I BOUGHT A Geo Metro For $300 And FIXED It In ONE DAY

Not only did I buy a Geo Metro, I bought the rare XFi trim with the best fuel mileage. It was rated the Most Fuel Efficient Vehicle In America for it's entire production run. This Geo Metro was $300 as the owner said it was broken but Tyler had no issues driving it to my house. Once we got it home I cleaned it up with Gabe, then we fixed in a few minutes and went out to get 1/4 mile times from it. It only cost $50 to fix, and only takes 17 seconds to do 60mph. At least it was easy to sell, I posted it and it was paid for in less than 10 minutes.

Geo Metro Trunk Struts: amzn.to/2THdMt9

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What motorcycle do I ride? A few. Ducati 1198, Honda Goldwing, Honda Grom, Honda Ruckus

What do I do for a living? Make SEblacks videos.

Can you wheelie? No, I suck.

Are you fast? Sort of. I suck mostly though.

Where can I keep up with you off the bike?

Instagram: WatchJRGo

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Do you go to school? College, for 2 classes.

Why do you ride so dangerously? What do mean? I was doing 25.

Do you go to the track? Of course, hopefully there will be videos in the future.

Do you play video games? No, but I might stream N64 Goldeneye at some point. Twitch: WatchJRGo

Are you afraid the police will watch your videos and arrest you? Something something evidence something something warrants and due process of law


  • Michael James
    Michael James6 dagar sedan

    where do you find cheap cars like that???

  • 74Dyenamo
    74Dyenamo8 dagar sedan

    Swifts always had the 4 cylinder while the Metros had 3 until they redesigned the body style. Then it was the base engine and you could opt for the 4 cylinder. If I'm not mistaken the 4 cylinder was the same as the Ford Fiestas had. 1.3 liter.

  • ThisGuitarIsAWeapon
    ThisGuitarIsAWeapon8 dagar sedan

    Say what you want about these little cars but they're badasses for what they are.

  • homelessEh
    homelessEh13 dagar sedan

    lol 2021 and im like man .. and i want one again lol ..

  • Quarantined Cacophony
    Quarantined Cacophony16 dagar sedan

    Whenever I think of Geos, I will think of this. seblacks.info/cold/video/sGV6qolqjaSsh4Y.html

  • Stephanie T
    Stephanie T27 dagar sedan

    I had one in 1999! Loved it!

  • Jacob Forsythe
    Jacob ForsytheMånad sedan

    hahah you probably just need to wait for the water to come out of the distributor at the car wash. been there done that lol

  • SerpentStar
    SerpentStarMånad sedan

    Been at my job 11 years and there’s a 97 Geo metro that parks in the same spot every morning. It’s completely rusted all over and inside looks so dirty, seats ripped but hey, it’s obviously reliable 🚗

  • Radny Bolt
    Radny BoltMånad sedan

    Why the hell did U use an impact to remove plugs

  • Matthew L
    Matthew LMånad sedan

    Pizza delivery drivers everywhere love this vehicle.

  • Bálint Ott
    Bálint OttMånad sedan

    Suzuki swift

  • Sun and D-970
    Sun and D-970Månad sedan

    The engine sounds like a lawnmower engine ha ha ha 🤣🤣🤣.

  • D. McDaniel
    D. McDanielMånad sedan


  • Paul Tamburro
    Paul TamburroMånad sedan

    my mom have a 4 door for 6 years

  • S&S Productions
    S&S ProductionsMånad sedan

    geo metros are amazing

  • Mark Wells
    Mark Wells2 månader sedan

    Put a full roll cage in the thing, set it up as a rally car and use it in Gorman, Ca. Find a co-pilot willing to lose every rally but think about how many folks will celebrate you at least trying. I've seen one for several years trying the Hi Desert Rally and even the Gorman Ridge Rally.

  • Tim W.
    Tim W.2 månader sedan

    Bought a xfi brand new in 1989 for 7800 dollars off the showroom floor at chevy. No mirror on passenger side and no ac for mileage i got 58 mpg. In 5 years of ownership I never had any issues only had to unclog the egr valve. On 2012 i bought a red convertible at the height of the gas crunch it was 20 years old I drove a 124 miles round trip 6 days a week and for 2 years never had to do anything but change the oil. In 2014 I boight a 2001 honda insight and still have my convertible geo today. Great dependable cars only issue is safety as they were made so light. Very underrated cars. The xfi had a special cam for superior mileage . My red convertible and most 3 cylinder geos wrre rated at 48 yo 50 mpg. My 20 year old red convertible ran for around 60000 miles over 2 years and still runs fine today as I sat back and my co workers laughed at me yet they were all constantly fixing there late model cars living within a stones throw to work.

  • b long
    b long2 månader sedan

    xfi was the super lean high mpg motor...

