Korean Soul Sings an AMAZING Cover of "All My Life" - America's Got Talent 2021

WOW! Korean Soul might surprise you with this cool rendition of "All My Life" by K-Ci \u0026 JoJo.
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Korean Soul Sings an AMAZING Cover of "All My Life" - America's Got Talent 2021

America's Got Talent


  • Forever Young
    Forever Young17 minuter sedan

    So beautiful they’re !

  • thomas supan
    thomas supan34 minuter sedan

    If they covered when the party’s over I’d die

  • Shooting Star
    Shooting Star35 minuter sedan

    They look like us from NE

  • Londonlove120
    Londonlove12036 minuter sedan

    Understood the assignment 👏🏾

  • Sieren Tokiio
    Sieren Tokiio45 minuter sedan

    I omfg! They are amazing!

  • 위풍당다라당
    위풍당다라당57 minuter sedan

    한국인 되기 험난하네.. 저번주엔 노래, 이번주엔 태권도까지..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Hisyamuddin Aris
    Hisyamuddin ArisTimme sedan

    Bye bye KPOP hahaha this is the best R&B Soul Group

  • /\l· Ζδ
    /\l· ΖδTimme sedan

    와우 넘멋져요😘😍 달콤행

    TWINS GAMING PH TVTimme sedan

    Dapat eto sumikat hindi mga BTS Biot

  • ayu putri
    ayu putriTimme sedan

    Westlife from Korea 😍😍😍 love it

  • El Matador
    El MatadorTimme sedan

    This is the real boy band that today's world needs 🙏

  • Leonor
    LeonorTimme sedan

    This was just unbelievable. And I had never heard this song before (I'm kinda young lol) but I loved it. Their voices match it so well.

  • Lexi Knight
    Lexi KnightTimme sedan

    Wow... just wow

  • Daryll Tipay
    Daryll TipayTimme sedan

    Aabangan ko to! ❤❤❤ Go Korean Soul! 😘😘😘

  • Keishia Changii
    Keishia ChangiiTimme sedan

    This was i was not expecting at all 👌👌👌👌

  • El
    ElTimme sedan

    Loved them! Real talents!

  • Sandra Dosh
    Sandra Dosh2 timmar sedan

    Old style of music

  • K터미네이터
    K터미네이터2 timmar sedan

    I felt more their love to her than original. Absolutely! different song?!(^.^)

  • Preciouz Taglinao
    Preciouz Taglinao2 timmar sedan

    Goosebumps to the guy wearing white pants 😍

  • Tricia Velasco
    Tricia Velasco2 timmar sedan


  • capone ENERVIT
    capone ENERVIT3 timmar sedan

    gogo k soul... soul soul

  • Poybe Krista.S
    Poybe Krista.S3 timmar sedan

    Oohh God ❤❤❤❤

  • Richard Awayan
    Richard Awayan3 timmar sedan

    This is the true kpop

  • Mona Liza Merayon
    Mona Liza Merayon3 timmar sedan

    wow !! it's really a big oppotunity that you came to AGT .. the whole world is watching you guys ! love the performance !!! fighting !!! KOREAN SOUL FIGHTING !

  • Xanthe Johnson
    Xanthe Johnson4 timmar sedan


  • Casluck Shazy
    Casluck Shazy4 timmar sedan

    This is simon's tippa thing you do well hes definitely signing you

  • RediOfficial
    RediOfficial4 timmar sedan

    Reminds me the 90 s whitch was the best area for boy bands guys amazing

  • _3z5i_
    _3z5i_4 timmar sedan


  • RediOfficial
    RediOfficial4 timmar sedan


  • jeniffer hashizume
    jeniffer hashizume4 timmar sedan

    Hi! Korean Soul your all amazing!!cant wait to hear your group sing I’ll Make Love to You by Boyz II Men🙏 hengunul-beegeyo!

  • John De Guzman
    John De Guzman4 timmar sedan

    OMG ! Hearts ❤️❤️❤️ from the Philippines.

  • 코쓱머쓱
    코쓱머쓱5 timmar sedan

    잘하긴 하는데 그정돈가,,

  • Forever Young

    Forever Young

    12 minuter sedan

    그게....현장음과 여러단계를 거친 기기음 출력엔 큰 차이가 있어요. 감안해서 들으면 심사위원들의 의견이 많이 참고할만 합니다. 현장사운드의 배반이죠.

  • Moduga Sarang

    Moduga Sarang

    Timme sedan

    저도 막귀라서 잘 모르겠네요 ㅎㅎ

    Human BEING PEACEANDLOVE5 timmar sedan

    Amazing performance only thing I would work on is they have a bit of a monotone harmony as they all are close to the same tone and range. They need to find that sound that differentiates, yet brings a smooth harmony.

