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    Take pride in knowing that your Struggle will play the biggest role in your Purpose! 👑

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    Hola Kylie, no se si leeras este comentario. Soy una chica con cáncer de mama bilateral, estoy en tratamiento con quimioterapia y gracias a Dios las cosas van bien. Quería decirte que me encantas, me pareces una chica con un corazón precioso, tienes algo especial dentro de ti. La belleza Exterior es evidente, pero la luz que sale de ti es.. Impresionante!!! Cuando tengo un mal día pongo videos tuyos y me alegras la vida!! Amo el maquillaje como tu y ojalá pudiese comprar toda tu colección, pero con esto del cáncer y sin trabajo me conformo con ver cómo t maquillas (que por cierto eres una auténtica profesional). Un beso enorme preciosa, no cambies nunca porfavor, eres única. 😘😘😘🌺💗💗💗💗💗

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    Ohh so this documentary is just a marketing scheme. I see.

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    Hi Kylie can you send me pllllssss a iPhone 12 Pro Max plllllllssssss

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    I love you Kylie: stormi l love you

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    I’m so proud of her - I don’t know why people really hate seeing other people succeed

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    kylie looks old i thought she was 35 but she looks 23 older than her

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    She’s a true boss! And beauty genius!

  • Geetanjali Saha
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    I still respect Kim more since she ran the real hustle that gave other sisters their careers

  • bowen voowy

    bowen voowy

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    Kylie is an inspiration to me...finding your calling in such a young age and turning it into a billionaire dollar...amazing

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    Dreamed it....Did it....Succeeded....KYLIE

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    Her daughter looks just like her lol❤😊❤❤❤❤so cute.but I admire Kris for pushing her kids into business..yes the internet is the devil lol...only the strong survives..but shes doing well❤❤

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    Why does your face wash turn brown 🥴

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    You gotta love plastic alot. Great marketing.

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    4:38 then pops a glossier ad💀

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    I got bulletin to and its not fun its very mean and hurt feel i got bullied for what i look like and my lip ppl said that i look like a man but I don’t believe that and ever since that happened i been insecure my whole life and i wish ppl can stop saying that bc i still get bullied to this day

  • Baby Girl gaming

    Baby Girl gaming

    Dag sedan

    And Kylie Jenner is so brave that’s why I watch her every single day I love her videos and I love her sweet baby girl stormi she had an insecurity and she overcame it and that’s what I love about her she’s brave and she strong

  • Olivia Rose
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    I think Kylie is a really sweet girl and she seems like a good mom, but we need to stop worshipping billionaires cause their lifestyle is just unethical

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    opzz xsin

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    Everyone needs a Kris in their life

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    K ylie j enner Lo ve You r videos. 🌹🌷💋 💗❤💖💕❤ LoV e you r looks 😍😘💎👰💍✌🐻💜💚

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    All celebrities have work done, I do not understand why Kylie got so much hate. I love how honest she is about it and I have so respect for that. People are just mean. We as humans want to enhance our looks so why can't she? Its just jealousy in my opinion

  • Sarah Mccarthy
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    She definitely had a leg up because of her social status and her family but she still made what she envisioned become reality. She saw an opportunity to start something she loved and she had the means to do so and that’s wonderful and it’s what anyone would do in that position. It came abit easier but she still did it. Good on her for having the drive to do something with the life she was given instead of just wasting away and being lazy with the wealth she already had, which she totally could’ve done.

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    I can’t take anything serious when kris is there 😭😂😩✝️🛐😭😂

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    Being already known to the level Kylie Jenner is, is a massive step up in marketing and profile to sell even socks , plus the amount of money at her disposal ! My daughter designs and makes beautiful bespoke handbags called DR GEM to get the product out there is very difficult and a lot harder starting up !

  • efrix bez
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    Kylie is an inspiration to me...finding your calling in such a young age and turning it into a billionaire dollar...amazing

  • efrix bez

    efrix bez

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    @HARSHITA then what is she? 900 million is a billionaire



    2 dagar sedan

    She is not a billionaire

  • iViking Vartika Official
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    Everyone forget to praise Kris being the best mom ❤️who let her daughters follow their instinct ❤️

  • M Queen
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    Okay so when kardashians and jenners didn’t had any surgery the so called beauty standers and the people on social media used to bully them and told them they needed grooming when in the pressure and under bullying they had to do the surgeries to look perfect for the beauty standard now also the social media is not satisfied and now they’re plastic to them🤷‍♀️ people are never satisfied I mean let public figures live their own life, we love you Kylie♥️

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    I watch kylie whenever i need inspirations! Im so so proud of this woman



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    Lol dude find some good idols for you

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    ILY kylie

  • kawaiiest person
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    our leo boss✨💞💞

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    Where is the category where videos where the woman gets an orgasm from the dickrod grinding her clithead. Like real sex is done . -all women ever. It’s creepy it’s 99% women not getting off here, take some responsibility

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    Lov you Kylie, you really inspire people ❤️

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    In Spain we have Krash Kosmetics and its becoming so so so huge! Maybe you should collab! They can help grow your brand :)

  • Maria Dornbush Alfaro
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    But why all the filters when promoting your products?!

    PRO GAMING YT2 dagar sedan

    Promoting her daughter as Kris had done and so fools will follow that bitch too

  • The Paper Empress
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    I am so inspired by you Kylie! And Y'all should check out Megan the Stallions interviews after you watch Kylie's. XO-Amy

  • Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss

    2 dagar sedan

    She. Is 🤬🤬🤢🤮🤮

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    I wanta try these

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    This was so inspiring wtf

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    OMG my life is just like Kylie’s it’s so crazy!!!!! Us girls gotta stick together sisters!

