KSI x Logan Paul - IMPAULSIVE | Behind The Scenes


  • hen ko
    hen koTimme sedan

    If True Geordie didn’t say “So you said you wanted to call someone out” NONEE and I mean None of this would’ve happened Shout out to my boy

  • Cillian Sheridan
    Cillian Sheridan4 timmar sedan

    Please do top 5 best ufc all time

  • Hedydd Ioan
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  • 0MissElizabeth0
    0MissElizabeth05 timmar sedan

    I think this is so great and gracious of you, to allow them to use your studio and to attend and just sorta let them do their thing. Good vibes man 🥰

  • hen ko

    hen ko

    Timme sedan

    Imagine a podcast wit all 3 of them?! Bro that would be so famous

  • Musicosis
    Musicosis6 timmar sedan

    Tyan Booth sent me here. Good find.

  • Ikra Saleh
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  • GuyLikeTy
    GuyLikeTy9 timmar sedan

    Watch Rate My Takeaway on SEblacks 😎😎

  • Haroon King
    Haroon King11 timmar sedan

    Brian would have made the podcast better

  • Steve D
    Steve D14 timmar sedan

    Sooooooo happy two faced Mike wasn't in it.

  • Jo
    Jo18 timmar sedan

    I just dropped a brand new single please give it a listen you wont be disappointed!!!!

  • jdsaunders12
    jdsaunders1219 timmar sedan

    I gotta say it again Mad respect to Logan for pulling it back! Like man I actually like this guy now!!! He’s actually a elite man now like how did this happen man!

  • jdsaunders12
    jdsaunders1219 timmar sedan

    It’s mad weird, been in an actual studio working, then seeing this work layout and how somewhat close it is, and how not too far off they are from an actual Tv talk show set up is insane.

  • R D
    R D20 timmar sedan

    Joe weller may have started the spark but if GEORDIE did not remind KSI to call out the PAWLLS their would be no FLAME

  • Mr. Satyre
    Mr. Satyre21 timme sedan

    Logan Paul is a woke pimple begging to be popped. What a mindless, virtue-signaling tool.

  • AAO Tube
    AAO TubeDag sedan

    Ksi: and US biggest star George: thank you 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hasith Ashan
    Hasith AshanDag sedan

    12:26 was jokes 🤣

  • Vikrant Jaswal
    Vikrant JaswalDag sedan

    logan paul is lot more matured and humble , its great to see you all together not bitching but being friends its all well when its end well so good to see this I hope one day jake paul follows logan's step

  • TheDiamondBow //TLB
    TheDiamondBow //TLBDag sedan

    Imagine a podcast wit all 3 of them?! Bro that would be so famous

  • Tae bae
    Tae baeDag sedan

    Yo the intro was sick

  • FTW Tech
    FTW TechDag sedan

    Several grammatical errors on screen

  • DiyaCake
    DiyaCakeDag sedan

    Even watching this again it's so wholesome seeing them get along and Geordie being able to get a photo without them fighting xD

  • Goatrazzi Family Tea
    Goatrazzi Family TeaDag sedan

    Impaulsive is the best podcast..

  • nah
    nahDag sedan

    This is wholesome guyss

  • Seungjoh Cho
    Seungjoh ChoDag sedan

    True Geordie allowed for an absolute banger of a podcast to occur. props to you man.

  • T K
    T KDag sedan

    Logan and KSI are both just thriving, and it’s amazing!

  • Alan Ch
    Alan ChDag sedan

    That was amazing u made something special in the story of the world thanks im glad that im alive to see it love 💕 🥲

  • shrags
    shragsDag sedan

    I feel like JJ is gonna cheat on simon with logan rn LMFAO

    DMFL TVDag sedan

    Impaulsive gets millions of views every episode 2-10 mill depending on video u don’t even break a mill how u second

  • Trisha Gaming
    Trisha GamingDag sedan

    Thanks for the upload

  • Jenny C
    Jenny CDag sedan

    wholesome. so fucking wholesome.

  • Samuel Li-A-Sam
    Samuel Li-A-SamDag sedan

    Best video I have seen all year that podcast!!

  • Weemitoad
    WeemitoadDag sedan

    I didn’t expect it, but George is fucking hilarious.

  • hUdCJhUd
    hUdCJhUdDag sedan

    You've got to love it

  • Jeoq
    JeoqDag sedan

    Then after you said "we forgot to record"

  • cnmmd qiuoo
    cnmmd qiuooDag sedan

    9:42 Geordie looks like a proud father that got his kids to stop fighting

  • Adebayo Tosin
    Adebayo Tosin2 dagar sedan

    You can't deny it. JJ brings bare viewwwwsss.....

