How Noiseless Props Are Made For Movies And TV Shows | Movies Insider

Some objects, like paper bags, ice cubes, and pool balls, make an unexpected amount of noise. This can be a big problem on set, as any of these unwanted sounds can get in the way of dialogue. To ensure the sound team gets the best sound possible, the prop team will create silent versions of real products. Prop master Scott Reeder replaced loud pool balls with much quieter painted racquetballs for bar scenes in shows like "Friday Night Lights." Meanwhile, Tim Schultz of Prop TRX uses vinyl and fabric to make quieter versions of grocery bags, sandwich bags, and cellophane, as seen on "Entourage," "Mike & Molly," and "The Kominsky Method." Reeder and Schultz showed us how they found quiet alternatives to some of the loudest props out there.

Find more of Tim Schultz’s silent products here:

And check out more of Scott Reeder’s prop work here:

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How Noiseless Props Are Made For Movies And TV Shows | Movies Insider


  • Likhita Akkanti
    Likhita Akkanti6 minuter sedan

    i would be dumb enough to drink the water with silicone ice cubes- imagine if someone put that in the fridge, i'd say "oo look cold water yes" and drink it like it looks so realistic.

  • evgeniydragondog
    evgeniydragondogTimme sedan

    but why? i thought all movies was re sounded at all

  • Hazem Darwish
    Hazem DarwishTimme sedan

    now I'll never enjoy films again..

  • Dream Promkunya
    Dream PromkunyaTimme sedan

    wow, never knew that they have to deal with this seemingly tiny but very important problem. So much work for something so normal looking. Kudos to everyone that takes part in making a film.

  • AJ
    AJ3 timmar sedan

    Why is this video so loud

  • Yami omo
    Yami omo5 timmar sedan

    Movies are very immersive until you learn how they are made, then you can't help but Swim in the fakeness. I rather watch a movie with lots of CG then one full of props. but hey that's just modern life, Most movies in the near future won't even have people.

  • Roman
    Roman6 timmar sedan

    This is bullshit. You don't record sound at the scene. You add it later in the foley room

  • Icky Spartan

    Icky Spartan

    3 timmar sedan


  • suljaard
    suljaard7 timmar sedan

    Why would anyone mute the real sounds, go through so much trouble and then record the fake sounds into the same scene where real and live sounds could have been produced and used (I am imagining Melissa fighting with a sound bag, would have been hilarious)... doesn't quite make sense to me.

  • Pratik Raj
    Pratik Raj7 timmar sedan

    So much detail

  • Dilip kumar Borkotoky
    Dilip kumar Borkotoky10 timmar sedan

    Never thought that I would see Eddie Van Halen doing silent movie props. Dude is literally multi talented

  • Lena Rene
    Lena Rene10 timmar sedan

    Nvidia Broadcast solves this problem

  • Danny Dyer
    Danny Dyer11 timmar sedan

    I think on the paper bag scene the noise would of added to the comedy

  • Rafael Muniz
    Rafael Muniz13 timmar sedan

    we always notice obvious things like actors, CGI artists, directors, writers but these unspoken heroes are the ones keeping it all together

  • thick coke
    thick coke13 timmar sedan

    this is so stupid

  • YB
    YB14 timmar sedan

    Ima buy one

  • Char the unicorn
    Char the unicorn14 timmar sedan

    I finally can use the word nuance. The nuance of film making.

  • Ruskill
    Ruskill14 timmar sedan

    But can you silent my government?

  • Jimification
    Jimification14 timmar sedan

    Am I the only one that read “noiseless poop”?

  • cookeepuff
    cookeepuff15 timmar sedan


  • solelyant
    solelyant16 timmar sedan

    why not edit the sounds in post production?

  • Lukyluk_py


    14 timmar sedan

    what about when the actors speak 🤨

  • SynthwaveHyena
    SynthwaveHyena16 timmar sedan

    Explains why all those scenes always feel so sterile and void of life.

  • NRGpony is dead
    NRGpony is dead17 timmar sedan

    They say a sound guy is bad at his job when you notice his work.

  • Mr.Mister
    Mr.Mister17 timmar sedan

    "One is a silent prop"..... Still makes noise.

  • Lukyluk_py


    14 timmar sedan

    you heard the difference 😑

  • Элиас
    Элиас17 timmar sedan

    This seems so soulless to me. It's yet another aspect of the despicable, unrelatable farce that is hollywood.

  • Will H
    Will H18 timmar sedan

    Very, very cool. Scott Reeder is very creative.

  • Natt F.
    Natt F.18 timmar sedan

    Sponsored by the Kaminsky Method

  • Артур Арутюнян
    Артур Арутюнян18 timmar sedan

    Было очень интересно) невидимый фронт работ, все принимают как данность

    THE SIMP18 timmar sedan

    I can't watch a film normally now because I always think what did they use to make the sound or that the props aren't real real 💀🧍🏻‍♀️ It's useful when I'm watching thriller or horror movies tho...

