn in classic and after youre happy or just "done" with the content you can choose to put your char on the BC-Server to continue the story in your own speed and if your through that AddOn you can pay another tip to go to the WotLk-Classic-Server and so on... In the end nobody needs to wait for new content or is forced to decide at the next expansion-release if he wants to switch or not. I know there are already server transfers but they are not pretty cheap and maybe it could be more of a discount that you get if your character hits the MaxLvl. :)

  • Andrew Garay
    Andrew Garay4 månader sedan


  • Brandon
    Brandon4 månader sedan

    Blood elf wearing the draenei themed tbc armour just looks.... wrong. draenei 4 lyfe

  • _ Cludge
    _ Cludge4 månader sedan

    I played a Paladin in BC, Protadins were ok if you could get over the mana issues... dps all you got was "lolret"

  • Andy Maletis
    Andy Maletis4 månader sedan

    Warlock soon?

  • Freddy Omaña
    Freddy Omaña4 månader sedan

    So many class , professions, gold farm guide. no guide on which server to chose for new players who will be boosting a character to play TBC Classic. :c

  • Lord 187
    Lord 1874 månader sedan

    Pally 5 man dungeon groups are unstoppable. If you know you know.

  • Matthew Williamson
    Matthew Williamson4 månader sedan

    whelp guess I know what I'm gunna main after getting my mage to 70

  • rob clay
    rob clay4 månader sedan

    so when TBC classic launches, its gonna have the talents from late TBC? because most of TBC was just a rehash of Vanilla. RET was lol until divine storm, tanking was terrible until mid way through, and you spent most of the expansion as a healbot.

  • high on noggenfogger
    high on noggenfogger4 månader sedan

    I love how detailed is your content showing so many extra details about spells and specs. I also love how the videos are edited.

  • Jonathan Hughes
    Jonathan Hughes4 månader sedan

    I have never had an issue with monster looks. Don’t they realize that we want choices!! Stick a macro with taunt for target of target, and then click on who got agro and click. Remember also that bubble will also erase a person’s agro