Jeremy & Kaleb Face-Off in the First Ever Diddly Squat Pop Quiz | Clarkson’s Farm | Prime Video

Jeremy and Kaleb are quizzing each other on everything from honey and hairstyles to sheep’s balls, with a bit of genuine farming knowledge thrown in for good measure. Who do you think will win?
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  • Amazon Prime Video UK
    Amazon Prime Video UK3 månader sedan

    How many questions did you get right?

  • TobyD


    5 dagar sedan

    Fields and hairstyles have been hard, but I was close, watched it 3 times. Need more seasons urgently! Still laughing about Jeremy setting up the electric fence.

  • David Berold

    David Berold

    2 månader sedan

    They couldn't find the right ppl to cast so just used those that had been working on the farm.....Gerald and Kaleb - Amazon Struck GOLD

  • Ivan Amassivedump

    Ivan Amassivedump

    3 månader sedan

    I absolutely love this show!

  • Tom Smith

    Tom Smith

    3 månader sedan

    I came across this brilliant series using the 30 day free trial. Will be subscribing full time just to see series 2 👍

  • Lorraine Eades

    Lorraine Eades

    3 månader sedan

    @Santhiren Chetty o O 0 o O O

  • razz b
    razz b4 dagar sedan

    Keeps you sane!

  • ThePointlessBox_
    ThePointlessBox_6 dagar sedan

    the genuine chemistry these two have is something thats missing from the grand tour

  • Claire and Jarvis Cocker
    Claire and Jarvis Cocker8 dagar sedan


  • Beebe Joslin
    Beebe Joslin15 dagar sedan

    Kaleb & Karl Pilkington on a trip out :-)

  • Eve
    Eve15 dagar sedan

    Amazing show guys, brilliant television

  • Jerome Hase
    Jerome Hase18 dagar sedan

    I loved Kaleb in the show xD

  • ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia
    ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia18 dagar sedan

    Very funny, hilarious. Shame it's on Amazon Prime, won't watch it on there.

  • Alan Hill
    Alan Hill21 dag sedan

    I watched with interest and then near the end I saw Gerald and I started laughing. I do not know why. I have never understood a word he has ever said, but I think he is hilarious.

  • Henry Armstrong
    Henry Armstrong27 dagar sedan

    Naïvety is so likeable

  • Henry Armstrong
    Henry Armstrong27 dagar sedan

    All scripted cak Owever it’s still funny

  • Ben
    Ben29 dagar sedan

    more Gerald please.

  • Do You Like My Weiner?
    Do You Like My Weiner?Månad sedan

    Not a single question about the pooowwweeeeeeer in a Lamborghini tractor which is too big.

  • Berna Badenhorst
    Berna BadenhorstMånad sedan

    I will pay to watch a show of Kaleb travelling anywhere outside the UK

  • Daniel Heathcote
    Daniel HeathcoteMånad sedan

    This is way better than clarkson, captain slow and hamster - this makes me realise just how bored I’d got of the trio. Love how kales dishes it out and clarkson takes it.

  • Sue Arnold
    Sue ArnoldMånad sedan

    The giddy danger successively drain because chair emotionally scrape amid a fabulous cherry. eight, smart bonsai

  • Susan Nash
    Susan NashMånad sedan

    Kids utube

  • hatchbackhound
    hatchbackhoundMånad sedan

    Very honestly, would Kaleb ever consider traveling to a foreign country to see other farms? I for one would enjoy showing him a few farms here in the USA. Here in Washington state we produce 5.2 million metric Tonnes of potatos alone..

  • Drew Hickford
    Drew HickfordMånad sedan

    These two are comedy gold

  • Gene Lucas
    Gene LucasMånad sedan

    I really really hope to see Kaleb on a Grand Tour adventure.

  • daniel horton
    daniel hortonMånad sedan

    Looks like Gordon Ramsays kid

  • Davefilms345
    Davefilms345Månad sedan

    One of the best shows I've seen, I can't wait for season 2. The relationship between them both is amazing. I'd love to meet them. I'm an HRs drive from the farm shop so il take a trip out there soon

  • Fred Patton
    Fred PattonMånad sedan

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  • stuart yaxley
    stuart yaxleyMånad sedan

    I've got to admit I didnt really care when jeremy was doing top gear but I love his new farming programme and the two of them just bounce of each other.

  • Mr Boogang
    Mr BoogangMånad sedan

    This is the best TV for the last 30 years... except for TopGear (original hosts) and The Grand Tour. Sign them ALL up for another 10 seasons immediately. Kaleb is worth at least $4m per season.

  • Israel Reyero
    Israel ReyeroMånad sedan

    Esta serie está muy cotorra, véanla.

