Mach-E Suspension & High Voltage Wiring Compared to Tesla Model Y

Sandy brings in a couple of new characters to discuss suspension and HV wiring on the Mach-E.

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E E12: Suspension & HW Wire Comparison

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  • garycsfunlife
    garycsfunlife8 dagar sedan

    The only advantage I can see to that drop in style is conversion you want to take a fossil fuel driven motor take it out put an electric motor in this is the perfect setup it will fit in wherever you want it as long as you treat everything as if there was a motor in that car to begin with so I think this might just be them covering both bases for right now like you said it's their first swing they don't want to miss and I think this is a way of doing that and at the same time it's easier to do and more cost efficient because there's less tooling changing there's less machines they have to be converted to a different style this is still basically the same style so all of their current machinery can put this in place quite easily

  • Mookie
    Mookie22 dagar sedan

    Nyc had a flood this past week. I’m not expecting a jeep, but can this vehicle handle any level of water? Since it seems to be second best in every other category. Thank you for your breakdowns. The information is invaluable.

  • Macguy
    MacguyMånad sedan

    Looks like a hose nightmare at 11:00.

  • Joni English
    Joni EnglishMånad sedan

    WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL the FRANKENSTEIN HOSES @#!@#$!!$#^!#$$#~@%~@#% FORD !!! FIX OR REPAIR DAILY !!!!! another RETARDED DESIGN WELL DONE TESLA GOOD INSITE VIDEO GUYS !!!!!!!!

  • Manta Racer
    Manta RacerMånad sedan

    Tesla is good because they were able to get a head start and had a clean sheet of paper to start. It will take time for rest of industry to catch up... Kind of like the tortoise and the rabbit 🤣

  • Manta Racer
    Manta RacerMånad sedan

    It's easier and faster to modify than redesigning everything, Ford like most companies is squeezed by time to get it done asap, so it is what it is.

  • John Barker
    John Barker2 månader sedan

    Are you guys paid to shill for Tesla? I've watched quite a few of your videos and it's almost impossible to reach any other conclusion.

  • Johan Reed
    Johan Reed2 månader sedan

    Superb video guys! Been locked down in home office quarantine for long without any tear down events at work so I will enjoy a lot of the content in this channel.

  • Blue Planet
    Blue Planet2 månader sedan

    Clearly Tesla is a better built car. I know people nag and nitpick everything about minor panel gaps about Tesla but, important thing is the guts of the Tesla is built better than any EV out there

  • Nick B
    Nick B2 månader sedan

    What about Serviceability?

  • Ryan Peterson
    Ryan Peterson2 månader sedan

    I really like the grading system and the comparison to Tesla. Would love to see more of the grading system, using the Tesla score as the benchmark. Best video yet. Cory was outstanding!

  • Wrangler 9033
    Wrangler 90332 månader sedan

    Wow, this was eye popping. Sounds like Ford did a sloppy job putting this vehicle together with all the mix mash of mixed parts. I'd hate to be a mechanic working on this vehicle, if you had do a repair on it.

  • Paul Gracey
    Paul Gracey2 månader sedan

    What stood out to me, knowing that Ford management made a mid-project decision to make a performance car called a Mustang out of an in house bottom up EV design for a sedan was the very possibility that the front motor assembly might have replaced a hybrid version of that prosaic sedan in their line up. That would need the same front drive motor from some other Ford sedan from its Mexican and perhaps Brazilian operations as a drop in. The smaller but more elegant rear motor assembly could have propelled a compact family sedan just fine, as an EV with less performance and more range ability based on battery pack size variations. Tesla inspired them to make this the higher price point product it now is, and sedans for the North American market have been dropped except for Mustangs that the F-150 crowd will still want to buy in second or third childhood:)

  • SprungNickel
    SprungNickel2 månader sedan

    Ok, I subbed, More Cory and get your camera man to get in closer. I know what you look like Sandy. I don't watch your vids to see I want to hear you, and see what you're discussing, no watch you discussing it.

