I Spent a Day with a REAL Ex-Yakuza Member in Japan


  • Luetzow1
    Luetzow15 minuter sedan

    These sunglasses are so rude. I mean even if he wasn't a fucking mob guy, that's really impolite. You're indoors. Take them off and look him in the eyes like a normal person. Don't be rude.

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  • Eagle Cohort
    Eagle Cohort14 minuter sedan

    Man he seems so mild mannered and friendly I don’t see how- “So I had the guy half beat to death.” Oh.

  • WardeN
    WardeN30 minuter sedan

    This was quite a disrespectful interview in all honesty. Dude came across like a blithering idiot.

  • H 4 R D Y

    H 4 R D Y

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    imagine thinking a criminal deserves to be worshipped and respected cuz they’re dangerous lmao clown

  • Lintang Agry Bagaskara
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    I saw this guy on hakozume drama, u guys might wanna see him actin on the 3rd episode. Hahaha

  • Lintang Agry Bagaskara

    Lintang Agry Bagaskara

    42 minuter sedan

    Last scene in episode 3

  • Доктор парадокс
    Доктор парадокс47 minuter sedan

    Joey blessing us with top tier content once again

  • roro2k
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    Next...."I spent the day with a real life serial killer"

  • Neumorin
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    I was so nervous for Joey lol

  • BRey rey
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    If you think that is scary, wait till you interview a Costco club member :-)

  • Heh


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    did he break up wirh his gf

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  • O rence
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    He's very very strict about formalities and culture. That's not a bad thing. Cool. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Navillus Nitsua
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    You think the ex-Yakuza was messing with Joey when he did some of his corrections or do you think he was genuinly irritated a tad bit?

  • Maxx
    Maxx2 timmar sedan

    He’s literally just calling out joeys lack of social manners/professionalism towards strangers which is why he was saying the things he was if he didn’t like something he was doing , but other than that the interview was cool. As other people are saying he was wanting the same level of respect he was giving back. Common manners, respect and professionalism towards others is all.

  • sysmo
    sysmo2 timmar sedan

    Jesus Christ was I the only one misunderstanding "family dissolved" with the context of the video?

  • CozyZara
    CozyZara2 timmar sedan

    I mean, I can understand why he didn’t buy the whole “Immortal tatsu” thing.

  • sasuke
    sasuke2 timmar sedan

    i fucking hate this entire comment section, joey doesn’t have to honor and worship that guy who literally agreed to this interview

  • PoggyVlogs
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    Bruh, that was the most awkward interview ive ever seen in your videos. Lol he almost karate chop your ass 😂😂😂

  • a to z
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    you don't show irezumi... proceeds to take of his shirt

  • a to z
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    I don't find him that intimidating, just patronising.

  • Sterben *-*
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    The ex-Yakuza is the death Yakuza - Kenichi Shinoda. That 🧢

  • ACED
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    I feel like i knew you somewhere Edit: ok hes on akidaerest channel thats why

  • G. Moos
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    So what does Omeco mean? I did not find anything on google

  • Mario V

    Mario V

    2 timmar sedan

    it translate to sexual intercourse

  • bloopi
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    This man isn't even Japanese yet he's obsessed

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    Timme sedan

    he has a japanese mom, what are you talking about?

  • silent5
    silent53 timmar sedan

    lmao I was about to say a dollar store stapler?

  • Tletl m
    Tletl m3 timmar sedan

    Damn i would have hoped for more questions about inner rules and customs of the yakuza.

  • Alifted
    Alifted4 timmar sedan

    Tyson is wearing an Audemars Piguet watch. Dude makin big money.

    SAINT PEPSI4 timmar sedan

    the yakuza are honorable to me anyways

  • Matej Štiblar
    Matej Štiblar4 timmar sedan

    Hey son, really cool video, you grow up so fast love you.

  • Zane Bentley
    Zane Bentley4 timmar sedan

    How the yakuza just flat tells Joey “NoPe. LiEs.” Or like “sTApPiT”

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  • samir isaacyuh

    samir isaacyuh

    2 timmar sedan

    Scam shitcoin

  • NIvek
    NIvek4 timmar sedan

    This interview is extra cringe. So disappointed with Joey. He had a real chance to have a good interview and he blew it.

  • samir isaacyuh

    samir isaacyuh

    2 timmar sedan

    he’s being his usual-self like any other interviews he has done, go read a book if you don’t like entertainment

  • Mr. BOP-IT
    Mr. BOP-IT6 timmar sedan

    Tyson most definitely ran this interview

  • Dee
    Dee6 timmar sedan

    When mans asked for his ID❗

  • Red Ai
    Red Ai6 timmar sedan

    I am scared for joey right now

  • abc def
    abc def6 timmar sedan

    I like how annoyed the Ex-Yakuza is with the him.

