Koenigsegg Jesko - Full Walkthrough


    HATECELL12 minuter sedan

    Hearing that engine almost takes away the sadness of knowing I'll probably never be able to afford one

  • Michael Örbom
    Michael Örbom15 minuter sedan

    Hes a modern genius. And his team of course. Amazing stuff!

  • Marc
    Marc31 minut sedan

    My god, I need this car.

  • k Huayra
    k HuayraTimme sedan

    When he was giving the interior tour, it feels like I was receiving my Jesko :') I know where all the buttons and functions of the car without having one

  • Mariusz Arszylo
    Mariusz ArszyloTimme sedan

    One day I will be able to not only drive a Regera but own one. You sir are a genius.

  • kavalagraffiti
    kavalagraffitiTimme sedan


  • Dominik Stocker
    Dominik StockerTimme sedan

    I rly love this man.. thx to koenigsegg for killin it again!!!

  • DavidGP
    DavidGPTimme sedan

    I wonder whether he can afford one himself

  • fireoil
    fireoilTimme sedan

    We live an era witch Mr Koenigsegg is the XXI century legacy to Carol Shelby in a way, an it will be remembered legendary as well for sure. Hope he will go into racetrack !

  • Locos Life
    Locos Life2 timmar sedan


  • Madhav Trivedi
    Madhav Trivedi2 timmar sedan

    christian is an inspiration for every dreamer

  • yo dad
    yo dad2 timmar sedan

    That car has aids .hep c and covid delta ..it's one seriously sick car

  • AndreasKuehn
    AndreasKuehn3 timmar sedan

    the shifting seems unreal. congratulations!

  • Sunkhee Bhudda
    Sunkhee Bhudda3 timmar sedan

    Jesko is the most sexiest looking car on planet Earth. Change my mind!

  • Thandeka Nxumalo
    Thandeka Nxumalo3 timmar sedan

    I love you design it's is cool and l am a kid from Africa I have a design that I have been working on

  • Ryan Ingram
    Ryan Ingram3 timmar sedan

    He's gone mad!! Haha

  • nouiikou
    nouiikou3 timmar sedan

    It's so beautiful it almost looks like CGI.

  • 김철호
    김철호4 timmar sedan

    Jaguar xk150, xj13, cx-75, xkss,x type It would be good to make it with reference. It is a good design to make and sell the same. I don't know why Jaguar doesn't make it these days. I hope other brands make it and make design history.

  • Edith Boyo
    Edith Boyo4 timmar sedan

    Christian:still need a little bit of fine tune. Everyone:that car is already mad as hell

  • Mizztah_ D
    Mizztah_ D4 timmar sedan


  • Lucifer M
    Lucifer M4 timmar sedan


  • Arjun Narayanan
    Arjun Narayanan4 timmar sedan

    Am I the only one who wishes to see a face 2 face talkshow between Christian & Elon musk. 😁🔥

  • Afnan
    Afnan5 timmar sedan

    It's like a video game

  • apeX predatoR
    apeX predatoR5 timmar sedan

    We love you christian 🔥💙

  • Lim Peh
    Lim Peh5 timmar sedan

    LIKED the video the moment i saw this orange spec. looks damn gorgeous!

  • mclovin 420
    mclovin 4205 timmar sedan

    Honda civic can easily gap that

  • Ole Kaarvaag
    Ole Kaarvaag5 timmar sedan

    We HAVE to appreciate and admire and thank Koenigsegg for making a longer "mundane" video with no rapid cuts, music or over the top production. Having a video where the engineering and construction choices are described by one person that really knows the car inside out in a natural and not scripted way is so rare, and SO much better than what most brands think is the "coolest"and "engaging" and "best" way. Seriously, thank you for makimg a video in this style. It is what nerds want to see and appreciate.

  • Kert Sison Tare
    Kert Sison Tare5 timmar sedan

    Doug Demuro nervously sweating*

  • Jibrïl V
    Jibrïl V5 timmar sedan

    when a company still makes a stick in 2021, they win me over automatically.

  • Ariel Krankowski
    Ariel Krankowski6 timmar sedan

    thank you Christian for creating such an amazing vehicle

  • lechprotean
    lechprotean6 timmar sedan

    Now that's a family car that I actually desire

  • Александр Бурмин
    Александр Бурмин6 timmar sedan

    Приятного путешествия и ярких впечатлений.

  • Matt Gray
    Matt Gray6 timmar sedan

    Now I wish I was insanely rich because I would buy the entire stock. That v8😩

  • Rohan Rawat
    Rohan Rawat6 timmar sedan

    Christian Von Koenigsegg is a true genius of our times. What a man!

  • ShredXX
    ShredXX6 timmar sedan

    state of the art cars...

