How Reliable Is a 2020 Tesla Model Y After a Year? Long-Term 2020 Tesla Model Y Review

Edmunds took ownership of a 2020 Tesla Model Y Performance last year as part of our long-term test program. Now, one year later, Carlos Lago shares the team's experience after approximately 9,000 miles of use.

What was it like to drive the Model Y for a year? How reliable was it? What kind of maintenance was needed and what issues popped up? What was the range on our Model Y? Is the Model Y one of the best small SUVs on the market? We answer these questions and more. We also detail the highs and lows of owning and driving the 2020 Tesla Model Y Performance.

2020 Tesla Model Y long-term road test - new updates:
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Intro 00:00
What we bought 00:55
The Good 01:53
The Bad 04:40
Recalls 08:04
Maintenance and reliability 08:43
Economy and range 12:21
Conclusion 13:29

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  • Edmunds
    EdmundsMånad sedan

    As far as quick EV SUVs go, would you rather have a Model Y or a Mustang Mach-E? Read our long-term test

  • Anna Wei

    Anna Wei

    27 dagar sedan

    MY, I did not get the Performance. Is it worth it?

  • Moto_Arte_Cafe_LA


    29 dagar sedan

    Test drove both and put in an order for the Y. There was really no comparison when we drove them. Plus the Ford dealer didn't know anything about their own car and didn't even let us drive it on the highway. Really felt like they're not at all serious about EVs yet.

  • Maurice Henson

    Maurice Henson

    Månad sedan

    @AB I hear you and I appreciate your opinion. But most people can't find a Mach E compatible charger as easily, especially in the Midwest and 2nd tier cities. Simple numbers tell you there are 14,000 MachE fast chargers vs 25000 for Tesla. We won't even talk about other brands. And while reports of the Ford charging half as fast are overhyped, Tesla has had a long time to optimize those charging bugs so it's seamless most of the time by far. Don't get me wrong I think the MACH E definitely looks better outside and rides better. But the inside quality, charging network, dealer, and panache' all definitely go towards Tesla.

  • AB


    Månad sedan

    @Maurice Henson Yes, but any car can find a fast charging network in any city. I can drive my Mach E from city to city anywhere in Texas without a problem. My mach E charges in 38 minutes on a fast charger. It's not that big of a deal when leaving the car to go eat or do whatever we wanted to do in another city.

  • Maurice Henson

    Maurice Henson

    Månad sedan

    @AB yes but they do buy them to drive 2-4 hours away which in many cities is within city limits (round trip) do the math. Or a day trip. Without a fast charging infrastructure those are the trips that are a burden with an electric car. Because you will need to have the car stationary for 2 or more hours charging.

  • BigDJay
    BigDJay2 dagar sedan

    32K miles on my Model Y and I haven't had nearly any of the issues outlined in this video... Sorry to hear that. I'm a big Tesla fan, but also honest. I'm not afraid to admit I have some panel gaps, AP has randomly hit the brakes, the display has frozen a time or two... the usual. Even so, this has honestly been the best car I've ever owned! The overall day to day experience is unlike anything else and I cant see myself buying another brand for a very long time. I have a CyberTruck reservation, so I'm looking forward to a review of that! Also: at 12:12, you mention you have to pull over for the restart. Not sure exactly what you mean here, as you can perform the display restart while driving. I tested this myself, even Autopilot works fine while its restarting!

  • Samuel Speights
    Samuel Speights3 dagar sedan

    Well I almost put an order in on one today. You have me worried and I will pass on getting one at this time.

  • Chris L
    Chris L5 dagar sedan

    I've had my Model Y for more than a year and still love it. If you wanted a family crossover you should have gotten the cheaper regular long-range dual-motor version with more compliant 19" wheels-it's still crazy fast, but apparently you wanted a drag racer (so acknowledge that's why you bought that version, not as a daily driver). Also, I've never even tried my standard Autopilot because I like to drive (and don't do long trips)-and have no complaints about my own driving.

  • Mike Powell
    Mike Powell6 dagar sedan

    Wow! It sounds like an expensive piece of junk. I was thinking this was my next car.

