Amelia goes on a date with Jack Harlow in Morley's

Created by Amelia Dimoldenberg
Written and Directed by Amelia Dimoldenberg
Producer: Georgie Goadsby
Cam A: Bruno Downey
Cam B: Joe Madden
Sound Op: JJ Mitchell
Editor: Joe Bolger
Conform: Matt Easy
Colourist: Ruth Wardell @ Okay Studio
Sound Design/Mix: Mark Duckett @ Bounce Animation by Naomi Anderson-Subryan
Social Media: Jade Whiteley

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  • gabby kay
    gabby kay9 minuter sedan

    When he freestyleddddd 🦋🦋🦋🦋

  • Jennifer Garcia
    Jennifer Garcia21 minut sedan

    this is the most awkward/nervous i've seen her...girl me too

  • A M
    A M48 minuter sedan

    I ended up watching the whole show cuz my TikTok fyp was full of these video clips lol 😂

  • ꜱʜ3ʙʟᴜꜱʜᴘ1ɴᴋ
    ꜱʜ3ʙʟᴜꜱʜᴘ1ɴᴋ52 minuter sedan

    3:15 you good bossman😂😂

  • SugarKarma
    SugarKarmaTimme sedan

    Get Tyler the creator on this

  • EA
    EATimme sedan

    yo this right here is what we call CHARISMA

  • Timmy
    Timmy2 timmar sedan

    Jack Harlow make me laugh my ass of like a moron, I still can't believe why she's not laughing

  • chelsea pearce
    chelsea pearce2 timmar sedan

    Can someone pls tell me what song he’s speaking the lyrics from 😂

  • FatherRyan
    FatherRyan3 timmar sedan

    I never seen the channel but wow you are funny.

  • Cassie
    Cassie4 timmar sedan

    I can't cope with how sexy he is. Don't care what anyone says when he smiles I'm weak at the knees

  • ani lewadromodromo
    ani lewadromodromo4 timmar sedan

    the Americans not knowing Amelia’s sarcasm is hilarious 😭😭

  • Freelancer Florida
    Freelancer Florida5 timmar sedan

    "Can you read" B R U H The AUDASITY

  • cevrim
    cevrim5 timmar sedan

    Must be nice, to be this confident.

  • Cassie


    4 timmar sedan

    I saw that Can you read clip? … I keep coming back

  • Gwyneth Cordero
    Gwyneth Cordero6 timmar sedan


  • Abiola Britto
    Abiola Britto6 timmar sedan

    💀💀💀💀Jack harlow if hilarious

  • Bray Woods
    Bray Woods6 timmar sedan

    yo wtf is this lmaoo

  • M S16
    M S167 timmar sedan

    to all the americans watching this, Amelia is a comedian.. these are not legit interviews they're just jokes 😂

  • Kevin dias
    Kevin dias7 timmar sedan

    Jack is the man💯

    GAWD SQWAD9 timmar sedan

    Hit the Luuu

    GAWD SQWAD9 timmar sedan

    His lyric skills are legit

    GAWD SQWAD9 timmar sedan

    What the hell is this he says 🤣

  • Almighty Gaming
    Almighty Gaming9 timmar sedan

    Cool dude but stop talking like you from the hood my guy

  • Leilani Vavao
    Leilani Vavao10 timmar sedan

    I fucking love him lmaoo

  • Sarah Trachtenberg
    Sarah Trachtenberg10 timmar sedan

    i keep ending up back here

  • Saron
    Saron12 timmar sedan

    can they date for real

  • Mason Cahill
    Mason Cahill13 timmar sedan

    This is so damn funny

  • Keshara A
    Keshara A13 timmar sedan

    I saw that Can you read clip? … I keep coming back

  • Anak Mail
    Anak Mail13 timmar sedan

    she think she beautiful 🤡

  • Fords4life 91
    Fords4life 9113 timmar sedan

    Hes funny af😂😂

  • Andreina
    Andreina14 timmar sedan

    Tell me they're together ❤ 😍

  • nat !
    nat !14 timmar sedan

    CAN U READ 💀

  • Sejfo Pasan Selimovic
    Sejfo Pasan Selimovic15 timmar sedan

    No not to worry can you no ahhh to worry

  • Bitesize Music
    Bitesize Music15 timmar sedan

    She's the Tina Fey of youtube

  • Chase Hukill
    Chase Hukill15 timmar sedan

    The editing is so obnoxious

  • N G

    N G

    5 timmar sedan

    A little bit right

  • Jacob the Jawa
    Jacob the Jawa15 timmar sedan

    Imagine if Amelia was your girl and she out here talking to MOFOS like this.

  • Qeph
    Qeph15 timmar sedan

    This dude smooth as hell

  • Kayy
    Kayy16 timmar sedan

    Second date neoww

  • mikacissej
    mikacissej16 timmar sedan

    what did she say @1:12? what kind of girls from the 70s?

