Jake Paul Debates the Boys on Dana White & Says Mayweather Tried to End Him | FULL SEND PODCAST

We got an absolute ringer on the podcast this week boys. Jake Paul sits down with the guys in Miami to talk about his boxing career, Dana White, Trolling McGregor, and hurting Floyd Mayweather’s feelings. This podcast is blowing up on SEblacks and now on Apple Podcasts. Like, share, and follow on both platforms. We’ve got some crazy guests in the pipeline…

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  • RokkPyle
    RokkPyle19 dagar sedan

    man im subed to like least 5 nelk originated or made channels now. but y'all are an inspiration to anyone thats trying to accomplish goals. i remember when you guys' were yelling shark on a beach lmao. now look at you guys tho. super inspirational for me at least, an should be to anyone with huge goals.

  • RokkPyle


    3 dagar sedan

    @Nikola Tutev basically. everything they touch turn to gold it seem like hah.

  • Nikola Tutev

    Nikola Tutev

    3 dagar sedan

    The mf’s build a movement lol

  • Nolan Ramsay

    Nolan Ramsay

    7 dagar sedan


  • Paulie Brokaw

    Paulie Brokaw

    8 dagar sedan

    dude I just tried the one chip challenge on my new vid and my friend and I couldn't even last we started freaking out and my boy almost passed it. we couldn't handle it lmao...

  • TRSB Podcast

    TRSB Podcast

    10 dagar sedan

    What a fantastic interview and a great individual

  • wuoi zuiu
    wuoi zuiuTimme sedan

    The podcast is fire except whenever Bob opens his little mouth. (2)

  • A S
    A S3 timmar sedan

    Kick Bob omg

  • Cruz Marquez
    Cruz Marquez6 timmar sedan

    Anyone else notice Kyle’s penguin feet at 10:45?

  • wuoi zuiu

    wuoi zuiu

    Timme sedan

    about what your last party was like or something a little interesting

  • Encore SW
    Encore SW11 timmar sedan

    Gervonta Davies would hurt Jake. FACTS.

  • Holden Baldassi
    Holden Baldassi11 timmar sedan

    Why does bob keep asking the same questions. Get him off the podcast

  • mtv CJ
    mtv CJ12 timmar sedan

    Y’all hating on bob but bob is funny af

  • Dylan Patterson
    Dylan Patterson13 timmar sedan

    Y’all need to get these on Spotify

  • versace_ beauty03
    versace_ beauty0317 timmar sedan

    I hope y’all talk about to steroids

  • CoKir 22
    CoKir 2217 timmar sedan

    Wtf you doing with six editors. Jesus Christ. Everyone cares yes, but feelings don’t equate to dollars. Thin the heard, god damn

  • izayah Tomsic
    izayah Tomsic18 timmar sedan

    Call out anderson silva!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Martin Ellis
    Martin Ellis19 timmar sedan

    salim acting MADDDD JELOUS !

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts21 timme sedan

    Anderson Silva will sleep jake

  • J T
    J T21 timme sedan

    What’s with all the hate on Bob? Buddy did nothing wrong..

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui21 timme sedan

    It seems like bob literally doesn't listen to what the guest just said before he asks a question

  • Jake Bartram
    Jake Bartram22 timmar sedan

    Bob's word of the week: "mainstream"

  • Karan Sumbaly
    Karan Sumbaly22 timmar sedan

    Jake Paul is a marketing genius! Prob went to the University of Trump 🥊

  • bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui

    21 timme sedan

    Two spaces . Lol

  • Cheddar Bob
    Cheddar BobDag sedan

    Can we get Bob a Xanax

  • dick jomom
    dick jomomDag sedan

    Is this a business meeting or a podcast seems like there’s no topic other than jakepaul I’m 15 minutes in and all you’ve talked about is boring stuff you’ve accomplished and friendships and just nothingness come with topics at hand do not just talk or I won’t watch it not shit talking I’m just not enjoying your god taking about boring business shit talk about what your last party was like or something a little interesting