  • Sheldon J Plankton
    Sheldon J Plankton9 dagar sedan

    Dam....kinda concern about getting my Cybertruck after seeing this.......but too late, I'm already decided on the CT

  • Dan Myers
    Dan Myers9 dagar sedan

    $78 to plug a tire? America’s Tire does it for free. Even if you didn’t buy the tires from them!

  • anh dep trai
    anh dep trai11 dagar sedan

    Excellent and honest review! It reminds me the ‘blue screen of death’ with windows pc in the good old days!

  • Randy Gravel
    Randy Gravel13 dagar sedan

    3:15 wasn’t that guy on that gay-ass show friends?

  • David M
    David M13 dagar sedan

    Appreciate the straightforwardness/honesty of your review! I've seen a lot of other review videos that come across as having kind of a "fanboy" agenda. It's refreshing to hear someone answer the question of "Would I buy this car"? with a maybe.

  • Tyler Graham
    Tyler Graham16 dagar sedan

    So I admittedly have never had his issues with my Model 3. But most of these "issues" are pretty well known before you buy, you get the Performance wheels for the looks not the ride. You can't call it a "Family" car when you paid to soup it up. I got the Dual Motor because the look of more expensive wheels wasn't worth it to me. I did pay the 3K for self driving because that will be. Also treating anything about FSD as promises seems disingenuous to me or worrying about other drivers using a feature improperly seems irrelevant. I think the screen blackout has happened to me once total but perhaps dozens of novice drivers makes that happen more often.

  • Pepperidge Cookies
    Pepperidge Cookies21 dag sedan

    You do not need to pull over to do MCU restart. All driving and safety functions, even autopilot are functional while rebooting. I have to do it only once or twice a year so far for my Model 3.

  • Unknown Productions
    Unknown Productions21 dag sedan

    1 year is definitely not even close to long term, but still a good review.

  • Li Jimbu

    Li Jimbu

    20 dagar sedan

    Don’t forget that most problems or faults come up in the first year of ownership.

  • xxBlackpspxx
    xxBlackpspxx21 dag sedan

    1 year is long term, hahaha

  • 334 TRAX
    334 TRAX21 dag sedan

    Just when I finally am getting interested in EV, it's crap. I appreciate the information.

  • James D. Freeman
    James D. Freeman22 dagar sedan

    Please don’t swear! I usually watch around my kids. GD especially hurts

  • monono954
    monono95423 dagar sedan

    The Elon Trifecta. Over-promise Under-deliver Just make bullshit claims to stir up science illiterate media.

  • Wavshrdr
    Wavshrdr24 dagar sedan

    Wow did you nail this review. I had the 2021 version of your car on order but decided to bail for how bad it rode with those massive wheels and crappy suspension. I can't think of another SUV/CUV in its class that rides as badly as it does. Thankfully the long range AWD has pretty good performance and rides much better. Still far away from class leading but not going to crush your kidneys on most roads. One thing you should have called out is how Tesla sort of plays fast and loose with performance times. They quote without rollout times for the performance version, which makes the difference look bigger than it really is, compared to the long range version. I am normally biased toward the higher performance versions of vehicles and this might be the first time I go down spec to get the better vehicle overall. They really need to do something about the suspension, put actually lightweight wheels and tires more appropriate for a performance version. So if you buy one of these, plan on better wheels/tires and coilovers so at least another 6-7k and hope you can sell your stock wheels and tires to someone who has no clue about them. I couldn't believe how much curb rash the Model Y performance had at the Tesla store with just 200 miles on it. Magnet is not the appropriate term. It is more like the gravitation attraction of a black hole that sucks any curb to contact the wheel withing a 5 city block radius. Shame on Tesla for putting such crap on an otherwise great car. These don't help the range either. I'd love to go for the MachE but the supercharger network is the one ace in the hole that Tesla has that nobody comes close to matching yet. At least the MachE seems to be its estimates. Give the MachE another year and Tesla will have a very serious competitor on their hands once Ford gets it more dialed in. Ford also hasn't raised its prices like the 4 times Tesla has done in just a few months this year. Maybe it was more but I gave up tracking it.

