Never Have I Ever Cast Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

The cast of Netflix's 'Never Have I Ever' answer the web's most searched questions about 'Never Have I Ever' and themselves. Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Darren Barnet, Ramona Young, Jaren Lewison, Lee Rodriguez, and Megan Suri get together to answer questions like: Does Maitreyi play the harp? What's Darren's Snapchat? What grade is Paxton in? When did Megan start acting? Is Ramona a singer? How tall is Lee? The entire crew answer all these questions, and much more!

'Never Have I Ever' Season 2 premieres July 15 on Netflix.

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Never Have I Ever Cast Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED


  • Jamal Raja
    Jamal Raja21 timme sedan

    Racist bed wench role. So proud of you Mindy.

  • Ilze Longoria
    Ilze LongoriaDag sedan


  • பாலா
    பாலா3 dagar sedan

    Any Tamil people ...?

  • Amirul
    Amirul3 dagar sedan

    Cant wait for s3

  • AlexaSoExtra
    AlexaSoExtra4 dagar sedan

    Why it seems like I’ve already known them 😭

  • Craig Westbrooke
    Craig Westbrooke6 dagar sedan

    I wish her mother and cousin were on this!!

  • Liz Muschinski
    Liz Muschinski10 dagar sedan

    These Zoomers with their claw nails and 10 lb eyelashes. Just finished binge watching this show and didn't want it to end.

  • G money Nation
    G money Nation14 dagar sedan

    I’m ready for season 3 of never have I ever

  • Zara
    Zara14 dagar sedan

    I hekin love this show! Looking forward to more

  • Nayomi Ohouo
    Nayomi Ohouo14 dagar sedan

    why did they have to do a zoom interview when they filmed the season all together 🧍🏽‍♀️ like why are they pretending to social distance when they clearly didn’t bc they filmed the show lmfao

  • Oliver Carr
    Oliver Carr14 dagar sedan

    I’m so excited for the 3rd season! It’s coming out

  • Wag Po Palitan Ang Password
    Wag Po Palitan Ang Password15 dagar sedan


  • Mr Michio
    Mr Michio16 dagar sedan

    Where's Eve??

  • kloe taheri
    kloe taheri18 dagar sedan

    darren looked so mad when they were talking about mai and jarren’s kiss💀

  • Saliha Younis
    Saliha Younis19 dagar sedan

    Waiting for 3rd season and many more

  • Negra Dramaa
    Negra Dramaa19 dagar sedan

    the chemistry between megan and the cast was very off

  • JimiNida
    JimiNida20 dagar sedan

    "I Never Check My Snapchat, It's Truth Or Darren" *"WOW SO BRAVE"*

  • JimiNida
    JimiNida20 dagar sedan

    The 'D' In Darren Stands For *'Daddy'*

  • Lilliput
    Lilliput20 dagar sedan

    I really hope Devi and Ben end up together ❤

  • Learner 18
    Learner 1820 dagar sedan

    It literally did not surprise me that Darren looks like that at 30 - It's young but y'all just act like your life is gonna end after your 20s, and he is living proof your wrong lol

  • Dana Calvahal
    Dana Calvahal22 dagar sedan

    Love your video on Netflix

  • Dana Calvahal
    Dana Calvahal22 dagar sedan

    Love never have I ever

  • Gina Petolicchio
    Gina Petolicchio23 dagar sedan

    I think Darren looks a lot like David Franco James Franco younger brother a lot

  • KarLeigh Xoxo
    KarLeigh Xoxo23 dagar sedan

    There is no set release date for Never Have I Ever Season 3 just yet. If the show follows the previous season's release schedules, you can expect it to arrive in late summer 2022, is what it says on safari so there is really no day it just basically says late August 2022

  • Erika Jean Evens
    Erika Jean Evens23 dagar sedan

    jaren is so cute!! like when megan was talking, he was just smiling to himself,, he seems line such a genuine person

  • eman batool
    eman batool23 dagar sedan

    why does society expect people to turn into Prince Philip as soon as they turn 30 lmfaoo

  • Navya Mishra
    Navya Mishra25 dagar sedan

    ik this is random BUT I LOVE HOW kamalka LOVE KPOP like yessss gurl STAN BLACKPINK

  • Aleya Begum
    Aleya Begum25 dagar sedan

    Okay aneesa love ben fr

  • umesh aithal
    umesh aithal26 dagar sedan

    A REMINDER TO EVERYONE~ It's now or never! Don't wait for the perfect time, you are mortal. Not gonna be on this earth forever, do want you really want to do with life! You are just a small speck in this wonderful world, do life. ~ENJOY YOURSELF~ (After lot of breakdown and confusion) ❤

  • Carrot XI
    Carrot XI26 dagar sedan

    what is season 4 about?

