Jeremy, James and Richard Play This or That? America vs Scotland | The Grand Tour Presents: Lochdown

Kilts or jeans, burgers or deep-fried chocolate bars... Jeremy, James and Richard are answering all the important questions to scientifically determine which country has the best stuff.
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  • Amazon Prime Video UK
    Amazon Prime Video UK2 månader sedan

    Where would you rather go for a road trip, Scotland or America?

  • Sylvia Mauser

    Sylvia Mauser

    Månad sedan

    Scotland, I live in the US.

  • WhiteCamry


    Månad sedan

    @Lamborghini #5689 Not any more.

  • The Piccadilly Fraggle

    The Piccadilly Fraggle

    2 månader sedan

    Amazon Prime please please please please put all seasons of Documental on prime. Its pure gold.

  • P Ceneviva

    P Ceneviva

    2 månader sedan

    Scotland, Scotland and Scotland. After that? Scotland.

  • Alastair Atcheson

    Alastair Atcheson

    2 månader sedan

    @Young but Retro fair enough.

  • Tom Atkinson
    Tom AtkinsonMånad sedan

    Scotland because its closer

  • VenomLink
    VenomLinkMånad sedan

    A person could spend every day of their life driving through the USA, and never see all of its highlights. Saying Scotland’s scenery is better than the US is a bit ridiculous. I’m sure Scotland is beautiful though.

  • sonyviva308
    sonyviva308Månad sedan

    What's a deep fried chocolate bar? What the hell?

  • CrimsonKage
    CrimsonKageMånad sedan

    Just got done watching the special, what a call-back to some earlier content they've done. Don't really see why Amazon makes anything else that doesn't include these three.

  • oscar salazar
    oscar salazarMånad sedan

    The outstanding accordion unexpectedly greet because surprise microcephaly avoid forenenst a mammoth cake. brown, belligerent maid

  • StormShadow
    StormShadowMånad sedan

    More comic genius from amazon and the 3 mentalists 😁More of this please

  • James Watts
    James WattsMånad sedan

    Scotch vs Bourbon......isn't really a question

  • Simulation Onboard
    Simulation OnboardMånad sedan

    prefered Clarkson's Farm to the latest GT episode

  • Andrew Tucker
    Andrew TuckerMånad sedan

    Bacon beats hangovers hands down over a McDonald's.

  • Luyang Gao
    Luyang GaoMånad sedan

    Jeremy's midsection got big!!!

  • John McIntosh
    John McIntoshMånad sedan

    The funny part is that soon, you 3 stooges will need a passport to travel to Scotland, just like you do to travel to the states today! 🤣🤣🤣

  • VargVikernes4Pres
    VargVikernes4PresMånad sedan

    Why is nobody talking about how James and Richard has the same exact beard?

  • Qopiq q
    Qopiq qMånad sedan

    You should do a roadtrip through Scotland then, maybe today?

  • J T
    J T2 månader sedan

    What's up with the Wuhan banners at the end? One scene they're there and the next they're completely red with Wuhan gone? Doesn't make any sense. Intentional?

  • Andree G
    Andree G2 månader sedan

    The fact that Clarkson has driven from Dallas to Midland is incredible. That drive BLOWS. I wonder what the story is. Maybe he was an oil field worker in a former life?

  • Rucker


    Månad sedan

    I think it was part of one of their specials.

  • Steve Vaughan
    Steve Vaughan2 månader sedan

    James May looks like a Geography Lecturer.

  • Isaac Reyes
    Isaac Reyes2 månader sedan

    Its strange hearing that Jeremy Clarkson has driven through the town I live in, Midland is in the middle of nowhere. And yeah he's right the scenery from Dallas to Midland isn't that interesting

  • Rune of Aia
    Rune of Aia2 månader sedan

    Agree mostly, except that bourbon is better than scotch. 😎

  • Glen Chamusco
    Glen Chamusco2 månader sedan

    Why is it we will watch these three talking about almost anything?

  • E
    E2 månader sedan

    how could anyone pick New York over Edinburgh 0_o I suppose New York might be nice to visit but if you want to live somewhere pick Edinburgh

  • Sports Mag
    Sports Mag2 månader sedan

    You guys are so wrong about football coming from a Brit.

  • Gerhard Burger
    Gerhard Burger2 månader sedan

    Guys, in due all respect....the day you 3 stop doing this, will be a great loss to motor world industry. The 3 of you changed the motor vehicle reviews. It will be like saying goodbye to Senna, Schumacher and Mansel in 1 F1 season. 🙏🤝 don't think your places would ever be filled the same way.

  • Ryan Loring
    Ryan Loring2 månader sedan

    Should have been England vs New England, but I don't think the boys have been to that part of the US except probably Boston

  • dragngt
    dragngt2 månader sedan

    Bourbon > scotch Maybe it’s my palate as I continue to try scotch but I just haven’t fallen in love with it.