  • Covid Hoax
    Covid Hoax26 dagar sedan

    It better be 100% reliable. Tesla is junk. But if you’re a sheep with low expectations, you will love it!

  • JPSailing
    JPSailing26 dagar sedan

    What a bad review. Why you don’t said anything about the long term purpose of the car? Talk about the CO2 deathly emissions saved with the car. Talk about is American made and tell that if US don’t lead the EV revolution that is starting to happen, China will do it. Same as Japan did before with American cars industry. I watch your Ford F-150 lighting review and is very clear that your work in completely bias against Tesla. If wasn’t for Tesla, we will continue breathing CO2 everywhere for ever. Have you been in Mexico City? Shanghai? Santiago? L.A. ? Please take this issue seriously.

  • Umair H
    Umair H27 dagar sedan

    How did the fog light go in?

  • Geoffrey Hodies
    Geoffrey Hodies27 dagar sedan

    I will never buy another car without Autopilot. Freeways it truly shines! Can be very nerve-racking in heavy traffic but it still drives better than most humans even in heavy traffic.

  • johnny mars
    johnny mars29 dagar sedan

    Teslas are built at least as well as the 1970 Ford Pinto. Make sure you get the car wrapped before the paint falls off. And throw up some caulk around the rear window, which has been known to leak. Screen problems? We don't need no steeenkeeeeng screens, mang. Tesla's computer geeks might be first class, but they don't road test the cars much. They'd rather let their early adopters be the beta-testers. If Elon died tomorrow, Tesla would wither away. I give them credit for motivating the Germans, Koreans, and Swedes to build better EV's, though.

  • Phi Nguyen
    Phi Nguyen29 dagar sedan

    MY LR owner. Agreed with almost everything except that I love Autopilot and it is working quite well, not sure what's wrong with your MY, and the screen reboot, perhaps your MY P has some issues. Btw, I have the 19" wheel and it's not too bad but I can see the bumping on 21" wheels.

  • Enrique Florendo
    Enrique FlorendoMånad sedan

    Wait did he just recommend a Ford Mach-e? 🤦🏾

  • T.
    T.Månad sedan

    Supposedly there will be a rear-wheel drive Model Y coming... that's what I'm waiting on.

  • idemchuk0506
    idemchuk0506Månad sedan

    Amazing car.

  • General E Stoned
    General E StonedMånad sedan The truth about Tesla

  • Foil_ Fencer
    Foil_ FencerMånad sedan

    Honestly, we were about to get one but are now having second thoughts kinda cause you legit cannot see the back window cause it’s soo tiny if somebody is sitting in the middle u cannot see the back window... that’s how small it is but overall it’s a good car

  • Michael S

    Michael S

    22 dagar sedan

    That's pretty true of a lot of vehicles these days.

  • General E Stoned
    General E StonedMånad sedan The truth about Tesla

  • Phil S
    Phil SMånad sedan

    Jesus. The quality is just sh.. for that amount of money. Definitely better to wait another 5 years before buying.

  • Andy A
    Andy AMånad sedan

    Wow, it’s a car!

  • TheLifeOnHigh
    TheLifeOnHighMånad sedan

    Thanks for giving an honest long term review. I truly want to own this Model Y but the many problems it has is just unacceptable for a vehicle in this price class.

  • japhule
    japhuleMånad sedan

    You can restart the screen while you drive. It only takes about a minute for it to come back on. You're not constantly touching your screen and adjusting controls while you drive. Waiting a minute to adjust a control may be inconvenient but not a big of a deal as the video is making it considering most people are paying more attention to the drive vs constantly needing to make adjustments using the screen while driving.

  • david brayshaw
    david brayshawMånad sedan

    This is the first and only objective review that I have seen of a Tesla product.

    MICHGO1Månad sedan


  • Moto Mengy
    Moto MengyMånad sedan

    Nice review. I prefer the LR Model Y. It costs less, is still plenty fast, comes with the 19" wheels which greatly improves your ride quality problem, and has quite a bit more range which is always fantastic.

