i love you


  • tae kook
    tae kookMånad sedan

    asigim sesine kizim

  • amy
    amy2 månader sedan

    I love your voice Sm

  • amy
    amy2 månader sedan

    God Billie ilysm

  • Jason Knapp
    Jason Knapp2 månader sedan

    I love you too gurl

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna3 månader sedan

    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time OST - Lost Woods

  • Sir Drinks
    Sir Drinks3 månader sedan

    But not the wrong joints

  • Sir Drinks
    Sir Drinks3 månader sedan

    We need to smoke a joint.

  • kevin since
    kevin since4 månader sedan

    whathell did i do.. nvr been the type - I love you, mm & i don't want to. Up all Night, I wish you would jus try...the smile th@ u gave me...i don't want to but, I Lo

  • Kayla Storr
    Kayla Storr4 månader sedan

    my biggest regret in life was never telling you how much i truly loved you. i was too late & all i can do now is yell it at the top of my lungs to the sky hoping you can hear me up there. i love you chloe.

  • Bubbled Gemz
    Bubbled Gemz4 månader sedan

    after watching the doc, i think its much more clear who shes singing about :(

  • c s
    c s5 månader sedan

    I remember listening to this song a lot at the peak of my depression. I truly wanted to die, and was fighting so hard to want to stay alive. One night I was feeling so painfully sad and hopeless and I turned this song on. Although I listened to it very often at the time, that particular night I felt something I still can’t explain. I was thinking deeply about the song, and how beautiful it is. I was thinking about how incredible it is that we as humans can create such beautiful art. How humans are capable of portraying the most painful and beautiful emotions through artistic expression. It made me remember how beautiful and special life is. And how truly remarkable it is that we are here. After that night I pondered it more, and eventually found hope to stay alive. I might sound dramatic, but this song quite literally saved my life.

  • çiçek akduman
    çiçek akduman5 månader sedan

    I love him.

  • Haneen 123 1234 Saeed 1 2 3 12345
    Haneen 123 1234 Saeed 1 2 3 123455 månader sedan

    The song is bad i dont like it

  • katie
    katie5 månader sedan

    pov: you need a hug

    ROBERT SMITH6 månader sedan

    Love you too :D jk

  • oliwia livka
    oliwia livka6 månader sedan

    Mam ciary

  • Simpleducks
    Simpleducks7 månader sedan

    I just realized that I discovered that Listen before i go comments on the SEblacks video are turned off lmao XD

  • Kingbopit
    Kingbopit7 månader sedan

    The question: will I ever find love? My answer: yes you will in time it’s hard but you have to find a match and don’t rush it take it slow you will find someone time will tell just listen to your heart

  • Christian Lawson
    Christian Lawson7 månader sedan

    Who listens to this song everyday 👇

  • poyo
    poyo7 månader sedan

    hands down the best ballad of the 2010s

  • Official Lil Sisi
    Official Lil Sisi7 månader sedan

    Lyrics It's not true Tell me I've been lied to Cryin' isn't like you Ooh What the hell did I do? Never been the type to Let someone see right through Ooh Maybe won't you take it back? Say you were tryna make me laugh And nothin' has to change today You didn't mean to say, "I love you" I love you and I don't want to Ooh Up all night on another red eye I wish we never learned to fly I Maybe we should just try To tell ourselves a good lie I didn't mean to make you cry I Maybe won't you take it back? Say you were tryna make me laugh And nothin' has to change today You didn't mean to say, "I love you" I love you and I don't want to Ooh The smile that you gave me Even when you felt like dyin' We fall apart as it gets dark I'm in your arms in Central Park There's nothin' you could do or say I can't escape the way I love you I don't want to, but I love you Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh Ooh

  • mayito rla
    mayito rla7 månader sedan

    es mi cantante mas coool!!!!!!!!! te adoro!!!

  • Heather Natasha
    Heather Natasha7 månader sedan

    It's 12:21 am I'm alone in the room, crying alone and my lamp. Light turns on I'm imagining those who i care. Say " i love you to me ' but then unfortunately none of them say those. I accidentally cut my own skin by using knife. Accidentally for my art project Right now 12 '21 am I'm crying with my hand bleeding . Dead thoughts

  • Alice De Santis
    Alice De Santis7 månader sedan

    honestly am I the only one that meanwhile is listening to this or every Billie's depressed songs feels just better and better...like it's ok to cry, to feel lonely, to feel disappointed from life....but still you can smile...for me it's like as if Billie were telling me: ok it's all good...forget everything...came here...listen to this and come with me in another dimension. honestly I don't know if what I wrote is correct cause I am Italian ...so sorry ...in the case there're mistakes...

