How I Won The London Mayor Election

What happens when a youtuber runs for london mayor? Well this documentary will show you, hope you enjoy it.
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Due to an error, a hugely important person was left from credits. Special thanks to NDL campaign advisor Ayaz Ali who was instrumental in our success.
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  • Ares
    Ares2 minuter sedan

    i like how that lady thought she was making a big change after the polls closed the day before.

  • Fine Gentleman Adolf Hitler
    Fine Gentleman Adolf Hitler13 minuter sedan

    Next election is gonna be Count Binface, Max Fosh and Niko in the top 3 they’ll look each other in the eyes and they know that whatever happens happens and that there will be no bad blood between them until Niko wins and first thing he does is drop a diss track on the other 2

  • Gasser
    Gasser28 minuter sedan

    you full of BS

  • yvonne savoy
    yvonne savoy32 minuter sedan

    How bad do you feel when you are beaten by Count Bin Face?

  • Rishi Patel
    Rishi Patel55 minuter sedan

    L Video

  • username


    47 minuter sedan

    W* 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • ThicculousMicculous
    ThicculousMicculousTimme sedan

    lol carl benjamin a racist??? Funny Good job on becoming mayor tho its nice to see a non career politician

  • username
    usernameTimme sedan

    Sidemen fanboys are the most jarring people on earth 🤦‍♂️

  • Danis A. Goodman
    Danis A. GoodmanTimme sedan

    This is gold. I'm going to run for president in my country someday. But I know that's impossible. But this is inspirational. Maybe I might try it when I am eligible. Great video.

  • SIQ
    SIQ2 timmar sedan

    5 milllion pounds what about 5,325,587 VIEW THATS BETTER THEN MONEY BRA BEST TOO YOU

  • Lmao Lmao
    Lmao Lmao2 timmar sedan

    5:14 “From one BBC to another” I’m dead.

  • RETRO_03
    RETRO_032 timmar sedan

    imagine if pewdipie ran for mayor

  • Curtis Dial
    Curtis Dial2 timmar sedan

    This is the best video ever

  • Jojosiwasuncle
    Jojosiwasuncle2 timmar sedan

    I went to the shop today and saw 25p freddos :(

  • saarah saarah
    saarah saarah2 timmar sedan


  • saarah saarah
    saarah saarah2 timmar sedan


  • saarah saarah
    saarah saarah2 timmar sedan


  • Monkeyballs
    Monkeyballs2 timmar sedan

    Niko for prime Minister? Lmao

  • Nostalgicness Gang
    Nostalgicness Gang2 timmar sedan


  • Ronald Mcdonald
    Ronald Mcdonald2 timmar sedan

    It doesn't matter that you retired you're always a legend

  • Boss 100
    Boss 1002 timmar sedan

    Do the spicy noodles challenge

  • ZenZoFine
    ZenZoFine3 timmar sedan

    Honestly, good SEblacksrs (like Niko) Should run for president because they know the problems of most of the society including racism, discriminations and more. Social media works, but running to be in an official position like that would make the world a better place again.

  • hamze abdi
    hamze abdi3 timmar sedan

    next time you will be

  • Opper pax
    Opper pax3 timmar sedan

    holy fuck, it's 4chan level shitposting in IRL. this is great.

  • Sophie Gorge
    Sophie Gorge3 timmar sedan

    I hope everyone who sees this comment succeed in the stock market:)

  • username


    Timme sedan

    Tf is this shit yo 😂

  • Bernaldo George

    Bernaldo George

    Timme sedan

    If you've started trading with this man then you're not far from making profits

  • Florina anderson

    Florina anderson

    Timme sedan

    I've worked with 4 traders in the past but none of them is as efficient as he is , his trading strategies are awesome !

  • Robin hogan

    Robin hogan

    Timme sedan

    💯 trusted

  • Robin hogan

    Robin hogan

    Timme sedan

    + 1 (2 1 3)-6 3 2 4 5 4 7

  • PickledRaven
    PickledRaven3 timmar sedan

    Bare rude to Phil cause he got you vexed with his acting. Waster

  • username


    46 minuter sedan

    @PickledRaven I watched it and he didn't do shit you sidemen kids just find a reason to cry at every littler thing smh 🤦‍♂️ and why tf are u on his vid to hate

  • PickledRaven


    2 timmar sedan

    @goti Is that so? You even watched the recent sidemen vid?

  • goti


    2 timmar sedan

    Ppl like you ruin everything

  • Steve Steve
    Steve Steve3 timmar sedan


  • username


    46 minuter sedan

    Most ironic shit I've read

  • A 9
    A 94 timmar sedan

    He looks like an actual businessman until you see those damn glasses lmao

  • raderr reesiana
    raderr reesiana4 timmar sedan


  • Duante Wrong Toledo
    Duante Wrong Toledo4 timmar sedan

    so politics indeed is a popularity contest. are u guys happy lol

  • Underrated Music
    Underrated Music5 timmar sedan

    Moral of the Story: *Just be yourselves lads*

  • Scott Towers
    Scott Towers6 timmar sedan

    Can we all agree that no creator on the platform makes content as funny as Niko? I don't always watch the guy but, when i do, they're always the best videos I've watched on the tubes.