  • John Nemesh
    John Nemesh2 månader sedan

    Anyone buying a Mach-e needs to watch these videos 1st. I am kind of laughing at the people who pull the trigger on these pieces of garbage!

    JPMHIN2 månader sedan

    At least I would have preferred a RevoKnuckle (dual-axis strut) front suspension like the Focus RS

  • Ash S.
    Ash S.2 månader sedan

    "Commonization doesn't get you promoted." The excess and lack of refinement in their designs is sickening. The more I watch these the less I want a Ford. I have always wanted a Tesla but I need a Truck for work and im not sure the CyberTruck will fulfill my needs. I am excited for the f150 and I hope Ford get their act together.

  • Zohair Mazhar
    Zohair Mazhar2 månader sedan

    We are a team of 6 Engineers that leads the development of all HV Connectors at Ford. I quite enjoyed this video and we are always open to constructive criticism. Some points mentioned are totally accurate in the video but certain things are not as it's easier to point things out being an outsider. We work collectively as a team and are communicating day-in/day-out so there is no such thing as lack of communication. We do have suppliers building these connectors for us but they go through intensive DV, also the aluminum casting shield is to comply the EMC requirements as mentioned at 12:00. We will be working hard to improve the design in the near future.

  • Florencio Vela
    Florencio Vela2 månader sedan

    we visited there last Oct. & it was awesome.. i've ordered the tri motor fsd ct & i can't wait for it to get here!! I may buy the S or the Y in the meantime..i got lots of solar & back up battery system as well.

  • Katie Greene
    Katie Greene2 månader sedan

    A Subaru Forrester turning circle is crazy.....not sure how?

  • Katie Greene

    Katie Greene

    2 månader sedan


  • Katie Greene
    Katie Greene2 månader sedan

    Cory on get it.

  • piotr_ch
    piotr_ch2 månader sedan

    it looks like Tesla don't have a competition not only in production cars, but also in team and engineering!

  • Alex K
    Alex K2 månader sedan

    Please ask Sandy to stop hurting all the cats in his metaphors :)

  • Tim Powers
    Tim Powers2 månader sedan

    Somewhere there’s a disgruntled, young, bright Ford Engineer laughing his ass off as these guys completely destroy all the coworkers that never listen him.

  • jeff rosenberg
    jeff rosenberg2 månader sedan

    Thank you Sandy ! So glad I bought a TESLA and not a MACH E !

    ANTHONY XUEREB2 månader sedan

    Love how those connectors work and the safety lock, brilliant. Tesla has the advantage of thinking "electric vehicle" at the conception stage whereas Ford has to think "how do we convert a gas powered vehicle to an electric vehicle" which unintentionally compromises the design. I think one of the presenters said something to that effect.

  • John Gwynne
    John Gwynne2 månader sedan

    Please don't stand between the camera and the item you're discussing...

  • Mystery Meat
    Mystery Meat2 månader sedan

    My 2012 Toyota Tundra 4WD 2dr has a 19 ft turning radius. 39 ft for the Tesla?

  • Dennis Martini
    Dennis Martini2 månader sedan

    Moral of the story: why would anyone buy a FOMOCO Mustang Mach e over a Tesla? Not real bright. Inumerable reasons, yet stupidity wins out. Buy your ev from an ICE manufacturer? dumber than the proverbial doornail!

  • HiddenFootprint
    HiddenFootprint2 månader sedan

    Munro, you've built something special with this company. Your team is fantastic. Every employee on the camera so far was awesome. Congratulations, you are my role model.

  • Pink Elephants
    Pink Elephants2 månader sedan

    To use a rugby analogy; Southern Hemisphere Rugby playing nations are the best in the world because Down Under culture is one of cooperation and teamwork, therefore there's no me, myself, I; in our sports or anything else for that matter. But in Old World cultures, things have been well established for thousands of years & people haven't had the same need to cooperate to the same extent for a very, very long time; Ford versus Tesla. It's the same difference between an OEM & a young automotive manufacturer. If you're new & up against the big players, close cooperation is vital if you don't want the big dogs to eat out of your bowl as well as theirs. Tesla is young pup with a Down Under dog at the helm & he's brought his culture with him.

