Lee Mack talks WILTY, Not Going Out, and introducing Peter Kay at his first stand up appearance

Rob’s Would I Lie To You? co-star, Lee Mack, talks about the time he performed at Britain's smallest theatre, the problems that come with bringing members of the audience on stage, and what it’s like to be part of the BBC’s currently longest running sitcom, Not Going Out.

The old friends also chat about the first time they met over 20 years ago, and how Rob went from cancelling his second appearance on WILTY, to becoming the host for the last 12 years!

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Rob Brydon is best known for his work on The Trip, Gavin & Stacey and presenting the BBC One comedy panel show Would I Lie To You?

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🎥 Edited by Greg Bernstein


  • Rob Brydon
    Rob Brydon2 månader sedan

    Listen to the full episode free and exclusively on Spotify: open.spotify.com/episode/1nycvs1z3gUQz5fwsVkndl

  • Ji Fan

    Ji Fan

    2 månader sedan

    Omg so excited about the tour with the 3 of you - come to Singapore please!!! 😃❤ Been the biggest fan of WILTY in this hemisphere since forever!!

  • soren3546


    2 månader sedan


  • studiowendy15


    2 månader sedan

    @Gareth Adams Right?!

  • Strangemagic


    2 månader sedan

    Thanks for this Rob. Looking forward to see the three of you on your next year. Keep us posted on venues and dates please.

  • dane311


    2 månader sedan

    U might want to tell Lee upfront that its not a good idea idea for his wife to do some naked ironing when ur interviewing him 😉

  • Filmswith T
    Filmswith T11 dagar sedan

    Loved this episode! You’re great together and I look forward to the tour 💫

  • Simon
    Simon16 dagar sedan

    1:25 "The irony being I don't know what to say." But at least he admitted it quickly.

  • Badger Tale
    Badger Tale16 dagar sedan

    Across the pond in America I have been watching comedy from you all and I just love it!

  • Pam MaHu
    Pam MaHu17 dagar sedan

    Lee should start You Chube.

  • Jack Stone
    Jack Stone17 dagar sedan

    It's definitely Tube not Chube

  • Don Romeo
    Don Romeo18 dagar sedan

    I never got into WILTY through Rob, and didnt really know of him until then (years ago now of course), but he is very classy, sincere and graceful whenever Ive seen him elsewhere than WILTY.

  • Don Romeo

    Don Romeo

    18 dagar sedan

    Also 'Might I just say', to quote Rob, that Lee not drinking is a very sad addition to the list of teetotaler tossers that I resent so much. Lee you dont belong to them, resist the dark side. Come back to us artistic fun yolo thinking folk. Even if you have to start with a ginger beer and a hand shandy, whatever that is. Then go non-manual, and then soon youll find youre fine with a couple pints of beer or cider. You dont have to hit the antibacterial soap and typewriter fluid, just a cider or two. An apple a day keeps the doctor away and all that. Teetotalers are frikking odd, and they turn into politicians. Do you want to turn into a polititian Lee? Do you??

  • BobbyLCollins
    BobbyLCollins23 dagar sedan


  • Chris Manley
    Chris ManleyMånad sedan

    I have just found these interviews and absolutely love them. Thank you.

  • anschiful
    anschifulMånad sedan

    lee mack has man breasts now wow nothing funny at all about that one

  • Thomas Heyes
    Thomas HeyesMånad sedan

    love Lee's Joker poster behind him

  • Ari Ana ©️
    Ari Ana ©️Månad sedan

    "YouChoob!" 🤣🤣🤣❤❤❤

  • Scorpio89v2
    Scorpio89v2Månad sedan

    Thank you so much for all the great moments on WILTY ❤❤

  • Carrington LeFayette
    Carrington LeFayetteMånad sedan

    Rob this was a truly brilliant interview. Beyond Hysterical. Melbourne Australia enduring 6th Lockdown. My heartfelt gratitude.