  • luke terry
    luke terryDag sedan

    Bob needs to lay off the addies

  • Hank
    HankDag sedan

    When I clicked and saw 1hour I never thought I’d last the distance. Nice pod boys

  • skuze_yt gaming
    skuze_yt gamingDag sedan

    Yesir but jake a fluke

  • Zoe Deag
    Zoe DeagDag sedan

    Big up the nelk boys especially kyal much love from the Isle of Wight England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿💪💪💪💪💪

  • Just Wesley
    Just WesleyDag sedan

    I like the real Jake Paul over the trolling Jake Paul

  • Aaron
    AaronDag sedan

    i tend to stop watching once Bob opens his mouth

  • Canelo Pips
    Canelo PipsDag sedan

    bob over here judging jake on boxing when bob cant do push ups

  • viiont eooiy
    viiont eooiyDag sedan

    The podcast is fire except whenever Bob opens his little mouth. (2)

  • Trey B
    Trey BDag sedan

    My name is Trey Bruggeman. I’m a 24 year old hockey player from Columbus Ohio who LOVES to get shittered with the boys. I just had surgery (bowel resection surgery for Crohn’s disease) on Tuesday, September 23rd. I am sitting outside today, September 26th (my birthday by chance) in the outside waiting area still recovering, ripping my vape and cart and I see a HAPPY DAD van roll by?!?! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES?!?! The side of the van says “Buzzin!” on it and oh boy did it get me going!! Anyway, maybe the boys are in town and wanna pay a visit to me while im still in the hospital? Get in contact if you have any questions! Thanks for your time!

  • viiont eooiy

    viiont eooiy

    Dag sedan

    Have Michael Franzese on‼️‼️

  • tassilo
    tassilo2 dagar sedan

    Salami is even worse than bob wtf

  • Ray Alvarez
    Ray Alvarez2 dagar sedan

    I agree with Jake! That’s exactly how I felt with my wife. Going to be 27 years together this Nov. I felt the same way

  • Derek Nycum
    Derek Nycum2 dagar sedan

    I forrreal can’t stand Salem . He’s a fuckin clown 100%.

  • Joe M
    Joe M2 dagar sedan

    Two spaces . Lol

  • Jason Hanlin
    Jason Hanlin2 dagar sedan

    Yo I realized everytime jake speaks he says the word "like" every damn 10 seconds. So fucking annoying

  • Gecko Films
    Gecko Films2 dagar sedan

    the extra spunk left you when you got clipped by a real punch you little twirp

  • Cruze
    Cruze2 dagar sedan

    No way dude made 100mil. Full of 💩

  • Michael Conner
    Michael Conner2 dagar sedan

    I don't really like bomb I almost can't watch this because of him

  • Andrew Gonzalez
    Andrew Gonzalez2 dagar sedan

    Bob is ANNOYING!

  • Michigan Great Outdoors
    Michigan Great Outdoors2 dagar sedan

    I hate this dude, after watching this podcast I hate him less, good job Nelk!

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi2 dagar sedan

    If kyle loved his fans 100% he’d kick bob out, he’s ruining the whole chill vibes

  • Hiroyuki
    Hiroyuki2 dagar sedan

    Get Bob outta here

  • HobbesGraal
    HobbesGraal2 dagar sedan

    Y’all gotta let the guest talk and not interrupt them so much.

  • eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi

    2 dagar sedan

    Bob gotta be high on ritalin or somthin

  • North American Streams
    North American Streams2 dagar sedan


  • 000
    0002 dagar sedan

    Keep bob on it gets you hella comments 😂✌🏼

  • VDOfrm 519
    VDOfrm 5192 dagar sedan

    Have Michael Franzese on‼️‼️

  • Triffen
    Triffen2 dagar sedan

    Salim was hella disrespectful, imagine getting a big guest on to boost your podcast just to shit on him half the episode.

  • 000


    2 dagar sedan

    Made the podcast better

  • Bitcoin Dynamics
    Bitcoin Dynamics2 dagar sedan

    bob out please

  • Nick Spagnola
    Nick Spagnola3 dagar sedan

    Salim is tough to look at ey buddy ?