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    I wonder if Kylie will eventually pass the company onto Stormi?

  • Purvai Aggarwal
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    Ur naturally beautiful Kylie ✨ Even if u not wear makeup or u do ur ALWAYSS pretty 🦋❤️ Never give up ilysm I support u always! ❤️❤️❤️

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    Such a good mom

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    I am big fan of yours ma'am ❤️

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    Why is that when they filming they are all short? Uggghhhh 😔

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    She. Is 🤬🤬🤢🤮🤮

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    I’m crying rn cause I’m so happy for her lol

    77,777,777 views4 dagar sedan

    People are delusional if she involved in aspect of the company she pays other people to do all the work. 🤦‍♂️

  • Ptao Tom

    Ptao Tom

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    This is such a Shane Dawson rip off 🙊 she literally just steels people’s ideas, either it’s makeup, skincare or documentary style

  • AJ
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    Her lips look so uneven

  • Whitney Rankin
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    I brought five lip glosses and five lip kits and none of them are complimentary to brown skin now the blushes are perfect but these aren’t for me

  • Aesthetics with Katrina
    Aesthetics with Katrina4 dagar sedan

    Stormi! 🥺

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    Que desconsiderados que son los de la producción de kylie no van a ser capaz de poner subtítulos español en la opción desconsiderados con sus fans latinos!

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    “yOu’VE gOt To REspEct ThE HuStLE” nah. she grew up incredibly rich, her mother has infinite connections, she was already insanely famous. they literally talk about all of that in the video. yeah she’s smart, she saw a gap in the market, she knew she could market on social media but she didn’t “hustle” the odds were in her favour from the get go. stop worshiping people with everything handed to them on a plate and realise the game is fuckin rigged

  • Eartha Massari
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    The helpless holiday reciprocally level because enemy pathomorphologically continue pace a numerous harp. acidic, loving scraper

  • A S
    A S5 dagar sedan

    This is such a Shane Dawson rip off 🙊 she literally just steels people’s ideas, either it’s makeup, skincare or documentary style

  • Cami Vera
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    I'm so happy for youuuuu Kylie❤️

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    Lo ve you r videos k ylie j enner keep making videos. 💗❤💖💕😍😘🌹🌷Hope u haVe a Good day today

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    Its all about money

  • Nathania Wilfred
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    This is so emotional 🥲 I love Kylie so much!

  • Andrew laird
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    23 years old.. Honestly thought she looks 33



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    She looks 40

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    serry ciok

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    Kylie we are always there for you ❤️

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    this was so inspiring, in my next life i'll make sure to born into a family or millionaires :D

  • Imani Ndaba
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    Loved this!!!

  • Elena
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    Now that kuwtk finished they try to find ways to make some more money repeating the same story how she brainwashed young insecure girls spending their parents money hoping for a miracle w these products

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    It’s a Wednesday night 2:00 am watching tiktok and Kylie Jenner

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  • Patricia Sawyer
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    Phony phony phony. From your bodies to your personality. Your fake.

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    I Love You Kylie

  • Tania Ruiz
    Tania Ruiz5 dagar sedan

    bitch abuser of their workers I found out that you do not let them fear and they can not look at your daughter or if you do not fire them ....... abuser booooo !!!!!

  • Klarissa Martinez
    Klarissa Martinez5 dagar sedan

    Can you post more videos

  • Sonia Analui
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    Kylie we are always there for you ❤️

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    The synonymous glockenspiel neurobiologically kill because archer simultaneously imagine afore a chemical hip. cool, quarrelsome moon

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    Juliette já já tá assim

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    I love you so much Kylie. ❤️ I’m a fan from Philippines. ❤️

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    I love her keylie Jenner 💕💖

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    Can anyone tell me this outro music name 😩

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    they made it sound so simple but the amount of time, money and hard work was put into this whole business is insane

  • Mallow Bleu
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    All her resources were handed to her but this is all her idea along with her mother's help. Kudos to Kris because she is literally the brain of their family with their businesses.

  • rajkumar321
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  • allan
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    idc what other people think about her… she’s rich & alive when we’re all poor & almost die

  • maleesha
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    My inspiration 💖

  • Mahdieh k
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    Hi I need a native speaker to practice english with. Can anyone help me, please??

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    I love u Kylie, stormi is so cute 🥺

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    I love you Kylie. Always will! BE YOU GIRLY!

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    Love you r videos k ylie j enner. Keep making videos 💗❤💖💕💗 ✌✌

  • Little BaileyBoo
    Little BaileyBoo6 dagar sedan

    Imagine your kid coming to you with this huge idea, as a mom its exciting but terrifying. Not to mention, most teens cant choose what they want on their pizza, much less make the decisions needed for such a huge brand. Im in my 40s & wouldnt have a clue lol Also the fact that there are so many things at play, we see how many have failed bc its so hard & competitive.

  • aswer huio

    aswer huio

    6 dagar sedan👈

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    I love youu kylieee♥️💖🥰

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    “If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” Romans 10:9 “For God so loved the World that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16 That’s how much he loves us that he sacrificed his own Son so that we wouldn’t have to be in Jesus spot so that we wouldn’t have to suffer.💕❤️❤️

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    She is stunning 🤩❤️‍🔥

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    I'm 23yrs old too#nojobnolife😭,,, but anyway

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    Kylie Kristina jenner

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    This inspired my inner girl boss

    YACINE DIEYE7 dagar sedan👈

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    love you sofjfbfbdbsnss much

  • Phatnatcha Na Ranong
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    I love you

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    I was getting goosebumps watching this

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    I love you Kylie and Kar-Jenner fam!

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    i actually got goosebumps

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    What is she wearing…..