Jeremy Clarkson Auctions Off His Converted Land Rover Sports Car | The Grand Tour

Jeremy Clarkson leaves the Chelsea F.C. team astounded with his new creation. Can he get any buyers for the world's first-ever Land Rover sports car?
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Join Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May as they travel across the globe on their Grand Tour. A show about adventure, excitement and friendship… as long as you accept that the people you call friends are also the ones you find extremely annoying. Sometimes it’s even a show about cars, reviewing Italian classics, hot hatchbacks, muscle cars, pick-up trucks, luxury vehicles and more. There’s something for everyone (If you like middle-aged men doing things with cars, then this is the show for you!)

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  • Borivoje Travica
    Borivoje Travica2 dagar sedan

    W116 with 6.9 is win combination, that people do not this

  • Sameer Sameer
    Sameer Sameer2 dagar sedan

    RIP squirrel. 5.49. Glued on the road

  • BlubberyOyster 4
    BlubberyOyster 43 dagar sedan

    That looks amazing!

  • Austin Lasater
    Austin Lasater5 dagar sedan

    where the fuck can i buy one of these? there is a seriously un-tapped market here.

  • Bad skater
    Bad skater6 dagar sedan

    Is it not

  • Boaku
    Boaku7 dagar sedan

    honestly I don't understand why people wouldn't buy this, I'm not joking I find this machine to be remarkable

  • The Grand Tour

    The Grand Tour

    6 dagar sedan

    You could say it's...excellent? 😏

  • mk3 rain3
    mk3 rain38 dagar sedan

    y'all see the roadkill at 5:49? can't tell if it was planted there or not.

  • Craig Mocello
    Craig Mocello8 dagar sedan

    No one, and I mean no one saw a Dallas reference coming.

  • R J
    R J8 dagar sedan


  • SpeedDemonz
    SpeedDemonz8 dagar sedan

    5:48 dead squirrel

    WALAO WEYH8 dagar sedan


  • Gamer AdamSVK
    Gamer AdamSVK8 dagar sedan

    The best trio on the world

  • Mac Man
    Mac Man10 dagar sedan

    What a waste of classic car

  • georges saad
    georges saad10 dagar sedan

    Poor squirel 5:50

  • KatatonicGoat
    KatatonicGoat10 dagar sedan

    Did anyone saw the squirrel?

  • 01of10
    01of1011 dagar sedan

    That roadkill on 5:49.

  • Kojo0tti z
    Kojo0tti z11 dagar sedan

    I would drive that

  • BroGamer HD
    BroGamer HD12 dagar sedan

    THERE WAS JUST A DEAD SQURREL :( 5:50 Look at the bottom

    GEGEGE NO KITARO13 dagar sedan

    Jim Rogers has OEM offroad SLK.

  • Peilun He
    Peilun He13 dagar sedan

    Why do I hear mad max music

  • owenhenry1804 Owen
    owenhenry1804 Owen13 dagar sedan

    good they are off air.

  • Łukasz Formela
    Łukasz Formela13 dagar sedan

    5:49 shot is just too perfect XD

  • Din
    Din13 dagar sedan

    Jeremy Clarkson > Genius > All

  • Mathieu Mansire
    Mathieu Mansire13 dagar sedan

    its a legit classic european donK

  • Emiliano
    Emiliano13 dagar sedan

    Vi amo

  • Philip
    Philip13 dagar sedan

    Well I mean a 4 digit number is a whole 2/3rds of a six digit number so the car he made is a whopping 2/3rds the cost of the other six figure cars!

  • LonelyStephy
    LonelyStephy13 dagar sedan

    As much as I love this I miss the more crude monstrosities of top gear lol

  • Angoose
    Angoose14 dagar sedan

    “So what part of Chelsea are you from?” “I’m from Belgium.” “Oh” *visible confusion*

  • Goshua Fisk
    Goshua Fisk14 dagar sedan

    This video and Mr Jeremy Clarkson... has now changed my favorite car to this from a superbird.

  • Goshua Fisk

    Goshua Fisk

    14 dagar sedan

    ..... but hardtop. Cause I'm not barbie.

  • Akash Sharma
    Akash Sharma15 dagar sedan

    I will sap my all trophies and goals to buy this car. What??

    WICKEDLEE LOOPY16 dagar sedan

    Cost me 14k sells for 4k lol now that's an investment

  • Rors Chach
    Rors Chach16 dagar sedan

    That poor squirrel

  • Charles DPRZ
    Charles DPRZ16 dagar sedan

    5:50 subtle detail of the Excellent with a squirrel flat on the road. Nice one Jeremy.

  • Jose Manuel Pombeiro Medela
    Jose Manuel Pombeiro Medela17 dagar sedan

    600 MILLONES DE HISPANOS agradecerían que.fuera subtitulado en CASTELLANO también.

  • Zafor Sadik
    Zafor Sadik18 dagar sedan

    What episode was this in?

  • kktc
    kktc19 dagar sedan

    05:50 dont mind it

  • General E Shady
    General E Shady19 dagar sedan

    Built in one day.... ummm. No.