  • Julian Frederico
    Julian Frederico3 dagar sedan

    Change it to episode 1 episode 2 like the titles are wayyy too long

  • Eg CooN
    Eg CooN3 dagar sedan

    Tell him to fight Andy Ruiz

  • Steven DC
    Steven DC3 dagar sedan

    Anyone that wears nasa shirts you already know they're fake to 1000000% percent hands down

  • Steven DC
    Steven DC3 dagar sedan

    Any can read Jp body language yeah three to 4 months sober training for make fake fights *sip sip .

  • Steven DC
    Steven DC3 dagar sedan

    100k for editing the video ? Are you serious are you serious. 😳 I know youruber that edit there stuff and it looks 3x as good with better directing bro Kyle you're getting SKIMPED HOMEBOY

  • Lindsay Dottz
    Lindsay Dottz3 dagar sedan

    I love how Bob was actually calling him out on his BS like when he kept bringing up how Jake said he’s 10% closer to being a billionaire knowing it’s bullshit & Jake didn’t know what to say 😂

  • Liemez


    2 dagar sedan

    Exactly it’s funny and everybody hating on bob

    EMMANUEL CARLO3 dagar sedan

    Come to TN link with the Titans

  • zmanboss1
    zmanboss13 dagar sedan

    Salim asks the best questions

  • zmanboss1
    zmanboss13 dagar sedan

    Bob gotta be high on ritalin or somthin

  • TrackShun
    TrackShun3 dagar sedan

    Jakes very cocky but he seems more serious and real since back then with team 10

  • zmanboss1
    zmanboss13 dagar sedan

    Jake is a lot more articulate than I expected

  • souporbread99
    souporbread993 dagar sedan

    wow this couldn't be any gayer lol. jake paul and salim in the same room

  • John Mathe
    John Mathe3 dagar sedan

    Massive respect for Jake but im sure a lot of what he was saying was complete Lies

  • YFNik
    YFNik3 dagar sedan


  • Rock girl
    Rock girl3 dagar sedan

    I love how they both say “Tommy Fury’s younger brother” when talking about Tommy Fury himself while meaning Tyson Fury

  • Mr Sauce
    Mr Sauce3 dagar sedan

    Bob made me pour out my beer and go to sleep

  • tyler tyler
    tyler tyler3 dagar sedan


  • Rock girl

    Rock girl

    3 dagar sedan

    Wow not the look of a champion dude is fucked up for 8 days after the fight omg his career is over

  • tyler tyler
    tyler tyler3 dagar sedan

    This episode was way better and it’s because they actually know jake paul and are interested in him

  • Play Butti (Play400mB)
    Play Butti (Play400mB)3 dagar sedan

    Bob Knows What To Ask, He Was On TV As A Sports Talker, And To Put On A Trucker Hat And A Hoodie, Rather Then His Silk Suit For You Little Fucks, And Still Ain't Appreciated?

  • Exelith Op
    Exelith Op3 dagar sedan

    Jakes so right tho dana really does control all of his fighters. And when one goes against him he shuts their careers down. Danas always been petty as hell

  • Mememaur
    Mememaur3 dagar sedan

    Respect to Jake, fuck bob though.. dude couldn’t even box a piece of cardboard acting like he’s top shit 😂

  • Anders White
    Anders White3 dagar sedan

    Salim asking the dumbest questions, dudes not mature enough to be on a podcast

  • Myshellee 73
    Myshellee 733 dagar sedan

    Bob's vibe is annoying! He the guy that NOBODY wants to do coke with cuz his vibe is a buzzkill !!

  • Jon O.
    Jon O.4 dagar sedan

    Earned some respect for jake after this podcast. And also good shit to the boys on a lit ass podcast keep up that grind boys

  • PatrickBateman
    PatrickBateman4 dagar sedan

    Bob is getting a lot of hate in the comments. While sure, certain points he might be repeating questions a little, but I also enjoy his presence and how he interacts. Also big ups to Salim for being straight up and respectful.