  • Syed Muhammad Hasan
    Syed Muhammad Hasan3 månader sedan

    The engine in this car was tuned to give exceptional fuel economy,the Japanese model was a bit powerful with 63hp.

  • Mike Lichtman
    Mike Lichtman3 månader sedan

    Careful shifting so hard...wouldn't want you to hurt your neck 🤪

  • Tec. StanleyOly
    Tec. StanleyOly3 månader sedan

    Muy bonito video de GEO metro son uno de los mejores vehículos en ahorro de combustible, de hecho en mi canal tengo unos vídeos de GEO Metro por si les interesa pasar a ver. Saludos

  • Ramlethal Valentine Destroyed
    Ramlethal Valentine Destroyed3 månader sedan

    My first car

  • vandammefan34
    vandammefan343 månader sedan

    My goodness, thats alot of CRC lol

  • Melody
    Melody3 månader sedan

    I'd love to have one of these! Where can you even find them anymore?

  • Cordie
    Cordie3 månader sedan

    I thought water in the engine dept was not good on electrical. That is what Scotty Kilmer says.😶

  • D.A. Risse
    D.A. Risse4 månader sedan

    I owned one. Got me from a to b and got great mileage. A good commuter. I sold it when gas prices went nuts... For a great price.

  • Kelly Tolliver
    Kelly Tolliver4 månader sedan

    I had a 2001 Chevy Metro I got it new with the four banger five speed loved best car I had never broke down only thing I had to fix was a CV axle I drove it from VA to Idaho four times in a month and a half with 230000 miles on it only reason I DNT still drive it is it got hit and totalled

  • Octopus Arms
    Octopus Arms4 månader sedan

    I started out with the chevy sprint and owned 2 of the. One pushed 55mpg. Then bought a geo metro think it was a 92. Gutted it and got like 50mpg. My next one will be 2000's metro. If there is one thing anyone knows about these. It's that the suzuki 1.0l g10 engine is one of the easiest and most bomb proof 3 cylinder engines ever. I have a deep love for the suzuki swift. In all its forms. Not the safest car. But fun.

  • scarface matt
    scarface matt4 månader sedan

    a car with 155/80/12 tires, but yet my golf cart has 255/40/12 DOT tires. the only thing the police can come up with as to why i can't drive it on the streets is "the tires are too small" so given I've got plenty of wheel gap I can just throw on some geo metro wheels and tires and be set

  • suni214
    suni2144 månader sedan

    i owned 4 metros and they were great for commuting

    EF ANDMK4 månader sedan

    I owned a couple of these Metros when they were new. Reliable. 36 MPG in town, 52 on the highway. Fun to drive. And I drove the wheels off of them. Everyone did. That's why you don't see them around anymore.

  • Car Hoarder
    Car Hoarder4 månader sedan


  • Matthew102000
    Matthew1020004 månader sedan

    i used to own a geo as my first car. then one day my parents donated the thing by suprise without me even being able to remove all my shit first. lost a good grand.

  • Cybair
    Cybair4 månader sedan

    Nice choice of car ! Unfortunately, my Pontiac Firefly rusted out way before the drivetrain expected lifetime. Yes, I live in the NorthEast.

  • Bill Buchanan
    Bill Buchanan4 månader sedan

    I loved these cars. I put 400,000 km on my 1990 model and almost 500,000 km on my 1993 model. They were fun to drive!

  • Ted Bragg
    Ted Bragg4 månader sedan

    I love Metros but no AC? Id die from heat stroke (Texas) 😩

  • Jimbojambo
    Jimbojambo4 månader sedan

    I saw that one on craigslist I think

  • fast1100xx
    fast1100xx5 månader sedan

    Love those cars just seen this 4-29-21 10:44 pm I'd buy it in a heartbeat

  • CC Chodkowski
    CC Chodkowski5 månader sedan

    It was a super car in price, maintenance, reliability and fuel mileage. No other car can compete in those categories.

  • CC Chodkowski
    CC Chodkowski5 månader sedan

    I had my geo metro for 15 years. Ran perfect never had any problems. 45+ mpg, 52 best mpg. Tires never wore and oil change was 2 1/4 quarts. So easy to maintain, new tires cost $25 a piece new. Wish I still had it. There was a line of people who wanted to buy it from me.

  • gg_royalty
    gg_royalty5 månader sedan

    I thought I heard a lawnmower pulling up😹

  • Gytole
    Gytole5 månader sedan

    Putting in bolts with an impact? Specially valve cover and head bolts? You're not working on MY cars.

  • Anas Nasir
    Anas Nasir5 månader sedan

    This car was built in Pakistan up till 2016 (it was named Suzuki cultus) last iteration of this car had a 1 litre 4 cyl efi engine... I had a 2014 model and loved the sound of the engine. I never got good gas milage because car was underpowered and I was always shifting gears above 4000 rpm to keep up with Honda civics in the traffic 😂. But it was so much fun to drive.

