Inside Cara Delevingne's Fantastical L.A. Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

Today AD is welcomed by supermodel and actress Cara Delevingne for a tour of her exuberant and fantastically decorated Los Angeles home. Cara went maximal with
architect/accomplice Nicolò Bini of Line Architecture to curate a collection of vibes from room to room. “My work requires me to put on many different hats and costumes. I love slipping into these various characters, so I wanted my home to reflect lots of different themes and moods.”

See more of Cara's home here:

Select artwork:
Jonathan Yeo, Cassiopeia, 2008, 20 colour screen print, 102cm x 74cm
Jonathan Yeo, Wallpaper Edition (Teal), 2014, digital print on mica ground, 1000cm x 52cm

Shop Cara's home style!
Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash:
SunnyLife Mega Jumbling Tower:
Zamora Grey and Ivory Handwoven Tufted Pouf (similar):
David Yarrow Photography: Americas Africa Antarctica Arctic Asia Europe:
Jonathan Adler Georgia Orb Box:
Jonathan Adler Full Dose Box:
Lightning Bolt Marquee (similar):
Dior Fierce Blanket:
Gucci Heron Print Wallpaper:
Jonathan Yeo Leaf Wallpaper:
Jonathan Yeo Cassiopeia Print:

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Inside Cara Delevingne's Fantastical L.A. Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest


  • Architectural Digest
    Architectural Digest3 månader sedan

    Shop Cara's home style! Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash: SunnyLife Mega Jumbling Tower: Zamora Grey and Ivory Handwoven Tufted Pouf (similar): David Yarrow Photography: Americas Africa Antarctica Arctic Asia Europe: Jonathan Adler Georgia Orb Box: Jonathan Adler Full Dose Box: Lightning Bolt Marquee (similar): Dior Fierce Blanket: Gucci Heron Print Wallpaper: Jonathan Yeo Leaf Wallpaper: Jonathan Yeo Cassiopeia Print: When you buy something through our retail links, we earn an affiliate commission.

  • Ion Buga

    Ion Buga

    3 dagar sedan

    it's unfair only A.D can pinn posts, ffs

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    You can actually do it with no money

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    Rippenhengst Ohne

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    Peoples that would buy this crap are possible as nuts as she is. 🤣

  • Shaena Dean
    Shaena DeanTimme sedan

    I want her and Billie Eilish to have deranged sleepover parties here and film it

  • F BR
    F BR2 timmar sedan

    This is beautiful, my favourite house for sure

  • Laura Alvarado Ventura
    Laura Alvarado Ventura5 timmar sedan

    This Is the coolest house I've ever seen in my life

  • Mariana Mawa
    Mariana Mawa6 timmar sedan

    Fantastic. She's the coolest woman.

  • francheska
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  • ReyTell
    ReyTell8 timmar sedan

    I fell in love with the colors, it's like a colorfull wallpaper made house, it's brilliant

  • Rochelle V
    Rochelle V15 timmar sedan

    Just when I thought I couldn't love her anymore, she played the drums...

  • U Nana
    U NanaDag sedan

    She is beautiful

  • Stevie Bacall
    Stevie BacallDag sedan

    Okay thats officially the coolest house ive ever seen, Blue Kitchen,Bowie and a vagina tunnel, a jukebox with guilty pleasure songs on it(or open and not so guilty for some of em) what more could you ask for? ..... i know! to not be so alone in it.

  • Carlos P
    Carlos PDag sedan

    The spiky castanet immunocytochemically vanish because car lovely announce around a foamy mom. reflective, finicky jaguar

  • Cindy Leila Makenzi
    Cindy Leila MakenziDag sedan

    All pieces are so different from another never seen this kind of decorations she's like a child who wants everything in one 😂but it's amazing you want already in dysney world i love it

  • cari Lavin
    cari LavinDag sedan

    This house gives me anxiety

  • Doris EZ
    Doris EZDag sedan

    Qué horrible casa.

  • Krizzia Figueroa
    Krizzia FigueroaDag sedan

    her house is so unique ✨

  • tom
    tom2 dagar sedan

    and this is why shes in my top 3 for models, and her saying "ow thats a door"

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  • Johin Sunar
    Johin Sunar2 dagar sedan

    I want to be friends with her

  • Cecilia Dundee
    Cecilia Dundee2 dagar sedan

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  • About Knowledge and wisdoms
    About Knowledge and wisdoms2 dagar sedan

    I think she don't love books📕

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    anupam anand2 dagar sedan

    delevingne is never 1.

  • Shindig Eats
    Shindig Eats2 dagar sedan

    she wants people to come over & hang… love it

  • Roslyn Salazar
    Roslyn Salazar2 dagar sedan

    Wait, why is the jenga in a crystal table exactly?

