No Time To Die (Live from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon from James Bond Day)


  • Armando Andrés Rojas Martínez
    Armando Andrés Rojas Martínez21 timme sedan

    The high note

  • Minerva Us
    Minerva UsDag sedan

    Catas vien sula

  • litz
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  • Adrian Edward
    Adrian Edward2 dagar sedan

    It sounds just like the original song👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🙌🏽

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  • Ariel Arancibia
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    I am cry

  • Epic Club
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    "Life is like a piano. Black keys are pain and white keys are happiness. But you need them both to play the music"

  • נגה כהן
    נגה כהן5 dagar sedan

    good song

  • Reem Ayoub
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  • Christian Rodriguez
    Christian Rodriguez5 dagar sedan

    2021 and 2022 are billies years. Mark my words.

  • Nurul Aleeya
    Nurul Aleeya6 dagar sedan

    Arghhhhh her voiceee

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  • Akhmad Komang
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    ******* GOOD.

  • nadia jones
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    i’m gonna do this just wait you’ll see me

  • nadia jones
    nadia jones6 dagar sedan

    this is absolutely beautiful oh my god

    THE GOD OF YOUTUBE6 dagar sedan

    💠5 YEARS💠 Or Death.

  • Sofia Lehgend
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    No words. Just. 👏👏👏

  • Super Duper
    Super Duper8 dagar sedan

    A classic Bond theme vibe!

  • Ethan Johnson
    Ethan Johnson8 dagar sedan

    3:22 eww i had a voice crack tryna do this😔🥲😗✨-

  • Tess Pearce
    Tess Pearce9 dagar sedan

    My favorite part: everything

  • DottyFlowerPower is sus
    DottyFlowerPower is sus9 dagar sedan

    I KNOW THE SONG NOW MUAHAHAHA (sorry I like the new James Bond films 🥲✌🏻)

  • Sergey Grigoryan
    Sergey Grigoryan9 dagar sedan

    Beautiful !!!!! You are the best singer in the world 😍😍😍

  • Purnima Sharma
    Purnima Sharma9 dagar sedan

    This one stole my heart 😭💖

  • Jose Morales
    Jose Morales10 dagar sedan

    Daniel Craig 007 intro songs just hit different. Sorry Sean, sorry Pierce. But Craig is the 🐐

  • Лю Ба
    Лю Ба11 dagar sedan

    Волшебный голос

  • OfficialFunnyCream
    OfficialFunnyCream12 dagar sedan

    this movie still didn't come out!!! lol

  • Jamie
    Jamie13 dagar sedan

    This literallly gives me chills im in tears if depression had a voice thats it dragging u to the river to drown u in your own tears

  • Filha do Rei
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  • J Ed
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    So beautiful you forget most of the musical instruments aren’t in attendance 🔥❤️

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  • ali arabgari
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    I love you

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    I’m crying

  • kirill19791
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    стынет в жилах кровь, бесподобно!

  • Navaid Qureshi
    Navaid Qureshi17 dagar sedan

    No Time To Die! Superb Title cum Song!

  • Dipalee Mali
    Dipalee Mali17 dagar sedan

    Really there is something magic in her voice...◕ᴗ◕

  • CarlytheQueenofChaos
    CarlytheQueenofChaos17 dagar sedan

    The audience respect increased to 100 Like top 10 most respectful audiences ever.

  • CarlytheQueenofChaos
    CarlytheQueenofChaos17 dagar sedan

    What have their parents which was so good that God blessed them with these two amazing people as children.

  • CarlytheQueenofChaos
    CarlytheQueenofChaos17 dagar sedan

    [Everyone liked that]

  • Лианкины истории
    Лианкины истории17 dagar sedan

    Я одна здесь русская

  • Amber Buchanana
    Amber Buchanana17 dagar sedan

    2:38 my favourite part with her vocals 🥺😍

  • Wanjiku Thuku
    Wanjiku Thuku18 dagar sedan

    I love her voice 💖

  • Eman Reda
    Eman Reda18 dagar sedan

    This is the most beautiful voice i have ever listened 🖤

  • Asakjulmhan Seyievinuo
    Asakjulmhan Seyievinuo18 dagar sedan

    I miss this era 😭

  • Faiz Hamid
    Faiz Hamid19 dagar sedan

    No one talk about lipsync?

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  • Laura Sofia De La Rosa Ortiz
    Laura Sofia De La Rosa Ortiz19 dagar sedan

    My girl :3

  • Meghan Robinson
    Meghan Robinson20 dagar sedan

    💚🖤I LOVE BILLIE EILISH🖤💚 This performance is so profound to me, can't really explain why but this has to be my favorite of her live performances, her and Finneas, I can't help cry hearing her..she is so incredibly inspiring. I cant wait to see what she and Finneas will do next.💚🖤💚🖤

    JARI PETIK21 dag sedan

    I like your voice, nice good job😍

  • 37Ey mochi
    37Ey mochi21 dag sedan

    Hans Zimmer + Billie Eilish = powerful music

  • nobody
    nobody22 dagar sedan

    She is quuen

  • Poppy Murphy
    Poppy Murphy23 dagar sedan

    i always love watching finns reaction when she does the belt, he’s like yes

  • Nikku Kumari
    Nikku Kumari23 dagar sedan

    Every second is heaven 😢

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  • Mia Black
    Mia Black25 dagar sedan

    Pure Gold ! 💛💛💛

  • ram pranav
    ram pranav27 dagar sedan

    Fool me once,fool me twice Are u death or paradise...what a voice fan from tamilnadu india ❤️

  • Michael Lam
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    WOW. ❤️

  • bitcheilishs
    bitcheilishs28 dagar sedan

    Te amo

  • I think therefore I am
    I think therefore I am29 dagar sedan

    One of my favorite songs so good! She's amazing in every way! ♡♡♡♡

  • Maenga Pachuau
    Maenga PachuauMånad sedan

    3:23 was my fav part!!