  • Matt Woodworth
    Matt WoodworthMånad sedan

    Were you doing the hard reboot (with the brake pedal) because a soft reboot hadn't worked? I've had mine going on two years and the screen's only needed to be rebooted twice. In both cases a soft reboot (just the buttons, no brake) did the trick.

  • Ad van der Meer
    Ad van der MeerMånad sedan

    If you want a "family SUV" , than buy the long range version and go for 19'' wheels save money on the purchase and tyre replacement costs and stop whining.

  • JTinOR H
    JTinOR HMånad sedan

    The spacing on the hood really bothers me, so inconsistent. Tesla needs to get their QA under control, especially for the price.

  • Victor Andreuzzi
    Victor AndreuzziMånad sedan

    Agree with Carlos Lago's analysis of the Y Performance 100%,the FSD needs lots of integration and updating,the ride is extremely harsh and uncomfortable,no screen outages on mine,7800 miles and its a '21 model,those wheels are beautiful but extremely easy to damage due to the fact that the wheel rims are flush with the outer edge of the tire walls,both passenger side wheels have curb rashes and me too use a black marker to minimize visible damage.

  • Todd Summers
    Todd SummersMånad sedan

    He lost me with his language at the start, why do you have to use that to review a car.

  • Michael Rafferty
    Michael RaffertyMånad sedan

    Model 3 owner here for the last 17 months. Video was spot on. But, I do love the car. Also bought full self-driving. I would completely recommend AGAINST buying it at almost any price. I wouldn't opt in for that again. Feel like I have been duped by Tesla. I'm actually surprised there hasn't been a class action lawsuit against full self driving. Tesla promises made, Tesla promises broken time and time again. I would finally say that the service network is not robust enough for the number of cars sold so far. Depending upon where you live, you could wait quite a while for service. I'm talking 3 weeks minimum in my case.

  • Simple Ton
    Simple TonMånad sedan

    Why are all Edmunds test cars driven like rental cars? Maybe drive it like you own it.

  • Kyle R
    Kyle RMånad sedan

    7:30 is it the camera angle or are those hood panel gaps massive?

  • Exotic Cars
    Exotic CarsMånad sedan

    9:45 You're not going to treat the Y like a shitty corvette? Nah you just suck at driving that's why you curbed the rims.

  • blackvr4tt
    blackvr4ttMånad sedan

    Virtually everyone who owns their Model Y loves them, which is why they have such high owner satisfaction. I agree that you should put on smaller wheels on the Performance, or just go with the normal Long Range AWD which is still very quick. Bottom line, in terms of performance, tech and superior charging...the Model Y is the way to go.

  • ewizzle1978
    ewizzle1978Månad sedan

    so don't get the 21' wheels or FSD. I would have told you that without the full year review... lol. The ford UI looks confusing AF, and the range isn't great either... also, how often they will keep it updated is HIGHLY questionable. My M3 gets updates like every other month, or more.

  • cjs1948
    cjs1948Månad sedan

    I enjoy my long range Y very much. Since I consider it a driver's car--performance and handling--I'm not interested at all in self driving as I want to do it myself (note: retired w/no commute). I did change the wheels (narrower by 1/2") and tires (wider/275) for looks, a bit of extra height, and rim protection. The stiff ride is fine, but less tire/impact/road noise would be better. And I too have a Cybertruck deposit waiting for fruition.

  • Justin Deoliveira
    Justin DeoliveiraMånad sedan

    I have been watching every vlogger reporting on the model Y for over a year. No one ever reported the problem with the screen rebooting as you did. This is crazy. I have enough problems rebooting my Xfinity boxes and my fire stick and I'm sitting down on my recliner. I was thinking of purchasing the model Y. But there is no way that I have to pull off the road to reboot my screen. This very dangerous. What is Tesla doing about it. Is this prevalent? Or is this just your car? I need answers. Please reply. Thank you .Justin.

  • Jonathan Sage

    Jonathan Sage

    Månad sedan

    Also, they should report this to service. Tesla would fix it.

  • Jonathan Sage

    Jonathan Sage

    Månad sedan

    I own two Model Xs. I've never had my screen go black. Also, you can restart it while driving by just pressing the scroll wheels without the brake. I've done this a few times when music stopped playing. Might have been overkill, but it's an easy way to resolve that problem without fiddling too much while driving.

