Miley Cyrus and Metallica “Nothing Else Matters” Live on the Stern Show

Miley Cyrus and Metallica rock the SiriusXM Garage in L.A. with a LIVE performance of “Nothing Else Matters during their interview with Howard Stern.

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  • Drips Of Eden
    Drips Of Eden3 minuter sedan

    Miley is such an incredible and versatile artist.

  • Christina Steele
    Christina Steele40 minuter sedan

    Wow, she's wearing clothes, lol. I loooove Metallica's version. This not so much. Nice attempt though.

  • Sonia Alvarez
    Sonia Alvarez53 minuter sedan

    Lo máximo

  • Eli jah
    Eli jah54 minuter sedan

    This is orgasmic

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty54 minuter sedan

    Майли просто бомба, круто. Звук у Метлы с этими процессорами просто поганый и стерильный. Кирк как всегда накосячил по полной.

  • Geoff Fox
    Geoff FoxTimme sedan

    hated every second of this. what a joke.

  • Sutton Family
    Sutton FamilyTimme sedan


  • Patrick Lawrence
    Patrick Lawrence2 timmar sedan


  • M - v- P
    M - v- P2 timmar sedan

    i love her voice

  • seeni gzty

    seeni gzty

    54 minuter sedan

    this can bring you to tears 😭 truly chilling !

  • Mike Donut
    Mike Donut3 timmar sedan

    Loved it. Miley tappin into a new fan base, I'm on board. Great job.

  • A Rafi M. Benito
    A Rafi M. Benito4 timmar sedan

    she butchered the song..

  • A Rafi M. Benito
    A Rafi M. Benito5 timmar sedan

    she butchered the song..

  • Carlo Piccone
    Carlo Piccone5 timmar sedan


  • Ayu Okta
    Ayu Okta6 timmar sedan

    MILEYTALLICA 🤘🏻 I love her voice.

  • Mat Discovery
    Mat Discovery7 timmar sedan

    Great performance!

  • Martin McIntyre
    Martin McIntyre8 timmar sedan

    Miley needs to cover Fleetwood Mac now.

  • Sanggam Geraldy
    Sanggam Geraldy9 timmar sedan

    Lahh Jikun udah jadi gitaris Metallica?

  • Christina Timm
    Christina Timm10 timmar sedan

    The new Joan Jett/blondie/Stevie nicks. Love love love her!!

  • rangga monthalban
    rangga monthalban10 timmar sedan

    Pengen ngumpulin orang-orang yang nangis kalo dengerin nothing else matters...

  • m paige
    m paige11 timmar sedan

    Miley Cyrus should sing with Tracy Chapman it would be top of the charts!

  • Benggii
    Benggii12 timmar sedan

    I need Jesus

  • Jim Bryson
    Jim Bryson14 timmar sedan

    He definitely can't sing anymore 😕

  • chirss100
    chirss10014 timmar sedan

    this can bring you to tears 😭 truly chilling !

  • Sun Shine
    Sun Shine14 timmar sedan

    Outstanding job!

  • Neil Box
    Neil Box15 timmar sedan

    Love that she has the mic with a cord.

  • *Mutilated Angel* **
    *Mutilated Angel* **15 timmar sedan


  • Joseph Caravella Jr.
    Joseph Caravella Jr.15 timmar sedan

    they should be ashamed of themselves

  • Stan Popovsky
    Stan Popovsky17 timmar sedan

    Майли просто бомба, круто. Звук у Метлы с этими процессорами просто поганый и стерильный. Кирк как всегда накосячил по полной.

  • MuzzBar
    MuzzBar17 timmar sedan

    I must Say she just impressed me !

  • jose javier rodriguez
    jose javier rodriguez17 timmar sedan

    9% dislikes...

  • rohit narayan
    rohit narayan17 timmar sedan

    Miley Cyrus: great vocal range, covers a wide range of genres effortlessly. Agree that she excels in the rock genre. . In summary she is ridiculously talented. Kudos to Metallica for their phenomenal performance.