  • Jacky F
    Jacky FMånad sedan

    Oh Lee, just a few seconds in! Tchube isn't correct, it's adding a y sound that creates the 'correct' standard pronunciation. Tyube. Just think of how you say the letter u alone… "yu". Apologies if I've just duplicated a previous comment.

  • Beryl Pollard
    Beryl PollardMånad sedan

    Please explain Rob - it looks like very neatly applied carpet protection paper on your floor - no footprints or creases?

  • Carolyn Worthington
    Carolyn WorthingtonMånad sedan

    I’m American, and it is definitely SEblacks, not Youchube!

  • Serjan Burlak
    Serjan BurlakMånad sedan

    Dear Rob, where can we watch full videos? Spotify is audio only and it's much more interesting to see you both

  • Barry Island
    Barry IslandMånad sedan

    I claim the smallest theatre in the UK crown for Barry. The Small Space Theatre run by Jasper Blakely at 20 seats. I await the claims of any challengers.

  • Chris Drew
    Chris DrewMånad sedan

    comedy genius !!

  • Zaroff's Trophy Room
    Zaroff's Trophy RoomMånad sedan

    Lee Mack puts the pan and the dead, in dead pan. Rob Brydon rinses them out thoroughly.

  • Shabba Roo
    Shabba RooMånad sedan

    Wow that toe fungus ad though...eww

  • Paul
    PaulMånad sedan

    I like Lee, but Not Going Out is LAME.

  • rockchicbabe
    rockchicbabeMånad sedan

    What I love the most about this is that Rob got Lee into meditation. Beautiful friendship!

  • Good luck everyone
    Good luck everyoneMånad sedan

    There is a bloke a bit like you that does a lot of cruises

  • Clay Mor
    Clay MorMånad sedan

    Lord knows I’m not one to carp but the intro/outdo music is too loud and the chat is not loud enough. Rob is right about pronouncing’tube’.

  • Davestermatically
    DavestermaticallyMånad sedan

    I like Lee, but he always comes across as a bit rude and arrogant.

  • James Butler
    James ButlerMånad sedan

    SEblacks is American and every American I know says tube the way Rob says it.

  • C R
    C RMånad sedan

    And is there a Rob Brydon interview with Steve Coogan? As UK comedies go, The Trip is surely the funniest ever.

  • MyDandan11
    MyDandan11Månad sedan

    Lee Mack is legendary! Especially "not going out" needed new ribs after watching all them shows! 😂

  • Mr na
    Mr naMånad sedan

    Thanks for the laughs.

  • C J
    C JMånad sedan

    i’m Welsh and I say youchube!

  • Bitchute is better than Youtube
    Bitchute is better than YoutubeMånad sedan

    I think Rob is correct on Tube pronunciation, although i dont pronunce it as Chube, but tchube. A slight T sound combined with a CH. And im only now finding this out. I thought i was saying tube, as thats how its spelt!

  • Cathal Quinn
    Cathal QuinnMånad sedan

    43 seats! Mull Little Theatre, Dervaig

  • pc01
    pc01Månad sedan

    Why is “Not going out”on Australian TV?

  • scott never
    scott neverMånad sedan

    if not for WILTY I wouldn't have noticed Lee Mack, and I agree he is so quick witted

  • scott never
    scott neverMånad sedan


    BARDLEGMånad sedan

    It is tube though? Not Chube?

  • DAVE de Wit
    DAVE de WitMånad sedan

    Damn Rob i didnt knew you were so grey, was kinda hard to differentiate between the cabinet and your hair.But then i saw Lee's beard and he looks like Santaclaus so i guess you're doing okay. thanks for the content.

  • Dan Brown
    Dan Brown2 månader sedan

    Anyone who still works for the pseudo liberal totalitarian propaganda network the BBC always "sells out" Though I will admit this time it is I who have forced politics into an otherwise happy escape from the forced diet of Political Correctness. I guess I still remember a time when those who served dictatorial government combined with corporate power and a media that promoted their agenda, while calling for political opposition to be censored and vilified, were called fascists and not liberals or progressives. No, I'm not fun at parties but it doesn't matter because I don't mix in the elitist circle jerks where they are still possible because there are different rules than for the rest of us. Rob and Lee are probably nice guys, but they are intelligent enough to know what the BBC is all about and who they really work for.

