Olivia Rodrigo - drivers license (Live From The BRIT Awards 2021)


  • amalia mail
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  • The HanTwc
    The HanTwc12 timmar sedan

    i know we weren’t perfect but i’ve never felt this way before 😭

  • ツFloweryFreindlyguy
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    She literally told the crowd “

  • •Suqarwaveq..!
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  • 1A Morales Jarquin Yaretzi Nicte
    1A Morales Jarquin Yaretzi NicteDag sedan

    Okay but if you saw his smile when you saw how they applauded him? She is an angel

  • aoife
    aoifeDag sedan

    most people watching this: **thinking of an ex** me watching this: **thinking of my cat who has been missing for days** 😀👍

  • Mahlet Solomon
    Mahlet SolomonDag sedan

    She's gorgeous

  • Shalaka J
    Shalaka JDag sedan

    wanted a tiny snippet of taylor looking at her. mom loves daughter.

  • Giant_Asha
    Giant_AshaDag sedan

    yes,you might asking why she replace the fcking love you to still love you

  • shalini💜
    shalini💜Dag sedan

    Its perfect when u speed it by 1.25x

  • Talya Megerdichian
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    i am singing with her

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  • Miku Hatsune
    Miku Hatsune2 dagar sedan

    The real sad girl 🙃

  • Spilled Beans
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    Can I just say shes the better version of Taylor Swift except the songwriting? I mean this girl has the pipes, can act, smart and can sing ROCK N ROLL. ❤️

  • Conner Gossman
    Conner Gossman2 dagar sedan

    This song is fucking beautiful

  • Tutu Lulu
    Tutu Lulu2 dagar sedan

    I'm here because of Liz gillies,,she sang this song

  • Não Sei BR
    Não Sei BR2 dagar sedan

    Brasileiros TwT?

  • Omar Cisneros Esparza
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    Ella es perfecta 🤩 💚

  • Emanuel Balan
    Emanuel Balan3 dagar sedan

    I was in prison when I first herd this . And she got me in my feelings when nothing else would. She special. I think I'm in love with her lol

  • Emanuel Balan

    Emanuel Balan

    2 dagar sedan

    @Cullen Luke Chua yeah I was watching Saturday night live and she came on ha..

  • Cullen Luke Chua

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    2 dagar sedan


  • Zulaika azhar
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    love this song!!!🥰

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    It's so good why are y'all hating-

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  • André Saramago
    André Saramago4 dagar sedan

    Isn't this a nos to Kate Bush? The red outfit the super dramatic song. It seems so. A nice touch.

  • Mariana Gerlach
    Mariana Gerlach4 dagar sedan

    her dress... ahhhhh her dress... perfect...

  • Dudu Soares
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    ela sorrindo no final ------- 🥺🥺🥺

  • Eme alh
    Eme alh4 dagar sedan

    She is mad talented. This is very magical. How can a human being be this charming? She is young but the amount of talent she has us unbelievable!

  • vivi
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    hi bae

  • Felipe Robles
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    She is perfect ❤️😍

  • livarieilishswift
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    1:04 "ima do just what i want on the regular"

  • Lyds Lilly
    Lyds Lilly5 dagar sedan

    The first time I hear this the second day I catch all the words 🥺🕺🏾🥰🥵

  • Nikki B
    Nikki B5 dagar sedan

    you can’t tell me this isn’t a great single

  • Final Girl Gaming
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    Imagine in HSMTMTS if she was wearing her red dress playing the Rose 🌹

  • Christyn Harris

    Christyn Harris

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    Omg yesssss

  • Mara Peroña
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    i love you liv

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    I love this song soo much

  • Nelly
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    She's awesome!

  • Sarah’s Super Spectacular Surprises
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    Does she sware What Day is it

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    Her throat so tight!

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  • RVboy Junior
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    That's live singing folks!

  • msvolleyball321
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    The fact that she said in her hot ones interview that she got carbon monoxide poisoning and was throwing up like 2 days before this performance and still sounds amazing is truly incredible.

  • ʘ‿ʘ
    ʘ‿ʘ5 dagar sedan

    H- having A- anger T- towards E- everyone R- reaching S- success.

  • Savage Love
    Savage Love6 dagar sedan

    I can see that shes so heartbroken singing this song ❤😔

  • yeah..whatever
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    Brilliantly brilliant

  • Lul Ahmed Jama
    Lul Ahmed Jama6 dagar sedan

    Wow wow wow

  • Frank Valiant Musharavati
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    I regret why i started love life. I get hurt time to time but i can't live without it i am addicted 😭

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  • Chris Chamberlain
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    So very true . She sings it like she means it with all her heart .

  • fantastic man
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    Never understand a good singer till this one

  • yknwho
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    i love her.