  • Norman Leeroi Geronimo
    Norman Leeroi Geronimo5 månader sedan

    Our family hatchback from 1997!

  • tlipizy
    tlipizy5 månader sedan

    Had one with hail damage, bought one year old for 1500, that car was indestructible, best snow going car ever had , those skinny tires always made sure i made it home even went the city shut down. Never broke down all i replaces was a battery. Put 250,000 miles sold it to someone knew, she put another 300,000 and sold it. Still running good. Miss my red golf ball.

  • MMAFighter38
    MMAFighter385 månader sedan

    Reminds me of the Yugo from the late 80s. I knew someone who owned a Metro back in the 90s & the car was always falling apart. She had to use a broom handle to hold the hatch up.

  • Hank Igoe
    Hank Igoe5 månader sedan

    3 cylinders of solid steel, and 1.0 L of slam your body to the curb appeal

  • Hank Igoe
    Hank Igoe5 månader sedan

    the metro is due for a comeback, let's hope chevy puts it back in production

  • Hank Igoe

    Hank Igoe

    5 månader sedan

    @MMAFighter38 Just be careful of the gas tank exploding when something bangs into the back end, like a grocery cart, for example

  • MMAFighter38


    5 månader sedan

    I say the same with the Pinto

  • InternalCombustionGenie
    InternalCombustionGenie6 månader sedan

    Wow, single cam in ´96 is truly cutting edge stuff :D I gotta get me one of these

  • Brian Truck ✌️
    Brian Truck ✌️6 månader sedan

    Hope to find a Geo metro in my area

  • Khyree Holmes
    Khyree Holmes6 månader sedan

    I'd daily this... I want a lil beata Car. I dont have my License yet.

  • Rob Hoyme
    Rob Hoyme6 månader sedan

    You should do a festiva video

  • Alan Spring
    Alan Spring6 månader sedan

    One of my late father-in-law's favorite cars he owned several of them and I owned two, I actually ran a lawn service pulling a small 4x8 trailer 😂🤣❤️ every time I went up the hill I had drop it down a couple of gears 😂🦖

  • Alan Spring
    Alan Spring6 månader sedan

    Thank you for this I subscribed ❤️

  • Brayden
    Brayden6 månader sedan

    I got one for free and fixed it in a day! Cant beat how easy these cars are to work on.

  • Perry Plays
    Perry Plays6 månader sedan

    you had me goin until you started pressure washing the engine..smh

  • Steve 17123124
    Steve 171231246 månader sedan

    car crushers 1

  • Bat Guano
    Bat Guano6 månader sedan

    Someone drives around Denver, Colorado with an early '90s Geo Metro with BMW badges that is... hilarious!

  • rich w
    rich w6 månader sedan

    Gas going to $5 gal...pulling my geo out of storage...96 4cyl with air

  • Evan
    Evan7 månader sedan

    Used to have a red 96 Metro with a manual transmission. So much fun at 35 mph!

  • do
    do7 månader sedan

    I have the same car . It worked ok till now . When i acceleratd to change gear gas wont go more than 2000 rpm and loses power bit by bit uf u press more the pedal . 😶

  • Gregory Malchuk
    Gregory Malchuk7 månader sedan

    Blast the underside of the car with old motor oil to halt the corrosion. Don't bother with undercoating, it just traps moisture and accelerates the rust. Bonus points if you melt some beeswax toilet gaskets into it before you blast it on.

  • Joshua Rayborn
    Joshua Rayborn7 månader sedan

    Death traps

  • Paul Tomlin
    Paul Tomlin7 månader sedan

    They made a Pontiac that was called the firefly and it was a 1.0 liter single turbo. And got even better gas mileage. I just picked up a 93 metro for 140 yesterday and I intend to put boost through the old 3 cylinder

  • M. Green
    M. Green7 månader sedan

    Love it JR!

  • Matteo Gomez
    Matteo Gomez7 månader sedan

    Car needing Single mothers that can’t afford a car everywhere thank you 🙏

  • Beaters w heaters
    Beaters w heaters8 månader sedan

    I have a 97. 240k. Runs well even thonthese all shake like crazy. Mine just has the stiffest clutch ever. Annoying

  • marty carter
    marty carter8 månader sedan

    A good friend of mine had one....was a damn good car....especially on gas ⛽....I wish I could find one....I would definitely drive it....

  • marty carter
    marty carter8 månader sedan

    A good friend of mine had one....was a damn good car....especially on gas ⛽....I wish I could find one....I would definitely drive it....