  • Camn Sprencheria
    Camn Sprencheria2 månader sedan

    These are two of the funniest men on TV. My friend has a Tee shirt that says ‘ I am disappointed Lee Mack is straight, I don’t mind that David Mitchell is!’

  • Lee harry enty
    Lee harry enty2 månader sedan

    Both these guys make me smile. It's a win, win👍

  • Andy W
    Andy W2 månader sedan

    i say chube :)

  • james Richardson
    james Richardson2 månader sedan

    Lee mack is a comedy genius, not going out is just brilliant and so funny.

  • Jake Riese

    Jake Riese

    Månad sedan

    I think Lee is the only funny one on there until Toby came

  • John Amos
    John Amos2 månader sedan

    remember Lee hosting Gas, then in Not Going Out

  • ridvan harlicaj
    ridvan harlicaj2 månader sedan

    This was brilliant. Should've been an hour long at least.

  • Sarah Glover
    Sarah Glover2 månader sedan

    Guiness World Record for oldest pub in Britain is the Fighting Cocks in St Albans. Yes I live near St Albans!

  • tracboy80
    tracboy802 månader sedan

    Angus hosted 2 series? I thought it was just the first one...

  • Captain Chrispy
    Captain Chrispy2 månader sedan

    They're going on tour with WILTY? I hope they start off in the north of England and then Italy and then Spain and then Greece!

  • Freespeech
    Freespeech2 månader sedan

    Please tell me that you're not BBC liberal lefties like Mr Coogan.

  • Leanne Chung
    Leanne Chung2 månader sedan

    Do love Lee Mack! 💖💖💖

  • Andy S Morse
    Andy S Morse2 månader sedan

    Rob is correct ..Tube is NOT chube !

  • Britt Mattsson
    Britt Mattsson2 månader sedan

    I love WILTY, I’m a big fan watching it on SEblacks (or YouTjub?). I went all the way from Finland to your tour 2019, saw you in Brighton. Hard to get tickets and I can probably don’t do it again. But it was great

  • Sleep Walker
    Sleep Walker2 månader sedan

    Tara and I … not ‘me and Tara’!

  • Leigh Fiorentino
    Leigh Fiorentino2 månader sedan

    Canadians also say 'tube' not 'choob'.

  • Koito rob
    Koito rob2 månader sedan

    "We want to see what's behind the face behind the mask?" Would that be the back of the head?

  • Chokri Naceur
    Chokri Naceur2 månader sedan

    Looking forward to having David Mitchell on the show .

  • Eunos W
    Eunos W2 månader sedan

    The irony of lee coming up with something to say about the irony of him not knowing what to say

  • Jack Doe
    Jack Doe2 månader sedan

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  • flourchylde49
    flourchylde492 månader sedan

    Are we surprised that this episode is the most watched in this series? I think not. Lee Mack rules. OTOH, I would also love to see an episode with David Mitchell.

    THEPETERC12 månader sedan

    My mother's family were McKillops; ask Lee if he has family connections to Texas.

  • shaneweightman
    shaneweightman2 månader sedan

    Of the recent crop of comedians, both these two are great ,but that hair and beard are going grey buddy, just for men time l o l

  • David Mullen
    David Mullen2 månader sedan

    It's Not Tuna IT'S Chuuunaaa ( Burnistoun watch it)

  • L
    L2 månader sedan

    All the women who were denied opportunity.

  • LittleFluffy Bushbaby
    LittleFluffy Bushbaby2 månader sedan

    u-toob or u-choob. That has rocked my world. I love deep philosophical discussions. I'm seriously thinking of adopting ee-ow-toob. Obviously I need to sleep on it. It's a big decision. Once adopted you can't go back.