  • Andrea Nascimento dantas
    Andrea Nascimento dantas18 timmar sedan

    Infelizmente ela está olhando para tela em baixo não sabe á letra mas ficou perfeito

  • Joseph Potter
    Joseph Potter18 timmar sedan

    Miley was BUILT for Rock!! And I'm here for it!!!! 🖤🖤🖤

  • Jon Brewster
    Jon Brewster18 timmar sedan

    Miley needs to stick with her own crap. How dare she tarnishes and corrupts such a beautiful classic.

  • Richard Greco
    Richard Greco19 timmar sedan

    She destroyed a classic)

  • John Veon
    John Veon19 timmar sedan

    All this and Greeny too! :)

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou21 timme sedan

    Admiro a Miley pq sinto que ela coloca sua alma em cada música, em cada performance. Essa entrega é pra poucos e esse amor pelo o que faz transparece em cada nota

  • Alex de Supercool
    Alex de Supercool21 timme sedan

    can i love Metallica and Miley Cyrus at the same time? ❤️

  • Adriana Cotorobai
    Adriana Cotorobai22 timmar sedan

    WTF is this?!?🤣🤣🤣

  • urwrong


    7 timmar sedan

    An awesome performance

  • Jake Green
    Jake Green22 timmar sedan


  • Annalisa Dal Cero
    Annalisa Dal Cero23 timmar sedan

    I'm amazed, love everything 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹

  • asioe kiou

    asioe kiou

    21 timme sedan

    Her voice reminds me of south park stipper. Dance anyone want a dance

  • Alison in Wonderland
    Alison in Wonderland23 timmar sedan

    She’s a friggin boss.. outstanding vocal range and control 🥰🥰

  • Nadia Pignataro
    Nadia PignataroDag sedan

    Miley's vocals are AMAZING

  • ns2110theonly
    ns2110theonlyDag sedan

    I’ve always liked Miley and appreciate her talent. I have huge respect for Metallica for recognizing it. It gives her well deserved next-level rock cred. Having said that …. this doesn’t touch Hetfield’s vocals or the original.

  • Lokbatch
    LokbatchDag sedan

    Miley keeps blowing my mind with her covers! This one brought me to tears, such a unique and beautiful voice!

  • michael irons
    michael ironsDag sedan


  • Danny Lujan
    Danny LujanDag sedan

    So So Cool

  • B M
    B MDag sedan

    Miley has guts I'll give her that. One of my biggest fears in life is singing a Metallica song while James stares into my soul lol

  • Pako Vazkez
    Pako VazkezDag sedan


  • Torben Mørk
    Torben MørkDag sedan

    She really has a wild voice..

  • William Gustav K2
    William Gustav K2Dag sedan


  • urwrong


    7 timmar sedan

    Love what makes us unique

  • Wendy Williams
    Wendy WilliamsDag sedan

    This song is a solo Song. ♧♧♧♧

  • Sanda Aranicki
    Sanda AranickiDag sedan


  • wawan hermawan
    wawan hermawanDag sedan


  • PylDrvnDwn
    PylDrvnDwnDag sedan

    Her voice reminds me of south park stipper. Dance anyone want a dance

  • Ana Lucía Muñoz Márquez
    Ana Lucía Muñoz MárquezDag sedan


  • Justine Tarot
    Justine TarotDag sedan

    He looks good she sounds beautiful and soulful - loved Metallica since 1996 I was in 7th grade 🤩

  • dan scamp
    dan scampDag sedan

    She's a beautiful cross between Nicks and Kim Carns.

  • Sina Bagheri
    Sina BagheriDag sedan

    I am pretty sure my brain just generated new cells listening to this.

  • Matt Hovard
    Matt HovardDag sedan

    как же они ужасно играют ...

  • Caio Freitas Advogado
    Caio Freitas AdvogadoDag sedan

    Amazing performance. I admire the talent of Miley and her embodiment of this song. And Lars played a very solid beat here, what he should do more in the shows, without putting a roll in every moment.

  • ozlemelih
    ozlemelihDag sedan

    Her voice sounds more male than James. Much prefer James

  • Elijah Cook
    Elijah CookDag sedan

    HELL NO!

