Maria Marzano | No time to die(Billie Eilish) | Blind Auditions | The Voice Norway | Season 6


  • Inka Ka
    Inka Ka7 timmar sedan

    Dlaczego to z niej robią ,,gwiazdę" to Billie and Fineass napisali tą piosenkę. To ona ładnie śpiewa. A ta dziewczyna która nie ma pojęcia jak się śpiewa zciągneła od Billid piosenka i nagle wielka ,,gwiazda".

  • avocado:3
    avocado:39 timmar sedan

    Wow, her voice can really be confused with Billie Eilish

  • Margaret S
    Margaret SDag sedan

    I love the emotions you express through your singing Maria. I am a singer myself, and your blind audition has brought me down to my knees 😍😍

  • Pemerintah Batankrajan
    Pemerintah BatankrajanDag sedan

    then who is the coach

  • Massi Chaibi
    Massi Chaibi2 dagar sedan

    Woow wow wowwowowoowow

  • zoo wee mama
    zoo wee mama2 dagar sedan

    shes so pretty omg

  • Brie
    Brie2 dagar sedan

    It killed me waiting on all 4 chairs. They should've been right there with the first ugh her voice was angelic

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous3 dagar sedan

    What a voice ... goosebumps🙏

  • ShadowLinkFanGirl
    ShadowLinkFanGirl4 dagar sedan

    Normally my arms prickle when someone is a good singer. On the 3rd no time to die. I felt the prickle all over my body!

  • Makin Toch
    Makin Toch5 dagar sedan


  • Khangg Offical
    Khangg Offical5 dagar sedan

    She has Billie’s style, when she singing I feel like hearing Billie Eilish in this live show

  • Pushpa Maboo
    Pushpa Maboo5 dagar sedan

    Diehard Billie's fan here... ✊🤚.... 💓

  • music life 🎵
    music life 🎵5 dagar sedan

    They all clicked the buzz, of course she used billie's song

  • Tamanna Ghosh
    Tamanna Ghosh6 dagar sedan

    I really dislike the fact that most of the cases judges turns all together if a singer hits the high note!! though she was singing brilliant in the low notes too That disappoints me!!

  • fmly_mllr _
    fmly_mllr _6 dagar sedan

    she looks beautiful wow

  • FaizaI Rahman
    FaizaI Rahman6 dagar sedan

    good try but Not Enough..

  • Amberyooper
    Amberyooper7 dagar sedan

    Goosebumps everywhere!

  • Senitha Anujaya
    Senitha Anujaya9 dagar sedan

    Tiany voice belgium better than her 🤔😁

  • nur dina shafiqah Kamaruddin
    nur dina shafiqah Kamaruddin9 dagar sedan

    She controls her voice better than how i control my life. Grrr!

  • Overcooked Burger
    Overcooked Burger9 dagar sedan

    Her smile is so captivating. I'm getting butterflies in my stomach 🤣

  • James Ketchum
    James Ketchum10 dagar sedan

    damn fine job i was like holy shit she sounds just like billie

  • Alex Vallain
    Alex Vallain11 dagar sedan

    Love how when Maria sang, "Your no longer my concern." Ina sat back and crossed her leg like she was saying none of the other coaches were of any concern to her.

  • Mrs. Tiffany
    Mrs. Tiffany12 dagar sedan

    Her voice is beautiful 💜💜💜💜it

  • nefeli Nefel
    nefeli Nefel12 dagar sedan

    Oh my god what a voice😢💓🌟

  • Jamie
    Jamie13 dagar sedan

    wow Norway has talent

  • Куртка Бейна
    Куртка Бейна13 dagar sedan


  • The Heart
    The Heart13 dagar sedan

    What an artist! 💛

  • Sahil Wankhade
    Sahil Wankhade14 dagar sedan

    0:15 her smile and laugh was killer🔥🔥🔥

  • Çağla Yardımcı
    Çağla Yardımcı15 dagar sedan


  • LOSTyBoy
    LOSTyBoy15 dagar sedan

    when i saw THIS video with THIS girl and THIS song, its been stuck in my head, and im singing it all day long

  • Kris
    Kris15 dagar sedan

    I don't know about you guys but she looks like Anne Hathaway to me.