  • Hard Choices Official
    Hard Choices Official7 månader sedan

    This song is so sade

  • Lisa Hutchcraft
    Lisa Hutchcraft7 månader sedan

    pov: your singing this to a loved one who is slowly passing away in a hospital....

  • Ma’kayleen Walker
    Ma’kayleen Walker7 månader sedan

    If you’re smiling right while singing your are hurting 😭😭😭

  • Aaron Torres Navarro
    Aaron Torres Navarro7 månader sedan

    No había nadie solo yo 5??????

  • 愛Zayuri22


    7 månader sedan


    MR.PADAWAN C.J7 månader sedan

    Hoy no se duerme

  • Oh yuhh💅🏽
    Oh yuhh💅🏽7 månader sedan

    My sister sung this. I cry every time cause it’s not her. She did it to addition for the voice, I just wish they would listened. It was so beautiful. She sings everyday.....but I love this song and her. I wish they listened....

  • Ximena Sánchez
    Ximena Sánchez7 månader sedan


  • Karen lyrics
    Karen lyrics 7 månader sedan

    𝓑𝓲𝓵𝓵𝓲𝓮 𝓔𝓲𝓵𝓲𝓼𝓱 - 𝓘 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮 𝔂𝓸𝓾💊✨ 00:00 ○────────────────────○4:51 🔊 ㅤㅤ◉ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ◄◄⠀▐▐⠀►► ♡

  • 愛Zayuri22


    7 månader sedan

  • Panda girl
    Panda girl7 månader sedan


  • Arie
    Arie7 månader sedan

    Ah crap Fell again

  • Rainer Suncin
    Rainer Suncin7 månader sedan

    "the smile you gave me even when you were dying" I've seen that

  • Gio Aras
    Gio Aras7 månader sedan

    warm voice, soft and sounds like Greek artist from the past.. ❤️

  • s t e l l a r
    s t e l l a r7 månader sedan

    I love this song

  • Liliana Johnson
    Liliana Johnson7 månader sedan

    Unpopular opinion: This is one of Billie's best songs

  • Jetra Mistry

    Jetra Mistry

    Månad sedan

    It is

  • Gaby Polo

    Gaby Polo

    6 månader sedan

    Not unpopular

  • ESC Cyprus

    ESC Cyprus

    7 månader sedan

    yeap this and ocean eyes the top 2

  • Elicia Alvarez

    Elicia Alvarez

    7 månader sedan


  • nat1912
    nat19127 månader sedan

    at this point i dont know why im sad i just feel like..i.. for some reason need to escape or whatever like, I just dont fucking know dude.

  • Kye Floyd
    Kye Floyd7 månader sedan

    This is truly my safe place 🥺

  • Leslie Rombach
    Leslie Rombach7 månader sedan

    I love your music

  • Crimson
    Crimson7 månader sedan

    This hit me. Makes me think of the person i like but i can't get

  • Carlos Valdez
    Carlos Valdez7 månader sedan

    Hello my best friend made a cover of this song, I hope you can watch it and like it, here is the link seblacks.info/cold/video/baKvroCVjWmJbWk.html

  • Chris Ovalles
    Chris Ovalles7 månader sedan

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  • Sahil Gaikwad
    Sahil Gaikwad7 månader sedan

    I dont understand the language, Bt i am crying,i dont know why?

  • Isabelle Paal
    Isabelle Paal7 månader sedan

    This song breaks and puts my heart back together again. This song saved my life.

  • Gracietheprankster
    Gracietheprankster7 månader sedan


  • Caustic Legion

    Caustic Legion

    7 månader sedan


  • Seabass
    Seabass7 månader sedan

    I know she likes this song, so I decided to listen. I hope she thinks about me whole listening to this but if not, then that’s ok too.

  • Iker
    Iker7 månader sedan

    The best song of Billie Eilish, so emotional and real

  • 1v0ry
    1v0ry7 månader sedan

    I liked this guy and he liked me but there's another girl who likes him too and I know he's gonna pick her, I'm not worth love, I'm a horrible annoying person and he deserves o much better and I feel terrible, I wish all my friends would just cut me off, I really do deserve it.

  • Good Girl
    Good Girl7 månader sedan

    When I hear the song I always think of the boy I have loved for 1 year and 4 months and I start crying who is like?

