Marshmello ft. Bastille - Happier (Official Music Video)


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    I want you to be *HAPPIER* 💛 🌼Be Kind w/ Halsey - OUT NOW 🌼 Official Marshmello Merch ▶

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    May I plz have permission to use this song?

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    @ploup que

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    The only thing that will make me happier is you liking my comment❤️😭.. I love this song soooo muchh.. I haven't been the most popular girl at school.. And i had a dog.. Which had been there for so long.. Unfortunately he is gone now..

  • Aaliyah Samantha Chavez Sandoval

    Aaliyah Samantha Chavez Sandoval

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    hi have fonit

    GABRIEL GUZMAN PEÑA22 minuter sedan


    BRITISH SILVER WING41 minut sedan

    I luv this song

  • シTashira98
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    Dogs are not our whole life but they make our lives whole - Rodger Caras

  • malaya delfin
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    I love mashmello how are you under your masket

  • Roborex
    Roborex46 minuter sedan

    I somehow I did not cry maybe because I don’t show emotions

  • Juliana Aira Calunod
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  • Keira Belle Develos
    Keira Belle Develos57 minuter sedan

    This vid makes me cry :(

  • Kailey Alexander
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    This almost made me cry

  • Rinamara Souza de Figueiredo
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  • Jaythelord0416
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    This was sad especially that part of the dog passing away 💔

  • Noobz :/
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    I balling my eyes out now

  • Naruhina
    Naruhina2 timmar sedan

    Gente agora que eu fui ver que é a Carly de iCarly

  • Aashna Makkar
    Aashna Makkar2 timmar sedan

    i can't help crying every time i watch this

  • 谷口歩武
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  • Lavinia Rodrigued
    Lavinia Rodrigued2 timmar sedan

    nostalgia ⚠️

  • FXCadu Fan
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    O vídeo mais triste que eu já vi 😢 e tipo eu sou ruim pra chorar acho que esse vídeo e o filme (sempre ao seu lado ) foi o filme que mais chorei

  • Keli Cristina
    Keli Cristina2 timmar sedan

    Coitado do cachorrinho no final do vídeo que acabar eu não sei que o cachorro morreu

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  • Jessyka Santana
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    Bro this is so saddd

  • Emily Cole
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    did u really put down the dog

  • Green Lean
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    The dog's name was Mello.. so cute!

  • Jeremiah Mendoza
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  • Jeremiah Mendoza
    Jeremiah Mendoza2 timmar sedan

    i love happier songs

  • Landon Corey
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    I cried when the dog died

  • Steve Krelip
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    Do not Cry Do not Cry Do not Cry Do not Cry Do not Cry In the end... If he cries 😭😞💔 My heart broke Seeing the song

  • Ma.Theresa Liabres
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    This made me cry bro

  • Sara carvajalino
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  • Tox Mav
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    Im not still crying 3 years later you are 🥺

  • Lazaro Juegos
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    el mejor video que puede ver en mis 18 años la mejor historia

  • Roise Webb
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  • Its_rake Jo
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    When I watched it it made me cry so hard

  • Its_rake Jo
    Its_rake Jo3 timmar sedan

    The story is so touching to me

  • Spencer Fenty
    Spencer Fenty3 timmar sedan

    That was my mother other girl blew her candles out like what the heck

  • Kiara Gomez
    Kiara Gomez3 timmar sedan

    yo como 100 beses que beo esto y lloro a y por sierto la de color negro con el pelo negro la forma en que puso esa mueca me enogo on que se que es un video pero es que me enoja ase que yo esplote dios mio alludame

  • N A D H I F
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    I always cry when I see this video 😭😭

  • Camila Ramos
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    it makes me cry

  • Camila Santander
    Camila Santander4 timmar sedan

    Cómo que este tema salió hace 2 años??

  • Nanda e Rafa Meira
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    Muito triste 😭😭😭 quando o cachorro morreu 🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺

  • Adina Balazadeh’s
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  • Shaimaa Khalid
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    هو المارشملو عربى😕

  • Juan Carlos LEON SATALAYA
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    es super triste pobre de la mujer perdio lo que mas que ria como yo perdi mi gato y mi jamnster

  • Rafael Alejandro Dossetto Dumuihual
    Rafael Alejandro Dossetto Dumuihual5 timmar sedan

    adíos amigo leal

  • Bartosz Brud
    Bartosz Brud5 timmar sedan

    mello this is such a great and touching song that I cry every time I also have a dog the more I feel great song😊🐶

  • micael levi
    micael levi5 timmar sedan

    Eu chorei vendo essa músicas😓😓😓😓😓😓

  • Mariana Gomez
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    Me encanto hasta me iso llorar

  • Cristina Cain Perales
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    This is heart melting.

  • Jackson and William Bsynx
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    I cry every time I watch this

  • joselin elvir
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    Tal. Bes. Soy. La. Única. Que. Abla. Español. Pero. Quien. No. Se. Pusoaasi. Cuando. Sus. Mascotas. Se. Fueron. De Este. Mundo. Espero. Que me entienda. Y. Si. Se. Preguntan. Si. Se. Ahora. Ingles

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  • Sunflower
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    0:52 why does she kinda look like Carly from icarly?

  • Xander Lugo
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    OMG MIRANDA COSGROVE FRON ICARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THIS TIMELINE IS TIMES Y’ALL SEE HER 0:51 - 3:03 OMG!!!!!! and you can see the new iCarly at Paroumant+ Adults only not available in kids if you would like to sign up at Paramont plus go to your phone or a computer or mobile to sign up and then you are starting it from there

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  • Copy Commenter
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    She’s not just making videos, she’s becoming netflix.