  • SirNerf Dude
    SirNerf Dude8 månader sedan

    when i get older i am going to get one and buy a LS and make it in to a sleeper bc who is going to exspect a geo metro to be fast

  • Paid to Drive
    Paid to Drive9 månader sedan

    Piece of Garbage

  • Latem
    Latem9 månader sedan

    Dont pressue wash your engine ever

  • Latem


    9 månader sedan

    a impact wrench on spark plugs idiots

  • pfc
    pfc9 månader sedan

    Came with a three or 4 cylinder. I tell my wife " hit the turbo " . she turned off the AC n the car went faster. Had to put the seat down to fit all our groceries in. 0-60 eventually , could vacuum the entire car while sitting on the drivers seat . But it was better than walking.

  • John Rogers
    John Rogers9 månader sedan

    My dad has a Geo storm 5 speed it is a unique car. Could drive 300 miles on $20 worth of gasoline Nice video

  • Shawn l
    Shawn l9 månader sedan

    Ltl 350 swap it with cheater slicks mustang killer

  • János Veres
    János Veres9 månader sedan

    geo metro = suzuki swift

  • TheGemini5
    TheGemini510 månader sedan

    Don't forget about the Spectrum...my first car! LOL

  • Israel Puga
    Israel Puga10 månader sedan

    You needs flames 🔥 on that bad boy so people know that's a 19 second car.

  • Gaza P
    Gaza P10 månader sedan

    Known as Suzuki swift in UK , owned a 1.0 3 cyl then a 4 cyl 1.3 , tbh I preferred the 3 cyl

  • Dontae Morrison
    Dontae Morrison10 månader sedan

    Believe me believe me you can make me get one of those $20 cars to buy same night that

  • Sara Yuki
    Sara Yuki10 månader sedan

    what app was that?

  • Eddy Lauterback
    Eddy Lauterback10 månader sedan

    He parked 3 spots from parts store front door. Embasserment???

  • Charles R Carlisle
    Charles R Carlisle11 månader sedan

    They flood out easy I bought 94 geo metro someone wrap the front boots in duck tape

  • Zach Kiracofe
    Zach Kiracofe11 månader sedan

    There's just something about Geo Metros I've always loved.

  • NewShockerGuy
    NewShockerGuy11 månader sedan

    I just found a MINT geo Metro on autotrader that they are asking like 5k for. 72k miles. EVERYTHING on it looks fantastic. I'm blown away. I want to buy it just to have a piece of shit but a wonderful gleaming piece of shit that was obviously taken care of...lol Any who can't beat 49mpg highway!

  • Brent Miller
    Brent Miller11 månader sedan

    XFI, fuel mileage Model Watch J.R. leave grease all over the car wash owners property, What a Guy.

  • springer 11724
    springer 1172411 månader sedan

    Great to see old geo being fixed up and put to good use! I haven't seen another geo metro in my area in serveral years. These cars are so easy to maintain and repair. I can replace oil and oil filter in 5 minutes without jacking up car! It's shame to see them go to junkyard crushers.

  • springer 11724
    springer 1172411 månader sedan

    Seems like 4 cylinder version of geo lasts longer than 3 cylinder version. Mine is 27 years old now and is still rock solid. There are very few geos still on the road and probably most of them are 4 cylinder version

  • Eldon Loghry
    Eldon Loghry11 månader sedan

    Remember the metro convertible ?

  • MidnightPolaris800
    MidnightPolaris80011 månader sedan

    Jr is such a simp its pathetic

  • Jose maria Mejia Mendoza
    Jose maria Mejia Mendoza11 månader sedan

    I miss my geo metro 92.

  • Roblox expert000
    Roblox expert00011 månader sedan

    At 1:21 those wheels they will fit my quad

  • Edgee J. Drezwell
    Edgee J. Drezwell11 månader sedan

    In case of emergency, car's on fire...grab the rag, man! Grab the rag! You'll get out.

  • Edgee J. Drezwell
    Edgee J. Drezwell11 månader sedan

    I was getting a 94 Geo Metro. Things didnt work out, frame was ruined. Within 5 minutes later, I found 2 Geo Metro's I'm going to look at . $375 or best offer for both. Modification, here I come.

  • Powermetaldaddy1974
    Powermetaldaddy197411 månader sedan

    Had a 90 and a 2000. The 2000 took a door hit by a deer and kept driving. The 90 got sideswiped by a semi and kept going

  • a(MTB)ateur
    a(MTB)ateur11 månader sedan

    This is a reliant robin with another wheel

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk DigglerÅr sedan

    I just bought mine for 200, its an auto tho...

  • Jake Stanfield
    Jake StanfieldÅr sedan

    Just started watching your videos I love them so far

  • Kevin Montoya
    Kevin MontoyaÅr sedan

    I just bought a geo prizm with 13k miles

  • iMmarkyMark
    iMmarkyMarkÅr sedan

    I own a red 1997 Metro. It maybe slow but it has kept me from getting speeding tickets and I love the gas mileage. Paint job is fading bad and the interior is all coming apart but I wouldn't trade it for anything.