  • Mohd Hafidz Rozaidi
    Mohd Hafidz Rozaidi16 dagar sedan

    yoooo ina wroldsen knows talent yoo

  • buterababe
    buterababe16 dagar sedan

    also lol 1:39 Voice clown moment 🤡 🤡

  • buterababe
    buterababe16 dagar sedan

    Is it just me or like does the Voice in other countries turn so fast and so easily and in the US they actually think about it

  • Fernando   🌙
    Fernando 🌙16 dagar sedan

    it made me cry

  • Карина Боляк
    Карина Боляк17 dagar sedan


  • gamergirl11 lolypop
    gamergirl11 lolypop17 dagar sedan

    billie eilish+melanie matinez=maria marzano

  • 6 6 6
    6 6 617 dagar sedan

    She's cruella

  • The Midnight Singer
    The Midnight Singer19 dagar sedan


  • Θωμάς Χριστοδούλου
    Θωμάς Χριστοδούλου19 dagar sedan

    Wow! 😯

  • sndds
    sndds19 dagar sedan

    Her voice better then billies voice

  • Lena
    Lena21 dag sedan

    Mega gut 😳❤

  • guadalupe chasampi
    guadalupe chasampi21 dag sedan

    Que hermosa voz! Y su cabello es genial.! ❤ saludos desde Argentina 🇦🇷

  • Fuk This place
    Fuk This place22 dagar sedan

    0:14 this is priceless, imagine her laugh it literally gives butterflies to eveyone

  • aldana carmona
    aldana carmona22 dagar sedan


  • Lion Tara
    Lion Tara23 dagar sedan

    that "hmmmmmmm" with her mouth closed tho...

  • Fred
    Fred23 dagar sedan

    Wow just wow

  • carmenita frankford
    carmenita frankford24 dagar sedan

    She hit all the notes perfectly

  • Gonzalo bearzi bearzi GONZALO
    Gonzalo bearzi bearzi GONZALO24 dagar sedan

    Good work

  • Labo Médecine
    Labo Médecine24 dagar sedan


  • mariee -
    mariee -27 dagar sedan


  • Riska Oktavia Setiawan
    Riska Oktavia Setiawan28 dagar sedan


  • Riska Oktavia Setiawan
    Riska Oktavia Setiawan28 dagar sedan

    Omg omggg

  • Galaxy A21s
    Galaxy A21sMånad sedan

    Her sound is just 95% like billie wow

  • Bill Roadhouse
    Bill RoadhouseMånad sedan

    Literally anyone sings this song better than overrated whisper girl billie eyelash

  • Levi Nho
    Levi NhoMånad sedan

    I hate these who wait just a hight note from the personne

  • adzan yusuf
    adzan yusufMånad sedan

    I've listened to this song many times, still I'm not bored. until I searched for several versions, only this version made me feel comfortable as a music connoisseur.

  • Akber Elçi
    Akber ElçiMånad sedan


  • Gabrielė Bukauskaitė
    Gabrielė BukauskaitėMånad sedan

    I cant stop liseling to this

  • b c
    b cMånad sedan

    Make no mistake, you are the real deal. I love your rendition of this cover.

  • Juliana Muñoz
    Juliana MuñozMånad sedan

    Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh chicaaaaaa yo de jurada me hubiera puesto a llorar y hubiera ido a abrazarla qué increíble voz y qué extraordinaria interpretación

  • muuvimuumi
    muuvimuumiMånad sedan

    My soul hurts, so beautiful! And a gorgeous smile!

  • belbun
    belbunMånad sedan

    wow shes amazing and beautiful !!!!

  • Flo Hie
    Flo HieMånad sedan

    No personnality

    BOLOYOOMånad sedan

    That was pretty good. Usually The Voice is trash.

  • tolhupo merocceb
    tolhupo meroccebMånad sedan

    The ajar war postauricularly cause because kenneth exemplarily nod concerning a dear rocket. broad, quickest editor

  • Madame Grenouille
    Madame GrenouilleMånad sedan

    Her voice is like Billie Eillish, it's wrong if they make her famous because her voice is like another's singer. They have to make her because of herself

  • elif arıöz
    elif arıözMånad sedan

    0:35 that huhh oh my goddd

  • Dilara G
    Dilara GMånad sedan

    She is a wonderful great ı love it wonderful wonderful

  • Nadeeshani Gamage
    Nadeeshani GamageMånad sedan

    She is soo pretty

  • Radim Divácký
    Radim DiváckýMånad sedan

    Wait what how?!