  • House Music
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    I get goosebumbs for everywords she says

  • Alfrank Pena
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    vcb mgbb

  • Allison Hangen
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    I love your voice do much

    JONEL POBE7 dagar sedan

    Amazing 😲😲😲

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    ❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏 periodt!!!!!

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    olivia THE QUEEN 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Jazmin Shanady
    Jazmin Shanady7 dagar sedan

    That's just my opinion and I loved to see her perform live on the video. Wish I was there so I could sing along to her song and be part of the crowd.

  • Jazmin Shanady
    Jazmin Shanady7 dagar sedan

    I remember when I first listened to this song on the radio while I was in the car and back then, I didn't know who singed it or the name of the artist but I was surprised when I listened to her voice. I think her voice is lovely.

  • vannessa natalie
    vannessa natalie8 dagar sedan

    Her voice is so beautiful

  • Kate StyleUp
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    She is perfect

  • Kyle McKenzie
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    The improvement between this and snl is crazy

  • michael scott

    michael scott

    5 dagar sedan

    snl was better than this actually

  • iqbal channel
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    I can't wait olivia and taylor collab... wrote song together :(

  • Laura Lopes
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    Love this song

  • Anne Jenell
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  • acadum1
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    nice but think coldplay fix you "tears stream from your face... " just a little changed. You get that "fix you" feel again

  • Stephanie Saraidarian
    Stephanie Saraidarian8 dagar sedan

    I love your song’s.

  • Quek Quek
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    She eats the CD.

  • pxtycs
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    can u please go to singing classes

  • Hannia Suárez
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    Te amo Olivia Rodrigo ❤❤❤

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    This girl is so talented wow

  • No Name needed
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    She's bad and overrated.

  • The Bee Sisters

    The Bee Sisters

    7 dagar sedan

    Well she has more talent than you that’s for sure

  • Guitarhead
    Guitarhead 8 dagar sedan

    Many people say this was the worst performance but the ones who say it can't even sing this song in a live concert with so many fans standing

  • Guitarhead


    8 dagar sedan

    And she was crying inside cuz she had her heart broken

  • Zoel Helmi Lubis
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    She is amazing .

  • Benedetto Alchieri
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    She's a Fucking Singer! 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Dan Irving
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    I love her

  • Hande Matban
    Hande Matban9 dagar sedan

    I basically can't believe this girl, how can you be so perfect?

  • Rafael Juncal
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    Canta de la vergaaaaa!!!!

  • WestCostCollective
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    Monarch programming

  • Jack Vo
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    your songs are actually touch our hearts

  • Lakshyata Daga
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    Ts 2.0

  • frederick pascua
    frederick pascua9 dagar sedan

    Shes filipino right?

  • grains de sésames

    grains de sésames

    9 dagar sedan

    Half Filipino half white

  • Melissa Abbott
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  • Melissa Abbott
    Melissa Abbott10 dagar sedan

    This girl is my favorite singer if all time and her voice is so beatiful.

  • Madison Bishop
    Madison Bishop10 dagar sedan

    Long story short don’t break a talented singers heart

  • Kareem Hazou
    Kareem Hazou10 dagar sedan

    I feel like so far her career vibes give me very early Nelly Furtado. Only people who grew up to Nelly would know what I’m talking about

  • Kareem Hazou

    Kareem Hazou

    10 dagar sedan

    Watch Nelly Furtado’s Grammy performance of her first hit single “I’m Like A Bird” in her red dress.

  • Homeslice
    Homeslice10 dagar sedan

    Relax you fuckin stans she just a singer

  • Olive
    Olive10 dagar sedan

    Everything is just perfect except that hair her stylist did on her🥲

  • Adrian Arrieta
    Adrian Arrieta10 dagar sedan

    Disney be producing stars not you demi lovato

  • astrqkath
    astrqkath10 dagar sedan

    Olivia should go to agt smh

  • Yammm
    Yammm11 dagar sedan

    The breathings, that lil squeak, and some intentionally changed notes.. so yah haters, this is live :>

  • albonistaa
    albonistaa11 dagar sedan

    Well done, definitely best song of the year

  • Libby Sherman
    Libby Sherman11 dagar sedan

    Oh look, the convenience of the butterflies to show that yet another poor child is a monarch mind control victim. If you don't know what that means, don't be a lazy ignoramous . Do some research while we're still aloud to.

  • matCarneiro
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    my queen

  • ꧁Vanessa-Chan꧂
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  • Angela Luna
    Angela Luna11 dagar sedan

    How are people hating on her? I get chills every time she performs live.

  • Sarahi Varga
    Sarahi Varga11 dagar sedan

    Amazing 💕💕💕

  • lili monettos
    lili monettos11 dagar sedan

    Deu várias desafinadas,o que importa é o dinheiro no bolso kkk

  • Espanhol&Arte
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    maravilhosa ❤️