  • JTE Films
    JTE Films20 timmar sedan

    just fix it in post

  • Smoney
    Smoney20 timmar sedan

    How about we solve this problem by just having realistic audio. Works perfectly fine for real life, I don't know why people like this dude are incapable of capturing audio without total silence. Just feels so fake.

  • Wild Tangent
    Wild Tangent20 timmar sedan

    Thanks, another movie magic trick I'm not going to be able to un-notice now 😂

  • gixnara A
    gixnara A20 timmar sedan

    Props takes out the sound, and foley puts it back in. Neat.

  • gizzy guzzi
    gizzy guzzi21 timme sedan

    overything on tv and film is a lie. This also includes the nightly news, late night tv and White House press conferences.

  • Dettweiler / DJ Dett
    Dettweiler / DJ Dett21 timme sedan

    I always wondered why the paper bags in shows/movies looked so thick...

  • aaron smith
    aaron smith22 timmar sedan

    Cool i never even thought of this problem

  • Tevell Winston
    Tevell Winston22 timmar sedan


  • Владимир Лем
    Владимир Лем22 timmar sedan

    Is it just me who hates these fake sounds and like the real brutal harsh adrenaline noises. Only real deal, no bullshit.

  • Amelia Nannette
    Amelia Nannette23 timmar sedan

    can he design all the stuff in my daily life... I'm autistic and the world is too loud 😭

  • Julian Bass-Krueger
    Julian Bass-Krueger23 timmar sedan

    and chris nolan decided to use...none of these for Tenet

  • YS S
    YS SDag sedan

    This world is fake

  • Monzae Monzae
    Monzae MonzaeDag sedan

    Okay but why aren't there the same silent crisps plastic bags in movie theaters?

    VLNOWDag sedan

    Great tips for checkimg if you are in a version of the Truman Show or not.

  • Gabriel Rezende
    Gabriel RezendeDag sedan

    This is how fake movies are.

  • span
    spanDag sedan

    6:40 sus

  • Ten
    TenDag sedan

    This the kinda thing America prefers to spend millions on lmfao

  • George Sikorski
    George SikorskiDag sedan

    Prop makers: Make silent props so there's less background noise in the scenes Foley artists: *It's showtime*

  • jublywubly
    jublywublyDag sedan

    Then you get the opposite, with the sound effects people who worked on The X-Files. Whenever they showed Mulder of Scully walking on a hard floor in rubber-soled shoes, they sounded like they were in tap dancing shoes. lol

  • rhythm__young
    rhythm__youngDag sedan

    What about how they're filming on the sets with mirror? How can not we see the cameramen and stuff?

  • Park Jimin - stan DKB-
    Park Jimin - stan DKB-Dag sedan

    Is Tim Schultz German? His name sounds very German.

  • L LG
    L LGDag sedan

    The kind of videos we watch when we are extremely bored

  • Boopy Schmoops
    Boopy SchmoopsDag sedan

    I am so into these kinds of videos. This is an incredibly niche and high expertise job that nobody talks about, it’s so cool seeing how he solves sound problems

  • PIGASUS Films
    PIGASUS FilmsDag sedan

    Or just ADR and selectively foley everything.

  • AmusingYeti
    AmusingYetiDag sedan

    After all this care and attention and the music department rocks up and cranks up all background and theme tracks to 100 and reduces the dialogue volume so we can barely hear it. A lot of modern TV shows and films are plagued with this issue forcing us to have our hand on the remote for most of the film to correct the audio as it 'rollercoasters' from scene to scene.

  • VeRockGirl
    VeRockGirlDag sedan

    Having misophonia, I would love if we could just use those "props" as normal, honestly. I mean, we can recycle vinyl too, right?

  • Milkymalk
    MilkymalkDag sedan

    Imagine being this guy and then visiting Germany where EVERYTHING gets dubbed anyway. Your job will seem so pointless.

  • Big J
    Big JDag sedan

    This guy should do weapons and holsters aswell.

  • Tables the Table God
    Tables the Table GodDag sedan

    me, who's hearing impaired: but i can only see those objects? they make sound??

  • Егор Альтшулер
    Егор АльтшулерDag sedan

    Why i am here

  • 【Mizuki Takeshi】 水樹武 :3
    【Mizuki Takeshi】 水樹武 :3Dag sedan


  • Snowsquare
    SnowsquareDag sedan

    The amount of detail that goes into movies is insane.

  • Yajie Liu
    Yajie LiuDag sedan

    5:06 I thought she was gonna say that best of all, those fake ice are food grade or safe

  • Unleashed75
    Unleashed75Dag sedan

    I found that interesting and i just learnt something new. Thanks

  • the mentalist
    the mentalistDag sedan

    You could just film without sound and then synchronize the sounds and dialogs that you want to be heard.

  • Kartik Sharma
    Kartik SharmaDag sedan

    My dumbass read it as real poop vs silent poop 🤦

  • Batnano
    BatnanoDag sedan

    LOL silent props, and then redub the voices, what a waste

  • lachose00
    lachose00Dag sedan

    Wow can this guy do the same on my wife ?

  • Rachel F
    Rachel FDag sedan

    His craftsmanship is so impressive!

