How To Buy a Tesla // Entire Order Process Step-by-Step

Are you looking to order a Tesla? Doesn't matter if you're looking to buy a Model Y, 3, X or S, here is the entire order process step-by-step. Let me show you what happens after you press order. What the lease and finance options are, the hidden fees, the sales tactics, home charging, and more.

Use this link to earn 1,000 miles of free Supercharging with the purchase of a new Tesla:
Follow Up Video - Picking up my Model Y:
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Transform your Model Y Looks for $30 dollars, check out this mod:
5 Things I hate about my Model Y:
Model Y in the Snow:

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    Use this link to earn 1,000 miles of free Supercharging with the purchase of a new Tesla: Follow Up Video - Picking up my Model Y: Best Accessories to the Model Y: Transform your Model Y Looks for $30 dollars, check out this mod: 5 Things I hate about my Model Y: Model Y in the Snow:

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    Thanks! Using your code. This was very helpful.

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    @Mawile #303 if you want to use my code, feel free. I got 2000 miles bonus for some reason using my own code. Let me know if it works again or was there a glitch in the system. roman39648

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    Mawile #303

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    is that same slider for down-payment and monthly still on the Loan screen, I want to buy a Model X but I want to make sure that my down-payment and taxes are enough

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    Tesla will bring down the reputation of Toyota!! I purchased a Model Y performance ( on-line ). This guy Austin called me and asked if I were desperate to get my Tesla ( WTF ) :>O I said no I'm not desperate! Austin called back a few days later and said he had a Model Y that fits my specs. I went to Fremont, California to pick up my Tesla on 03/29/2021. The car had multiple issues including dents, smudges on the taillights/black scuff marks on the back/paint on the back hatch that had formed tear drop bubbles from over spraying. I rejected the car and have not heard anything from anyone from Tesla after multiple attempts! Tesla has taken my 4500.00 deposit!!

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    can you make a how to get good credit video?

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    This dude is strange. I promise you can pay sticker price at any dealership they won't fight you.🤣

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    I uploaded my insurance 4 days ago. I haven't heard back from them. Does it take them a while to contact you after that?

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    Great vid. Found out about all this stuff after my nonrefundable $250 Order Fee was paid. Disappointed in these deceptive practices, but looking forward to the car.

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    Great video and content. Very important info. Lucky I live in Australia where you care quoted the drive away and no more to pay price. But still expensive. These cars are great but still way too expensive. May be 10 years from now it will settle a bit.

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    I recently placed my deposit for the M3 LR but did so using the dealership after a test drive, especially since I will take deliver of it in a different state once I move and a little later than the expected delivery time. I knew of the Referral program but forgot to ask and it didn't come up at all during our conversation or transaction -is there still time to take advantage of it? I'll be PO if not.

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    Thank for for this. Definitely gonna try getting my Credit Union to lease a new Y. Maybe more wiggle room.

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    Man this was thorough! Thank you. I'm going to download this and I'll be putting you down for the referral.

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    Now the price for self driving is 10,000 usd September 2021. Gone up from 8000. CANADIAN SUPERMAN APPROVES

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    A $hit coiner buys a Tesla.

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    Plain, to the point, no fluff. Exposing pitfalls. Extremely beneficial. I subscribed. (I see you on crypto channel.) 😎👍

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    White Tesla is not free! It still costs money as I found out.

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    It's non-refundable $250 now!

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    I don't understand how doubling the voltage charges 10x faster

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    Im still confused with the insurance do they want us to insurance the tesla and then show proof?

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    I’ve just ordered my model 3 and non of these extra fee’s at around 15:20 exist in the uk 🇬🇧

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    Awesome video to watch before dropping a deposit. The deposit is $250 now.

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    One Model 3 is around $75K (CAD) almost the price to buy 2 EVs ugh

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    With money. Saved you some time.

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    Tesla is not a luxury car sorry to break it to you

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    Tell Elon to accept Ethereum and Cardano for payments too.

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    I thought Elon Musk has said that he was more "transparent" for Tesla pricing than other legacy automakers. Guess they are ALL playing the same game, INCLUDING Tesla. LOL

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    Thank you for that breakdown you buying your Tesla. My first question is is it Anyway that you can go on there and make a dummy run what I mean by that is go through the steps without purchasing and see how much the car will be when you add a trade-in I have a trade-in but I want to see how much Tesla would give me for my car? My next question is I seen a lot of videos on the buying process of Tesla's and I noticed some people are moving their tag from their old car to new car here in Florida I bought mini cars and sold my old cars and took the tags off of it and put on my new car and there was not a fee for that so why are people getting charged for registration and tags unless they are buying the car and not trading one in and getting a new tag?

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    It says on a website that this price does not include tax and license fess you have to pay the tax on it when you are purchasing a car on less you pay tax on your payment let’s say your payment is 500 dollars so you pay tax on 500 dollars every 3 years I do change my cars so if your like me then you should know all this this are not surprises to someone who buys cars every 3 years or so on

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    Great video! It helps a lot to see those hidden fees you can only see after you (potentially) wasted $100.

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    What was your credit at the time you bought your Tesla? I want to feel confident enough when buying mine and get accepted right away like you.

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    Hi, is the trade in process part of the financing process or separate?

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    For the part when they ask about who’s it registered to, if you put two ppl for instance does that make fees higher?

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    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but whats up with the sales tax fee? That's something I pay at the DMV here in MO.

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    When will they make the ability to control the driving from your phone

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    They always nickel and dime you. Ridiculous.

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    I am on week 3 with Tesla...have gotten two quotes for trade in (surprised it was reasonable) because they lapse after 7 days...and am forever waiting for a disclosure of the transaction prior to making the order and paying the $100 non refundable deposit. I am unsure that will actually happen though I have been told I will get one emailed. The loan rate quoted is also only good for the month so if it changes at time of delivery you are stuck with that instead of locking it in at time of order. Quite the process...

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    Great video! Thank you for this valuable information. Definitely changes my game plan to buy my new Tesla.

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    I’m so glad I don’t live in America, when I visited there it really spins me out how they do this with everything, they add fees and taxes at the end, Why? Tell me up front the finished price! Even buying a bottle of water, on the shelf it says 99c then when you go to the checkout it’s $1.10. Why not just put that on the ticket then?

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