  • Pink Elephants
    Pink Elephants2 månader sedan

    It's very interesting to hear Cory note that there's no similarity with VW's MEB platform and that Ford seemed to walk away from the Rivian & VW hookups. I wonder if there were too many cultural differences between the three companies; perhaps Ford isn't that much of a team player.

  • BruceLeedar
    BruceLeedar2 månader sedan

    Al Steier looks like the kind of guy in a movie that is often off to the corner of the camera smoking and observing, and maybe says something inaudible to other characters, but is never addressed by name. Kind of like Cigarette Smoking Man from The X-Files, but with a more 80s vibe.

  • Sergiu Ilie
    Sergiu Ilie2 månader sedan

    Please present the parts from a reliability perspective, this is what we care about as consumers more than ease of manufacturing.

  • Johnny
    Johnny2 månader sedan

    Ford doesn’t want to have an efficient car. They want it to break, they need to satisfy the dealers and service centers!

  • John E. Carr
    John E. Carr2 månader sedan

    Another great video.

  • warmonked
    warmonked2 månader sedan

    Man, Tesla has some elegant enginering, yet they can't put a fuck'n body panel in correctly.

  • Pablo Mendez
    Pablo Mendez2 månader sedan

    Was this a Tesla advertisement?

  • cengeb
    cengeb2 månader sedan

    Plastic locking tabs fall apart, bolts and metal screws last....stop being such a proponent of fast ASSY....long term reliable, and serviceability mean more

  • cengeb
    cengeb2 månader sedan

    Vertical integration is a dead process, thus buying from common suppliers..BOSCH, continental, Mahle, Valeo, etc...Tesla making their own stuff will be a major issue as they age, and Tesla is out of business

  • cengeb
    cengeb2 månader sedan

    And not having common parts, means lack of spare parts when needed...thus Tesla has lousy parts and service ratings

  • cengeb
    cengeb2 månader sedan

    And how many complaints are there against Tesla about bad repair and service...? and lack of spare parts, and poor fit and finish. While real makers sell millions, Tesla is still struggling for a mere 500,000. Can't compare a hobby to real car makers

  • cengeb
    cengeb2 månader sedan

    400V is NOT hV..according to NEC now raised from 600V to 1000V is considered hV. Automobiles do not have hV, only in ICE with spark plug circuits

  • Prof Pigeon
    Prof Pigeon2 månader sedan

    Ahh the Old McPherson setup..I don't know whats going on but I love this

  • cengeb
    cengeb2 månader sedan

    So basically this entire guy is about making it cheaper....durability, means nothing. the love of snap in and on parts is just cheap mfg. techniques, not long term durability, or reliability. all the those plastic snaps go bad over a few years in hot and cold ..Tesla you know is still doesn't make a profit on products...VW is already #1 in Europe and it just started pushing out EV. Audi, Porsche, VW, Skoda, and on and on. Ford teamed up with VW, in order to survive the global vehicle market, which GM and Ford are irrelevant

  • Peter LeNoach
    Peter LeNoach2 månader sedan

    Great video overall. Glad to hear what Corey has to say. Would love to not be staring at Sandy's back, though 😉

  • andrewandersson
    andrewandersson2 månader sedan

    Really interesting video

  • Gedas Dukauskas
    Gedas Dukauskas2 månader sedan

    Those cowboy

  • RAF Fly
    RAF Fly2 månader sedan

    I used to be a Ford guy, then I got a Toyota, now I’m in a Tesla and there’s no going back !!

  • Ed Chartrand
    Ed Chartrand2 månader sedan

    Really enjoyed the live back and forth as they explored the engineering. Hope u continue this style in more videos

  • academ Knig
    academ Knig2 månader sedan

    Fascinating to have a glimpse into the EV industrial revolution through the eyes of the people who can see beneath the surface! Thank you, uncle Munro!