  • Geoffrey Morris
    Geoffrey Morris2 månader sedan

    May getting left out or ignored, as usual!

  • Murrlin 2M1N8
    Murrlin 2M1N82 månader sedan

    I’m amazed they even gave America any points.

  • rmduetol
    rmduetol2 månader sedan

    I hope these strapping young chaps continue to make specials. Bless from America! Cheers :))))

  • Conor Holmes
    Conor Holmes2 månader sedan

    Whoever wrote the questions should be shot

  • SnickleFritz 420
    SnickleFritz 4202 månader sedan

    Your less likely to get shot while driving in Scotland

  • Brian Barnes
    Brian Barnes2 månader sedan

    Scotland doesn't want you to visit. Nicola Sturgeon says so and she should know better than anyone, allegedly.

  • Sharon Smith
    Sharon Smith2 månader sedan

    Scotland forever, never even seen a deep fried mars bar!

  • NathanRW
    NathanRW2 månader sedan

    I do not understand how people like Scotch. I've tried so many kinds (including somewhat high ends like Blue Label and Lagavulin) and always hate it. I tend to like bourbon a lot more. Maybe I'm not using the right kind of tasting glasses? I want to like the same stuff everyone else likes!

  • Karl
    Karl2 månader sedan

    I loved the food in America. It makes the food here in England taste like cardboard

  • Samosa Sosa
    Samosa Sosa2 månader sedan

    He is so old can he still drive . No one wants to see these guys but simple mind folk which we got a lot of here.

  • lildutchy
    lildutchy2 månader sedan

    is it me or is James May just so done :)

  • Rob Vegas
    Rob Vegas2 månader sedan

    Cheres boys. you will have to come to Australia for a Pie Floater!!!

  • Eddie Riff
    Eddie Riff2 månader sedan

    James! hurry up there's a geography lesson you need to teach at the OU!

  • Ronin Aubry
    Ronin Aubry2 månader sedan

    Drive along I 98 in Florida on traffic to crashes but that’s not all of America

  • Jake Blanton
    Jake Blanton2 månader sedan

    There are most definitely some great things to see in the US, but you often have to drive through a thousand miles of boring interstate highways with nothing to see just to get there... After you've seen the first 100 miles of the Great Plains, the rest just look pretty much like it and you'll be like, "Can we skip ahead to the interesting stuff?"... And if you like Scottish haggis, then you should try Cajun boudin... Instead of oats, it's rice, plus it has Cajun spices in it, but other than that, it's not *that* different in taste... And there are also places where you can turn LEFT ON RED here in the US.... If you are on a one-way street and the crossing street is also on-way and goes to your left, then you can often turn left on red... It depends upon the locality though... Some states or cities prohibit it, just like some also prohibit turning right on red... There's a lot of variety in the laws between the states, but considering the fact that our states are often the size of entire countries in Europe, that's not surprising...

  • Alistair Higgins
    Alistair Higgins2 månader sedan

    I'm originally from Scotland and live in Vancouver BC now. When people ask me what Scotland's like I say it's the same as BC but like tiny.

  • Car loving twink
    Car loving twink2 månader sedan

    Kilts are just above the rest of our understandings

  • Dailey Sews & Stuff
    Dailey Sews & Stuff2 månader sedan

    I-20 from Dallas to Midland is, without a doubt, the worst stretch of highway in all of Texas. It's not at all indicative of driving in Texas.

  • Glitter squish and satisfaction
    Glitter squish and satisfaction2 månader sedan

    Rugby is an English game not Scottish, invented by William Webb Ellis.

  • YeeSoest
    YeeSoest2 månader sedan

    Never thought about this before but it's kinda true: There's no WRITING on a perfect sports pitch, none needed...america!

  • AJ Dexter
    AJ Dexter2 månader sedan

    James can’t get a word in 😂😂🥺

  • Alex Paulsen
    Alex Paulsen2 månader sedan

    Just drive a little more north into Canada. ;)

  • Daniel Dravot
    Daniel Dravot2 månader sedan

    There’s no doubt Scotland is pretty, but the sheer variety of vistas available in the US is hard to rival, let alone beat: the majestic Rocky Mountains, sunsets in either Hawaii or the Arizona desert, the coastal waters of Maine or Massachusetts, the Grand Canyon as noted, or Yellowstone, the Painted Desert, Monument Valley, the glaciers of Alaska, the endless fields of grain of the Great Plains. Four days would get you much of the beauty of Scotland, while the same four days might cover some of California . . .

  • Tenza Emtade

    Tenza Emtade

    2 månader sedan

    @Daniel Dravot except most things that talk about on the video are due to country's responsibilities

  • Daniel Dravot

    Daniel Dravot

    2 månader sedan

    @Tenza Emtade, yeah, just like the Scots are responsible for the beauty of Scotland. Pratt . . .