  • LittleFluffy Bushbaby

    LittleFluffy Bushbaby

    Månad sedan

    @billswifejo If that's all people judge me on then I'm probably getting off lightly and I'd be happy with that. If my pronunciation makes me an outcast then I guess I know I can find shelter in certain parts of Swansea or the USA. Not sure if it would qualify as grounds for an assylum claim in Swansea but Robert Jones might support my application as I am half Welsh. The bottom half.

  • billswifejo


    Månad sedan

    @LittleFluffy Bushbaby I was using ‘correct’ as being the standard English pronunciation that is described in the English dictionary. It would be the pronunciation that a non-English speaker would use as their reference when learning English. In the UK I’m not aware of any regional dialects where ‘ty’ is routinely replaced by ‘ch’. In my experience it is often a reflection of poor knowledge of English, which socially could be referred to as class. Well educated people from all over the UK would almost certainly say ‘tyube’ (single syllable, not tee-yube, which would be two syllables. Although I have travelled to both South Dakota and Alice Springs, it was long before the advent of You Tube. ‘Toob’ is how most Americans pronounce the word, and is the standard American pronunciation. You are, of course, at liberty to pronounce You Tube any way you want, but be aware that others may judge you for it! Good Luck.

  • LittleFluffy Bushbaby

    LittleFluffy Bushbaby

    Månad sedan

    @billswifejo Are phone ticks when you just keep dialing the same number for no reason? :)

  • LittleFluffy Bushbaby

    LittleFluffy Bushbaby

    Månad sedan

    @billswifejo So would that sound like "tee-yoob"? I have some further questions though... Wouldn't the correct pronunciation depend on what was considered 'correct'? Doesn't that imply that anyone with a regional accent (be it Scottish, South Dakota or Alice Springs) would be considered incorrect? Given that most people speak with some form of accent we are nearly all incorrect. If that is true, does that mean correct pronunciation is statistically incorrect? So is it wrong to be right? If that is right I'm going to start saying "yowt-oobay" and no one can touch me for it. Ha ha

  • billswifejo


    Månad sedan

    As an ex speech and language therapist, I would say the correct pronunciation is ‘tyoob’. (Apologies to any SLTs, I haven’t put it in phonetics)

  • Wandering Cowboy
    Wandering Cowboy2 månader sedan

    Would love a podcast of Rob and Lee

  • Rob Brydon

    Rob Brydon

    2 månader sedan

    Lucky for you there is! Listen to the full episode free and exclusively on Spotify: open.spotify.com/episode/1nycvs1z3gUQz5fwsVkndl

  • Colin Brown
    Colin Brown2 månader sedan

    Great Craic between two very funny and clearly good friends 👍

  • George Plays
    George Plays2 månader sedan

    by the way the sketch show was incredible

  • George Plays

    George Plays

    2 månader sedan

    and not going out is still pretty strong

  • George Plays
    George Plays2 månader sedan

    very funny Rob

  • Tyrone Whitehead
    Tyrone Whitehead2 månader sedan

    Great interview my favourite comedians carnt wait for not going out and love and went to all their shows including peter Kay loved the shovel peter had as a guitar fantastic

  • Artists in Depth
    Artists in Depth2 månader sedan

    Love WILTY - and Staying In :)

  • Terry Higson
    Terry Higson2 månader sedan

    Lee Mack, probs the best one liner machine in the business.

    GRANT KEARNEY2 månader sedan

    Thanks to Lee Mack for uploading all the Not Going Out episodes on SEblacks! Gold!

  • 2 månader sedan

    Both smart, hilarious, gorgeous men! ❤

  • B.R. Pearson
    B.R. Pearson2 månader sedan

    The quickest mind of anyone you have ever met? Get out more Rob - oops, we can't.

  • Pip Corteen
    Pip Corteen2 månader sedan

    Ahhh comic relief!

  • Ji Fan
    Ji Fan2 månader sedan

    Hahaa Rob DID pronounce it YouTOOOOOB. Instead of You-teeyou-b 😏 His pronunciation is always sus

  • nICK jONES
    nICK jONES2 månader sedan

    I just wanna know what was so fascinating out Lee's window? 😆

  • Maria Wake
    Maria Wake2 månader sedan

    Hi, I enjoy all your Programmes & Personae, but Lee, please shave that grizzled grey facial hair! It is totally unflattering and ageing!