  • Wilf Cottrell
    Wilf CottrellMånad sedan

    I’m a farmer so I was shouting at Jeremys answers

  • Wilf Cottrell

    Wilf Cottrell

    2 dagar sedan

    @Beebe Joslin thank you I’m stressed with planting new crops at the moment 😱

  • Beebe Joslin

    Beebe Joslin

    3 dagar sedan

    Respect to you for all of your hard work

  • TheRestlessKind
    TheRestlessKindMånad sedan

    Their relationship is why I love this show.

  • Jessica
    JessicaMånad sedan

    Loved this so much. Cant wait for season 2!

  • Mitch Smith
    Mitch SmithMånad sedan

    Alright Clarkson, man up and get Gerald to sit down and answer questions. That would be a teaser!

  • Matthew Quantrill
    Matthew QuantrillMånad sedan

    How did deadman get its name?

  • Jay Bevoman
    Jay BevomanMånad sedan

    0:36 Clarkson going into WWTBAM mode 😂😂

  • Alex Rea
    Alex ReaMånad sedan

    Kaleb didn't say he's been to Banbury, but in the programme, he mentions several times that he has been there.

  • David Firth
    David FirthMånad sedan

    Kaleb is now a legend

  • Del Boy

    Del Boy

    Månad sedan

    in his own reflection

  • Matt Fortner
    Matt FortnerMånad sedan

    Kaleb is a national treasure and we love him.

  • Andyclassics
    AndyclassicsMånad sedan

    Brilliant these two what a find Caleb is they could do any show together and be funny.

  • magic man
    magic manMånad sedan

    it has been renewed

  • abadatha
    abadathaMånad sedan

    So strange to think about an Englishman with a mullet.

  • Ernest Mungai
    Ernest Mungai2 månader sedan

    Who else is here for the hair style? Bring on the Mullet!

  • Andrew Gent
    Andrew Gent2 månader sedan

    Kaleb is class.

  • Darren Mason
    Darren Mason2 månader sedan

    Most entertaining programme on television

  • B14KSY
    B14KSY2 månader sedan

    I think Clarkson ought to employ May & Hammond...even if only as Scarecrows 😀 ...but maybe, May as the Bee Keeper & Hammond as the Shepherd! 👍

  • Nick Firth
    Nick Firth2 månader sedan

    There were no questions about pop....

  • achmad ramdhan
    achmad ramdhan2 månader sedan

    I hope Caleb makes cameo in the grand tour or vice versa

  • Kevin M
    Kevin M2 månader sedan

    Sad to not see Kaleb with a perm

  • Not Interested
    Not Interested2 månader sedan

    Send these two over to India and the entire Middle East will be shipshape in no time at all.

  • Heiko
    Heiko2 månader sedan

    I need a second season! Please... really.

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones2 månader sedan

    Love the royalty free music

  • Alex Bawot
    Alex Bawot2 månader sedan

    let’s have a second season!!!!!

  • E T
    E T2 månader sedan

    why he moan about cultivating so much he could use 4 of those Cultivator back of his tractor and finish his farm in time. he just bought Lamborghini to use a prius performs nice job dinosaur !

  • Dave Dave
    Dave Dave2 månader sedan

    Brilliant. Mr Clarkson knows his onions...... but does he grow any? BBC's greatest loss

  • metalboxinc
    metalboxinc2 månader sedan

    I’m still waiting for The Speed of Birds with James May and Jeremy Clarkson

  • Meditation Vacation
    Meditation Vacation2 månader sedan

    Fantastic show!

  • Alyssa Doha
    Alyssa Doha2 månader sedan

    More please more... But I do really miss the other 2 too

  • Alice Smith
    Alice Smith2 månader sedan

    Kaleb you won! Congratulations on your new baby!

  • Christian Nönken
    Christian Nönken2 månader sedan

    It feels a little weird to write it but for me Clarkson's Farm might be the most entertaining show Jeremy has ever done. And I am very happy that there's gonna be more of it.

  • OneTw0
    OneTw02 månader sedan

    Love that a fetus keeps the mummy in check.

  • Sierra Vortec
    Sierra Vortec2 månader sedan

    Can’t wait for season 2!

  • TheOneManOpinion
    TheOneManOpinion2 månader sedan

    Clarksons farm has to be my top show of any kind I a long while! It was the right amount of clarkson arsery and actual farming! Kaleb is the perfect sidekick too! Bring on many more seasons!!

  • Henning Andersen
    Henning Andersen2 månader sedan

    Of course there is a Lamborghini tractor😀😀

  • Adeledoublel Adeledoublel
    Adeledoublel Adeledoublel2 månader sedan

    The best tv show everrrrrr. I miss them

  • Lewis Parker
    Lewis Parker2 månader sedan

    What a brilliant series, thoroughly enjoyed it

  • Clark Matthews
    Clark Matthews2 månader sedan

    I don't care what anybody says... Jeremy Clarkson doesn't look a day over 85, and a very young 85 he looks...