  • Hailey Ann
    Hailey Ann5 timmar sedan


  • Christine “Chic” Chicano
    Christine “Chic” Chicano5 timmar sedan

    We need this version on Spotify PUHLEASE

  • NuclearShot
    NuclearShot6 timmar sedan

    America ran out of talent.

  • julius cercado
    julius cercado6 timmar sedan


  • Chantal
    Chantal6 timmar sedan

    진짜 멋있어요🤯🤧

  • lisa 07
    lisa 077 timmar sedan

    OMG OMG OMG, amaaziiinggg, no words cant tell how amazingggg!!! proud and pray from asia

  • Daily Gamer 006
    Daily Gamer 0067 timmar sedan

    That just gave me goosebumps 🔥

  • J C

    J C

    3 timmar sedan


  • Seri Barus
    Seri Barus7 timmar sedan

    Feeling nostalgic.. back to 90's boyband

  • June Ariel Bautista
    June Ariel Bautista7 timmar sedan

    Watching from Seoul 🇰🇷 Seoultan Kudarat Phils.🇵🇭

  • David Cain
    David Cain7 timmar sedan

    Absolutely amazing 👏

  • Arnold Xavier
    Arnold Xavier9 timmar sedan

    It is indeed so good to know that Korean Soul has come around! Heard them performing Gospel songs as well. I'm reminded of the, Back Street Boys! Request you not to disappear after getting famous and rich!!!!!!!!!! God bless you guys. Loads of love and good wishes from India.

  • A
    A9 timmar sedan

    Korea's Got Talent!

  • Mardina Alycia Marakus
    Mardina Alycia Marakus9 timmar sedan

    I love this ❤❤❤

  • AVEX
    AVEX10 timmar sedan

    They are giving off "솔리드 (Solid)" vibes.

  • helen llera
    helen llera10 timmar sedan

    This means so much talent from the south korean artists kudos

  • Prajin Thakali
    Prajin Thakali10 timmar sedan

    Hahaaa worst👎

    YAMRAAJ10 timmar sedan


  • Jennifer Beck
    Jennifer Beck11 timmar sedan

    Goosebumps their harmony is amazing

  • Doug Flynn
    Doug Flynn11 timmar sedan

    Korea's 98 degrees

  • john hoffman
    john hoffman11 timmar sedan

    Great Job!!! Damn I luv the S. Korean culture and food and shows and you guys are did your country proud!! I am now a new fan 👍👍

  • Kines Lee
    Kines Lee11 timmar sedan

    Best Corona soul

  • Forever Young

    Forever Young

    10 minuter sedan

    Are you crazy?

  • Moduga Sarang

    Moduga Sarang

    Timme sedan

    Are you kidding?

  • Marty Ningsih
    Marty Ningsih12 timmar sedan

    I love them sooooop much...🤩😍💙💙

  • J C
    J C12 timmar sedan

    Amazing!! Bravo!!!!!!! 🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Gracya Helena
    Gracya Helena13 timmar sedan

    Dont talk to me, im crying bcs their voice rn 😭

  • Big Bird
    Big Bird13 timmar sedan


  • SuZen Cho

    SuZen Cho

    11 timmar sedan

    "Big Bird" lol

  • J D
    J D13 timmar sedan

    I don’t know if you guys noticed, covid time changed Simon. He is giving a lot of positive comments to performers.👍

  • Vivian Evans

    Vivian Evans

    7 timmar sedan

    JD I have to agree. It appears that Simon has mellowed over the last year or so. Covid, being a father, perhaps the producers have spoken to him; Who knows, he is less critical and brash.

  • Sammy Ytube
    Sammy Ytube14 timmar sedan

    Give it up for my Asian group!!

  • minh nhật
    minh nhật14 timmar sedan


  • E I
    E I14 timmar sedan

    They’re so in sync and how they flawlessly paused to let him sing that “God”note was so on point. I love them

  • Toomuchlaffing
    Toomuchlaffing14 timmar sedan

    South Korea has so many talented voices and artists it's insane. as someone who's been a kpop/kdrama fan for like 15 years i'm glad to see the recognition

  • Proxima Centauri

    Proxima Centauri

    2 timmar sedan

    They literally have Sohyang in Korea. She's like God tier in singing.

  • Trinh Nguyen

    Trinh Nguyen

    6 timmar sedan

    Not only South Korea, but China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.. all have talented artists too. But sadly, they just don’t get as much exposure as Kpop and K drama do.

  • Keanu Reeve

    Keanu Reeve

    9 timmar sedan

    You can download hangout or Skype OK.