  • Maurice Tyson
    Maurice Tyson26 dagar sedan

    Darren Barnet really looks like the shop teacher at Paxton's high school.

  • Vijayakumar O
    Vijayakumar O29 dagar sedan

    She is surrounded by Tamil still didn't know it 😒 👍🏾... okayy great

  • R uchi

    R uchi

    20 dagar sedan

    cry bout it

  • Josh
    Josh29 dagar sedan

    his criminal minds episode was Season 12 Episode 20

  • Mia shawol
    Mia shawolMånad sedan

    I like Ben he is spontaneous gaha

  • Mia shawol
    Mia shawolMånad sedan

    Ben and devi has the same energy irl as well

  • ronke ayanbadejo
    ronke ayanbadejoMånad sedan

    Did "Devi" actually have to Pearce her nose?

  • MariaV0071
    MariaV0071Månad sedan

    When Megan said Rainy instead of Rani...

  • That Mischievous Anime fan
    That Mischievous Anime fanMånad sedan

    Why the heck the Maitreyi look like a darker version of my cousin and acts talks just like her, it’s SO weird

  • Milinkta D'Cruz
    Milinkta D'CruzMånad sedan

    Ben somewhat looks like Hope Mikaelson (The Originals) as if he's her twin or something. Idk if I'm the only one who thinks so but yeah I do 😕

  • mahima dixit
    mahima dixitMånad sedan

    nothing could be more ironic than maitreyi ramakrishnan pronouncing her own name incorrectly 😅😂

  • 𖡼.𖤣𖥧𖡼.𖤣𖥧
    𖡼.𖤣𖥧𖡼.𖤣𖥧Månad sedan

    Maitreyi is literally so pretty!!🥲🤍

  • Wait, What?
    Wait, What?Månad sedan

    There is a speck in the top right area behind Megan Suri and it is so mildly infuriating me. Why can't I get over it?

  • Roadie
    RoadieMånad sedan

    it's crazy darren is 30

  • Just Holly
    Just HollyMånad sedan

    Jaren looks and sounds like Adam Devine

  • hareni
    hareniMånad sedan

    Idiyappam Sothi LMAOOO

  • Lea Lapple
    Lea LappleMånad sedan


  • Abeeha Ather
    Abeeha AtherMånad sedan

    I binged watched the whole show (both seasons) starting 10 am and ending 2am. Eagerly waiting for season 3

  • nelly
    nellyMånad sedan

    megan is so prettyyy

  • Julia Rectenwald
    Julia RectenwaldMånad sedan

    🤐 😬

  • Månad sedan


  • Månad sedan

    YESSSSS! best group :( 😫😫😫😫

  • Saffe .T
    Saffe .TMånad sedan

    Romona is such a Eleanor 😭

  • Emily Chachi
    Emily ChachiMånad sedan

    I’m sorry but jaren looks like mark zuckerburg whatever his name is spelled lmaoo

  • Morgan spillman
    Morgan spillmanMånad sedan

    Daren is wearing hella foundation

  • lilmizee zee
    lilmizee zeeMånad sedan

    Darren is tired🤦‍♀️🤣leave him be....when your that age your tired and look it all the time lol ...the rest are young,full of enegery 🤣 Darren just needs sleep haha

  • lilmizee zee
    lilmizee zeeMånad sedan

    Season 3 is coming dw . If you watched end if season 2 after credits think was . They said another 1 is coming BUT might not be till 2022

  • Readers Paradise
    Readers ParadiseMånad sedan

    spoiler:paxton and devi end up together

  • dipannita das
    dipannita dasMånad sedan

    I love these gang. 💞

  • Mira
    MiraMånad sedan

    Why do I see them as the Cast 😭 loll

  • Estefanny EML
    Estefanny EMLMånad sedan

    Jaren to me looks like David henri

  • zoe
    zoeMånad sedan

    demi lovato’s pronouns are they/them!!