  • sunsvilis
    sunsvilisMånad sedan

    It’s 20k cheaper now lol

  • Logan Rossignol
    Logan RossignolMånad sedan


  • J Mos
    J MosMånad sedan

    Wow, a $70K glitchy car that falls apart in front of your eyes, I’ll pass.

  • George Pelton
    George PeltonMånad sedan

    For the infrequent times you need max range, like just before starting a road trip, you absolutely can charge to 100%. I do. So your “real range” is not reduced by 10% because most of the time you charge to 90% or less. Normal daily driving, even with lots of trips around town or to nearby towns, only uses 20-40% of the battery, so 90% is more than enough. However, It is correct that range at highway speeds is less than Tesla’s official EPA number. You have to drive about 55 mph to hit that rated range number.

  • G D W Law
    G D W LawMånad sedan

    The American obsession with 0-60 times is ridiculous

  • Jason Mandela
    Jason MandelaMånad sedan

    Great video. Just ordered a Model Y can't wait so excited!

  • Roy Kerwood
    Roy KerwoodMånad sedan

    still can't drive without hitting the wheels very bad show but don't blame the wheels

  • Philippe Villard
    Philippe VillardMånad sedan

    Thank you for a very realistic review. Not driven by fanaticism

  • Chris Burger
    Chris BurgerMånad sedan

    Another biased review.

  • Van's Best Friend
    Van's Best FriendMånad sedan

    Tesla... not ready for prime time - yet.

  • Gino Marchio
    Gino MarchioMånad sedan

    Only clicked because of Carlos

  • Christopher Baker
    Christopher BakerMånad sedan

    Boeing 787 needs to be rebooted every 59 days. It's everyone doing software which is everyone.

  • dalton knox
    dalton knoxMånad sedan

    I have a car that's 26 years old, a truck 20 years old, a motorcycle 16 years old. To get value out of these things, they need to last for decades... which for a Tesla would cost a fortune. I'll stick to Toyota and Yamaha.

  • Patrick T

    Patrick T

    Månad sedan

    @dalton knox ok except I’ve been a licensed driver for almost 20 years. First car was a ‘62 Chevy C-10, 3 on the tree. Also had an Explorer, Ranger, Traverse, Mazda, and now a Model Y. I was also lucky enough to replace the transmission in both the Explorer and Traverse. Now run along kid

  • dalton knox

    dalton knox

    Månad sedan

    @Patrick T. I expect you are late for school. Run along.

  • Patrick T

    Patrick T

    Månad sedan

    @dalton knox Haha. “You can expect to replace the battery and both drive units every ten years” You don’t know what you’re talking about

  • dalton knox

    dalton knox

    Månad sedan

    @Patrick T. After the 8 year drive train warranty has run out, you can expect to replace: the battery ($12-16,000) two drive units ($8,000 each) every 10 years. After the 4 year warranty expires you can expect 2 pairs of control arms ($3,000 each) 8 struts ($1,000 each) 2 sets of half shafts ($1,800 each) 3 MCUs ($1,800 each) 4 door handles ($1,000 each) 4 rear light clusters ($1,000 each) every 10 years. For confirmation of this, read the threads and blogs.

  • Patrick T

    Patrick T

    Månad sedan

    Why would it cost a fortune to keep a Tesla for decades? That doesn’t make sense.

  • jdear97
    jdear97Månad sedan

    I would love to see you replace the wheels and tires with a high profile set, your car would likely feel like a new vehicle. We have the Model 3 SR with about 10,000 miles on it. I stayed with the higher profile tires for all of the reason you outlined, I have also had more flats with the low profile tires due to pot holes and curb/debris along the road. The standard autopilot seems to work pretty well, but I have experience the odd slow downs that seem to occur at the same place on many drives too and from work, and my screen has needed to be reset twice. Not because it went dark, but because the audio stopped playing on the media system. Overall it has be a very efficient, quiet and comfortable car and I have been pleased with it. My real life range is more like 200 miles, of which I only use about 175 between charges.