  • Eleven
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    Bro..this song made me cry, so cute🥺

  • Unicorn-_- Angel
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  • Menitaleili
    Menitaleili6 timmar sedan

    Is any talking about the fact that the girl when she is a teen is carly from icarly also 2022

  • Jennifer Covey
    Jennifer Covey6 timmar sedan

    My sister cryed

  • Soviet Ball
    Soviet Ball6 timmar sedan

    1:13 is it me or is that teala dunn

  • Angelica Bustos
    Angelica Bustos6 timmar sedan

    I am so sad because my dog left with a new owner 😭😭

  • Janet DavilaIbarra
    Janet DavilaIbarra7 timmar sedan

    What happened to the Daughter and the dog

  • Predator
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    Idk why if its I am Indian or smthing but this man, it lives here 💓 rent free.

  • Yaz Rodriguez
    Yaz Rodriguez7 timmar sedan

    My friend crys

  • Santino Bautista
    Santino Bautista7 timmar sedan

    Why this song? You are making me cry 😢😭

  • Praewpan Pole
    Praewpan Pole7 timmar sedan

    you had to make me cry so sad:(

  • Niena Zahra
    Niena Zahra7 timmar sedan

    Aww why I'm cry🥺

    ARMY POWER!!!7 timmar sedan

    I cry i have a dog home and he is 14 years and im going miss him😢

  • Xg_gb
    Xg_gb8 timmar sedan

    Fun fact: when she growed up it was Carly from icarly

  • Freya Ashton
    Freya Ashton8 timmar sedan

    I am going to kill who ever made fun of her teeth 😬 but it was sooo sad but happy at the end where her daughter got it

  • Alfredo Rodriguez
    Alfredo Rodriguez8 timmar sedan

    una ves yo tube un perro hera bulterri y alguien lo atropello y lo mato, cada que llegaba de la escuela me abrasaba la pierna cuando estaba triste me animaba

  • belkis medina ramos
    belkis medina ramos8 timmar sedan

    Y que le pasó al perro de la veterinario :v?

  • K Drizzy
    K Drizzy8 timmar sedan

    It’s not real right

  • Elaine Lee
    Elaine Lee8 timmar sedan

    The nifty wish jointly spray because clutch advisably live a a breakable kitten. enchanted, skinny february

  • Danielle Mayhew
    Danielle Mayhew8 timmar sedan

    I cried my first time watching this because my dog might have to be put down 😢

  • ماريا🍒
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    I'm so crying 😭💔

  • Angel Otaku
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    La Rosa de Guadalupe 2021 - 'Solo una foto' [Parte 1

  • Ugyen Tshering
    Ugyen Tshering8 timmar sedan

    This song reminds me of my friends dog 😭😭😭

    ZERO GAMING8 timmar sedan

    This story makes me cry😔😍❤❤❤what a wonderful story is this🤩

    XXX XXX8 timmar sedan




    8 timmar sedan

    Chudak pes

  • Emmanuel Uggen
    Emmanuel Uggen9 timmar sedan

    me: dont cry dont cry dont dont cry.....(starts balling) :(((( i also owns a dog and i love him!!! love ur dogs guys!!!!!!

  • Gabriela Pavola
    Gabriela Pavola9 timmar sedan

    Hoy mi Filipo perdió la batalla y lo tenemos que dormir 💔🐶

  • Emmanuel Uggen
    Emmanuel Uggen9 timmar sedan

    nooooo puppy :((((((

  • O home
    O home9 timmar sedan

    This has gotta be the saddest thing I've ever seen

  • TikTok Legend

    TikTok Legend

    9 timmar sedan


  • Bertha Prado
    Bertha Prado9 timmar sedan

    Me ase llorar la historia

    CELESTE POWER 🎀9 timmar sedan

    Cada vez que la escucho lloro 😢😢😢😢😢😭😭

  • Veronica Villa Macabare
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  • Nick IRL vids
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    Why do I cry every time I listen

  • Motahare Barani
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    کامت ایرونی

  • Kawiibear
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    Brian be like time to cry

  • ᴀʟʜɪɴɢ sɪɴɢsɪᴛ
    ᴀʟʜɪɴɢ sɪɴɢsɪᴛ9 timmar sedan

    Carly from icarlys in the video?

  • come and play
    come and play9 timmar sedan

    Marshmello It's 2021 and this was uploaded in 2018 I d k why this still makes me cry

  • Daniel Catalán
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  • Deep Brains
    Deep Brains9 timmar sedan

    1,000,000,000 COMING SOON ✅

  • Thiago Pinheiro
    Thiago Pinheiro9 timmar sedan

    E muito enteresa te as coisas que ela fez

  • Tudu Tuguldur
    Tudu Tuguldur10 timmar sedan

    Dog is so cute 🥰

  • Tudu Tuguldur
    Tudu Tuguldur10 timmar sedan

    This video cry 😭 me

  • Sushile kumari
    Sushile kumari10 timmar sedan

    This was the first song that made me so sad that i cried...this was also the first song English song i heard , this is's a master piece.

  • Wayne Short
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    Who doesn’t cry is crazy

  • Kemeh Walz
    Kemeh Walz10 timmar sedan

    Your the best marshmello 😭