  • vanillas sweet
    vanillas sweetMånad sedan

    The cast is so wholesome and comfortable ❤️

  • Edited by Nuz
    Edited by NuzMånad sedan

    They all have the same personality like in the movie

  • Gabriel Prandini
    Gabriel PrandiniMånad sedan

    This series is absolute trash

  • have fun 00
    have fun 00Månad sedan

    I haven't watched the hole thing yet so I am getting seek pecks

  • SemaMeko
    SemaMekoMånad sedan

    I love how they reminded maitreyi how talented she is “the violin is there too yasss

  • Ester
    EsterMånad sedan

    They're all so gorgeous i cant

  • Ester
    EsterMånad sedan

    O h m e g a n

  • Joelson Sabado
    Joelson SabadoMånad sedan

    darren os 30 years old and devi is 19 in real life thats crazy

  • Cori Foster
    Cori FosterMånad sedan

    Another Q: who did Megan Suri’s eyeliner 😍

  • Navya Santhosh
    Navya SanthoshMånad sedan

    Lol, the actors for Paxton & Ben had similar face expressions & reactions like they did in the show too. Darren just stared & was chill & Jaren especially had really similar expressions & reaction & spoke like Ben! (No offense though, I just made this comment for fun!)

  • Nansss
    NansssMånad sedan

    3rd season please

  • Taiwo'sway
    Taiwo'swayMånad sedan

    4:19 i added him on let see if he see my request and add me back😏

  • LovelyLilys
    LovelyLilysMånad sedan

    maitreyi's personality is a lot like devi's, i love her omg

  • Arisha Sarkar
    Arisha SarkarMånad sedan

    Jaren Lewison looks like Danny Gonzalez

  • Timna Hayes
    Timna HayesMånad sedan

    Yall, Darren is 30. Like wtf he looks amazing for his age!!

  • Anabell Batista
    Anabell BatistaMånad sedan

    My God, Megan is GORGEOUS, I'm totaly shook by her beauty.

  • Praggya Verma
    Praggya VermaMånad sedan

    devi saying grade 10 instead of sophomore is such an indian thing.

  • Jack Lewis
    Jack LewisMånad sedan

    Jaren Lewison reminds me of the son in Modern Family

  • Sultan Ali
    Sultan AliMånad sedan

    i just finished the 2 seasons last night

  • Zoe Green
    Zoe GreenMånad sedan

    when will season 3 come out

  • Abby Koziel
    Abby KozielMånad sedan

    Jaren Lewison looks like Adam DeVine in my opinion

  • The Bulldozertron5000
    The Bulldozertron5000Månad sedan

    No way darren barnet is 30. I really thought he looked like a teenager

  • David Duncan
    David DuncanMånad sedan

    plsss the way ramona struggledddd

  • Liz
    LizMånad sedan

    Jaren Lewison looks like David Henrie more than John Krasinski in my opinion.

  • Emgreen19
    Emgreen19Månad sedan

    Ben's actor straight up is Ben.

  • Nisura Perera
    Nisura PereraMånad sedan

    It's nice to see Sri Lankan civil war did something good for someone. If not for that Maitreyi would be in Sri Lanka and there's no way Srilankan's gonna be successful in anything other than academic stuff. :-)

  • A G
    A GMånad sedan

    ramona carried this whole interview

  • Megan Breen
    Megan BreenMånad sedan

    Jaren Lewison looks like Zachary Levi!!! who also looks like John Krasinksi, so their answer kinda works....

  • Laila Nelson
    Laila NelsonMånad sedan

    this is a BEAUTIFUL cast

  • Nadiyah’s Journey
    Nadiyah’s JourneyMånad sedan


  • Sandra Lopez
    Sandra LopezMånad sedan

    Darren plays in season 12 episode 20 of criminal minds there is no season 13

  • Keyairia Scott
    Keyairia ScottMånad sedan

    Everyone about to add him on snap😂

  • Kehara.e
    Kehara.eMånad sedan

    Lee didn’t comment on anything:(

  • Vaishnavi Jaishankar
    Vaishnavi JaishankarMånad sedan

    Megan is amazinggg . She is super underrated

  • Kehara.e
    Kehara.eMånad sedan

    how is it possible that devi’s a sophomore and Paxton’’s a junior? aren’t they in the same history class???

  • Kehara.e


    Månad sedan

    @Alyssa Willie thanks for clearing that up

  • pressed
    pressedMånad sedan

    I still dont understand how a 30 year old got asked

  • lol
    lolMånad sedan

    the criminal minds episode is s12 e20 LMAO incase anyone curious

    KSHITIJ GUPTAMånad sedan

    Is Ramona still in her character?

  • Chris de Leon
    Chris de LeonMånad sedan

    You guys are GUARANTEED to get a season 3. Can’t wait!!!!