  • Minh Tân Nguyễn
    Minh Tân Nguyễn6 timmar sedan

    jessus the introduction bro

  • Minh Tân Nguyễn
    Minh Tân Nguyễn6 timmar sedan

    Hmmmm chanel name anime man, tile of video "I Spent a Day with a REAL Ex-Yakuza Member in Japan" hmmmmmm(not judging btw i have watch and i can tell that this is what some channels these day do these type of content.Connor for example)

  • deeaybeen __38
    deeaybeen __387 timmar sedan

    Yakuza are not totally bad people, mostly there are exaggerated stories. The fact the ending shows pretty great, which by the way I know why he received something, is definitely worth the respect. If you respect them they would respect you and some would give you something in return just like how Joey received a watch from Mr. Tyson. Mr. Tyson find Joey respectful that he gifted him. If Mr. Tyson doesn't felt any respect then for sure Joey would receive a pretty bad hit. If Mr. Tyson felt a bit of respect then he won't be giving anything but at least you won't get hit or something or he might give something but not that valuable. I was definitely waiting for the end, wanting to know what would Mr. Tyson do to Joey and I must say I too felt that Joey deserves it. The fact that a complete foreigner speaks Japanese and wanting to know more of the culture plus Joey always follows the corrections of Mr. Tyson then he definitely must get something good.

  • Alejandro González
    Alejandro González7 timmar sedan

    This is very wholesome Tayson-san looks like a father teaching manners to his son xD Thank you both Joey and Tayson-san!

  • Virginia Holtman
    Virginia Holtman7 timmar sedan

    Let's just take a moment to recognize how brave joey is,I mean if anyone else was there they would reincarnate on the spot

  • Ricardo Camacho
    Ricardo Camacho7 timmar sedan

    Wearing shades, doesn't introduce himself, crosses his arms, do you have the slightest clue of basic etiquette Joey? Shameful display.

  • eireannClover
    eireannClover7 timmar sedan

    1) Tyson is kind of cool, really 2) He's been nice and brave being so open about the interview, he seems down on earth. 3) Joey you still need to learn xD and please, also, as for the GACKT interview, people are not just their labels, I kind of sighed sometimes, Tyson was more than a former Yakuza during this interview (I see how the fact that you talked about cooking relaxed him for example), it was 12-13 years ago to him, there could have many other kinds of questions, like how he lives and has been adapted nowadays. But I appreciate your continuous effort, get going :).

  • Weeping Angel
    Weeping Angel7 timmar sedan

    I feel like Joey will never do this again.

  • I'm Empty Inside
    I'm Empty Inside8 timmar sedan

    Joey, I am shitting myself while watching this video. Hope you don't get targeted by the yakuza lol

  • Nicole Winks
    Nicole Winks8 timmar sedan

    Am I the only one who thought that Tyson was adorable? He was polite, straightforward, and nice.

  • wet socks
    wet socks8 timmar sedan

    7:22 pyramid scheme

  • Martin
    Martin9 timmar sedan

    Tbh I was bit suprised that it took the Guest for Joey to realize "hey im talking to the person I just met, maybe crossing my arms is sorta rude" 👀

  • asus surge
    asus surge9 timmar sedan

    This was a really cool interview

  • Bakoca
    Bakoca10 timmar sedan

    I have many clothes with "Barong Batik" motive on em and my Japanese friends tought that I like Yakuza.

  • Quang Mèo
    Quang Mèo10 timmar sedan

    Guys, i cant stop it, i have replayed the first 5 second for 100 times. Pls help

  • moebslick
    moebslick11 timmar sedan

    Him saying he isnt intimidating is proof he has about 0 street sense in him hahahaha

  • Naveed Islam
    Naveed Islam12 timmar sedan

    I felt the second hand Embarrassment when he was correcting small things about him like a Dad to his Kid lol

  • Seit_1998_NBC_GIGA_ Dabei
    Seit_1998_NBC_GIGA_ Dabei12 timmar sedan

    I smelt shit - the whole fucking video....that pants...history...100%

  • Zalosk
    Zalosk12 timmar sedan

    jeez i thought he was gonna get stabbed

  • AlaKingg
    AlaKingg13 timmar sedan

    Dude looks like Okuyasu Nijimura lol

  • Kei
    Kei13 timmar sedan

    He is a middle school dropout and still has manners! RESPECT!...L n P

  • Everlygod
    Everlygod13 timmar sedan

    "dont cross your arms when talking to people" Me- "damn wait a minute" *CHILLS RUN DOWN MY BODY* "IMA LISTEN TO THIS GUY"

  • Devil Lucifer
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  • Bright Space
    Bright Space13 timmar sedan

    this was very entertaining. Honestly i would probably fuck up even harder since I'm very bad with social interactions in the beginning.

  • zTwoThree
    zTwoThree13 timmar sedan

    the real chad is joey in that outfit

  • Daniel Zurokao
    Daniel Zurokao13 timmar sedan

    ironically despite doing this interview, this guy does seem wise. From an american point of view, and him only finishing middle school. hes grown from that mentality where some of us struggle to move on from highschool views

  • leonthesleepy
    leonthesleepy13 timmar sedan

    I like how Joey got increasingly more nervous and scared as the interview went on HAHHA

  • Asketchy
    Asketchy14 timmar sedan

    oh no, my search history is "pen shaped guns" and now my family is sus of me

  • Tripple See
    Tripple See14 timmar sedan

    What's the name of the watch brand?