  • urwrong


    7 timmar sedan

    Lol she couldn’t have sung this any better

    CHRISTIANDag sedan

    Metallica don't you know doing a song with Miley Cyrus is one degree of separation from Achy Breaky Heart are you trying to get rid of us.. your fans?

  • Paul Simard
    Paul SimardDag sedan

    Such an Amazing voice and performance !!

  • Ben Sahar
    Ben SaharDag sedan

    Shitallicaaaa!!!! 😂

  • pirspektiv
    pirspektivDag sedan


  • r.
    r.Dag sedan


  • Sam Dee
    Sam DeeDag sedan

    She has a Stevie nicks vibe

  • Willian Mendonça
    Willian MendonçaDag sedan

    Nada Haver sem a Miley Cyrus ia ficar melhor! Acabou com a música!

  • iawdlay
    iawdlayDag sedan

    Shall we call them Mitalleyca?

  • Shawn Fogelman
    Shawn FogelmanDag sedan


  • Molly Hunter
    Molly HunterDag sedan

    This show’s sound engineer is PHENOMENAL

  • Lindsey
    LindseyDag sedan

    Omg this is SOOOOO effing good. Miley is so underrated for her genuine vocal talent tbh.

  • Sergio Adrian Coronel
    Sergio Adrian CoronelDag sedan

    Wooow 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Pavel Lordaster
    Pavel LordasterDag sedan

    Good try, but no )

  • Ralph Italian
    Ralph ItalianDag sedan

    Wow… to have Miley step into a performance with Metallica, and not only fit in, but stand out… speechless!!

  • Anna Destiny
    Anna DestinyDag sedan


  • Tim Parziale
    Tim ParzialeDag sedan

    Let's hear her do Seek and Destroy

  • Owen_ MP4

    Owen_ MP4

    Dag sedan

    Or Blackened

  • ojaneyo
    ojaneyoDag sedan

    She covered a Dillon song a while back…still in my top playlist. I’m 52 and love her.

  • Isla


    6 timmar sedan

    Oooh which song? :)

  • Zachariáš Panzerfaust
    Zachariáš PanzerfaustDag sedan

    Miley Faithful

  • Tim Del Toro
    Tim Del ToroDag sedan


  • Jouber Almeida
    Jouber AlmeidaDag sedan

    Que melodia top!!! 🫀

  • Александр Самошин
    Александр СамошинDag sedan


  • M S
    M SDag sedan

    Anyone noticed James had to fight back a tear when Miley talked about what the song meant to her… Beautiful performance!

  • V. Lilianne

    V. Lilianne

    20 timmar sedan

    No i didn’t

  • mmgarza1997
    mmgarza1997Dag sedan

    What's next Billie Eilish performs with Slipknot?

  • Poems of Plupp
    Poems of PluppDag sedan


  • Vicente Aguilar
    Vicente AguilarDag sedan


  • israel ortegon
    israel ortegonDag sedan

    Next Level. AWESOME:

  • Monsoon12
    Monsoon12Dag sedan


  • Harlei
    HarleiDag sedan

    Esta canção é simplesmente espetacular, a melodia , a harmonia , amazing.....E com a performance da Miley ficou ainda melhor.....parceria perfeita.....The best song.......

  • Czarkhan Alih
    Czarkhan AlihDag sedan


  • Czarkhan Alih
    Czarkhan AlihDag sedan

    MILEY was that a DESPERATE LOOK ?


    😍😍😍 🤘🤘

  • Mike Kazee
    Mike KazeeDag sedan

    Hetfield’ slow harmonies were amazing.

  • Dumans Ernesto Macedo
    Dumans Ernesto Macedo2 dagar sedan

    No words...Just amazing!!

  • Crystal Pistey-Lyhne
    Crystal Pistey-Lyhne2 dagar sedan


  • Tancredi
    Tancredi2 dagar sedan


  • Owens Owens
    Owens Owens2 dagar sedan

    She really has a beautiful voice

  • paty moreno
    paty moreno2 dagar sedan

    Esto esta a otro nivel