  • Danie F
    Danie F6 timmar sedan

    Ngl I don't care about the sideman video and it's weird to see people complaining on this video about it instead of in the comments of that video. It's not like he's going to read them here... if you're feeling some strong type of way then tweet him or something

  • username


    45 minuter sedan

    Sidemen fans < K-pop stans 🚫🧢

  • NPC Greedy Jew
    NPC Greedy Jew6 timmar sedan

    Damn you rlly ruined that Sidemen Sunday didn't ya... fuckin brat

  • simplyhexagon
    simplyhexagon7 timmar sedan

    You are a bloody genius!

  • zucconS
    zucconS7 timmar sedan

    20:01 just shows how disconnected they are from us

  • Harrison Leigh Maclean
    Harrison Leigh Maclean8 timmar sedan

    Why would people chant your name at McDonald’s

  • Harrison Leigh Maclean
    Harrison Leigh Maclean8 timmar sedan

    We are dumb little tiny glasses

  • Harrison Leigh Maclean
    Harrison Leigh Maclean8 timmar sedan

    Why do people like you

  • Harrison Leigh Maclean
    Harrison Leigh Maclean8 timmar sedan

    You did not win

  • Lance Canlas
    Lance Canlas8 timmar sedan

    Im here,for vibes...

  • Niel johnson
    Niel johnson8 timmar sedan

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  • xswordo darkx
    xswordo darkx8 timmar sedan


  • Yaringhor Mui
    Yaringhor Mui8 timmar sedan

    Dam that's Mind Blowing Campaign Niko NDL

  • fab
    fab9 timmar sedan

    You aren't doing anything new, we have been electing jokers for years

    Its DINOMUSA9 timmar sedan

    MY GOD

  • Mrs Jones
    Mrs Jones9 timmar sedan


  • Avery DeSalvo
    Avery DeSalvo9 timmar sedan

    I hope he tries to run it back. It would be funny as hell.

  • Sa1maak
    Sa1maak10 timmar sedan

    Niko I love how your so confident running your own campaign, your my inspiration and I wish one day I can become like you I love you so much Niko.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😊😊😘😘😘😘😘😘😘🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Mrs Jones
    Mrs Jones10 timmar sedan


  • OM S
    OM S10 timmar sedan

    inspirational!! hahahah

  • Electro Bolt
    Electro Bolt12 timmar sedan

    My mayor!

  • Logan Ross
    Logan Ross12 timmar sedan

    England sucks lol

  • sagfsafsaf dsgdsagdsagdsa
    sagfsafsaf dsgdsagdsagdsa12 timmar sedan

    trump won the election via reality star hype, this isn't outta question tbh (and Niko would actually do the job)

  • why not
    why not13 timmar sedan


  • 2k Gohan
    2k Gohan13 timmar sedan

    Respect for Phil

  • username


    44 minuter sedan

    Literally get a life

  • MDBoxxy Live
    MDBoxxy Live13 timmar sedan

    just started watching already catching the vibes big ups

  • benr0land
    benr0land14 timmar sedan

    This is amazing

  • benr0land
    benr0land14 timmar sedan

    Holy shit

  • Logan
    Logan14 timmar sedan

    this is awesome

  • o_o
    o_o14 timmar sedan

    Sadiq Khan, One of the most shittest mayors out there.

  • Christopher Ramirez
    Christopher Ramirez15 timmar sedan

    i feel like if he actually took his policies seriously, or actually wanted to win, and become mayor he could have

  • Chonk
    Chonk16 timmar sedan

    "For vibes" -Niko Omilana 2021

  • Mr.pinkypanda
    Mr.pinkypanda16 timmar sedan


  • Infacti
    Infacti16 timmar sedan

    no, this is taking it too far

  • TripXDillon
    TripXDillon16 timmar sedan

    Terrible person btw

  • username


    44 minuter sedan


  • Mr.pinkypanda
    Mr.pinkypanda17 timmar sedan


  • Bheema Marabai
    Bheema Marabai17 timmar sedan

    ngl, that felt like a wholesome anime ending

  • Danny guz
    Danny guz18 timmar sedan

    Let's be real he made an independant campaign called "NDL" and it was full of dweebs, nerds, weebs, no-life's, kids, and disappointments.

  • username


    44 minuter sedan


  • Uproar
    Uproar18 timmar sedan

    London a city where a genocide is happening yet no one cares.