  • The Last Hellcat
    The Last Hellcat6 timmar sedan

    this car is the perfect hyper

  • s l
    s l6 timmar sedan

    That is innovation right there, Koenigsegg really pushing the limits

  • Jann Saracini
    Jann Saracini7 timmar sedan

    Can i have one Christian?

  • Geetarth Neo
    Geetarth Neo7 timmar sedan

    The sound is so AMAZING!!!

  • Geetarth Neo
    Geetarth Neo7 timmar sedan

    The rear end of the Jesko is an art. ART!!

  • C Brooks
    C Brooks7 timmar sedan

    "Ah that sound - it's just so emotional" can't hear a dang thing except for some stupid music

  • ShanFromTheBookOf Legends
    ShanFromTheBookOf Legends7 timmar sedan

    giggity transmission 💦

  • Indeed account
    Indeed account7 timmar sedan

    we should send aliens that been visiting us one of these

  • Gravity S777
    Gravity S7777 timmar sedan

    This guy is so obsessed with aerodynamics and weight reduction that he shaved his head and eyebrows.

  • Arron Napigkit
    Arron Napigkit8 timmar sedan

    cant wait for the absolut

  • Tristan Radeka
    Tristan Radeka8 timmar sedan

    God the way it moved through the gears sounded so good. That thing has serious attitude, as soon as he started driving it was like the car was chomping at the bit to go faster

  • Ryzza5
    Ryzza58 timmar sedan

    It's come a long way since the days of adding the TopGear wing

  • MT B
    MT B9 timmar sedan

    You can feel how much he loves to create these cars and how well thought out they are!!

  • diaboliq7
    diaboliq79 timmar sedan

    Live long and stay healthy, mr von Koenigsegg!

  • Donald Choo
    Donald Choo9 timmar sedan

    By far the most down to earth , humble CEO ive ever seen in my life.. he talks about his greatest product with no bullshit salesman pitch because he believed in his inovations... i want to meet him one day just to have a coffee and chat about his life. What a chad and what a teddy bear

  • ฟิ โกโล่
    ฟิ โกโล่9 timmar sedan

    he hight more seat

  • Will Manners
    Will Manners9 timmar sedan

    This car gives me the chills! But dude the camera guy really should have set his white balance correctly or graded this properly. The poor colour processing doesn't do this beautiful car justice!

  • Jack._.
    Jack._.9 timmar sedan

    Why does it look like he’s in forza 4

  • New Jewel University
    New Jewel University9 timmar sedan

    Koenigsegg is one of the only car companies, beside maybe Pagani or some in the motorcycle arena, that is truly transparent and honest. They just make badass cars. And, cup holders?? Come on. Beauty.

  • aLLeKs
    aLLeKs9 timmar sedan

    The orange tint is way too much, otherwise perfect

  • Kirito Kun
    Kirito Kun10 timmar sedan

    Dream Car so Nice

  • Critical
    Critical10 timmar sedan

    14:22 växlar som @925motor 😂🔥

  • Lil Notoriginal

    Lil Notoriginal

    11 minuter sedan

    vilken shuno asså😂

  • Krist Malacs
    Krist Malacs11 timmar sedan

    Back of this car is next level

  • IFM
    IFM11 timmar sedan

    Top class

  • Alexander Hauser
    Alexander Hauser11 timmar sedan

    Das Lenkrad finde ich persönlich schrecklich! Genau genommen den ganzen Innenraum und das der Tacho sich mit dem Lenkrad mit dreht ist völlig daneben...🤦‍♂️

  • Giacomo Bianchi
    Giacomo Bianchi11 timmar sedan

    You are the best dream car creator ever!

  • Rwanda Gaming
    Rwanda Gaming11 timmar sedan

    Imagine if Enzo Ferrari was just doing casual walkthroughs of his cars. This is the modern equivalent of that.

  • Connor Green
    Connor Green11 timmar sedan

    These are cars made to be driven! Nothing is more cringe than a car like this sitting is someone's garage never to be driven and just eye candy.

  • Ihsan Jayadi
    Ihsan Jayadi12 timmar sedan

    14:17 love the upod

  • Yanko Dimitrov
    Yanko Dimitrov12 timmar sedan

    one of the few companies that love to push the technology forward.

  • Harvey -
    Harvey -12 timmar sedan

    Weird location and colorgrading The grass and the car look good but christian looks like a literal orange

  • mllop aeet
    mllop aeet12 timmar sedan

    IC, neck breaking transmission and a screaming exhaust note ❤️

  • Heman Roczko
    Heman Roczko13 timmar sedan

    Once Christian gets behind the wheel, he becomes a supervillain.

