One Year of Cars & Bids: Doug DeMuro's Favorite Moments



Cars & Bids turned one last week. These are some of Doug DeMuro's favorite moments from the first year - and why they meant so much to him.

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  • Scott
    Scott2 månader sedan

    V interested in learning how and why Doug got a Buffalo 716ers shirt.


    Congratulations Family and Team Doug, we’ll done! 🌟🙏🌟

  • Tryz
    Tryz2 månader sedan

    Would you be interested with expanding Cars & Bids to an international website?

  • Obi-Wan Kannabis
    Obi-Wan Kannabis2 månader sedan

    idk why im watching these videos im european I cant even buy anything on cars and bids

  • JQ On the Go
    JQ On the Go2 månader sedan

    Are you going to make a “Cars and Bids” app?

  • Bigdrop
    Bigdrop2 månader sedan

    14:53 omg thats so funny !! hahaha

  • Cate Pons
    Cate Pons2 månader sedan

    I'm glad you have great employees, but you should know, that the person in charge of your chat feature will not respond or react in any way to a question or inquiry. I know you are very successful now, but it would be polite to respond to a customer, especially one that started with cars and bids at the launch, year ago.

  • Crusher Crasher
    Crusher Crasher2 månader sedan

    bars & kids

  • DA W
    DA W3 månader sedan

    Doug I am really happy for you. Don’t know what else to say.

  • B007
    B0073 månader sedan

    In b4 autotempest acquire cars and bids for 500million dollars.

  • Ben Grismer
    Ben Grismer3 månader sedan

    Congratulations Doug!

  • Willem Van Riet
    Willem Van Riet3 månader sedan

    OMGosh you are just the most likeable dude Glad it’s going so well with your site

  • Mark Alcorta
    Mark Alcorta3 månader sedan

    Congratulations! Love you, Dougie!

  • Peter Strouhal
    Peter Strouhal3 månader sedan

    Late comment but congrats Doug! All of your accomplishments and successes on Cars and Bids were well deserved. You've really built a nice little empire here, SEblacks and auctions. I have absolute faith that Cars and Bids will thrive even more in the future.

  • figa132
    figa1323 månader sedan

    I've been wondering how many times have you participated in bidding as a potential buyer?

  • SYLperc
    SYLperc3 månader sedan

    My favorite plate on his wall is the one between Illinois 24 and ohio 45.

  • Doomi
    Doomi3 månader sedan

    Congrats Doug DeMuro for 1-year-anniversary for Cars&bids. I hope it will last longer than expected 🎈🎈🎈🍾🍾 happy anniversary to cars&bids

  • x1WARRIOR1x
    x1WARRIOR1x3 månader sedan

    am i dyslexic or does your shirt not make sense

    JESUS CHRIST IS CALLING YOU3 månader sedan

    Doug needed proof to the proof to the proof that Cars & Bids was working! That's funny!

  • murdocdiesel
    murdocdiesel3 månader sedan

    Thanks Doug!

  • zach arts
    zach arts3 månader sedan

    Do you have a low number Rhode Island plate on that wall? It’s a big deal in RI to have a low number plate, some being sold for thousands and thousands of dollars

  • Bob B
    Bob B3 månader sedan

    Doug do a video introducing you cars and bids team

  • Jackson Ueland
    Jackson Ueland3 månader sedan

    Dudes claim to be good listeners but watch Doug and don’t know he started cars & bids

  • ilarson007
    ilarson0073 månader sedan

    Me: Cars and Bids has only been around a year?? Also me: oh... COVID.

  • Charlie Lindstrom
    Charlie Lindstrom3 månader sedan

    I'm so happy for you Doug. To see everything paying off and you are so happy is an awesome thing to watch.. Congrats and can't wait to see what the future will bring

  • Jason Gorman
    Jason Gorman3 månader sedan

    Enjoyed hearing about everything that went on behind the scenes :) , I had no doubt it would succeed. I really enjoy commenting and browsing the site and it's a great site for enthusiasts to just chat about cars too in addition to being an auction site.

  • Gio C
    Gio C3 månader sedan

    Doug goes to the barber and asks for 5 on the top 4 on the sides

  • Kyle Lewis
    Kyle Lewis3 månader sedan

    It has been cool to see publications like Sports Car Market covering Cars and Bids more and more each issue over the last year. Now it's in every issue and I suspect that coverage like that is going a long ways to spreading it out beyond your own fan base.