  • Stan Kinaz
    Stan KinazMånad sedan

    This guy deserves a leaf

  • Josh B.
    Josh B.Månad sedan

    So all the complaints are options you don't have to get or extra features other cars don't have. You don't have to get autopilot (the base auto assist features are better than pretty much any other cars) and don't get 21 inch wheels.

  • David R
    David RMånad sedan

    Great, well balanced review.

  • i5pgmranalyst
    i5pgmranalystMånad sedan

    Don't appreciate the potty mouth!

  • Timothy Stinson
    Timothy StinsonMånad sedan

    I always see people sleeping in the driver seat while their tesla is driving around town. How is this possible?

  • Patrick T

    Patrick T

    Månad sedan

    It’s not possible, you’re incorrect. Full self driving requires the driver to slightly turn the steering wheel every 25 seconds.

  • Alex Aleman
    Alex AlemanMånad sedan

    If anyone needs a Tesla referral code, I just purchased a Model Y! Help out the little guy!

  • Reid Conti
    Reid ContiMånad sedan

    Great review, but wow, our Model 3 hasn’t had NEARLY the issues you guys saw, coming up on 45k miles and 3 years now. Early software a bit buggy first 6mo in 2018. Dash rattle and defroster wires burned out when new, but only in-service fault was the Park button stopped working a few weeks back; easy 20min mobile repair next day to replace steering wheel electronics module. (It was still drivable thankfully). But: autopilot is crap (I only got the super basic one when it was $2k for a one-week special, never would have done it otherwise). I don’t see how a “real” driver could be comfortable with its jerky reactions. We got the 18” eco wheels for ride quality and they are curb MAGNETS. Never curbed so many wheels so fast in my life. My current theory is the center screen makes you think you’re parking straight when you’re not?

  • Moto_Arte_Cafe_LA


    29 dagar sedan

    our standard 2016 Prius has horrible curb rash on all of its hubcaps. I don't think it's avoidable if you parallel park a lot. I've never had a car that escaped it (four manual transmission Jettas before this Prius and all had scratched up wheels).

  • David Radtke

    David Radtke

    Månad sedan

    I’m surprised on autopilot. I renters a Tesla last year for a couple hundred mile trip and absolutely loved autopilot on long free way drives. It really made long drives much more relaxing. I’ve tried fords and Nissans system and they really sucked by comparison. At least for me.

  • Gaming Vault
    Gaming VaultMånad sedan

    The drive loop is not a very accurate way of determining it's range

  • Mark James
    Mark JamesMånad sedan

    Complaining about the low profile wheels and suspension when you bought the performance performance makes it sound like you should have got the standard dual motor. Add the boost and you get a better daily driver that’s almost as fast as the PP.

  • tk2x
    tk2xMånad sedan

    I thought this was a balanced and honest long term review. Thank you!

  • AllGood
    AllGoodMånad sedan

    Let's summarize, great car low maintenance, very efficient, Get different rims and tires if you not into sports vehicle harsh ride, don't trust EPA range - might need to reboot like your phone, don't buy FSD yet.

  • Basel Salam

    Basel Salam

    22 dagar sedan

    The reboot can also be done while driving, no need to pull over. You still have full control over the car.

  • Chad Estes
    Chad EstesMånad sedan

    I've had the anti-pinch windows go off on numerous cars while going over bumps. VW, Honda, Toyota... Not saying your opinion is wrong but the anti-pinch thing is probably not the best thing to derive that from.

  • S. E. C-R
    S. E. C-RMånad sedan

    14:33 Tesla people are going to cancel you!! 😂😂

  • S. E. C-R
    S. E. C-RMånad sedan

    Or just take it to Les Schwab and they’ll fix the tire for free on the spot while you wait!!

  • raymund ramas
    raymund ramasMånad sedan

    Damn $68k and you get panel gaps, seat gaps and rattling after 1 year of ownership and 9k miles 😮

  • Matthew G
    Matthew GMånad sedan

    What happens when most of the vehicles on the road are electric, and are also fully controllable by law enforcement, are hackable, are restricted from accessing certain roads, and can be disabled when the “grid” goes down? Scary thought. Ironically, we’d probably be wishing we had a gas powered vehicle at that point. I love the idea and the technology, but unfortunately there is tons of room in the future for it to be exploited in dark ways, and can be used to really lessen our freedom.