  • Seabass


    7 månader sedan

    me too

  • Christopher Dameron
    Christopher Dameron7 månader sedan

    Ok I’m gonna be ultra conspiracy right now, but does anyone hear the faint noise of a new broadcast in the background talking about vaccinations? This was released in 2019. Lol

  • Thayna Oliveira ramos
    Thayna Oliveira ramos7 månader sedan

    Love you billie😍

  • Sydney
    Sydney7 månader sedan

    me thinking of someone I shouldn't love in the first place

  • Jordan Fitz
    Jordan Fitz7 månader sedan

    Missing u Paul ward

  • Jordan Fitz
    Jordan Fitz7 månader sedan

    My paul

  • Denise Flores
    Denise Flores7 månader sedan


  • Marcus Danchision
    Marcus Danchision7 månader sedan

    The abstracted drawer ecologically attach because sandra medicinally pause round a splendid spark. warm, used message

  • Alan Oikwawas Twin
    Alan Oikwawas Twin7 månader sedan

    This song makes me feel heartbroken about a boy how doesn't even exist , and that's on being a WeEb :')

  • Ibuki Mioda

    Ibuki Mioda

    7 månader sedan

    gurl just sob and ship the characters it shouldn’t affect me but it does 🙄

  • Alan Oikwawas Twin

    Alan Oikwawas Twin

    7 månader sedan


  • Theo


    7 månader sedan


  • Aubrxy
    Aubrxy7 månader sedan

    I cried listening

  • Jessica Brideau
    Jessica Brideau7 månader sedan

    you know whats sad this gives me twilight vibes ;-;

    NINE FF7 månader sedan

    i love you depesion

  • Caustic Legion

    Caustic Legion

    7 månader sedan

    You didn’t spell that right.

  • θJåde Gåchåθ
    θJåde Gåchåθ7 månader sedan

    Half-expected comments about The Galaxy Is Endless

  • Michael Crowley
    Michael Crowley7 månader sedan

    I'm 48 yes old and never before has an artist and there music touched me so deeply or moved me like Billie has

  • erin acompañado

    erin acompañado

    4 månader sedan

    i feel utterly thankful for her and her music. it's so genius and unprecedented, and has saved my life. crazy crazy crazy

  • Chris Renee
    Chris Renee7 månader sedan

    She has a voice of an angel love her

  • Dark Raven
    Dark Raven7 månader sedan

    U dont know how badly I want the video of this song starring billie

  • Ellie Withers
    Ellie Withers7 månader sedan


    LAURYN HINES7 månader sedan

    Is it just me or is everyone else watching themselves lose friends like I see everyone else going out with friends and being close but like it feels like I dont have any anymore

  • No se que nombre ponerme

    No se que nombre ponerme

    Månad sedan


  • Ijustsay Something

    Ijustsay Something

    7 månader sedan

    I feel u and same things happening with me

  • Minty Monday

    Minty Monday

    7 månader sedan

    I feel you

  • Mandy Yap
    Mandy Yap7 månader sedan

    I'm here in 9 December 2020 3:48am right now.

  • Kalani Barrett
    Kalani Barrett7 månader sedan

    does anybody else listen to her music when they are sad and it helps make you feel better\

  • Daria Zamfir
    Daria Zamfir7 månader sedan

    i have been listening to this for 1 hour i cant

  • Alissom Salvatore
    Alissom Salvatore7 månader sedan

    Essa é de fudê

  • ichbin cool
    ichbin cool7 månader sedan

    i love you really do

  • Emma Wachsmann
    Emma Wachsmann7 månader sedan

    “The smile that you gave me even when u felt like dying” hits me everytime. I remember when I saw my mom the last time. She was not here, on Earth. She used to call me princess. When I saw her, my world was ended. But here I am after 6 months. I am sorry for everything, mom. I love you.

  • Emma Wachsmann

    Emma Wachsmann

    7 månader sedan

    @Minty Monday I am sorry for your loss🥺

  • Minty Monday

    Minty Monday

    7 månader sedan

    My mom passed away 2 years ago, after my birthday, this is so sad, i Will never ever see her again, i Miss her so much :'( she is my world, i love my mom.

  • J E

    J E

    7 månader sedan

    I'm so sorry for your loss...