  • mr b
    mr b3 månader sedan

    Doug is like a friend to me

  • Harrison The Car Guy
    Harrison The Car Guy3 månader sedan

    But before we start go check out cars and bids,my new enthusiast car website

  • Walter Martinez
    Walter Martinez3 månader sedan

    stop selling salvage/wrecked cars.....

  • RJ Beats
    RJ Beats3 månader sedan

    I feel so happy when Doug is happy ☺️

  • Axe2Grind
    Axe2Grind3 månader sedan

    Doug repping the 716. #Billsmafia

  • Colt Mccaskie
    Colt Mccaskie3 månader sedan

    Great video

  • BrownSofa Gamer
    BrownSofa Gamer3 månader sedan

    I share my birthday with Cars and Bids!

  • Jake Bullington
    Jake Bullington3 månader sedan

    I still go to bed thinking about that 850 sometimes

  • cerhat
    cerhat3 månader sedan

    Talk about a great time to be in the used car auction business

  • Ohad Paran
    Ohad Paran3 månader sedan

    Doug, it would be nice if you introduced the audience to the team behind the site. I’m sure people worked their butt’s off to make it work. I bought a car from the site and I personally would like to know who helped that happen. Just my two cents.

  • Piotr Gaszczyk
    Piotr Gaszczyk3 månader sedan


  • greg kelley
    greg kelley3 månader sedan

    Congratulations Doug!! Glad to see you and your teams hard work paying off!

  • discerningmind
    discerningmind3 månader sedan

    Thanks Doug. I remember when you launched. I'm glad it's been successful. Just remember, it's the money that keeps business owner's going on the days when you don't feel like doing it.

  • Samuel Parrish
    Samuel Parrish3 månader sedan

    How about Trucks and Bids? Or RVs and Bids??

  • Addictive_LiquoriCe
    Addictive_LiquoriCe3 månader sedan

    I'm sure having an established SEblacks channel in the car space prior to launching Cars & Bids was imperative for it taking off as quickly as it did. At least sped things up a lot

  • Ho Hum
    Ho Hum3 månader sedan

    Cool, Next time your in New Zealand, maybe we can talk about Cars And Bids NZ, cheers long term follower

  • Doug SwampRat
    Doug SwampRat3 månader sedan

    I don't think Doug has ever made the heart hands IRL. Which makes it so funny.

  • Czechbound
    Czechbound3 månader sedan

    I don't know why they don't port this / Bringatrailer over to Europe. Yes, there is the UK based Collectors' Cars. But now that the UK is out of the EU, that doesn't work for mainland Europeans ( VAT and import duty make it not cost effective ). A multi-lingual ( hey, even Google Translatable ) auction website for Europe would be a great money spinner. Allow, say, a Fiat enthusiast in France to unearth a barnfind Fiat in Italy ( where they are not exotic, and so not so highly valued ). A good way to arbitrage across Europe. If someone doesn't do this soon, I'm gonna do it. So there :)

  • Tallboy150
    Tallboy1503 månader sedan

    Review Cars&Bids pls

  • Lil Kars Vlogs
    Lil Kars Vlogs3 månader sedan

    Really happy for u doug! this is awesome!

  • Mac Grosel
    Mac Grosel3 månader sedan

    honestly maybe this was the best time to start a used car site, used cars are selling for record prices these days

  • Brad Murchison
    Brad Murchison3 månader sedan

    How about when your website screwed over Elliot Alvis on his Hellcat sale?

  • Will Rosberg
    Will Rosberg3 månader sedan

    I’m only watching this because I ran out of cat videos, meow

  • Rose Folds
    Rose Folds3 månader sedan

    Such a nice video Cars and Bids... 💯. Some of these cars cost much so i think running an investment to support these our various dream cars purchases isn't bad at all. Don't you think so guys?? ☺️

  • Alex Desrosiers

    Alex Desrosiers

    3 månader sedan

    Gotta love that Karen self promotion lol

  • Sam Dean

    Sam Dean

    3 månader sedan

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  • Sandra Morrison

    Sandra Morrison

    3 månader sedan

    I invested 4000 dollars with Madam Karen and i made huge profits of 15680 dollars in just one week of investing and A friend that i referred to her just received 8,000 euros Profit after 10 days of investing. Am kinda jealous. Anyways, Madam Karen is a good trade investor and everybody want to work with her

  • Susan W. Kaplan

    Susan W. Kaplan

    3 månader sedan

    Wow this is the solution I've been looking for. thanks a lot guys for the referral. God bless you 😇

  • Rose Folds

    Rose Folds

    3 månader sedan

    @Susan W. Kaplan ☝️. I think she's running a friendly Investment package for beginners now so hurry up

  • RacecarWRX
    RacecarWRX3 månader sedan

    Was the high reserve my 07 Cayman S? I was waiting for you to say which car it was and I was hoping it was mine!