  • Joe willock the goat

    Joe willock the goat

    Dag sedan

    Bare, not bear mate that’s a animal

  • Eric Miguel
    Eric Miguel2 dagar sedan

    Logan going for the Shake and Geordie going for the Hug

  • Abel Maldonado
    Abel Maldonado2 dagar sedan

    I looked at the thumbnail and thought that was big show from WWE

  • edg810
    edg8102 dagar sedan

    I still can't believe this is the same crazy bastard who I used to watch review/recap Newcastle's and the rest of the PL league's games. I even remember when he tried playing Fifa CM and he sucked, financial takeover and everything and he just kept losing lol. Brian, it's so good to see how far you've come and get the success you achieved all while doing something you love and enjoy.

  • cnmmd qiuoo

    cnmmd qiuoo

    Dag sedan

    JJ's new vocabulary: "likewise" 😂 hehe xD

  • Silva Sends
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  • Silva Sends
    Silva Sends2 dagar sedan

    these two move the internet

  • kevin hobbs
    kevin hobbs2 dagar sedan

    True geordie? More like true bellend

  • Connor B
    Connor B2 dagar sedan

    Can’t believe Austin thinks that Logan doesn’t have enough cred to fight Austin.

  • Connor B

    Connor B

    Dag sedan

    @Abdul Ghufran he said it to the Hollywood fix a couple days ago.

  • Abdul Ghufran

    Abdul Ghufran

    Dag sedan

    lol i never heard that, but logan would destroy him bad

  • Arjit Kushwaha
    Arjit Kushwaha2 dagar sedan

    It was good to ksi to admit that he might have lost if 2 points was not deducted

  • Sasha Rodenacker
    Sasha Rodenacker2 dagar sedan


  • DerpL
    DerpL2 dagar sedan

    Logan and George are very fckin funny

  • No Cap Barnz
    No Cap Barnz2 dagar sedan

    I'm telling my kids True Geordie was the biggest podcast channel of our time

  • Dimitri Caras
    Dimitri Caras2 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one who thinks Logan had redeemed himself

  • Max Hax

    Max Hax

    11 timmar sedan

    He is a totally different person now

  • Victory


    Dag sedan

    From what ? From filming dead people hanging from a tree? That scandal was a farce imo. He brought attention to that forest and got hate for it

  • TheMozez10
    TheMozez102 dagar sedan

    So happy George is getting the recognition

  • Basit Jrjr
    Basit Jrjr2 dagar sedan

    Imagine if Logan moved to London

  • yuitr loing
    yuitr loing2 dagar sedan

    JJ's new vocabulary: "likewise" 😂 hehe xD

  • aiden young
    aiden young2 dagar sedan


  • Ambler Productions
    Ambler Productions2 dagar sedan


  • Chris
    Chris2 dagar sedan

    mad respect for 3 gladiators and gentlemen

  • Theazy Hunnit
    Theazy Hunnit2 dagar sedan

    I know they all casuals when they think he did better than Conor. lol. He also fought an older Floyd as well tho, also was a lot taller and bigger than conor is. lol. Just amateurs talking casual talk. Typical . Lol. Logan didn’t do anything tho but clinch up and throw his long dumb jab that never lands

  • yuitr loing

    yuitr loing

    2 dagar sedan

    Hola a todos bendiciones 🕉🕉☯️☮️☯️🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉

  • Liam Noonan
    Liam Noonan2 dagar sedan

    Logan is actually a sound guy

    JAYP KING2 dagar sedan

    They need to be best friends id watch their content together forever

  • exokings
    exokings2 dagar sedan

    Logan has genuinely changed so much Very proud of him and so glad he and JJ are friends now

  • נועם שטרית שמאי
    נועם שטרית שמאי3 dagar sedan

    You fucking love to see it

  • Ashtin Tracy
    Ashtin Tracy3 dagar sedan

    Bro do you need ship the picture to Logan’s because I noticed he didn’t take it with home

  • TheApple411
    TheApple4113 dagar sedan

    Let’s be honest, it’s hard to be enemies when you made millions of dollars off each other

  • Clementine
    Clementine3 dagar sedan

    Geordie gives Logan one gift and instantly beat Mike with his famous gift

  • Cypto mania
    Cypto mania3 dagar sedan

    Dislike for the add in the beggining.. so obnoxious i'm not even invested in the content yet..

  • Cypto mania

    Cypto mania

    3 dagar sedan

    I watched it and turned it to a like... good video lol...

  • DetÄrHan DuVet
    DetÄrHan DuVet3 dagar sedan

    So mutch hair......