  • Tenza Emtade

    Tenza Emtade

    2 månader sedan

    Giving credit to the US like they were responsible for the landmarks 😂

  • Tinture


    2 månader sedan

    ​@Darren Kapusi ouch?

  • Daniel Dravot

    Daniel Dravot

    2 månader sedan

    @Darren Kapusi, yeah, ‘cause you sound like the sort of person people want to be around. You’re no prize yourself, bub.

  • Ashwin Varghese Mathew
    Ashwin Varghese Mathew2 månader sedan

    It's sad to see these legends going old, seeing them for a long this trio

  • Motor Head
    Motor Head2 månader sedan

    Europeans never seem to really grasp how large and diverse America is. If your talking scenery it goes from the glaciers of Alaska to the tropical beaches of Hawaii and from the majesty of the Grand Canyon to wetlands of the Everglades. There is virtually every climate, every eco system, every type of scenery you can possibly dream up in America.

  • Marc Roberts

    Marc Roberts

    2 månader sedan

    yes but a lot of, "okay" scenery, does not match a small and concentrated beauty. These guys have traveled to almost every corner of America so you can't argue with their opinions.

  • needsbeermoney
    needsbeermoney2 månader sedan

    im confused on that last one. Aren't deep fried chocolate bars and hamburgers both things that are hugely popular in america?

  • FrankDad
    FrankDad2 månader sedan

    Comment section, Johnny or Jim?

  • NevillejCostigan
    NevillejCostigan2 månader sedan

    Disagree on the deep fried Mars bar, live on the absolute borderline of what you could call greater London and it is a bit of a hushed treat at most of the local fish shops.

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy2 månader sedan

    James and Richard need to put Jeremy on whatever diet they're on.

  • Russ
    Russ2 månader sedan

    Every burger establishment in the world beats a McDonalds!

  • MiguelPpM


    2 månader sedan

    McDonald’s burgers are better than some smaller shops, though some of those smaller shops offer for a much lower price. Arguably depending on which burger you’re getting, they might be better than some larger chains. But that’s down to personal preference.

  • James Cooper
    James Cooper2 månader sedan

    aye but have you ever been to obans seafood shack i visit just for that from glasgow

  • Justin Vargas
    Justin Vargas2 månader sedan

    Are they agreeing for once?!?! 🤯🤯🤯

  • Hairy Coo
    Hairy Coo2 månader sedan

    Most scottish chippys will batter *ANYTHING* you ask for. Pizza, chocolate bars, chips...anything.

  • broonly 1
    broonly 12 månader sedan

    These guys have probably seen more of America than most of the Americans on here

  • Sylvia Mauser

    Sylvia Mauser

    Månad sedan

    this is true.

  • broonly 1

    broonly 1

    2 månader sedan

    @falconater68 lol

  • falconater68


    2 månader sedan

    I went to Nebraska once. Once my successful tv show runs for 20 years I may journey farther west.

  • Lastkoss
    Lastkoss2 månader sedan

    This time they can answer the football question without fighting with the audience.

  • David
    David2 månader sedan

    Sorry but can we get these guys cloned or something.

  • vobic13
    vobic132 månader sedan

    Football vs ruby LOL both are trash, AFL is better

  • TresVoltesRebelCOD
    TresVoltesRebelCOD2 månader sedan

    Americans call football to something they play with their hands and a melon.

  • Sean Rose
    Sean Rose2 månader sedan

    Foot in the sport has nothing to do with feet being used in the game. It was the rich played games on horseback, the poor played games on foot. The name comes from that alone.

  • Yaz
    Yaz2 månader sedan

    Is it just me, or is Richard starting to turn into Al Pacino?

  • Aaron M.
    Aaron M.2 månader sedan

    Haha... I have done that drive from Dallas to Midland; yeah that particular route in 'Muricaland is not the best for scenery. Now, just need to get to Scotland to experience some of their drive routes!

  • ArtistKS
    ArtistKS2 månader sedan

    All of those would be Scotland except the kilts lol

  • Darren Wilson
    Darren Wilson2 månader sedan

    Jeremy looking healthy

  • Lukas O
    Lukas O2 månader sedan

    Nothing better than a deep fried Snickers

  • Contact 360
    Contact 3602 månader sedan


  • Tifosi
    Tifosi2 månader sedan

    James May with a goatee is just wrong..

  • EugVR6
    EugVR62 månader sedan

    I could watch those guys arguing all day

  • Taoma H
    Taoma H2 månader sedan

    Love these three together.

  • Sebastian Rogers
    Sebastian Rogers2 månader sedan

    lol so true with the rugby definition

  • Kenneth O'Donnell
    Kenneth O'Donnell2 månader sedan

    Used to live in Midland and the family drove to Dallas once. Nothing but dry, scorching heat, terrain as flat as a pancake, and dust everywhere. I drove from Vegas to Denver once and that was some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen.