  • R BAS3L
    R BAS3L3 månader sedan

    who chose the name

  • Mac Costonis
    Mac Costonis3 månader sedan

    When you share a birthday with cars and bids!

  • Redneck
    Redneck3 månader sedan

    Cars and Bids > BaT

  • ziobrowskin
    ziobrowskin3 månader sedan

    1993 jeep grand cherokee rear view mirror

  • Johnson Long
    Johnson Long3 månader sedan

    Doug's favorite moments are the moments he makes you watch his pathetic face while he drives the vehicle.

  • Ike Sanz
    Ike Sanz3 månader sedan

    "BUT IT'S GONNA SELL FOR THIS...Yeah right, whatever" -Doug

  • Pettibone
    Pettibone3 månader sedan

    Congratulations Doug!!! A personal goal of mine is to purchase a car off of your website someday!!!

  • Paul Shinn
    Paul Shinn3 månader sedan

    What about Elliott Alvis' Hellcat?

  • GhostOf GriffinMill
    GhostOf GriffinMill3 månader sedan

    Site layout and interface is great. Know a lot of people who only know/use BAT and C&B - not bad company to be in. Congrats on the success.

  • Google Guy
    Google Guy3 månader sedan

    Take a shot Everytime Doug says covid

  • Russell Park
    Russell Park3 månader sedan

    Dude I have been subscribed to you for 7 years we had a Philadelphia connection and the love of automotive oddity's. I am so happy for you and the success from all of your hard work. You are so happy in this video what a joy to see. Not that we unhappiness in any of your videos. I am oddly proud of you and like parent seeing a good report card. This is not sarcasm if it feels like it and you probably will not see this. Amazing!

  • Simone Pacenzia
    Simone Pacenzia3 månader sedan

    Have you ever thought about expanding to Europe? We have used car websites but not a really cool auction one like C&B where you can find real enthusiast stuff and cool and rare cars in general. p.s. I want 10% of the European Branch for the idea ;)

  • Flavio Bisenti
    Flavio Bisenti3 månader sedan

    Carrs andd bidds

  • QALibrary
    QALibrary3 månader sedan

    very well done - my thinking is the company will make more money by licencing out the unlying code/API to other companies and ventures than a car selling service... Also when are us Europeans going to get car and bids Europe????????

  • Big D
    Big D3 månader sedan

    Doug is a smart guy that doesn’t give himself enough credit for what he has achieved.He is always looking to do better.That makes him the successful individual that he is✊Much Respect ✊

  • NeenJa xd
    NeenJa xd3 månader sedan

    Honestly, it makes me happy to see somebody be this cheerful about something they created. Gratz Doug, Im glab you're happy

  • Panda obsessed weirdo
    Panda obsessed weirdo3 månader sedan

    It’s awesome that Doug isn’t resting on his SEblacks laurels and is doing his own thing. The SEblacks algorithm is a fickle beast, and unfortunately I worry that a lot of the popular SEblacksrs will be in a very bad spot when the bubble bursts, so to speak. Doug is ridiculously smart to create this business, which builds upon what he is best known for and suits his skills perfectly. I unfortunately don’t have the money or space for a “fun” car at the moment, but when I do I definitely will buy from Cars and Bids.

  • NK 44
    NK 443 månader sedan

    This is the exact same video for the best moments of 2020😂

  • Hassam Gillani
    Hassam Gillani3 månader sedan

    Can you make it bigger in Canada? I love watching the auction but cant justify buying it from US and shipping it here.

  • Chris Mahoney
    Chris Mahoney3 månader sedan

    "Who's this Doug guy writing about my car?" 😂

  • Hov Aroyian
    Hov Aroyian3 månader sedan

    All I can say is the first 2 cars I put up on cars and bids did not meet my reserve and I was pissed. I told myself I’d give it one more chance and if it doesn’t work then I’m out and back to bringatrailer. To my surprise the third car made me money. Then after that another successful one. Now I list all my cars NO RESERVE and I have no complaints. Thanks for the platform Doug, a big portion of my business is dedicated to your site! Username: I_sell_obscure_cars

  • John Gavlick
    John Gavlick3 månader sedan

    I love the site as a car enthusiast myself (unfortunately I can't afford anything), However I am reluctant to comment much due to the sometimes seemingly aggressive and unnecessary flagging of some comments. It makes perfect sense for things like spammers or people potentially being offensive or hurtful but sometimes it gets a little bit out of hand.