  • CrazyHQ
    CrazyHQDag sedan

    Good thing we have Nvidia noise removal now

  • Skyeena
    SkyeenaDag sedan

    Some of those things I think wouldn’t really think make that much sound like that flower plastic but I guess it’s loud to the microphones

  • D4n¡laP4nz
    D4n¡laP4nzDag sedan

    Too many 69s-

  • Jerry Kay
    Jerry KayDag sedan

    04:03 "Kominsky MethoOd"

  • Alex Roblox
    Alex RobloxDag sedan


  • Reinado
    ReinadoDag sedan

    Asmrtists watching this video: WRITE THAT DOWN, WRITE THAT DOWN!!

  • Rob
    RobDag sedan

    If they're re-recording all the dialogue *anyway* (which is apparently standard, even in 2021) then why bother? You know the lines, you can see the lips, you can re-act it, surely?

  • Tryandstopme ࿕
    Tryandstopme ࿕Dag sedan

    This is just doing the most to make the most lmao.

  • Yuri Bezmenov was right
    Yuri Bezmenov was rightDag sedan

    I need the silent chips and cookie bags for at night when I’m not supposed to be munching in snacks. Even those thin clear plastic cookie trays inside the cookie bags. Silence those! Everyone knows you’re munching at night.

  • musicalangel1
    musicalangel1Dag sedan

    Its all about the cost. Like HK drama, they don't have the budget like Hollywood, so another simple method is, do the shooting with real world item, then re-voice the speech in studio.

  • Muhammad Qadir
    Muhammad QadirDag sedan

    Or you can use software to remove background noise

  • Eggs Of Unknow Fox
    Eggs Of Unknow FoxDag sedan

    All of this is true (if you use a boom microphone at the right distance to produce a natural sound) but if at the end you use a lavalier mic (like they do in usa) the sound is always completely innatural (it sounds like you put your hear on the heart of a person to listen his voice). The movies are getting a lot worst in this sense, sorry to say it. We also work in the sound industry, and instead of using 1 microphone, now there are 1 or 2 mic per each actor. After the re-recording mixer and the sound editors will get mad for months to try to make it sounds right with all the plug in existing and will never sound good. This is the real truth.

  • nos man
    nos manDag sedan

    this man eats my pet fly, his name was riccardo

  • d3tsukami
    d3tsukamiDag sedan

    hm imo the tammy scene with the bag on her head was funnier with the loud paper bag, idk it’s something abt the awkward silence that makes it better 😭💀

  • C.T. Grell
    C.T. GrellDag sedan

    Oh the dad jokes king from tiktok haunts me even on youtube

  • Nabocake
    NabocakeDag sedan

    Nvidia just found a new market for RTX Voice...

  • Vermiliontea
    VermilionteaDag sedan

    It would have been more funny with the sound from the real bags. ...Or funny, as Melissa McCarthy is never funny on her own.

  • Alex Bebereche
    Alex BeberecheDag sedan

    Props to him 😆

  • Rosalia McFriede
    Rosalia McFriedeDag sedan

    These props would be useful on 3 am.

  • mikey dee
    mikey deeDag sedan

    okay but if actors have to drink out of glasses with silicone ice cubes, arent they worried that they might swallow small pieces?

  • Oliver Van Uytfange
    Oliver Van UytfangeDag sedan

    This would not have been a problem if only we stayed with silent films

  • Steffan Brunhoej
    Steffan BrunhoejDag sedan

    oh, so you can fake a ball acting as a ball, but you cannot use a non-handicapped man to act like a handicapped ?.. Non-black to play black man.. you get the point. also in future movies you are not allowed to create fake natural disaster, you have to film a real one.

  • Mark
    MarkDag sedan

    Thank you propmakers!

  • HollowedCore
    HollowedCoreDag sedan

    He’s also helping foley artists as well. If the sounds are quieter and not hitting the microphone then the foley artist can now add better sounds behind the scenes.

  • memespace
    memespaceDag sedan

    It's funny that I've noticed that paper bags look slightly "off" in movies and shows before, but never considered why. I always though maybe paper bags in other regions look different.

  • Alex S
    Alex SDag sedan

    Anti asmr

  • Adam
    AdamDag sedan

    Its all fake!

  • Collin Burman
    Collin BurmanDag sedan

    wow, nice thinking Tim

  • Suaird
    Suaird2 dagar sedan

    Yeah then they only just add in the noises with ADR which makes no sense

  • Victic
    Victic2 dagar sedan

    I don't understand... Yes, the concept is cool, but the sounds are added in after during the editing. So what's the point of doing this then ??



    Dag sedan

    If its a crowded area then the background noises could really interfere with the dialogue of a shot in a movie or TV show, so they add it in after. This also let's them change the volume of the background noise without changing the actors volume in any way

  • Marcus Marx
    Marcus Marx2 dagar sedan

    I’m redoing my entire house with these items. Thank you.

  • Brug
    Brug2 dagar sedan

    i want that soundless paper bag

  • Amphion
    Amphion2 dagar sedan

    this guy would easily survive in quiet place