Karazhan TBC Guide 🧙 DUNGEON DIVES


  • Levi Hamer
    Levi Hamer37 minuter sedan

    Lol blizzard being in horny jail sure aged well didn’t it….

  • Martin Harrison
    Martin Harrison11 timmar sedan

    4:01 I guess we'll find out at some point when Blizz has their day in court.

  • Mudshrooze
    MudshroozeDag sedan

    Chess event is one of my favorite bosses in wow

  • eric sylvestre
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    I had to log in just to leave this comment. I lived this video super well described info and it was so much fun to watch. Well done!

  • Matthew Holland
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    Ooo that Concubine joke didn’t age well haha🤭🥳

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    4:00 Wow, that did NOT age well ^

  • Sir Lodivico
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    This horny jail and concubine thing did not age well...

  • k plymouth
    k plymouth6 dagar sedan

    I know your guide says 2 tanks 2 healers but I feel like whilst everyone has bad gear 3 is better healers have to focus most of all the classes and average time in kara is 2 hours its kinda bad to expect 2 people to focus more than rest for that long lets face it tanking and dpsing in kara is face roll

  • Fx Go
    Fx Go6 dagar sedan

    Great concise video. Well done.

  • Chris M
    Chris M6 dagar sedan

    Note: curator is immune to arcane damage.

  • Durzo Blint
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    15:30 hahahahahahahahahah i loved that so much, I laughed out loud so hard hahahahah, dude, your guides are the best. thanks

  • Jabi
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    Just cleared all bosses got 0 items not even mad.

  • John Nykanen
    John Nykanen11 dagar sedan

    Thankypu for killing peoples eardrums at 15:40. Asshole. Learn to audio.

  • WaldewayPvP
    WaldewayPvP12 dagar sedan

    The infernals do have a chance to spawn in that spot too as well as anywhere on the map. Purely rng based.

  • SquidgyMinotaur
    SquidgyMinotaur13 dagar sedan

    y’all make th earth me t quests sound bad but man that shit EASY

  • Mikey Barraclough
    Mikey Barraclough14 dagar sedan

    might be some trash mechanics missed in this deep dive

  • J Halson
    J Halson14 dagar sedan

    The attunement guide was completely comprehensible when played at 0.25 speed. Unacceptable.

  • BackslideDan
    BackslideDan16 dagar sedan

    I think the implication is the Maiden of Virtue's with the Concubines because Medivh fucked her. The man fucked a Titanic Watcher, these stoic creatures made of stone and power and Medivh turned her into a whore.

  • Icosiol
    Icosiol16 dagar sedan

    I think I've already commented on this before, and now that I'm about to raid lead Kara once again I can't tell you how good this guide is. Platinum, you're extremely talented and each video just gets better and better. I really hope some day you make it big in the editing world of television and movies if that's what you want to do. I would love to be a grandpa some day and be like...see that Editor? I knew him way back when. You're the man!

  • Ronny Carebear
    Ronny Carebear18 dagar sedan

    Awsome vid thx man =)

  • Bobross Twin
    Bobross Twin19 dagar sedan

    The restless skeletons do take damage from magic btw.

  • Howard Sanders

    Howard Sanders

    6 dagar sedan

    i had to rewind to hear what he said about killing the restless skeletons, me being a stupid warlock used seed anyways and it worked!

  • Chris M

    Chris M

    6 dagar sedan

    Can cc and cast spells on the skeletons. Confirmed this after, as a mage I wasn't attacking them on my first attempt and people were like, "wtf are you doing?"

  • Guildelin


    12 dagar sedan

    Also Immolation on their Tool Tip says 950-1050

  • Bubblez
    Bubblez19 dagar sedan

    I remember watching my dad run this when I was just a little kid

  • broomguy7
    broomguy720 dagar sedan

    Nightbane info is absolutely incorrect. Rain of Bones does not follow a player around - it keeps hitting the spot on the ground that it initially targets. The adds that spawn are also not immune to magic damage - so get your mages AoEing.

  • Munich FX
    Munich FX21 dag sedan

    spoopy tower very fun

  • Dennis P
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    i am...ded! made me laugh my ass off. thanks! great vid ty

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    Anyone got a link to the ending music in this video?