  • Alex Ledman
    Alex Ledman13 timmar sedan

    Great man, talented and truly passioned to create and he created best hyper car of the world.

  • Ryne Petrini
    Ryne Petrini14 timmar sedan

    i always watch vids on cars like this and then i reilizr that i will never be close to owning one

  • mllop aeet

    mllop aeet

    12 timmar sedan

    Nice car! The camera operator could have done a much better job focusing on what you are talking about. Also didn't frame that well either.

  • TechMyLifeVideo
    TechMyLifeVideo14 timmar sedan

    Has Christian been into Trump face makeup or is the colour balance and grading for this video way off?

  • H4RR150N
    H4RR150N14 timmar sedan

    "we chose this color after my skin tone"

  • Dan Danes
    Dan Danes14 timmar sedan

    I love everything about this car... Good job to you and your team Christian.

  • im Schwaggy
    im Schwaggy15 timmar sedan

    He shifts like DmoDJ

  • John Smith
    John Smith15 timmar sedan

    the jesko looks incredibly good

  • KimchiMan
    KimchiMan15 timmar sedan

    The only problem of this product is design

  • kostils
    kostils15 timmar sedan

    OMG, Hank Schrader xD

  • YouTube Zone
    YouTube Zone15 timmar sedan

    Nice car

  • Monster G
    Monster G15 timmar sedan

    When will this car go around a track? A validation of its purpose??? Give it some pedigree? Current manufacturers can all do this but may be choose not to. The rims are pointless one hit on the wheel and the whole thing needs to be replaced. Let’s see track times please. A lot of technology but cannot take a corner. Please prove me wrong.

  • Slapsack69
    Slapsack6916 timmar sedan

    See u in my garage 💖😋💜😀😍

  • Pantau Aja Channel
    Pantau Aja Channel16 timmar sedan

    I will buy this car on video game 😂 What a amazing and very beautiful Hypercar.

  • Jonah Snyder
    Jonah Snyder17 timmar sedan

    Yeah that's all great, but what's the Doug score for this thing?!

  • AatonA
    AatonA17 timmar sedan

    I'm speechless

  • Alan Bailey
    Alan Bailey17 timmar sedan

    I can imagine this will be a car you have to be invited to purchase. It is absolutely perfect though. What an amazing mode of transportation.

  • SunnysDad
    SunnysDad17 timmar sedan

    Nice car! The camera operator could have done a much better job focusing on what you are talking about. Also didn't frame that well either.

  • Divyansh Rodney
    Divyansh Rodney17 timmar sedan

    I love how 2 cup holders can make it a practical car.

  • Alan Bailey
    Alan Bailey17 timmar sedan

    Will the Jesko be for sale in the United States? Does anyone know what production numbers are looking like?

  • Richard Jones
    Richard Jones17 timmar sedan

    Excellent, an extremely interesting review and fascinating engineering explanations. Thank you!

  • KRL_SCL-JE[밥오 제스]
    KRL_SCL-JE[밥오 제스]17 timmar sedan


  • alex jaulke
    alex jaulke18 timmar sedan

    I know it's not practical but a Koenigsegg F1 team would be super cool.

  • Car Guy15
    Car Guy1519 timmar sedan

    Anybody know the opening song

  • Zodiac909
    Zodiac90919 timmar sedan

    I seriously hope that Koenigsegg is lying when they say this is their last & fastest hypercar...

  • Tri Aditya Maulana Aditya
    Tri Aditya Maulana Aditya19 timmar sedan

    Dear CEO of the Koenigsegg Company, I want to make a very important suggestion, regarding the free fire game, I really don't like and don't agree if this game collaborates with various types of famous car brands in the world, mclaren, lamborghini, and others, which I suggest, koenigsegg don't collaborate with the game, because I don't really agree and don't like it, so this car that is specifically for racing is even used as a war material, shot to shreds, I hate things like that famous car brands are treated like that, that tantamount to damage the reputation of the company is not it??

  • Tips 4 truckers
    Tips 4 truckers21 timme sedan

    Give a genius perfectionist enough money...

  • Tips 4 truckers
    Tips 4 truckers21 timme sedan

    Love the quality of these cars

  • Nicolo Knapp
    Nicolo Knapp22 timmar sedan

    I thought this is Forza

  • Chri AAtor
    Chri AAtor22 timmar sedan

    Ok, you have convinced me. I'm buying one.

  • Sable Mugetsu
    Sable Mugetsu22 timmar sedan

    Why does this look like it was recorded in the early 2000s

  • yes
    yes23 timmar sedan

    Highest speed I saw was 139 was that in mph or kmh?

  • BugattiMan
    BugattiMan23 timmar sedan

    What a masterpiece.