    KARANJIT SINGH3 dagar sedan

    Lol amazing video

  • Relaxing Times
    Relaxing Times3 dagar sedan

    Hola a todos bendiciones 🕉🕉☯️☮️☯️🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉

  • Aaquib Elahi
    Aaquib Elahi3 dagar sedan

    If you want to top this just bring pewdiepie with ksi and logan

  • Arnav Gandhi
    Arnav Gandhi3 dagar sedan

    12:31 was the best moment AHHAHA

  • Brad Styles
    Brad Styles3 dagar sedan

    Logan Paul vs Joe Rogan either in boxing or an MMA arena, who wants to see the 2 top American podcasters clash and discuss it!? 😯

  • yohn
    yohn3 dagar sedan

    this was the perfect episode to not have mike on

  • Ross Lee Music
    Ross Lee Music3 dagar sedan

    Quality podcast! Great to see these guys respecting each other, they need to do more vids together!

  • TheGreekGuyNL
    TheGreekGuyNL3 dagar sedan

    This is so weird seeing them liking each other. I enjoy that!

  • Melroy Lobo
    Melroy Lobo3 dagar sedan

    Headphones color, KSI white n Logan black🤔

  • MKAY
    MKAY3 dagar sedan

    They should do a song together

  • Derapy
    Derapy3 dagar sedan

    12:39 bro 😂😭❤️

  • Nabeel Farooqui
    Nabeel Farooqui3 dagar sedan

    that was such a good podcast

  • Max B
    Max B3 dagar sedan

    If True Geordie didn’t say “So you said you wanted to call someone out” NONEE and I mean None of this would’ve happened Shout out to my boy

  • Νικος λαζαριδης
    Νικος λαζαριδης3 dagar sedan

    8:20 best part

  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron Smith3 dagar sedan

    This honestly warms my heart

  • nijuo joing
    nijuo joing3 dagar sedan

    If JJ fights Austin next I really want to see Logan in his corner 😂

  • Mopomies Mopomies
    Mopomies Mopomies3 dagar sedan


  • graine12345
    graine123453 dagar sedan

    True Geordie is such a good dude

  • Fraser Smith
    Fraser Smith3 dagar sedan

    What nice guys, I’m shocked but this was humbling

  • Benjamin Olwal
    Benjamin Olwal3 dagar sedan

    The podcast was better than the ksi show for 18 pounds less

  • nijuo joing

    nijuo joing

    3 dagar sedan

    Fatneek and Logan are getting along. Also shoutout the crew on these, the videos are always top class

  • ShoHasEyes
    ShoHasEyes3 dagar sedan

    It's good to see the two having fun and not brewing a shitstorm

  • jj saam
    jj saam3 dagar sedan


  • Furin Furetto
    Furin Furetto3 dagar sedan

    I hope this is the start uf a uk-us connection on yt. So much potential there

  • clayton chen
    clayton chen3 dagar sedan

    bro idk why at 0:40 he sounds exactly like morgz's mom

  • Lilĺy Wade
    Lilĺy Wade3 dagar sedan

    I love this 100 x

  • Regdu Geht
    Regdu Geht3 dagar sedan

    JJ's new vocabulary: "likewise" 😂 hehe xD

  • raqstar m
    raqstar m3 dagar sedan

    Pure respect for ksi and Logan.

  • Nathan Tello
    Nathan Tello3 dagar sedan

    Amazing piece of content! Very well done

  • Whitefang X
    Whitefang X3 dagar sedan

    I always like seeing ksi and logal paul in the same room 😆🤣

  • Jay Roc
    Jay Roc3 dagar sedan

    Damn, this video made me smile so hard

  • Regdu Geht

    Regdu Geht

    3 dagar sedan

    JJ made Logan humble, make him make Jake humble

  • Lacoste TN
    Lacoste TN3 dagar sedan

    the god damn podcast felt like butter

  • BilliamTrillion
    BilliamTrillion3 dagar sedan

    Jake needs to get humbled and come back down to earth like Logan did. Its made him a much better person and he's earned a lot of people's respect because of it. Happy our Fatneek and Logan are getting along. Also shoutout the crew on these, the videos are always top class

  • Setsuna
    Setsuna3 dagar sedan

    amazing stuff

  • BarnOwlLegend
    BarnOwlLegend3 dagar sedan

    Typical Newcastle lol

  • Vishal Neelan Pinto
    Vishal Neelan Pinto3 dagar sedan

    Those hating on ksi or Logan don't realize that this is always gonna be remembered in social media history , and both are massively hardworking and successful.