How to: gear your new level 60 to 200 ilvl in 1 week! *Full walk through!*

This is my method for the fastest possible way to get your new toon or alts to a 200 item level!

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  • FrazzaJ2000
    FrazzaJ20003 månader sedan

    Misleading title. Change to new ALT, rather than make us click your video and clarify that after plugging all your socials.

  • SuicideDrip
    SuicideDrip3 månader sedan

    Too bad I can ever find a group to do heroic CN at 198ILVL. What should I do?

  • Blanka


    3 månader sedan

    Honestly to get over that hump of the 200-210 grind it’s sadly either get decent at pvp or grind out mythic keys. While Both give decent 200+ loot and get you a shot at some great stuff out of the vault.

  • sefenestrating dpoonerisms
    sefenestrating dpoonerisms4 månader sedan

    As a side note! if raid finder is open to the player, every boss in raid finder gives renown also, and if you can purchase your characters gear and squeeze out that 170 IL, it is actually faster to do the LFR raid as you get probably 2 pieces of 187 gear and 10 renown in about 1-2 hours

  • kittymarmar28
    kittymarmar284 månader sedan

    Hi Boss-pet -pet Daddi Blanka! Haplusin mo is here lol, I was bored then stumble on this video haha, have a good bless afternoon and miss u all in Beautiful Chaos!

  • Steven Mitrano
    Steven Mitrano6 månader sedan

    Great content, thank you!

  • Blanka


    6 månader sedan

    Thank you! I do my best haha