  • Liam Hodgson
    Liam Hodgson3 månader sedan

    Cars and bids provides potential videos for Doug. He also wants to film foreign cars, so I think within a year or so Doug will start his own import service

  • t17389z
    t17389z3 månader sedan

    I bought my daily driver on Cars and Bids, and drove it across country to take it home after pick up! It's been a wonderful experience, and I love being able to say I bought my car from C&B

  • Dillon Croco
    Dillon Croco3 månader sedan

    I get on cars and bids every day. Literally

  • Mark Galassini
    Mark Galassini3 månader sedan

    Congratulations on year!!! Things are looking good! Mark in Milwaukee Wisconsin 🇺🇸🍺🧀

  • Kellington Link
    Kellington Link3 månader sedan

    Congratulations on your many (albeit some small) successes! Well deserved.

  • YeeSoest
    YeeSoest3 månader sedan

    It could have died within the first week, If noone had come, that would have been it - Doug DeMuro and also Noah -

  • nickppj
    nickppj3 månader sedan

    Glad to see the site is doing so great! I love looking at the site and hopefully will be able to buy a car from the site one day!

  • Andrew L.
    Andrew L.3 månader sedan

    Doug is the kind of guy that deserves all the success he has achieved

  • Marq S
    Marq S3 månader sedan

    Cars and bids I hope gets an app and/or integrated on autotempest or other car selling websites. Definitely make searching easier

  • William Saad
    William Saad3 månader sedan

    Doug is the kind of guy to create a website to sell his car

  • Forrest Kirkendall
    Forrest Kirkendall3 månader sedan

    Does this mean he'll stop calling it his new car auctioning site?

  • Rudolph Getrouw
    Rudolph Getrouw3 månader sedan

    Congratulations Doug. Very inspiring

  • Hovik Ghazaryan
    Hovik Ghazaryan3 månader sedan

    1.5k likes not even 10 dislikes rightfully so

  • Marijn Claesen
    Marijn Claesen3 månader sedan

    Doug's funeral : before we start , Doug ´'s last words were: be sure to check out ...

  • clercfred
    clercfred3 månader sedan

    This such a great site, really amazing job. Much harder than it seems, esp UIX. I am curious, how much of the submissions do you reject?

  • 3 månader sedan

    Truly inspirational that you write a personal “take” on each listing

  • fl4shg
    fl4shg3 månader sedan

    Well done Doug! Inspiring to see you turn your passion into a business - keeping rocking the tee's, quirks ( proving you can be car fan without being a mechanic/racer) and props from New Zealand!

  • Steve Fox
    Steve Fox3 månader sedan

    Back in the late 2000’s I came THIS close to pulling the trigger on an gently used 850CSi - boy am I kicking myself now…

  • Jacob Dell
    Jacob Dell3 månader sedan

    Im sure Doug has a ton on his plate still with the website, but I think a Cars and Bids app would be really cool. The website already works very well on mobile, and I would love to be able to set a notification for a certain listing and be notified for what it sold for, or maybe notifications for when certain cars get listed on the site. The site can already filter down by specific makes and models so that aspect is already there. I think an app would be pretty successful. So happy this guy put so much into this project and that’s it’s been as successful as it is.

  • Justin MacCreery
    Justin MacCreery3 månader sedan

    It's great to watch Cars & Bids bloom. Congratulations to Doug & team for your first year year in business. Cheers from Charlotte, NC

  • Polk City Frys
    Polk City Frys3 månader sedan

    "Before I talk to you about my favorite moments from Cars & Bids, be sure to check out CARS AND BIDS..."

  • ItsWhiteGuy
    ItsWhiteGuy3 månader sedan

    Alright, if this video has taught me anything it's if Doug is "skeptical" about your car, just post it on the site. LOL

  • Dylan Garcia
    Dylan Garcia3 månader sedan

    can you add a feature to sort by bid price low to high

  • emjfotografi
    emjfotografi3 månader sedan

    This is why I like Doug. He is a humble guy and he doesn't take himself too seriously. I'm happy for his success.

  • Paul Shinn

    Paul Shinn

    3 månader sedan

    If he is so humble, why does he not respond to comments?

  • Marsh
    Marsh3 månader sedan

    Good for you! It's always rewarding when you build something that works!