  • Awesom1miner
    Awesom1miner19 timmar sedan


  • Jeff Li
    Jeff Li19 timmar sedan

    how i click baited 5.3mill ppl

  • Snoozer
    Snoozer19 timmar sedan

    One thing I've noticed is that if you appear stupid or say stupid things (claiming to freeze a river or other things like that), more people will look into what your saying, which will in turn boost your popularity. Niko definitely did this and look how it turned out.

  • MetaBollo
    MetaBollo20 timmar sedan

    Oh yeah you really go against the grain dude you really represent its not like 100% of your politics line up with every fucking corporation and mainstream politician and media even youtube is backing you remember kids miscegenation is cool! shut up and watch your adverts and buy your products and you will become a minority in your own homeland and you WILL LIKE IT

  • Cooking Parker
    Cooking Parker20 timmar sedan

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  • Ismail KHAN
    Ismail KHAN21 timme sedan

    Imagine if ksi voted for mayor

  • Wolfman 1
    Wolfman 121 timme sedan

    sad thing is he might of won but them greedy basterds will have him killed before he makes changes

  • Floyd LOL
    Floyd LOL21 timme sedan

    My god lad you absolute rockstar, congratz💕

  • Sophie Jeremiah
    Sophie Jeremiah21 timme sedan

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  • ahmed joudat
    ahmed joudat22 timmar sedan

    hi nico idk if you read your comments or if you remember me but yesterday night my sister julia met you and i talked to you on facetime with my other 2 sisters and i wanted to say how big of a fan i am but i was too shocked lol

  • LightningMcMeth
    LightningMcMeth22 timmar sedan

    big ups

  • Margaret Papineak
    Margaret Papineak22 timmar sedan

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  • Toxic Assasinz
    Toxic Assasinz22 timmar sedan

    Imagine pewdiepie for president

  • doggo froggo
    doggo froggo23 timmar sedan

    I have no idea who the sidemen are but some of y'all straight up stans🤣

  • username


    43 minuter sedan

    Fr bro they cry about everything I watched the video and he literally didn't do anything

  • Chawa559
    Chawa55923 timmar sedan

    Big Up

  • Professional Pinman
    Professional Pinman23 timmar sedan

    Shush boris

  • VegasJace
    VegasJaceDag sedan

    Who tf is the trash can man 💀

  • AMIT Kumar Singh
    AMIT Kumar SinghDag sedan

    Feeling Sad for BBC

  • Kasp A.
    Kasp A.Dag sedan

    Next thing you know he becomes president, then owner of the world

  • Melody Meadows
    Melody MeadowsDag sedan

    BREAKING: SEblacksr Niko Omilana dies aged 23 from cardiac arrest

  • Melody Meadows
    Melody MeadowsDag sedan

    BREAKING: Thames Valley Police has announced the death of the SEblacksr Niko Omilana who has died at the age of 23 after suffering from a cardiac arrest in his residence. He was admitted to a near hospital but died before he got there.

  • Mobylolz
    MobylolzDag sedan

    I think the whole hate train is a bunch of bullshit. Whether it's directed towards Rafe or towards Lux and Niko. The people defending Rafe and going off about how he is a character and it shouldn't be deeped, also bash Lux and Niko for doing the same thing: playing a character. They feel obligated to feel offended for someone else, when the people actually involved have said they don't care and are good with each other. People have become so fragile. I've seen people defend their hate with "it's constructive criticism, not hate", but there is nothing constructive about this criticism when you say Lux and Niko ruined the vibe and couldn't handle Phil, because you didn't like it. So many people saying "they went too far and made it personal", with what? Niko saying he is a B-tec Gordon Ramsay? How is that offensive, when JJ has said that too, when Josh also said it would be cool to actually have Gordon Ramsay. It's a fuckin joke. How was it not offensive when Phil made fun of Harry's breakup? Don't hear people saying that was too personal? Because it's not deep, it's a bunch of characters playing in a video, it's not meant to be serious. Nobody took shit personally, so why are you.

  • Ian Tom-Johnson
    Ian Tom-JohnsonDag sedan

    this would be a great glasses commercial

  • SDL official🖖
    SDL official🖖Dag sedan

    SDL guys go sub be the first to schmuck defence league

  • Irvan B.
    Irvan B.Dag sedan

    Glad you made it as major , but about your comment on ''Brian Rose'' i don't think he is a villain , he has been exposing government corruption with david icke a lot and a lot of it came out to be true. Edit : oh lol clickbait you didn't win , lmao

  • Tom Williams
    Tom WilliamsDag sedan

    Fuck Niko, big up Rafa

  • username


    42 minuter sedan

    Tom please let me out your basement I want to see my family again

  • Niigel October
    Niigel OctoberDag sedan


  • Ronobo1
    Ronobo1Dag sedan


  • CoysamTV
    CoysamTVDag sedan

    History will tell your story

  • CoysamTV
    CoysamTVDag sedan

    We love you man win next time please we need you to change the world in a good vibe way