  • MMA Genius
    MMA Genius4 dagar sedan

    Broo I started to respect him after that video - ​@​

  • Michael Zamora
    Michael Zamora4 dagar sedan

    Canelo is going to knock jake out stupidly man holy shit

  • Zulaikha Moosa
    Zulaikha Moosa4 dagar sedan

    this dudes confidence😂 off the roof lets see what happen's

  • shawn ramsey
    shawn ramsey4 dagar sedan

    bob just dosent fit for this

  • Omar Garcia
    Omar Garcia4 dagar sedan

    Why is Bob still here ?

  • Samuel Carreno-Vega
    Samuel Carreno-Vega4 dagar sedan


  • Keith Hunt
    Keith Hunt4 dagar sedan

    Wow not the look of a champion dude is fucked up for 8 days after the fight omg his career is over

  • Keith Hunt
    Keith Hunt4 dagar sedan

    Every time I see Salim I think sitting on bigfoot guys lap as a dead boy omg

  • khalil cooper
    khalil cooper4 dagar sedan

    nah this guy gotta fight somebody thats worried about they're record like gervonte davis

  • Nando Morales
    Nando Morales4 dagar sedan

    Gervonta “Tank” Davis would K.O. him. 💯

  • ed dupont
    ed dupont4 dagar sedan

    Well bob.. Let me give you a quick math lesson.. By jake saying he is 10% Closer to being a Billionaire does not imply he made 100million Dollars. That would only work under the Assumption that he isn't worth anything.. We all know Jake already has a High net worth.. IDK maybe 150million? Well 10% of 850Million is 85Million. Therefor "10% Closer" is not 100million.

  • Limitless Austin
    Limitless Austin4 dagar sedan

    Shoutout the dude in the mirror

  • Matt Wright
    Matt Wright4 dagar sedan

    Large shirt

  • Christina Watts
    Christina Watts4 dagar sedan

    dude in the blue hat looks like bradley cooper.

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon4 dagar sedan

    Put MTVJESSE on the podcast and ask him how he’s been we haven’t seen him

  • lol mindgames

    lol mindgames

    Dag sedan

    @GirlBehindACamera actually he runs the Full Send SEblacks channel search it up, and he’s their creative director on their merch.

  • GirlBehindACamera


    2 dagar sedan

    notice how kyle never talks to him or even mentions him anymore. wonder why

  • Gábor


    2 dagar sedan


  • DrpepMazing
    DrpepMazing4 dagar sedan

    I do like the attention he's bringing to boxing, but I don't like how he acts. And the stupid stuff he says he trolls way too much.

  • Jeff Lear
    Jeff Lear4 dagar sedan

    I hated him before this podcast I almost didn't even watch it but I'm glad I did I think he might be alright

  • qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon

    4 dagar sedan

    Mike Tyson blocked me on commenting on replying on his post lmao

  • Eric Palumbo
    Eric Palumbo4 dagar sedan

    We going to look past the guy shot a round of 150 golfing. Hope that’s a joke.

  • Kory Sheehan
    Kory Sheehan4 dagar sedan

    Jake paul is sorry.I know I could beat him,but he wouldnt fight me because Im not famous.I would make him look like he has never been in a ring before.

  • Sergio Aranda
    Sergio Aranda4 dagar sedan


  • jax 5 Raiden
    jax 5 Raiden4 dagar sedan

    Look you can say what you want about Jake Paul but he's a really smart guy and very successful. You have to respect his career and learn from his achievements.

  • Just A Dude ✝️
    Just A Dude ✝️4 dagar sedan


  • T14rcher
    T14rcher4 dagar sedan

    Rest in piss bob

  • Bryant Hernandez
    Bryant Hernandez4 dagar sedan

    I never thought I’d take anything out of this but I did

  • Spitta
    Spitta4 dagar sedan

    Bob speaking very very fast and saying the same thing over and over? is he on some medication?

  • MERK .
    MERK .4 dagar sedan

    Bro..a nelk podcast is fucking genius. Love this shit.

  • Yeetbaljeeet
    Yeetbaljeeet4 dagar sedan

    I cannot stand bob or salim lol they say some of the stupidest shit 😅