  • Welshhobo1
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    Can anyone confirm whether the skeletons on Nightbane are susceptable to all damage rather than just Holy and Physical?

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    Got this from my up coming raid

  • Desert Ranger
    Desert Ranger26 dagar sedan

    Do stratholme

  • Tupat Shakurtis
    Tupat Shakurtis26 dagar sedan

    Question: On nightbane when he casts rain of bones how long does the debuff last? And should the person who gets targeted with rain of bones run away from the raid?

  • TheKristianbk
    TheKristianbk27 dagar sedan

    Love your guides! You could have mentioned the mind controlling mobs before Morris.. they may mc tank

  • Zach Osborne
    Zach Osborne28 dagar sedan

    great video. I only lost my mind a little bit every time you said "casted"

  • Fair G
    Fair G29 dagar sedan

    Excellent overview of Kara. Appreciate the effort here and detailed, yet simplistic explanations.

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    Super clean video, love it!

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    Great video mate

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    zug zug /dance /train

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    Omg that ballroom remix at the end killlllled me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    That kara rave remix sounds good lol

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    Finally I know I do not suk

  • Philippe B
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    night5bane adds take damage from seed of corruption

  • SCOTTIA!!!
    SCOTTIA!!!Månad sedan

    The end was unexpectantly funny nice one plat! Keep up the good work

  • T c
    T cMånad sedan

    Nightbane adds are not immune to all spell damage.

  • Ryevin


    26 dagar sedan

    I’ve seen a few video saw the same thing about melee damage only, but it’s not true, they take damage from everything

  • Sevatar


    27 dagar sedan

    They are actually not immune to any damage and they wipe out melees instanly. So freezing them is especially good

  • Kevin Hushchild
    Kevin HushchildMånad sedan

    Yo, this guide was top tier, thanks a ton :D. seriously recommend to anyone hosting a pug

  • XxCHRISchaosxX
    XxCHRISchaosxXMånad sedan

    is that....nixxiom?..

  • Nosareld
    NosareldMånad sedan

    Either this is an issue with the current build/patch (20/06/2021) or the Nightbane portion needs an edit quickly! As the restless skeletons take damage from all sources and are not only vulnerable to holy and physical

  • Hundrick
    HundrickMånad sedan

    What happens if Aran moves from the middle and punches the ranged dps?

  • Thor Andresen
    Thor AndresenMånad sedan

    Just an FYI, the nightbane skeletons are NOT immune to magic damage. My hurricane and moonfire had no problem hurting them.

  • T c

    T c

    Månad sedan

    We ened up aoe blizzard kiting and nuking with seed lol

  • Pandaren Death Knight
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    That doesn't sound too hard.

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    Like 3 tank items lol

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    thank you for the video

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    This guide is full of lies.

  • TheLafingas
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    Can you add annotations about what is wrong in your guides?

  • GenXUnderground
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    some of your info is incorrect but otherwise good vid

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    LMAO.... FAST forward The attunement Funny!!

  • ELZI The Light

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    Månad sedan

    if the boss don't die before sheep Uninstall basically what he said LMAO...........

  • Kage1831
    Kage1831Månad sedan

    The issue with maiden is that the repentance thing is totally random when she does it. DBM and big wigs doesnt know when it is gonna be cast either.

  • Thomas Mortensen
    Thomas MortensenMånad sedan

    Note that his name is AT-TU-MEN, not A-TU-MEN. You need to put the emphasis in the beginning, on "At".

  • Thomas Mortensen
    Thomas MortensenMånad sedan

    haha, he said testicle

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    I NEED that remix at the end credits

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    Fantastic guide. Subscribed!

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    a little too excited about the concubines there boss

  • Christopher Farrow
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    Such good content

  • Jon A
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    You obviously never did onyxia attunement. The jump to skip the cave takes forever to get down.

  • Cromir
    CromirMånad sedan

    Nightbane 2nd phase part could have been explained better. Great guide otherwise.

  • Jesse Sherman
    Jesse ShermanMånad sedan

    So you can be in questing greens and still be viable for Karazan?