  • Matthew G

    Matthew G

    Månad sedan

    @Patrick T it’s hypothetical until it happens, then you become the crazy one ;) Let’s enjoy our freedom while we still have it. We’re becoming less free as time goes on. More surveillance, more security...

  • Patrick T

    Patrick T

    Månad sedan

    @Matthew G I hope the Russians give you permission to fuel your car again soon. Maybe try electric?

  • Patrick T

    Patrick T

    Månad sedan

    @Matthew G I was just thinking the same thing about you. Except I’m not making up hypothetical scenarios to be scared of, you are. So.. you’re definitely the brainwashed one ha

  • Matthew G

    Matthew G

    Månad sedan

    @Patrick T you sound so brainwashed it’s insane

  • Patrick T

    Patrick T

    Månad sedan

    @Matthew G What did I say that sounded scared? You’re clearly very scared of “what if scenarios” that are likely never to be an issue. Also driving a car isn’t part of your “freedoms”. It’s a privilege granted to you by your state. It’s been that way for many decades.

  • James Kirk
    James KirkMånad sedan

    Tesla's not the only one with loose bolts on it's control arm. My boss' new Ford F-150 had a bold come out of it's control arm, and the wheel folded in on itself. Luckily, he was driving slowly at the time...

  • Jacob
    JacobMånad sedan

    Tesla are literally crap boxes, if any other brand pulled this shit people would be up in arms.

  • Alfonso cano
    Alfonso canoMånad sedan

    The concept of an electrical car should be economy and reliability , but for what I see here this is a project which so far seems to have many issues and very expensive, let’s not forget that. Gasoline cars can be bought second hand for as low as 2000 and you can go a lot of miles ,and repair them , is not luxury is for a practical purpose. Going from point A to point B Tesla is far away from being like that , thanks .

  • Alfonso cano

    Alfonso cano

    29 dagar sedan

    @Moto_Arte_Cafe_LA there are many things we want ! But something people do not want is to pay an arm and leg, I’d like transportation to be less costly and more practical yes

  • Alfonso cano

    Alfonso cano

    Månad sedan

    @Dan Grassetti not true what ? My point is not your particular case , my point is the variables which exists, and pose as issues to be resolved as of yet!

  • Dan Grassetti

    Dan Grassetti

    Månad sedan

    not true. My Model 3 has been 100% reliable and by far the least expensive car to operate that I've ever owned.


    This video has a lot of misinformation.

  • Derek S
    Derek SMånad sedan

    So you bought the large wheels on the Y that are easier to damage and then complain when you damage them. No complaints with the Vette's easy to damage wheels because you were careful with the Vette. Ok. And you buy the Performance Y with stiffer suspension and complain about the ride. Seems fair. And you buy FSD which you know is under development and complain that it isn't developed. Yep, perfectly reasonable. And you buy the burger with extra cheese and then complain there's too much cheese. Oh wait, that didn't happen. Sorry.

  • Charles Nguyen
    Charles NguyenMånad sedan

    Great work Carlos! A real long term review 👍

  • Carlos Lago

    Carlos Lago

    Månad sedan


  • Sed Money
    Sed MoneyMånad sedan

    Almost everything is 100% true. Autopilot is great, but only in highways and doesn't worth near 10 grands.Ride quality - oh my I'm happy I'm still young enough and do not have back issues yet. I own model S and it was extremely hard to damage rims. My 2020 Model Y rims are destroyed after 1 year. I recently bought a 2021 Model Y and was very careful, but less than a month later I caught my first curb 😭no 360 view in Tesla in 2021( But I love it anyway.

  • Charles Nguyen
    Charles NguyenMånad sedan

    $70k wow.

  • Bill Rink
    Bill RinkMånad sedan

    1 year is a shot term review as most people keep a car over 7 years. You need to give us a update in year 8

  • Bill Rink
    Bill RinkMånad sedan

    I never have reset iPhone only restarts after update i have gone over a year with no restarts

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin SmithMånad sedan

    No need to pull over. Just hold in your thumbs to reboot. If you need to do it frequently please open a support ticket in your app.