  • dillen salazar
    dillen salazar14 timmar sedan

    16:54 are you sure? U said that ok? After 2 months I need to see that tattoo

  • Hnz
    Hnz14 timmar sedan

    Bro this man is interviewing the interviewer. He’s a fucking legend

  • GrayF0x Of Lyt
    GrayF0x Of Lyt14 timmar sedan

    Hey son, looks like I was late to the video

  • Veiss ?
    Veiss ?15 timmar sedan

    yakuza members are not scary

  • Blackvoid25
    Blackvoid2515 timmar sedan

    Yeah, you definitely deserve my like and sub. Just WoW!

  • Kat Hunt
    Kat Hunt15 timmar sedan

    I just picked his newest video but just want to say! Hes hated on anime i love so much that when he says an anime is crap that i havent seen, i use that as a recommendation!

  • Gerr
    Gerr16 timmar sedan

    Man, Tyson-san is very cool throughout the interview. How he always look at Joey's eyes when either of them are talking. It doesn't like an interview, more like a dialogue. How he asked Joey's name in the beginning, is actually make things less awkward.

  • Trevor Phillip's
    Trevor Phillip's17 timmar sedan

    I don't think i have seen joey this fucking terrified during a interview and so glad he made it through

  • rainy days
    rainy days17 timmar sedan

    he do be fine tho😏🖤

  • rainy days
    rainy days17 timmar sedan


  • Goldenboy6612
    Goldenboy661217 timmar sedan

    Joey you play too much bro haha but very informative interview. Tyson if you're watching and reading the comments thank you for your time. Arigatou Gozaimasu

  • earthboundcustoms
    earthboundcustoms17 timmar sedan

    you know Yakuza is real when you gotta but a disclaimer on being just your opinions when talking about Yakuza

  • Incorrect Username
    Incorrect Username17 timmar sedan

    This man is extremely perceptive. He was able to immediately able to call him out on his bullshit and still be respectful about it.

  • Clade Zeno
    Clade Zeno17 timmar sedan

    He seems just like my strict teacher that feels intimidating at first but when you'll look back later on is one of the best teachers you ever had.

  • Ghost of Silence
    Ghost of Silence17 timmar sedan

    Joey I can actually feel the second hand pants shittingness from you through the video and Im not even there.

  • qq
    qq17 timmar sedan

    Bro i read it as kazuha

  • Daniel mendez
    Daniel mendez18 timmar sedan

    No one is commenting about how the ex yakuza knows about the fucking yakuza series that’s awesome

  • Alpha_Nexus
    Alpha_Nexus18 timmar sedan

    My biggest question is what did/does the Yakuza do? I know they were like a mafia but what did they do everyday? I have almost no knowledge

  • Ede Ede
    Ede Ede18 timmar sedan

    good content

  • SHinyArk32
    SHinyArk3218 timmar sedan

    One day you should go back to Australia and get your old manga collection

  • Dxnqq
    Dxnqq18 timmar sedan

    Idk i was really disappointed by the way joey acted here i wish he could’ve shown better respect to the man

  • PapaJon. PNG
    PapaJon. PNG18 timmar sedan

    What a legend 👑🔥

  • Mariana P
    Mariana P19 timmar sedan

    I would cry the moment the interview started

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon19 timmar sedan

    "Fighting skill doesn't matter once GUNS enter the picture" INDEED

  • sllaall spspeneow
    sllaall spspeneow19 timmar sedan

    Tyson literally know joey was lying just from that 1 or 2 sentence. Scary but super cool

  • SleepyNekoOwO
    SleepyNekoOwO19 timmar sedan

    I could feel the fear radiating from Joey during that interview. XD The moment when he was asked to uncross his arms definitely got to me! XD

  • X 3 R 0
    X 3 R 019 timmar sedan

    I like how he is fine with non-Japanese people having Japanese tattoos and long as know the meaning of it.

  • qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon

    19 timmar sedan

    might get slapped in the face or get a good beating with a broomstick depending on how you misbehave someone older than you or do something wrong. This might seem

  • Arfhat Rana
    Arfhat Rana19 timmar sedan

    So did Tyson watch the final edit of the video before it was uploaded to give his approval so his words aren’t mistranslated and the private conversations don’t make their way into the video?

  • John Hertmen
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  • Tech & Info
    Tech & Info20 timmar sedan

    The Interviewer is behaving like a child, like he has no worldly exposure at all, Its like watching a grown up talk to a teenage kid who hasn't been out of the house, Personally what I think of the Yakuza is that they are just People trying to make fast money illegally in an organized way to feed their families

  • Im going no beat my meat, good bye corngraphy

    Im going no beat my meat, good bye corngraphy

    19 timmar sedan

    Why must everything be so serious :(

  • Shadow11614
    Shadow1161420 timmar sedan

    there's this one yakuza anime i recommend "backstreet girls gokudols"

  • HBC48
    HBC4820 timmar sedan

    Honestly, i really thought that this gonna be another banned SEblacks video when Joey said his name was Immortal Tatsu 😂