  • Joann Smith
    Joann Smith3 dagar sedan

    she never used her kitchen, never used the guest bedroom, never used the BBQ... basically nobody never set foot in her house besides Architectural Digest... sad... wealthy have money they buy stuff they never get to use b/c they don't have time...

  • I'm Raph
    I'm Raph3 dagar sedan

    I only really care about the piano😭

  • Ruth Valentine
    Ruth Valentine3 dagar sedan

    I have always thought home should feel like cozy neat relaxing very not in a mess shape. But this is just amazing it feels like home and HER home . Def one my favourites

  • Lindsay Bullock
    Lindsay Bullock3 dagar sedan

    Ugh I just love Cara to death! She's so inspiring and beautiful. Her house is quite the dream house perfectly done. :D

  • Dzy Hill33
    Dzy Hill333 dagar sedan

    Love the house ❤️so TALENTED 💫

  • M -
    M -3 dagar sedan

    her "vagina tunnel" is the most white woman thing I've ever seen in a home

  • hoibsh
    hoibsh3 dagar sedan

    She so hottt I wanna see her in more movies.

  • Rena Nocera
    Rena Nocera4 dagar sedan

    Very cool house. She’s amazing

  • Carmen Jazz
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  • Andrew Luna
    Andrew Luna4 dagar sedan

    Best house to do acid in.

  • Amanda Praseuth
    Amanda Praseuth4 dagar sedan

    She’s so HOT

  • Susann's Lebensberatung
    Susann's Lebensberatung4 dagar sedan

    you are really cool. Thank you for showing

  • anna
    anna4 dagar sedan

    The house of the depraved aristocrat every other Victorian novel warns you about

  • Naing Thu Aug
    Naing Thu Aug5 dagar sedan

    9:25 That laughing scared me xD

  • Cristiano Costa
    Cristiano Costa5 dagar sedan

    Anitta está na casa da Cara Delevingne simplesmente

  • Vincent M.
    Vincent M.5 dagar sedan


  • Emily A
    Emily A5 dagar sedan

    Everything here Gives me major matthew gray gubler vibes

  • Antonia Laizure
    Antonia Laizure5 dagar sedan

    What an absolute goddess. She's perfect.

  • Riddhi Sarkar
    Riddhi Sarkar5 dagar sedan

    this is THE most lavish house ever, not just because its huge and wealthy, its also rich in colors and creativity!!!

  • jim
    jim5 dagar sedan

    Why would you walk around with your shirt wide open?

  • Diana Martín
    Diana Martín5 dagar sedan

    This looks like my Sims 4 house lmao

  • Nik Roane
    Nik Roane6 dagar sedan

    im in love with her now

  • Haru
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  • Hassan Alshaikh
    Hassan Alshaikh6 dagar sedan

    The amount of references she made in 1 house

  • Capasso Luigi
    Capasso Luigi6 dagar sedan

    This house looks like nobody lives there,no keys,no bags nothing yeah yeah yeah what huge lie!!!!!!!!!

  • Ericka Manzo
    Ericka Manzo6 dagar sedan

    She's so cool

  • Scott Murray
    Scott Murray6 dagar sedan

    Cara's Beautiful Home, Somewhere To Get Lost In, Happiness, Contained In A World Away From The World As We Know It.. It's So Good To See A Wonderful Person Such As Cara, In Her Wounderous Home, Her Home The Way She Wanted It, With Creativity Plus, I'm Happy With The Home I Live In *Mum's, With Lots And Lots Of Framed Photos And I Made A Collouage Out Of Lots Of Cut Out Photos.. It's A Beautiful Home, I'm Snug As A Bug In A Rug.. Thanks Skoty.

  • Glaiza Longasa
    Glaiza Longasa6 dagar sedan

    whoa 😢❤️

  • Star-Lord
    Star-Lord7 dagar sedan

    She looks like Jesse Faden from Control (a video game)

  • Carol White
    Carol White7 dagar sedan

    The free Spirit for all time.

  • Thorisho Lawyer
    Thorisho Lawyer7 dagar sedan

    am i the only one who doesn't believe that these are their real houses..Most of the celebrities look surprised by their

  • Girlandia Maria Diodato dos Santos
    Girlandia Maria Diodato dos Santos7 dagar sedan

    It doesn't surprise me that many women are attracted to her. She has many skills .. ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥🥰🔥🔥

  • Nat Nati
    Nat Nati7 dagar sedan

    I absolutely love the vagina tunnel!!! 👻

  • Taehyung Kim
    Taehyung Kim8 dagar sedan

    I love it ...omg this is the most beautiful ,creative and amazing house I've ever seen 👍

  • Maggie xxx
    Maggie xxx8 dagar sedan

    As mad as a box of frogs!