  • Kevin Smith

    Kevin Smith

    Månad sedan

    To be clear this is just the display computer, the car is still fully functional to be driven manually during the reboot process, autopilot can keep driving as well but use extra caution since you don’t have visual alerts and only minimal audio alerts and feedback until after the reboot completes. In 2.5 years with the model 3 I manually rebooted probably 5 times across the ~50 software versions during that time. No manual reboots that I can recall in 2021, this was all further back.

  • Robert Tucker
    Robert TuckerMånad sedan

    You don't need to pull over to reset the screen. Actually, pressing the brake does nothing. While you are still driving, you just press and hold the scroll wheels. You don't even need to pull over. If you can work the accelerator, brake, steering can continue driving normally while resetting the screen.

  • Jonathan Sage

    Jonathan Sage

    Månad sedan

    @Robert Tucker Also, apparently users have reported a longer restart time even on MCU2 cars when pressing the brake. They've also been told to do so by Tesla techs. I haven't independently verified this, but now I'm deeply curious if it's true haha. That said, you're absolutely right, it isn't in the manual.

  • Jonathan Sage

    Jonathan Sage

    Månad sedan

    @Robert Tucker That's fair, and no rudeness taken. I didn't realize this had changed. I have one MCU1 and one MCU2 Model X. The MCU1 car does have different reboot behavior based on brake/no brake. All MCU2 cars have as you say, the brake pedal makes no difference. I learned a thing, thank you :).

  • Robert Tucker

    Robert Tucker

    Månad sedan

    @Jonathan Sage not to be rude, but check your manual. That is not in there. Holding the brake while pressing the scroll wheels was something the community made up. It is no where in the manual, nor has Tesla ever stated to do this. Several service techs have said that the brake does not do anything.

  • Jonathan Sage

    Jonathan Sage

    Månad sedan

    Pressing and holding the brake while restarting does a hard restart of all systems. It is not the same. Check your manual.

  • Cofal Over 9k
    Cofal Over 9kMånad sedan

    HOLY SHIT an honest Tesla review

  • Morten Søe
    Morten SøeMånad sedan

    So you buy the biggest, heaviest rims and complaint that you can’t hit the EPA goal?.... great

  • Digital Bliss
    Digital BlissMånad sedan

    Very honest review , some things I agree with but I will say Tesla has improved the build quality of the 2021 Model Y’s considerably. Do compare if you guys have the chance!

  • Jay Chu
    Jay ChuMånad sedan

    All Model Ys and 3s ride pretty stiff. Granted the Performance models ride the worst…even a LR version on 19s don’t ride as well as other comparable vehicles. I’m selling my Model Y Performance for a Model S cause those have air suspension apparently.

  • Jonathan Sage

    Jonathan Sage

    Månad sedan

    The s and x have very smooth suspension. Make sure you buy a post Raven update model though. They made massive improvements to the suspension in that hardware update.

  • Retiredandlovinglife
    RetiredandlovinglifeMånad sedan really need to use the Lord's name in vain? Really?

  • Patrick T

    Patrick T

    Månad sedan

    Oh sheesh

  • Travis Williams
    Travis WilliamsMånad sedan

    Well you do have an early Model Y which was known for even worse build quality than the usual consistent Tesla build quality, but give that, these are crappy issues; rattles, unaligned panels, seats, interior falling apart, ha love that the foglight literally fell off into the bumper, loose bolt recalls, etc. We had similar on our S and X thus we have written off Tesla going forward. It is hard as they were such fun to drive and high tech cars which made you love them, but we have NEVER had a car (either) in the shop so much being repaired or recalled for pretty big things or maintenance items. They say EVs are low/no maintenance, but not Teslas. They are poorly built, lower quality, and I like to use the word "delicate."

  • Stanley Leput
    Stanley LeputMånad sedan

    So they basically they cost a good bit and have terrible fit and finish?

  • James Ponga
    James PongaMånad sedan

    Not a peep about Ford's non existent FSD, even a beta..