  • Steven Porter
    Steven Porter2 månader sedan

    Jeremy, you look more like a farmer than every other farmer in the country. They key requirements are being grumpy and scruffy, but the key aspect is looking extremely tight with your cash. Always remember, you are the Farmer, your colleague is a Tractor Driver.

  • Jo Lizzi
    Jo Lizzi2 månader sedan

    Heard there isn’t going to be a second series ☹️

  • Dalle Samllhals

    Dalle Samllhals

    2 månader sedan

    Yeah well, you heard wrong!

  • highjim
    highjim2 månader sedan

    lets get kaleb in the new grand tour

  • EFC78
    EFC782 månader sedan

    Jeremy, kaleb and Gerrard are the best trio on tv

  • H
    H2 månader sedan

    Gerald should have asked the questions

  • Bryan Jones
    Bryan Jones2 månader sedan

    This was a great show, I enjoyed it

  • Andrew Butler
    Andrew Butler2 månader sedan

    Goddam loved this programme 👏👏👏

  • Simon Jeeves
    Simon Jeeves2 månader sedan

    I absolutely love this show and I am so happy that they have announced season 2. Just hope it's not to long to wait for it

    CASPER BOERMANS2 månader sedan

    A Quiz, Gerald against Gerald would be nice!

  • Andi Positas
    Andi Positas2 månader sedan

    Cant wait for the 2nd Season

  • Johno Queensland
    Johno Queensland2 månader sedan

    Is that Jezza wth KD Lang in the thumbnail?

  • Judi LeBlanc
    Judi LeBlanc2 månader sedan

    I watched the show here in Florida, its absolutely brilliant!

  • Ladislav Michalka
    Ladislav Michalka2 månader sedan

    Please, bring them together for more show! Kaleb is fantastic!

  • bfp1974
    bfp19742 månader sedan

    I really did love Clarkson's farm. Glad to see season/series 2 was announced!

  • Kumaril Bhowmick
    Kumaril Bhowmick2 månader sedan

    Kaleb is basically Uneducated Unsophisticated Rural Version of James May

  • Luke Bennett
    Luke Bennett2 månader sedan

    (said in an Alan Partridge voice) Give them a second season

  • Sergio Philips
    Sergio Philips2 månader sedan

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  • McBride Amy

    McBride Amy

    2 månader sedan

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  • IPman77
    IPman772 månader sedan

    I cant wait for series 2

  • Mark Hutton
    Mark Hutton2 månader sedan

    I love the interaction between these two... such and odd couple that are brilliant to watch. Thanks to watching the series twice now, I got all of Jeremy's questions right and named six fields... I was pleased!

  • Clapper 2Trapper
    Clapper 2Trapper2 månader sedan

    Weeeee want more 😁 season 2 please amazon.

  • G T
    G T2 månader sedan

    Please do season 2!

  • J3ss3 Jam3s
    J3ss3 Jam3s2 månader sedan

    Summon Star Power,

  • Baz Forbes
    Baz Forbes2 månader sedan

    When is season 2 coming out?

  • Dave's Custom Airsoft LTD
    Dave's Custom Airsoft LTD2 månader sedan

    Amazon, stop being a bunch of tight lefties and give this show another 10 seasons! This is proper tele!

  • Hayek Friedman
    Hayek Friedman2 månader sedan

    Fantastic series. Please do another.

  • john g
    john g2 månader sedan

    Gerald,he should be the kids hero,forget footballers and pop stars. Gerald is something 90% of them arnt but we all want. Happy,all the time.

  • Cazza
    Cazza2 månader sedan

    Best series I've watched in years

  • Age of Listening
    Age of Listening2 månader sedan

    We do need a second season of this.

  • John King

    John King

    2 månader sedan

    Oh do not worry about that. Amazon know they are on to a success. They are filming now as we speak.

  • scotty mills
    scotty mills2 månader sedan

    So Kaleb ran the farm before Jeremy got more involved

  • tulip19710226
    tulip197102262 månader sedan

    This series was brilliant. So much fun to watch.

  • sharon colwell
    sharon colwell2 månader sedan

    These 2 are just brilliant together BUT Gerald is classic!!!. When he speaks , tears of laughter roll down my cheeks. :-)

  • Stacy Brown
    Stacy Brown2 månader sedan

    I thought the mullet died off. Who resurrected it!

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  • reprobate337
    reprobate3372 månader sedan

    I can't believe how much I enjoyed this show. Kaleb is a legend.

  • Simon Grimwood
    Simon Grimwood2 månader sedan

    Best series I have watched in ages!

  • StormShadow
    StormShadow2 månader sedan

    Clarksons farm is brilliant. This is what we need in the dark times we're living in 👍

  • aneesh89
    aneesh892 månader sedan

    We need a pop quiz with Gerald