  • Anthony Mitchell
    Anthony Mitchell2 månader sedan

    Ewww tewb.

  • LittleFluffy Bushbaby

    LittleFluffy Bushbaby

    2 månader sedan

    That's the version for sheep

  • emu cat
    emu cat2 månader sedan

    At last! a properly pointed brick wall.

  • Steve Wildes
    Steve Wildes2 månader sedan

    The longest running British comedy TV series is Last of the Summer Wine which ran for 31 seasons.

  • LittleFluffy Bushbaby

    LittleFluffy Bushbaby

    2 månader sedan

    No. Mr Steve. It just felt like the longest running series. Boom! Boom! Ha ha ha haaa

  • gasmanrus
    gasmanrus2 månader sedan

    I was in the audience for ‘Gas’. Was filmed in the studios in Wembley I think.

  • Sheba Sunday
    Sheba Sunday2 månader sedan

    I was going through pains while I contracted HEPATITIS B and then I came across how Dr IGUDIA on SEblacks used his medication to cure the sick and I decided to contact him and he actually cured me from my HEPATITIS B. You all can also contact him for help on any kind of disease on his SEblacks channel

  • Karthik Reddy
    Karthik Reddy2 månader sedan


  • Ray Looney
    Ray Looney2 månader sedan

    This is by far the best panel show I have ever seen. Rob, you're a fantastic host and your 2 boys really make us laugh. Lee Mack is incredible and I only watched his " wok around the clock " again last night for the millionth time.

  • Louis Stones
    Louis Stones2 månader sedan

    Should get Sally Bretton on

  • Lucy Summers
    Lucy Summers2 månader sedan

    I love both of these and especially WILTY!

  • Wylldflower
    Wylldflower2 månader sedan

    I love Lee…. But YouChtube!!?? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Mo Ghachame
    Mo Ghachame2 månader sedan

    Yeah, now you HAVE to get David Mitchell on this

  • D
    D2 månader sedan

    Lee, this is not the future….it’s the present.

  • LittleFluffy Bushbaby

    LittleFluffy Bushbaby

    2 månader sedan

    It was. Now you're living in the past. Or you were. Or are. Hmmm... Time is complicated isn't it.

  • D
    D2 månader sedan

    Lee …put your computer up higher so you are looking at us when you speak.

  • D
    D2 månader sedan

    At what age did you both realise you wanted to do comedy? Please answer separately…thanks

  • D
    D2 månader sedan

    That was going to be my question, when and how did you both meet.

  • D
    D2 månader sedan

    Keep up the great humour guys, you help lots of people get through COVID .

  • Rob Brydon

    Rob Brydon

    2 månader sedan

    That's the plan!

  • beeDUB75
    beeDUB752 månader sedan

    Would loooooove to see the show tour Australia, such a great show, always a big laugh. And you're right Rob, Lee's wit is lighteningly fast.

  • Mike Ey
    Mike Ey2 månader sedan

    Rob opens by trying to praise Lee and Lee opens by immediately criticizing Rob. 😂

  • Sasquatch Fever and Sons

    Sasquatch Fever and Sons

    2 månader sedan

    gotta love that Lee has a Joker poster

  • Nour Martinez
    Nour Martinez2 månader sedan

    Great Idea to make a podcast like this Rob! Bendigedig!

  • Nour Martinez

    Nour Martinez

    2 månader sedan

    @Rob Brydon Oh my lord, a reply from a favourite fellow Welshie, my heart can’t take it

  • Rob Brydon

    Rob Brydon

    2 månader sedan


  • Author Groupie
    Author Groupie2 månader sedan

    When are the three of you touring together? I would fly over from NY to see it. Binging 14 seasons of WILTY got me through the pandemic. The three of you are magic together.

  • pulpbabe
    pulpbabe2 månader sedan

    Fabulous episode!