  • Maher Ghanam
    Maher GhanamMånad sedan


  • Eko Damar Shaidin
    Eko Damar ShaidinMånad sedan


  • Aleyna Nurr
    Aleyna NurrMånad sedan

    I should've known I'd leave alone Just goes to show That the blood you bleed Is just the blood you owe I let it burn You're no longer my concern Faces from my past return Another lesson yet to learn That I'd fallen for a lie You were never on my side Fool me once, fool me twice Are you death or paradise? Now you'll never see me cry There's just no time to die No time to die No time to die Fool me once, fool me twice Are you death or paradise? Now you'll never see me cry There's just no time to die

  • Breef UA
    Breef UAMånad sedan

    Billie RIP

  • Débora Camara Costa
    Débora Camara CostaMånad sedan


  • Lolaaa
    LolaaaMånad sedan

    Im so obsessed with that control at 1:30

  • Lolaaa
    LolaaaMånad sedan

    Please tell me she chose the lady that saw her potential at the very beginning

  • Lolaaa
    LolaaaMånad sedan

    Please tell me she chose the lady that saw her potential at the very beginning

  • Simič Bobík
    Simič BobíkMånad sedan

    Wow i have goosebump... Amazing

  • gnbo
    gnboMånad sedan


  • Eng Structural
    Eng StructuralMånad sedan

    0:12 I love the way the female coach smile :)

    WHOAMI WHOAMIMånad sedan


  • Rifat FF Show
    Rifat FF ShowMånad sedan


  • Yasmina Lamarti
    Yasmina LamartiMånad sedan

    You look like cruella 😩😩

  • Reza Rishehri
    Reza RishehriMånad sedan

    She naturaly have chorus in her voice damn 🔥

  • Darkhan Kas
    Darkhan KasMånad sedan

    She is cruella!!!!

  • Burak Çetinkaya
    Burak ÇetinkayaMånad sedan

    0:54 how to shift gear properly. same sound. xd

  • Weronika 23
    Weronika 23Månad sedan

    Cruella 🙈

  • Eduardo Feitosa
    Eduardo FeitosaMånad sedan

    Marzano itagliana. Molto orgoglioso! 🇮🇹🇮🇹

  • Luccio sanchez
    Luccio sanchezMånad sedan

    that laugh ... oh my god

  • Faria Sanem
    Faria SanemMånad sedan

    I was a fan but after hearing this I'm a full airconditioner. It's not my own comment..but I love this voice madly

  • ~DreamSMP_TheUmbrellaAcademy~
    ~DreamSMP_TheUmbrellaAcademy~Månad sedan

    Is it me or does she looks like Melanie Martinez

  • universos contrario
    universos contrarioMånad sedan


  • universos contrario
    universos contrarioMånad sedan


  • Abdelali Belcaid
    Abdelali BelcaidMånad sedan

    Probably the best cover

  • Roshanak Ab
    Roshanak AbMånad sedan

    Her voice is just crazy. I think I like her version better than org

  • lamia_ lami
    lamia_ lamiMånad sedan

    Вау, красивый голос.

  • Paul Schwartz
    Paul SchwartzMånad sedan

    Just my opinion--from my perspective , when singers on these shows after being " chosen", smile, respond, react, etc., they're automatically taken " out of the moment" -they're no longer fully present with what they're doing and I find it distracting and it also makes me wonder--are you ( no one specific) an artist for the attention, for the validation, etc., or are you wanting to " make music" and express yourself, the music and communicate something beyond yourself?

  • Paul Schwartz

    Paul Schwartz

    Månad sedan

    @Maria Marzano Thanks for your response, Maria. Btw, I wasn't meaning to be critical or judgmental . My distraction isn't a problem-- from my perspective, your being distracted ( from the judge turning around) " caused" me to be distracted. Mirror neurons--read about them. ;) When you were initially " present" , I was too, I was " with" you. Imo, one thing that might help you in the future is asking yourself, " what will this give me.?" So, if /when you achieve your so-called dream, what will that give you? For how long? You're currently " known" in the public, singing on the Voice, what are you wanting your dream to be, beyond what it already is? And you sort of proved my point in regard to--what is the motivation of many artists? Is it all for themselves? Is it to share, to accomplish their dreams? To be selfless? Etc. I understand what your reaction is about--what you don't seem to understand is, you're attaching a meaning to their turning around, hence your reflex. There are many singers on the Voice, etc., that seem to be ONE with what they're doing ( In FLOW, present) that they don't even seem to notice when someone turns around. Wishing you the best, sincerely. And anything I'm expressing here is not meant to take away from your talent--I recognize that. I'm also a musician, not a perfect one, but a musician. :)

  • Maria Marzano

    Maria Marzano

    Månad sedan

    i reacted with a smile because, of course, in that moment, it meant that I was one step closer to achieving my dream. That it was "distracting" to you is your problem. Your mistake for not seeing that the reaction I made when one of the judge turned around was a reflex caused by pure happiness and surprise.

  • LJ dlpz
    LJ dlpzMånad sedan

    Who's here after watching Cruella✨

  • Maria Marzano

    Maria Marzano

    Månad sedan

    hahahah love that !!