  • Maenga Pachuau
    Maenga PachuauMånad sedan

    i always smiled when i saw Billie's voice and her face!!

  • Sana Kanwal
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  • ingrid inman
    ingrid inmanMånad sedan

    Wow! Where did I read or heard that Billie couldn’t sing?? CLEAN YOUR EARS PEOPLE! She has an Amazing voice ….What an extraordinary performance ❤️ You and your brother are extremely talented and complement each other wonderfully. Can’t wait to see what you got for us next. Congratulations on your new look🎉 You look gorgeous!

  • lenny koss
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  • rastaman rastaman
    rastaman rastamanMånad sedan

    We must deprive Billie Eilish of her Grammy Award because she likes to say us(=Asian people) “chink”. Billie Eilish, who is a racist, is not appropriate for Grammy Award.

  • Lenin Armando

    Lenin Armando

    24 dagar sedan


  • Jacqueline Lopez

    Jacqueline Lopez

    28 dagar sedan

    hey im also Asian, she apologized!! I think she said it when she was like 15 and she didn’t know that it was a slur!! but yeah is your choice to accept her apology!

  • rastaman rastaman
    rastaman rastamanMånad sedan

    Billie Eilish has made racial discriminatory remarks against Asian people on Tiktok. Billie Eilish has said us(=Asian) “chink”. I am a Asian. I say “Yellow Lives Matter” to Billie Eilish who is a racist.

  • ronnie12398


    19 dagar sedan

    She was singing along to a Tyler, the Creator song when she was 13. Why don't take your complaint to the black man who wrote those words?

  • Wifu Guild
    Wifu GuildMånad sedan

    This song liric really2 happen to me now.... And billie said, there is no time to die

  • GEWE_2015
    GEWE_2015Månad sedan

    My Cat Love this Song so much☺

  • Irony
    IronyMånad sedan

    No Jimmy! Hell yeah

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  • Ana Ruth Navarrete
    Ana Ruth NavarreteMånad sedan

    Eres la 👍🏻

  • Naira Ra
    Naira RaMånad sedan

    A beautiful song, a voice that cannot be copied or learned - you have to be born with it. Thanks, Billie. Greetings from Croatia - we all love you!

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  • César Emilio Jaramillo Vera
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    Amo cada segundo de esto♡

  • Fatma abd al hadi
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    Lord if music

  • Derby Preston
    Derby PrestonMånad sedan

    Sorry lord ....... but GD ........ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to investigate where these two grew up geographically in LA ...... I have this theory that the Carpenters ....... Beach boys....... Linda Ronstat ....... some others .... lived in a Zone ...... where only this level of .... musical genius ...... resides

  • Rudo Merbo Mazoe
    Rudo Merbo MazoeMånad sedan

    I have fallen for a lie you were never on my side fool me once fool me twice are you dead or paradise you will ever see you cry theist no time to die

  • Diego Ezequiel Aguirre
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  • Juliana Chuva
    Juliana ChuvaMånad sedan

    i think this is pre recorded :/ not because she csnt sing it, i believe she can, but you can see that sometimes the mic is too far away but the note sounds the same... idk

  • José Gouveia
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  • Rage At Your Own Risk
    Rage At Your Own RiskMånad sedan

    There are no dislikes because the like button is just upside down

  • Kelly Rojas
    Kelly RojasMånad sedan

    She Murdered it! She said "F the mic!, I'm doing this Acapella"

  • Elaine’s Piano Fantasy
    Elaine’s Piano FantasyMånad sedan

    I’m STILL waiting on the film

  • Joya Johnson
    Joya JohnsonMånad sedan

    this performance is always the one I use to convert Billie Eilish haters, and it works every time

  • Saghar Mahdavi
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  • Fez zu
    Fez zuMånad sedan

    This People are here in june

  • anny ^^
    anny ^^Månad sedan

    🛐🛐🛐 essa musica>>>> essa voz aff,🛐🛐🛐🛐 essa mulher pqp🛐🛐,

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  • Joel Montoya Ruiz
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  • amaiah massey
    amaiah masseyMånad sedan

    i make ugly faces when i sing , but billie.. billie doesn’t 😃

  • Ice lolly baker
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  • Tanja Becker
    Tanja BeckerMånad sedan

    She sings like an angel😍😍😍😍

  • Fabri Estivi
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    30 september❤

  • fred jones
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    😌🐭Beautiful Happy Sunday🎤🎶💞👌

  • rhszmn
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    I love how Finneas is always there with Billie in every performance 🥺 love their relationship so much ❤️❤️❤️

  • PaterEcstaticus888
    PaterEcstaticus888Månad sedan

    Will that girl ever be able to sing?

  • PaterEcstaticus888


    Månad sedan

    ​@Sera unknow Or maybe I am stunning and amazing, and you just stupid! :p

  • spongebob


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  • spongebob


    Månad sedan

    @PaterEcstaticus888 you can listen to her other performance. Her control is better there

  • PaterEcstaticus888


    Månad sedan

    @Sera unknow My problem is at 3:22. And don't call me bro.

  • Bhushan Jadhav
    Bhushan JadhavMånad sedan

    👒.. 👩‍🎤.. 👑

  • gregory goliath
    gregory goliathMånad sedan

    love this song so much gives goose bumps

  • Idontwannaxbeyou 18
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    4 years ago i first listened to your music🥲❤️now i have crush on you