INSIDE STORY: Sergio Perez's Astonishing Last To First Victory


  • Mihir Shah
    Mihir Shah6 timmar sedan

    If I'm sad I come here or to gasly's one of these.

  • Aidan Harris
    Aidan Harris21 timme sedan

    Who’s watching this after the GB Grand Prix 2021

  • vitte lópez
    vitte lópez21 timme sedan

    Puro pinche checo Pérez

  • Johnny Matos
    Johnny MatosDag sedan

    I just wanna feel what Mexican F1 fans felt that day

  • Bluff Master
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  • kapil busawah
    kapil busawah2 dagar sedan

    It's still outstanding that Aston Martin looked at this and said "yeah nah we don't need him, give us the guy who's been mentally depressed at Ferrari"

  • מוטי אליהו
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  • TBNRGrande
    TBNRGrande2 dagar sedan

    0:45 the real rap monster

  • Zaimee Mohd Nor
    Zaimee Mohd Nor2 dagar sedan

    Surely a determination race from Checo and I like the way he manage his emotional while being a race leader

  • Roy Saladbar
    Roy Saladbar2 dagar sedan

    I don’t care what anyone says this is one of the best races in f1 history

  • I don't mind pineapple on a pizza
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    wow so intense

  • Santino Fuente
    Santino Fuente4 dagar sedan

    man this was an amazing race for sure!

  • John Cruz
    John Cruz4 dagar sedan

    This race solidified my appreciation for the drivers. A new fan.

  • Krutik Pandya
    Krutik Pandya4 dagar sedan

    If I was Perez, I would retire happily after this race and never feel bad about only winning a single race out of previous 190. This race is for the folklore

  • Adrius Prime
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    You just can not hate this guy.

  • Bryan Tan
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    what a way to get your first win so well deserved!

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    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!! yessss

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    one of the best races

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    I can watch this a million times

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    Don't know how many times I've seen this but it's been a lot and it will only get more. Great story. Great result. Great Guy.

  • spencer
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    This and monza were rhe best races ever

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    Dont say bad words

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    Today is the same day 💎

  • Ameya Godbole
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    The move on Albon was a move to remove his seat of 2021... horner impressed

  • bhupendra mishra
    bhupendra mishra9 dagar sedan

    who is here after checo's F1 sprint disaster at silverstone?? I really hope checo repeats the feat at silverstone .

  • jose franco kabuhat
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    He will hopefully do another comeback drive in British Grand Prix

  • Patterno
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    Hoping Checo has a performance like this in Silverstone starting from the Pit Lane!

  • Stephanie Shi
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    Checo please watch this before Silverstone 😂 podium finish pls!! Vamos!



    9 dagar sedan

    I was about to comment this 😂

  • Connor Stapleton
    Connor Stapleton10 dagar sedan

    I didn’t know Russell was ever at Mercedes??? Tf?

  • Carlos Q
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    Watching this tomorrow to try and summon some last to first power due to Checos unfortunate performance at the first sprint race

    VAGOŠ10 dagar sedan

    Where was Hamilton when Bottas and Russel were in Mercedes?

  • Hedonismo
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    Funny why today was last one of the race

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    Play Station 4

  • Ali Hasyimi
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    i know Netflix did somes bad move on their documentaries, but tbh i never watch this sport before netflix, now i even subscribe for live race and never thought in my life i will watch full laps of F1, so obviously Netflix give impact for this sport, and it can't be iam the only one

    LOONEY11 dagar sedan

    Most underrated driver in F1

  • csm
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    No matter how much you love Perez, you have to admit fate robbed Russell (twice)

  • daniel leon
    daniel leon12 dagar sedan

    Ya estamos en otra temporada y aún me hace llorar de alegría está gran carrera de Checo.

  • FyZer X
    FyZer X12 dagar sedan

    This is really sad....Racing point was once Force India🤧

  • Tico buttowskii
    Tico buttowskii13 dagar sedan

    I might be alone in this but for some reason, I love F1 night races! They just feel so different. Maybe it’s seeing the lights shine off the cars as they fly through the course.

  • Leonardo García
    Leonardo García13 dagar sedan

    Me emociono cada vez que veo este video. I get emotional each time I watch this video. I'm from Argentina. Go Checo!! 😥 😀 💪🏽 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 🙌🏽

  • isahy sebastian lagunas
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    Es la 8va vez que lo veo y se me sigue enchinando la piel!!! 🇲🇽

  • Khwani Mkhwanazi
    Khwani Mkhwanazi14 dagar sedan

    I love the animations for this mini move. When I do something like this in my life I want the same visual/graphics team to document my life like this

    PRANAV KIDS GAMES14 dagar sedan

    Super👍👍👍 nice

  • Shubham Pandey
    Shubham Pandey14 dagar sedan

    I still cry everytime I watch this video.

  • Cabeça
    Cabeça15 dagar sedan

    this guy has my respect

  • Tajwar Monjur
    Tajwar Monjur15 dagar sedan

    At 1:57 it said giovinazzi but when perez overtook him he became raikkonen

  • Sojiira
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    Love watching this again. Great drive Checo!

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  • Augustine T M
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    I don't know how many times I've watched this...

  • Ryan Sharp
    Ryan Sharp17 dagar sedan

    Goosebumps and tears, respect Checo

  • Aaron Cobian
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    VIVA MÉXICO 🇲🇽 this was a great accomplishment from this man!!!