  • MinZ


    9 timmar sedan

    Btw we changed the topic of the main comment lol

  • MinZ


    9 timmar sedan

    @Keanu Reeve sorry but i use only discord

  • jayes barmen
    jayes barmen16 timmar sedan

    The vulgar grade histochemically rot because shadow aesthetically prevent concerning a magnificent step-brother. equable, labored tip

  • rosie dao
    rosie dao16 timmar sedan

    Chilllsssss from the harmony nd runss

  • Winston McCurley
    Winston McCurley16 timmar sedan

    Tag yourself I'm Sophia Vergara at 1:53

  • earlinaツ
    earlinaツ16 timmar sedan

    haha funny how one direction was playing in the background 👀

  • Emmett Roy
    Emmett Roy17 timmar sedan

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  • moodyindigo
    moodyindigo17 timmar sedan

    I have this on repeat now!!! Love the end scene with the group hug. They seem very humble and sweet. Rooting for these talented guys!!

  • Sol Jimin7
    Sol Jimin717 timmar sedan

    AS SOON AS THEY SAID KOREANS i knew they would blow everyone away. There is something special about koreans and their magical VOICES MAN🥲🥲😭🌸💜

  • Kelvin Gwakisa
    Kelvin Gwakisa17 timmar sedan

    2:37 chillls literall chills

  • Blade Owens
    Blade Owens17 timmar sedan

    America loves you guys...... I know the world is going to love you as well.

  • Mosopefoluwa Kesha
    Mosopefoluwa Kesha17 timmar sedan

    This is so effortlessly beautiful. The harmony 😍

  • Indira Simanungkalit
    Indira Simanungkalit18 timmar sedan

    Beyond proud! Go shine bright! ❤️

  • BGK
    BGK18 timmar sedan


  • Moduga Sarang

    Moduga Sarang

    Timme sedan

    They do not unificate s.korea and n.korea. i am sad as a korean.

  • Happy Opel
    Happy Opel18 timmar sedan

    😲 😲 Love all of them ❤️

  • Jolien's Di&Deco
    Jolien's Di&Deco18 timmar sedan


  • Debora Tereza
    Debora Tereza18 timmar sedan

    UAUUUUUUUUUUUUUU 😍😍😍😍😍❤️👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • esther wiskel
    esther wiskel19 timmar sedan

    I would have pressed the button and brought down the glitter👏👏👏👏👏BRAVO🥰👍♥️ GREAT Sophisticated performance.👏👏👏👏

  • Lusanda Pearl Nhlangulela
    Lusanda Pearl Nhlangulela19 timmar sedan

    This is super amazing..saw this on tik Tok...thought I should come and check the whole video this side..🥺🥵the goose bumbs you guys gave me....I'm telling you I'm feeling crawls all over my body

  • maradi lusigi
    maradi lusigi19 timmar sedan

    Daaamn,,my LORRRRD

  • Franc Cocoy Onigi
    Franc Cocoy Onigi19 timmar sedan

    Simon have popoo in his pants

  • Deby Nash
    Deby Nash20 timmar sedan

    Wow ! LOVE them !

  • Susanne Cunningham
    Susanne Cunningham20 timmar sedan

    Omg 😍😍😍😍

  • Warren Filer
    Warren Filer20 timmar sedan

    Nailed it🇬🇧humble and talented, that’s why it comes over effortlessly.

  • Cassie
    Cassie21 timme sedan


  • Rachel Welch
    Rachel Welch21 timme sedan

    They're really good! ❤

  • Gerald Carillo
    Gerald Carillo21 timme sedan


  • Cassie


    21 timme sedan

    All has been said. This is just superb performance. Their group is definitely top notch. Surely they still had more to offer.

  • Judith Mac Donald
    Judith Mac Donald21 timme sedan


  • Odette Passé coutrin
    Odette Passé coutrin21 timme sedan

    Félicitations bravo bravo 🥰😇💯🤩😋❤🤩😋🥰💜

  • christman datubara
    christman datubara21 timme sedan

    Mantab kali bah

  • Ranniel’s World of Adventures
    Ranniel’s World of Adventures22 timmar sedan

    What a surprise!

  • tuhiata SNOW
    tuhiata SNOW22 timmar sedan

    tellement beau ils sont trop TOP TOP TOP

  • Reggie Pranoto
    Reggie Pranoto22 timmar sedan

    Finally I found korean boy band that can really sing! Their harmonies are amazing.

  • elvin rosetes
    elvin rosetes22 timmar sedan

    Better than smooth butter

  • Evan Chan
    Evan Chan23 timmar sedan

    Even Usain Bolt couldn't catch those runs. So silky smooth!

  • MN Ruttley
    MN Ruttley23 timmar sedan


  • kat
    kat23 timmar sedan

    please record and release this cover!!

  • loyd loyd
    loyd loyd23 timmar sedan

    Amazing blend! Fighting!🙏

  • CT Epps
    CT Epps23 timmar sedan

    Such a great tribute to an R&B classic