  • HazarJDM786 Hazar
    HazarJDM786 Hazar2 månader sedan

    I am Loving this content, very nice explanation by corey!

  • Munro Live

    Munro Live

    2 månader sedan

    Glad you enjoy it!

  • The Biker Bug
    The Biker Bug2 månader sedan

    So my take away from the Heat Pump analysis and the Wiring Analysis is that Tesla is head and shoulders ahead of everyone so far in the design and execution of their cars (what makes the car go), the only places that they were lagging a bit was in the Panel Gaps and Paint. So, the two things that are typically superior on the Legacy Brands. My Model Y is a December 2020 Build and is very good in Body Gaps (minimal defects), similar to my wife’s C Class Benz.

  • tucsonor
    tucsonor2 månader sedan

    This channel become better and better. Good education, pitty MBA's never will undertand it. Keep up the good work.

  • Munro Live

    Munro Live

    2 månader sedan

    Much appreciated

  • Amy Niemann
    Amy Niemann2 månader sedan

    Good job guys!

  • Thomas K
    Thomas K2 månader sedan

    Oh wow, Ford and VW signed the agreement to share MEB platform in June 2020. Old dude wonders how a car, presented in 2019, doesn't share a single part with VW. What the hell did you do in your life? I assume it had nothing to do with car development.

  • Thomas K
    Thomas K2 månader sedan

    If you're looking for wheels flying off on regular basis, you are looking for a Tesla. It's fascinating how a stock holding grandpa can 1. use Tesla as reference all the time and 2. is considered as an independend expert.

  • Groaznic
    Groaznic2 månader sedan

    Happy to see Ray Liotta got a tech VP job at Munro!

  • Munro Live

    Munro Live

    2 månader sedan

    Ha! Best comment so far.

  • Shawn Wise
    Shawn Wise2 månader sedan

    Different connectors for front and rear motors? Ford get you stuff together, you're making it to easy for Tesla. No wonder guys like me are tired of your shenanigans. My wife's expedition is in the shop due to factory wiring that was shorting the electronic due to a chaffed wires that happened from the factory!

  • Adam Honeycutt
    Adam Honeycutt2 månader sedan

    I really liked interplay of ideas/observations among the engineers. Good stuff!

  • jason goldenberg
    jason goldenberg2 månader sedan

    Metal connector may be for shielding the EMI from ac induction drive.

  • Jerome B
    Jerome B2 månader sedan

    I really like this guy. He seems to be very knowledgeable and I like his "energy"

  • Munro Live

    Munro Live

    2 månader sedan

    Thanks Jerome!

  • rwdplz1
    rwdplz12 månader sedan

    11:30 What this design tells us is 1) Ford did not put their best people on this, and 2) It looks like they designed it in such a way that Ford could put a gasoline engine in the car if they decide to drop the whole EV thing.

  • Christian Paquin
    Christian Paquin2 månader sedan

    The amount of stuff we learn from this channel is fantastic.

  • Andre juneau
    Andre juneau2 månader sedan

    Look how happy

  • Martin Scott
    Martin Scott2 månader sedan

    Rest assured Jim Farley is watching this episode. Things will look a lot different in future vehicles

  • Shan Rafnezden
    Shan Rafnezden2 månader sedan

    You rule guys!

  • Hillslam
    Hillslam2 månader sedan

    If only, with all their apparent design excellence and manufacturing magic, Tesla could get to a place where they're actually making money on every car they sell....

  • westmowgli


    2 månader sedan

    Right? Instead of losing ~$900+ on average per unit like they are at the moment.

  • Werner Engel
    Werner Engel2 månader sedan

    If Ford had bought Sandy’s report on the Model 3 they could have saved heaps. Stupid companies will have to pay the hard way.

  • westmowgli


    2 månader sedan

    betting Ford makes money on the Mach E before Tesla starts making profit on their cars. Tesla still loses money on every unit sold, and its been years. The Mach E is hot off the presses. If it weren't for carbon credit sales and crypto investing Tesla woulda been in the red last quarter. Gotta make your revenue from the product you make, not by playing on regulation markets and investment shenanigans. Tesla needs to stick around so we all benefit.