  • Kaylee was Taken
    Kaylee was Taken7 månader sedan


  • Kaylee was Taken
    Kaylee was Taken7 månader sedan


  • aj.ღ
    aj.ღ7 månader sedan

    man, im giving up :/

  • Nickolas Rivera
    Nickolas Rivera7 månader sedan

    I'm so scared to die without the one I love but she does not want me like i want her and there is nothing I can do to change it got locked up and she left me got with another man and had a baby and apparently fell in love I was with her on and off for five years and she just threw away the history we had while I was incarcerated I felt so stupid.i felt betrayed I still do I try to be there for her anyways I can and all it does is kill me...she does not love me im not sure she even likes me anymore and I wish I would have made different decisions.it hurts to know he got everything we had planned for years

  • Teasa Searcy
    Teasa Searcy7 månader sedan

    i just realized all the moments i ever felt special in my relationship were nothing but lies and mentally i am in a dark place and everyday is struggle

  • Betty Ann Simnovec
    Betty Ann Simnovec7 månader sedan

    Robert m... I just want to say I love you. That's all.... You always make me smile.... Your eyes, your body, your voice, and our fantasies make me happy baby.. I just want to say I love you!!!! 💜💜🥰💜💜

  • julia klein
    julia klein7 månader sedan

    this song breaks my heart in the best way

  • SodaCan365
    SodaCan3657 månader sedan

    Lost Woods anyone?

  • ryo2play
    ryo2play7 månader sedan

    i just feel nothing anymore, my friends are getting toxic, my family just think im shit but my brother is the best thing ever, in school i´m good and bad . my mom hates me , she is scared of me and thinks im a phsycophat and is scared of me. i have no one to listen bc every one thinks im fine and okay. the ppl who care about me don`t know how i rlly feel bc i dont want to lose them like the other ppl i lost, just bc i told them how i feel. they don`t want to be friend with someon so sad. im scared to tell ppl how i feel and now im sitting again in my bed crying. i want to hurt myself but even for that i dont have enough courage. The only thing why i am alive is musik . i dont know what to do . i want to die but im to scared.

  • Smiles22
    Smiles227 månader sedan

    As a person who doesn't listen to Billie Eilish much, I can say this is a good song. I like her older music, that being said, she does have talent. I just prefer the older stuff. And things like this sound more personal, something that can reach out. This is genuinely a good song. Really the only songs I listen to are personal like this. Not Bad Guy or whatever else. Ocean Eyes, Listen Before I Go, I Love You.. these are the ones that blow my socks off. With that being said, you enjoy her whether you like the edgy part or the emotional part, maybe both who knows. Just be real. Be you. Be the person you are and don't care what others think to an extent. Just do what you need to do to live, and when that's taken care of, go have fun.

  • Austėja Bertašiūtė
    Austėja Bertašiūtė7 månader sedan

    Who is from 2020👇

  • BEEBO :3
    BEEBO :37 månader sedan

    well we gotta admit that FINNEAS is the best background vocal of all the time

  • Lavaehia Hayes
    Lavaehia Hayes7 månader sedan

    This song reminds me of my 4th grade crush.. He didn't go to the school i go to for 6th grade but.. I had started missing him alot more than normal recently... I haven't seen him since 5th grade and i miss him so much... :).... im in 7th grade now.

  • Cheese And cheese
    Cheese And cheese7 månader sedan

    I love this song

  • Joao Ferreira Luz
    Joao Ferreira Luz7 månader sedan

    Eu sei essas voz eu amo .❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Carolina's ComiCs
    Carolina's ComiCs7 månader sedan

    There's a boy who... Who I think I lied to myself all this time, until. I was listening to this song for the 2nd time on the bus, behind him, and when I looked at the window, I could see his reflection and I... The song shift to the "I Love u" And then said I don't want and I may have teared up and had that realization... This JUST happened

  • Evelin jusdinny Gamba castellanos
    Evelin jusdinny Gamba castellanos7 månader sedan

    i love

  • LavenderScentedCandles
    LavenderScentedCandles7 månader sedan

    sometimes when i listen to this song i just stare at the title and imagine shes saying she loves us, and it gives me comfort :)

  • David Green
    David Green7 månader sedan

    This song sounds so happy, I love it

  • Izabela
    Izabela7 månader sedan

    Almost 2 years... I still love him and i miss him...but i don't want to anymore

  • simnet14
    simnet147 månader sedan


  • Kourtney Kardasim
    Kourtney Kardasim7 månader sedan

    I can’t relate to this song (cause no one likes me ✌🏻) but it’s still so painful

  • Jennifer Chuqui
    Jennifer Chuqui7 månader sedan

    Really love how she said “good life” instead of goodbye

  • Arya Salunke
    Arya Salunke7 månader sedan

    It just makes me think how he comes into my mind at random times and make it beautiful just to leave me at the end..

  • Pamuk Şekerr
    Pamuk Şekerr7 månader sedan


  • Marijana Atanasovska
    Marijana Atanasovska7 månader sedan