  • Joel Maltin
    Joel MaltinMånad sedan

    just to give people a heads up, the prince fight doesnt seem to be that way anymore infernals were getting dropped right onto dps heads last night lol.. also shade of aran has a dragon breath ability that looked to one shotting alot of people i didnt see you list it

  • Eleesha Lingenfelder

    Eleesha Lingenfelder

    Månad sedan

    We had the same problem with the infernals dropping on our heads at the entrance XD makes this fight so much harder

  • Matteo Barbolini
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    The PoV of Cazzi is the best. Remember Cazzi in italian is Dicks! NICE NAME BABY! I want him at last in the VIP members

  • James Bond
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    Your whole raid doesn't need to be attuned... you just need to be able to open the door ...

  • Cole


    Månad sedan

    Everyone has to be attuned in phase 1, they dont lift attunement restrictions until later in the expansion

  • Taurus Fire
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    Put the playback speed to the slowest and you got an ez guide

  • Danen3
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    Literally everyone calls him Attunemen for some reason...

  • Arcyne


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    It's pronounced Atoo-men, so a lot of people probably heard it and assumed someone said Attunemen.

  • Nic
    NicMånad sedan

    I remember during Terestian (Testicle) illhoof back in 2007 that we had a warlock tank on this fight. I'm guessing that might have been for the imps. Dunno if anyone else ran that strat?

  • undertale bob
    undertale bobMånad sedan

    Amazing guide dude, Insane props!

  • Tyr
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    Anyone notice that the timestamp for Terestian is "testicle illhoof"?

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    i need a video of just that flame wreath song to play on my guilds discord bot....please someone help me out here

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    Helped us clear karazhan today! That malchezar positioning is perfect

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    great information + great video editing = giving you a thumbs up!

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    ;_; I don't know how to play chess!

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    I despise this and love this when I was healing

  • S1KrrHawaii
    S1KrrHawaiiMånad sedan

    The cheese prince strat no longer always works, there's an infernal that drops like RIGHT where the tank is supposed to stand according to your map

  • Lionl
    LionlMånad sedan

    Hey, I know it's late, but you forgot the spiders directly on the right as you enter. Kill enough mobs in there and you have a chance of getting the spider boss.

  • Shauna Silverbolt
    Shauna SilverboltMånad sedan

    Watched the attunement part in 0.25 speed and laughed my ass off when you returned to Normal speed :D

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    okay, the outro music is pretty lit man! me likey

  • Saltiney
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    the attunement is NOT very long, I dont know why this meme exists, all you have to do is do 2 quests at karazhan, run 4 dungeons, now your done.. why does everyone on youtube make it sound hard, you've probably already ran countless dungeons to level up whats 4 more lol

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    Are you gonna make a basement guide?

  • JohnSavant
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    A splendid guide but one thing irks me to no end ... you're showing new models from retail, absolutely disgusting.

  • Cruor34
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    To answer your question at 4:00 it is back when Blizzard was a good company and the Devs, while nerds (anyone playing a lot is too, myself included) were mans men. It wasn't the SJW politically correct cuck company it is now.

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    How do you queue for a dungeon in burning crusade classic?

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    Testicle Illhoof :kekw:

  • Rogue Sample
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    If you wanted to listen Plat actually tell you how to get attuned, set playback speed to .25x 😁

  • Rob Hobbs
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    The past participle of the verb "to cast" is CAST, not "casted".

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    Yeah, if you're sensitive to bad grammar this video is painful to watch.

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    Who cares

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    This part just made me laugh so hard when I was watching the guide of how he was explaining it. 😂😂 Just hahahaha dps go brrrr. 2:57

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    Time to find new wow guides videos with cooler intros or something, rip Platinum WoW

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    what was i listening to at the end? that was hype af

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    Great video. Casted isn't a word by the way. it's cast for past tense.

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    This is amazing, thank you!

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  • Myskully14
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    When you get rid of the pictures of the bosses... leaving only the ones you have to kill to get to the end boss... you only have Moroes, Curator, and the Chess Event. I'm pretty sure you have to kill the Shade of Aran... but I'm positive you have to do the Opera Event.