  • Commentator541
    Commentator5412 månader sedan

    Jesus Christ I am joining something like Tesla. I am done with these archaic companies.

  • towerace123
    towerace1232 månader sedan

    working on the tesla is a pain.. i would like to make the engineers remove and replace every part they design.. that would change a lot of stupid..

  • Chip Scardo
    Chip Scardo2 månader sedan

    I like this kid Cory!

  • Adrian Garcia
    Adrian Garcia2 månader sedan

    All the legacy automakers love to use boxes 😂

  • Adrian Garcia
    Adrian Garcia2 månader sedan

    It's crazy how much this can tell about the company

  • Daniel Nicholson
    Daniel Nicholson2 månader sedan

    Seeing the “Associates” improves the channel.

  • Damian Sco
    Damian Sco2 månader sedan

    Would be better if the camera was allowed to see exactly what was being referred to, instead of looking at the back of human bodies.( 5:51 for example)

  • mdubz101
    mdubz1012 månader sedan

    Seems like sandy doesn’t want to shit on Ford.. I get it but cmon bud. They clearly produce junk…

  • Tranel Hawkins
    Tranel Hawkins2 månader sedan

    Tesla vs Ford? Who’s thinking and who is blinking?

  • F C
    F C2 månader sedan

    The reason it’s a McPherson strut is because it started life using the Ford Fusion chassis, albeit highly modified. This notion that you can’t have a good ride with McPherson struts is ridiculous. BMW’s most popular vehicles use struts, NOT double wishbone (like Tesla). The BMW 3-series/4-series, X3/X4 all use struts and always have, as does a Porsche 911. You can have phenomenal handling and ride quality with a strut. It’s far cheaper to fix, easier to assemble and as mentioned it offers a tighter turning radius. I wish Sandy would stop saying “if you want a BMW ride you need to do what Tesla did…”

  • Chris Dees
    Chris Dees2 månader sedan

    Ingenuity? From a company that diluted their main halo moniker with an electric Sport Utility? The big three have been hanging by a thread for a very long time. Regardless of what the books say, most car makers today and very little latitude in the decisions they make for designs due to cost constraints from running a bloated, inefficient, multinational corporation in the middle of a global economic downturn. Switching to electric from internal combustion is going to be enough of a strain on their monolithic thinking. Ingenuity... LOL!

  • EV Tech
    EV Tech2 månader sedan

    It's 10% technology and 90% psychology - AND, these videos are 100% genius. Thank you Sandy!

  • Bike-Cave-Man
    Bike-Cave-Man2 månader sedan

    Vitesco (Continental) is a good supplier for the unit. Check out the EMR3 and EMR4 engines.

  • Randall Patkin
    Randall Patkin2 månader sedan

    Best combination having Corey join Sandy in videos. Very clear and gives succinct compare and contrast opinions.

  • Bike-Cave-Man
    Bike-Cave-Man2 månader sedan

    The fact that the inverter is not integrated in the front motor case is a huge facepalm to me. Even the EMR3 from Vitesco used in the Corsa-E, Kona, Peugeot e208, Ctirone C4 and more has the inverter integrated in the case. With the EMR4 the whole package even got smaller. Maybe Ford should just drop the whole R&D department and just buy of the shelf from Vitesco/Continental while they deliver better solutions regarding the whole integrated engine component.

  • SickOwlSyndrome
    SickOwlSyndrome2 månader sedan

    "Ford will “design and build at least one high-volume fully electric vehicle in Europe” using VW's MEB platform in 2023. Ford has confirmed it will “design and build at least one high-volume fully electric vehicle in Europe” using Volkswagen's Modular Electric Toolkit (MEB) platform within the next few years."

  • Geoff Morgan
    Geoff Morgan2 månader sedan

    Another Brilliant Video Munro Live - Tesla's attention to detail is magnificent - "The competition is coming" not unless they change their mindset will they even come close to Tesla's lead.