  • Abby B
    Abby B16 timmar sedan

    can you read what the hell is this

  • Amanda Labbé
    Amanda Labbé17 timmar sedan

    Ok I fell in love w him

  • Kam i
    Kam i17 timmar sedan

    yall simping hard in these comments omg

  • Jordane Carter
    Jordane Carter17 timmar sedan

    Wtf did I just watch?😂

  • EllieLouise18
    EllieLouise1817 timmar sedan

    Honestly how Americans think us brits talk couldn’t be any further than the truth…we aren’t posh we are total chavs lol🤣

  • FrankMyth
    FrankMyth19 timmar sedan


  • Andrea Hinojosa
    Andrea Hinojosa19 timmar sedan

    “8 daughters. single dad” 😆

  • Laura Hruby
    Laura Hruby19 timmar sedan

    Im so in love with him its honestly unfair

  • Lovejoy Maxwell
    Lovejoy Maxwell21 timme sedan

    One of the few white guys that can ride this wave

  • Quantiko Music
    Quantiko Music21 timme sedan

    funniest rapper in the game 😂

  • xaudiosxo
    xaudiosxo23 timmar sedan

    4:53 is the best part hands down

  • Daniel Judy
    Daniel JudyDag sedan

    She is soooo dry

  • Shanice Abdou

    Shanice Abdou

    22 timmar sedan

    it's the point, luv... That's the humor

  • Emily Preslar
    Emily PreslarDag sedan

    sips juice box

  • Ellen Petes
    Ellen PetesDag sedan


  • Will Wheeler
    Will WheelerDag sedan

    You’re Shaking,don’t start this shit Again 😂😂

  • Epsa
    EpsaDag sedan

    amelia trying so hard not to break character

  • Han EC
    Han ECDag sedan

    i've watched this like 12 times

  • Jacqueline Faye Lim
    Jacqueline Faye LimDag sedan

    I don't know why this video make me feel so single. Probably all the flirting.

  • Sydne Wohlford
    Sydne WohlfordDag sedan

    Jack Harlow like them dark haired milfs 😂

  • si si
    si siDag sedan

    i get it but his assurance in himself is also a little annoying

  • salma aatid
    salma aatidDag sedan

    This dude got me smiling like a dumbass the whole video 😭

  • T Qo
    T QoDag sedan

    Why i watch this, I don't even understand english

  • Tana •
    Tana •Dag sedan

    My ass thought he was British tf

  • Patrick m
    Patrick mDag sedan

    I can't cope with how sexy he is. Don't care what anyone says when he smiles I'm weak at the knees 🤣

  • Vincent Palazzo
    Vincent PalazzoDag sedan

    This kinda cringe

  • Jodie Louise
    Jodie LouiseDag sedan


  • JohnstasBACK
    JohnstasBACKDag sedan

    the B roll 😂😂

  • lilbbysky
    lilbbyskyDag sedan

    soul food? boa gone head

  • Colin Skerrett
    Colin SkerrettDag sedan

    Ribena doe .. my mans getting cultured

  • comp dump
    comp dumpDag sedan

    What in God’s name was this 😭😂

  • Kyle Creek
    Kyle CreekDag sedan

    what song is he singing at 3:20 ?

  • Hot Chip
    Hot ChipDag sedan

    He’s the definition of dreamy

  • Peyton fincher
    Peyton fincherDag sedan

    wow wow

  • Stephanie V.
    Stephanie V.Dag sedan

    this about my 74848484848th time watching this interview 😩😩❤️❤️

  • Wandame Lamare
    Wandame LamareDag sedan

    My sis said '' can you read''? Lol

  • Keepitintheglovebox
    KeepitinthegloveboxDag sedan

    “Can you read?” Loll

  • JGL
    JGLDag sedan

    The way she rolls her eyes 😩😩

  • omer awni
    omer awniDag sedan

    Why is she so awkward

  • julia s
    julia sDag sedan

    His energy is so damn attractive

  • Emily Georghiou
    Emily GeorghiouDag sedan

    You think he was feeling her? I really think he was into it

  • ron mcgowen
    ron mcgowenDag sedan

    Would pay for him to call me stupid

  • Lea Rivel
    Lea RivelDag sedan

    “Can you read?” GIRL😭

  • V V
    V VDag sedan

    Omg this was so entertaining. I laughed the entire time. Jack Harlow IS getting cuter by the hour.

  • itz Kesh again
    itz Kesh againDag sedan

    "can you read?" 🤣😂🤣

  • Marwa
    MarwaDag sedan

    I wish this was longer!!!

  • Sonal Singh
    Sonal SinghDag sedan

    Literally memorized the interview by the amount of times I watched it😭

  • Devin Bonney
    Devin BonneyDag sedan

    what song was he singing at 3:38 ???

  • Rachel Bonura
    Rachel BonuraDag sedan

    i wish i was her

  • Lexie Deal
    Lexie DealDag sedan

    He’s so genuine and precious I can’t deal

  • Aaliya Shibly
    Aaliya ShiblyDag sedan

    Is this a joke? This is a genuine question

  • Aaliya Shibly
    Aaliya ShiblyDag sedan

    ‘What the hell is this?’😂😂😂

  • omer j.karem
    omer j.karemDag sedan

    the lyrics that jack sing which song is this?

  • Claire Bender
    Claire BenderDag sedan

    4:16 when they asked each other about braces and they both said said yes and he was like really I didn’t know they did those over here 😂bruhh

  • Emiliano Mara
    Emiliano MaraDag sedan

    10th Time watching this vidéo

  • it's your boi, skinny penis
    it's your boi, skinny penisDag sedan

    Okay this made me have a crush on him. Goddamn

  • Miranda M
    Miranda MDag sedan

    I have a feeling he’ll be Doja cat’s next boyfriend.

  • Hayley Helps
    Hayley HelpsDag sedan

    I’ve come back to watch this wayy too many times 😩😍 and I know I’ll be back for more

  • Syd_elise17
    Syd_elise17Dag sedan

    I'm sorry but she does not pass the vibe check here. It feels like an awkward interrogation. Maybe it's just the way it's edited tho. lol (no hate towards her, I'm sure she's a lovely person).

  • Charlie
    CharlieDag sedan

    i wish this was longer

  • meow meow
    meow meowDag sedan

    watching this for the fourth time 🤞🏼💘