  • Allan Branson

    Allan Branson

    2 månader sedan

    I grew up in the Texas panhandle. I can confirm that is among the more boring drives anywhere.

  • mattmopar440
    mattmopar4402 månader sedan

    I mean a place as small at Scotland can you even do a proper road trip ?

    ALMOST UNITED2 månader sedan

    "Whn someone falls over, there's another commercial break" So true 😭🤣💀

  • _KaiTheGamer_
    _KaiTheGamer_2 månader sedan

    Do I root for my familial homeland or do I root for the country I live in (america)? I feel like that spongebob meme where he's looking at two different sides of the book in confusion

  • Simon
    Simon2 månader sedan

    1:00 if they were still with the BBC they would not be that kind

  • Hedge Hog
    Hedge Hog2 månader sedan

    are you saying that "Nessie" isn't real? :-( there goes my childhood from growing up with scottish parents. LOL!

  • R B
    R B2 månader sedan

    LOL their comments on NFL are so spot on.

  • Sadboi 123
    Sadboi 1232 månader sedan

    This sounds like a group of grandparents quarrelling about the weather. Still love tho and always will

  • Scott Harrington

    Scott Harrington

    2 månader sedan

    They've given us a lot of content for a long time, be thankful with the little time left we've got. One of these specials will end the season 3 finale and that will be that.. hope we got 5-6 more before the first one hangs it up..I think May is pretty close to calling it quits in terms of being a Grand Tour host unfortunately...

  • Nikita Kozlov

    Nikita Kozlov

    2 månader sedan

    They are delightfully crotchety and I wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Jobbie Jew
    Jobbie Jew2 månader sedan

    If Loch Doon near Dalmellington, Ayrshire isn’t on TGT Loch Down then you’ve missed a trick with it.

  • Clint Donaldson
    Clint Donaldson2 månader sedan

    I like scotch a lot BUT Bourbon > Scotch every time

  • TraustiGeir
    TraustiGeir2 månader sedan

    Dear U.S. of A: Thank you for the right-turn on red.

  • Dalle Samllhals
    Dalle Samllhals2 månader sedan

    Oooh! BIM with Beard :-D

  • LordNubbington
    LordNubbington2 månader sedan

    a full english beats a maccy-d. non contest.

  • Cartoonr BOY
    Cartoonr BOY2 månader sedan

    Stop teasing...

  • Karnady Juan
    Karnady Juan2 månader sedan

    i could watch these 3 bickering about anything for hours

  • John Fitzgerald
    John Fitzgerald2 månader sedan

    Currently reading comments from Mull. Might have biased view.

  • Abhishek
    Abhishek2 månader sedan

    Does that mean America's not winning the ww3 then?

  • John Romero
    John Romero2 månader sedan

    Jeremy doesn't look a day over 71.

  • Jamie *
    Jamie *2 månader sedan

    I wish they’d compared deep fried Mars bar to at least deep fried butter 😒

  • Annuvyn Arawn
    Annuvyn Arawn2 månader sedan

    I remember when these 3 clowns were funny

  • Andreas
    Andreas2 månader sedan

    I think Clarkson is wearing a Breitling Avenger Hurricane 12H with a bright yellow dial. Perhaps the XB0170E41I1W1...

  • The Highlander
    The Highlander2 månader sedan

    Best hangover cure is irn bru so Scotland wins 😂

  • Alex Bell

    Alex Bell

    2 månader sedan

    @Brexit Britain Why not both? A full English with an Irn Bru? Works wonders for me.

  • Brexit Britain

    Brexit Britain

    2 månader sedan

    A full English works better than an Irn Bru for a hangover... We English have to put up with our neighbours playing bagpipes of course we found the cure to a headache.

  • Graeme Webster

    Graeme Webster

    2 månader sedan


  • Kevin Jackson
    Kevin Jackson2 månader sedan

    Who’s better at defeating the English? 1314 or 1776? 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇺🇸

  • The Armored Georgian
    The Armored Georgian2 månader sedan

    In the US the best restaurants are always the single chain, side of the road places.

  • Matthew McGowan

    Matthew McGowan

    2 månader sedan

    Same everywhere, you'll never have a chain of restaurants that are better than a family-run one

  • Yashwanth Balakrishnan
    Yashwanth Balakrishnan2 månader sedan

    “That’s not a foot”

  • bboyjunyor
    bboyjunyor2 månader sedan

    Funny but the idea of comparing.. Scotland to .. AMERICA (all of the USA).. come on (scotland is smaller than.. Maine!! You could compare America to the EU maybe! West coast is different than east coast which is different than center different than north different than south different than hawaii different than alaska different than.. yes.. Florida! :D Gotta love FL! :D