  • DJ Davey
    DJ Davey8 dagar sedan

    It's so awesome that Cara never lost the child in her!!!

  • Mehdi
    Mehdi8 dagar sedan

    Seeing her house I was like damn, the amount of stimulation everywhere is crazy, was getting a lot of ADHD vibes. And turns out she does have ADHD so now all makes sense!

  • Friday
    Friday8 dagar sedan

    we are all ignoring the handcuffs on the floor of what is very obviously the orgy room, so much love

  • Casio Pistachio
    Casio Pistachio8 dagar sedan

    I dont know why but the double bed bunkbed made me laugh out loud, its just so why hahaha

  • Larissa Freitas
    Larissa Freitas8 dagar sedan

    Getting high in that house must be such an experience

  • stygsftp93
    stygsftp938 dagar sedan

    note to self: build a vagina tunnel in my house

  • Pamela Cortes
    Pamela Cortes9 dagar sedan

    So she wears a “Peg The Patriarchy” outfit at the MET Gala but she’s also a huge fan of Hugh Heffner? THIS GIRL IS CLEARLY CONFUSED.

  • Name Eman
    Name Eman9 dagar sedan

    You can't tell me she's not the real life mad hatter

  • Sue Atkins
    Sue Atkins9 dagar sedan

    OMG I love her..

  • Chloe david
    Chloe david9 dagar sedan

    I feel soo poor

  • Salsabil
    Salsabil9 dagar sedan

    her house just looks like her

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    Alice Tkach9 dagar sedan

    omg i love her so much and I am also like totally obsessed with David Bowie so her house is incredible.

  • Megi Lo
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    Cool hause ever!!

  • Jane Smith
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  • Anisha Shankhari
    Anisha Shankhari9 dagar sedan

    A tunnel in a home 😱😱 the coolest thing I've ever seen ! Ahh! Rich people things......

  • Paula Markova
    Paula Markova9 dagar sedan

    Very cool, playful, coloring, beautiful place to stay. Love it. Thank you for showing as girl🌹

  • Ooj Amit Srivastava
    Ooj Amit Srivastava10 dagar sedan

    good house

  • drakeizanagi
    drakeizanagi10 dagar sedan

    The divergent dime coincidentally shade because enquiry nutritionally copy till a apathetic james. loose, unusual step-grandfather

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    This is an aboslutely beautiful house

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    Wow wow wow. I'm obsessed with her house! So creative and fun but also sexy and elegant

  • Mikhail Mikairu
    Mikhail Mikairu10 dagar sedan

    A Vagina Tunnel.

  • Aaron Matthew Beharry
    Aaron Matthew Beharry10 dagar sedan

    This is one of the most fun and beautiful houses that I've even seen!

    CHANDRA SEKAR U10 dagar sedan

    So cute

  • Théa Floreani
    Théa Floreani10 dagar sedan

    « The balls hold the stress now »

  • Théa Floreani
    Théa Floreani10 dagar sedan

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  • Guitar Hiker444
    Guitar Hiker44411 dagar sedan

    She's hot!!! But what do rich people do with their money?...They build a vagina tunnel? Ummm ok...If you walked around inside that house with a black light, you would probably run out screaming!..Lol..Just sayin..Sorry i went there! Although i am curious how well she plays piano?..Rock on!!

  • Loki
    Loki11 dagar sedan

    Please do taylor swift holiday house

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    Berk !!!

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  • Gribani G
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    Tom Portengen11 dagar sedan

    All thanks to the Patriarchy

  • kmaya1024
    kmaya102412 dagar sedan

    Cool house but it made me really sad to think about living in it alone in a pandemic :( how lonesome a big house must be

  • Th W.
    Th W.12 dagar sedan

    The house of a 10 year old with money.

  • ST H
    ST H12 dagar sedan

    Kitsch nightmare

  • Mishal Maganlal
    Mishal Maganlal12 dagar sedan

    she dropped some truth bombs along the way..

  • Melinda R.
    Melinda R.12 dagar sedan

    I wonder who cleans those room?! She needs a housekeeper daily to keep that huge house clean and that organized.

  • Foptnsderk Sipternsder
    Foptnsderk Sipternsder12 dagar sedan

    The pink burn perioperatively muddle because foam adversely use during a boring baboon. sharp, annoyed grade

  • Amy B
    Amy B12 dagar sedan

    Such an artistic genius! Such flair, style and cool taste. She was already cool, but now I think she's super cool! 😎

  • Rittika Biswas
    Rittika Biswas12 dagar sedan

    It's not a house, it's like an art museum ✨💙.

  • Nicole Manja
    Nicole Manja12 dagar sedan

    Caaarraaa, I want to come live with yoouuuu!! DM me if you need a house sitter 😆😉