  • OllieSutton
    OllieSutton20 dagar sedan

    Should have put the land rover body on the merc chassis too 😂

  • Gabriel Goodwin
    Gabriel Goodwin21 dag sedan

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  • Vanessa Ortiz

    Vanessa Ortiz

    20 dagar sedan

    Letton Deb

  • Vanessa Ortiz

    Vanessa Ortiz

    20 dagar sedan

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    Vanessa Ortiz

    20 dagar sedan

    Telegram 👆👆👆

  • Vanessa Ortiz

    Vanessa Ortiz

    20 dagar sedan


  • D800Lover
    D800Lover21 dag sedan

    From now on I am going to call all road kill Jeremy Clarkson!

  • Brandon Duguay
    Brandon Duguay22 dagar sedan

    didnt even say that hes gonna get rid of its car haha he said that in london its cold

  • Darren O
    Darren O22 dagar sedan

    I love it Mr Clarkson and am prepared to offer the vast sum of £20. I will need the remaining £119, 980 to finnish the job. 🤣

  • ALI_AM
    ALI_AM22 dagar sedan


  • John Hoonigan
    John Hoonigan22 dagar sedan

    I cried 0:57

  • Chathusha Mithoda
    Chathusha Mithoda22 dagar sedan

    Wooow nice 4x4

  • Oliver Loomets
    Oliver Loomets23 dagar sedan

    5:50 the dead squirrel on the road is just sad

  • dro dro
    dro dro23 dagar sedan

    Tbh i would pay 4k for that car

  • olivia ava
    olivia ava23 dagar sedan

    The cowardly cowbell ideally help because watchmaker nutritionally rock amongst a combative domain. questionable, sunshine

  • Go to a happy place
    Go to a happy place23 dagar sedan

    I really love that car I wish I had it!

  • toonmag50
    toonmag5023 dagar sedan

    Silly,sad old winker, the posh nob just won't go away.

    TRENDS SPOT 25423 dagar sedan

    Waiting for your lc300 review

  • Franck Dibouës
    Franck Dibouës24 dagar sedan

    What a shame!

  • Nkosana M
    Nkosana M25 dagar sedan

    I laughed so hard. Best trio to ever grace our screens on motor shows.

  • Naut Verbaten
    Naut Verbaten25 dagar sedan

    Anyone else seeing that dead squirrel on the road at 5:50???

  • erepsekahs
    erepsekahs26 dagar sedan

    That's the thug who was fired from Top Gear. Clarkson was suspended and then fired by the BBC after a physical attack by Clarkson on Tymon the producer. The attack went on for about 30 seconds during which time the producer did not fight back . The incident occurred after Clarkson was told there was no hot food available after a day of filming. This was at an hotel and sounds like there was plenty of booze available. See More by Googling here: How Jeremy Clarkson lost his job as ‘Top Gear’ host. It sounds here as if they are using a 'voice box' on Clarkson's voice to enhance the tone and pitch. This is common with DJ's/radio/TV hosts.

  • erepsekahs


    20 dagar sedan

    @John Baines Were you? There is plenty of evidence mon ami, including Clarkson's own admission that he beat the producer for 30 or so seconds with zero retaliation from Mr Tymon and allegedly called Mr Oison Tymon a “lazy Irish ****” during their infamous ‘fracas’ in March, and attacked him so badly he left the 36-year old bleeding and in need of emergency medical care. Got it now Charley?

  • John Baines

    John Baines

    20 dagar sedan

    @erepsekahs were you there?

  • erepsekahs


    24 dagar sedan

    @John Baines The dude is a thug and does not deserve to be employed in public where he is rewarded for being a thug. That is my point. He's a big, strong guy and can make a living hoisting pig carcasses into and out of a commercial freezer, which he has proven that is all he is fit for. He is not fit as a member of civilized society. That is my point. Got that?

  • John Baines

    John Baines

    24 dagar sedan

    Your point is....

  • Walt Williams
    Walt Williams26 dagar sedan

    It's an absolute abomination!!!

  • U
    U26 dagar sedan

    3 boring idiots, waste of a tv channel

  • Got It
    Got It26 dagar sedan

    "Pure, Rubbis" Indeed it is.

  • steven rowe
    steven rowe27 dagar sedan

    Im not really a car lover, I just have a car but top gear was a great show because of the pure chemistry. In the essence of classic British comedy to take one out the equation and substitute for another simply wouldn't work.

  • Meissam Ahmadi
    Meissam Ahmadi27 dagar sedan

    The excellent 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Eg Scipy
    Eg Scipy27 dagar sedan

    Who noticed the dead squirrel 5:49

  • Animals4life
    Animals4life27 dagar sedan

    Poor squirrel look at the road 5:49

  • Lucyferbbyxo
    Lucyferbbyxo28 dagar sedan

    Which episode is this?

  • Thaveesha Handapangoda - තවීෂ
    Thaveesha Handapangoda - තවීෂ29 dagar sedan

    Like Hummer ev

  • chouaib sam
    chouaib samMånad sedan

    I too think it's an excellent car

  • rykkje
    rykkjeMånad sedan

    Many of the customers were happy - toupé - 😂

  • Angus Elliott
    Angus ElliottMånad sedan

    This is neither entertaining or funny. The forced gerbil laugh from Hammond is irritating. This humour they have been flogging for decades is as stale as a vegetarians fart.