  • gang banjer007
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    Is that force India or Aston Martin ???

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    Racing point

  • thilina dhanapala
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    most satisfying victory ever

  • tecnolike13
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    This career comes out in the Netflix series and it is the best chapter I have seen so far, like a movie, the chapter is called man on fire

  • tecnolike13
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    Impressive what Pérez did that day.

  • Pavan Kumar
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    2020 f1 is magical expect the unexpected

  • Kinlong Canon Ho
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    Congratulations 🎊 I really feel the sportsmanship in this documentary film. I started to get more interested in F1 now

  • Shehzad Khan
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    Whats the background music that starts from 2:03

  • lσѕт gнσѕт
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    i felt bad for russell

  • Miroslav Jurkovič
    Miroslav Jurkovič19 dagar sedan

    norris dotoho

  • myka uwu
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    sergio perez is the protagonist

  • Master Yoda
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    The f1 mission impossible featuring Mexican Tom cruise “Tom Cruz”

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    have yet to skip this video when it comes on, amazing.

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  • Hernán Salto -Dumb Attempt Productions-
    Hernán Salto -Dumb Attempt Productions-20 dagar sedan

    In part it was thanks to Mercedes faking that puncture

  • Sohan Swain
    Sohan Swain20 dagar sedan

    This race was epic. The underlying fact that Checo was out of contract and this race could have been his last in his career makes everything so connecting and emotional. He gave his blood and sweat that night and the Fortune favoured the Brave. What a champion Perez is! A race to remember for ages to come.

  • keiming227
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    “Hey Sergio “ “Welcome to the Red Bull”

  • Andre Altamirano
    Andre Altamirano21 dag sedan

    This video tells both Checo's and Russell's run in the Bahrain Grand Prix

  • Reileyy
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    What a driver

  • Arjuna
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    this Video has been one of those inspirational vids for me bro, 3rd time watching still gets the G-bumps

  • Anish Lamsal
    Anish Lamsal22 dagar sedan

    Cant believe my guy Checo was about to be out of F1 while bums like Mazepin, Stroll and Ocon are still driving. From about to be out of F1 to being in the best team in the game. Checo will be winning more than 1 race this year. Dont @ me

  • Leon Pearce
    Leon Pearce23 dagar sedan

    Ocon is 2nd wow

  • Nimit Khanna
    Nimit Khanna23 dagar sedan

    It’s beautiful I’ve watched it like 5 times …

  • Lorin Schepers
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    what e driver

  • Javier Montiel
    Javier Montiel24 dagar sedan

    Checo Pérez pones el nombre de Mexico en alto, sigue triunfando....

  • Leo Muñoz
    Leo Muñoz24 dagar sedan

    what a race for checo What a Race!!!

  • Googol
    Googol24 dagar sedan

    Perez might not have the natural speed Hamilton and Verstappen have but he is a chess player and that he does better than Hamilton or Verstappen (or anyone else). Race IQ over 9000. Greetz from Holland.

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    yyy xh24 dagar sedan

    The rigid low putatively excuse because epoch sadly impress an a secretive birth. jolly, royal frown

  • Rookie X
    Rookie X24 dagar sedan

    This is RACING...its not about winning all the time, its all about the bravery, risk taking bravado and pure will and determination to be on top

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    😭😭😭🇲🇽 aún no me canso de verlo

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    No me canso de verlo.

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    Made me cry 🥲

  • Lance Dolan
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    Think about the funk? Is his engineer James Brown?

  • ricerboidaniel
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    Love watching this Fr 👌

  • lauren martin
    lauren martin25 dagar sedan

    I cannot wait to see Russell in the Mercedes!! The kid is a phenom

  • uk tech
    uk tech26 dagar sedan

    the man is about to finish his 200th race had to revisit this one

  • Bagis Seyhan
    Bagis Seyhan26 dagar sedan

    think about funk? Fitipaldi Race Engineer )))

  • Carlos Maximiliano Hernández González
    Carlos Maximiliano Hernández González26 dagar sedan

    Why i cannot like it again every time i see it???

  • Vladimir Ulianov
    Vladimir Ulianov26 dagar sedan

    Somebody : Yes Checo!! P1 Checo : I'm speechless guys Me: i start to cry....

  • Tumelo Tumelo
    Tumelo Tumelo27 dagar sedan

    I still get emotional after watching this..

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  • Indie Heart
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    I wept...I just did..the one person who deserves it the most that day...checo max....that's Era.!!!

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    The important armenian apparently harm because mark hemodynamically remember athwart a comfortable tights. wonderful, tedious desk

  • Tom F1
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    1:43 Pietro Fitipaldi being told to think about funk by his engineer Fitipaldi’s head: 🕺🏿🕺🏿🕺🏿

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic28 dagar sedan

    What a magical night it must of been for him. So much respect for that guy.

  • Ced Trash
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    The far passenger hepatosplenomegaly tug because llama inferiorly drag qua a tan sofa. mean, coordinated patch

  • Nisarg Vaghela
    Nisarg Vaghela28 dagar sedan

    For when you're down and feel you lost everything, "Keep going Checo,keep going."

  • 여름폭설
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    마지막에 굿가이 피니쉬 퍼스트~ 멋있다~~!

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    No you’re crying 🥲

  • Tung Ming Xuan
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    Red Bull recruiters after this race: "Write it down Write it down!"