  • CarTender
    CarTender2 månader sedan

    Combination of experience, tutelage, and enthusiasm. Munro, are you hiring??

  • Mike M
    Mike M2 månader sedan

    How about a reaction video to rich rebuilds Tesla battery fix $700 vs $16000 and thoughts on right to repair movement.

  • Justin Fliss
    Justin Fliss2 månader sedan

    I wonder if the workers unions have a say in how quickly vehicles are allowed to be built.

  • Justin Fliss
    Justin Fliss2 månader sedan

    Saw all the headlines and thought maybe Ford made something good.... Nope :)

  • Ed Pin
    Ed Pin2 månader sedan

    You are giving away valuable secrets of the craft, i could say that the "Secret Sauce" is dripping off your mouth :p

  • MarkDHeilong
    MarkDHeilong2 månader sedan

    So great to hear Cory's perspective on engineering design in this episode. He's a natural! I know Ford will improve on the Mach-E with Munro and Associates' feedback and input but will Ford evolve like Tesla did? That's the big question. I think that's going to be difficult for them because "that's the way we've done it since forever" at Ford.

  • Brandon Fouts

    Brandon Fouts

    2 månader sedan

    Ford continual - every model year vs Tesla continuous - speed of thought improvements

  • Rob
    Rob2 månader sedan

    "comonality doesn't get you promoted". You just hit the nail on the head. Tesla has a different culture altogether.

  • David Morse
    David Morse2 månader sedan

    At last! The legendary and hitherto elusive Cory! What a dude! 👍🏼

  • Munro Live

    Munro Live

    2 månader sedan

    I promise to make a few more appearances. - Cory (this is actually Cory, I've been moderating comments since day 1)

  • Christopher Hart
    Christopher Hart2 månader sedan

    Great presentation. For future shows, is it possible to discuss more about the materials composition of the components in each sub-system being covered? E.g. Al is x% of total material in chassis with x% in suspension. Would be interesting!

  • Matthew Joerin
    Matthew Joerin2 månader sedan

    Great video! Would love to see more like this. Really enjoyed the discussion on suspension components & geometry, and on electrical connectors.

  • Munro Live

    Munro Live

    2 månader sedan

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Vorch
    Vorch2 månader sedan

    Another reminder that Munro's team are experts in car manufacturing and not design or tuning. The notion that a multilink suspension is automatically better is patently false. Modern BMWs with their complex suspensions have atrocious steering feel and Teslas handle poorly in anything other than a straight line unlike the Taycan which uses the same double wishbone front suspension geometry. Best modern car steering is in the Porsche Cayman and 911 which use (drum roll) struts with the 992 GT3 being the first front control arm setup.

  • Michael Mitchell
    Michael Mitchell2 månader sedan

    Well done again. Great stuff , keep it up

  • Paul Winter
    Paul Winter2 månader sedan

    Thanks guys, great info.🙂

  • Trick Pat
    Trick Pat2 månader sedan

    Hey Sandy the agreement VW and Ford was not for the MEB under he ID4 in North America. There are multi parts to their cooperation: - Ford will use MEB only in Europe for a smaller vehicle slotted below the MachE. - VW Amarok will be a truck built on the Ranger platform - they are co-developing 2 BEV van platforms. VW is working on the smaller one & Ford is working on the larger one. There was a lot of news around all of this two years ago if you wanted to read up on it. Or check with your old buddies at Ford. If you want more info on this platform you are working on you should ask them about the Lincoln and 2nd Ford crossover coming on it (CDX737/CDC474).

  • Trick Pat

    Trick Pat

    2 månader sedan

    This also explains why you thought the batteries were SK Innovation. They will making cells in Georgia for VW’s UD4 production in Tennessee and Ford’s F150 Lightning in Michigan. The MachE batteries are supplied by LG from their factory in Poland. This was mentioned when they announced that production for the first 12 months would be production constrained to 50,000 with 1/3 for North America and 2/3 for Europe due to the tougher emissions requirements there.