  • Angus Elliott

    Angus Elliott

    27 dagar sedan

    @Lucyferbbyxo A vegetarians fart I said

  • Lucyferbbyxo


    28 dagar sedan

    you’re just boring lol prolly find walking dead still entertaining

  • netweed09
    netweed09Månad sedan

    The thumbnail just screams of a man who's genius is so great it's,, it's almost frightening.

  • onit996
    onit996Månad sedan

    The is the car equivalent of Frankenstein.

  • Mr D
    Mr DMånad sedan

    The excellent is the best car and its 100% better than that porse

  • PepeSpliff *
    PepeSpliff *Månad sedan

    Costa was talking about cartel with guns lmao certainly look like something they would make

  • Johnfortich Vista
    Johnfortich VistaMånad sedan

    It's been gloomy the whole month, this is a life saver. The laughter i had was genuinely 🤣 unstoppable.

  • Bdmammoth
    BdmammothMånad sedan

    Wait till Clarkson learns about Donks

  • Half Baked Productions
    Half Baked ProductionsMånad sedan

    Their reactions when the auctioneer reveals the starting price. Absolutely hilarious from all three of them. Trouble is Clarkson had set a crazy reserve price which obviously wasn't met, so he ended up having to keep The Excellent. He's done more work on it and apparently still drives it.

  • Gregory Fisher
    Gregory FisherMånad sedan

    5:49 A driveby with roadkill in the foreground? God help us all if PETA finds out about this.

  • Ville Wintermaul
    Ville WintermaulMånad sedan

    Id buy that for a dollar

  • Sue Arnold
    Sue ArnoldMånad sedan

    The boiling bird perioperaively attack because push taxonomically cycle next a silent winter. scary, vulgar glue

  • mr.Kayiscool
    mr.KayiscoolMånad sedan


  • Tyler Keenan
    Tyler KeenanMånad sedan

    I can see it as well

  • Anchovy
    AnchovyMånad sedan

    it's so funny there are 2 brazilian players and they are praising the engine and they are afraid to break something and the caption says something totally random lol

  • Anchovy
    AnchovyMånad sedan

    it's so funny there are 2 brazilian players and they are praising the engine and they are afraid to break something and the caption says something totally random lol

  • Snoopy D-O double G
    Snoopy D-O double GMånad sedan

    "Tem rato aqui não né tio" 😅😅😅😅

  • Matthew Randhika Adiputra 1313113
    Matthew Randhika Adiputra 1313113Månad sedan

    1 day to make that

  • Makka pakka
    Makka pakkaMånad sedan

    Hold on!!! Why was it playing the planet earth 2 theme but it just took out a few notes

  • GBrothers P
    GBrothers PMånad sedan

    Is the squirrel in 5:50 a prop or is it sadly real?

  • Abraham
    AbrahamMånad sedan

    5:50 dead rat

    TEHCODMånad sedan


  • James-Alexander Johnson
    James-Alexander JohnsonMånad sedan

    James May looked pretty tasty with that kickball.

  • Joey J
    Joey JMånad sedan

    Start me if you will at……425 pounds JAMES MAY LAUGHTER! Lmfao

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  • the ultimategmoney 2021 NASCAR dude - top gear
    the ultimategmoney 2021 NASCAR dude - top gearMånad sedan

    I would buy Jezzas Mercedes land rover thing

  • Posterunkowytv
    PosterunkowytvMånad sedan


  • coffeecat450
    coffeecat450Månad sedan

    It is said that the car was never sold at auction meanwhile in the video a gentleman bought it for 4,000 pounds?

  • David Macey

    David Macey

    Månad sedan

    It appears regularly on "Clarksons Farm" so he does still have it

  • Lynx
    LynxMånad sedan

    I'm surprised someone decided to bid 4000 on that

  • enter a name here
    enter a name hereMånad sedan

    Oh no it moves. 😂

  • David Keren
    David KerenMånad sedan

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  • Lucyferbbyxo


    28 dagar sedan

    Bruh what is this? Did you fr set up bots to hold a convo on their own for a wack advertisement? Unbelievable the lengths people would go for something like that

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    Emily Andrew

    Månad sedan

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    Sterling Pellegrino

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    Angelina Joseph

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  • Evelyn Hernandez

    Evelyn Hernandez

    Månad sedan

    I got skeptical because I was cheated before but after giving her a try it was no regrets because my happiest moment was after my first withdrawal.

  • Gamerz Club
    Gamerz ClubMånad sedan

    Now that car is actually worth 120,000 coz dude lets be honest any top gear fan could buy it

    SHAA MUBMånad sedan

    For the first time ever, I see three of them in one car 🚗 hilarious 😆🤣😂

  • Thomas Fletcher
    Thomas FletcherMånad sedan

    That might be the only mercedes I could drive ( needs a supercharger though )

    SMITHY CMånad sedan

    So what part of Chelsea you from?? 🤣🤣