Finally another Tesla video! Sorry for the delay, we wanted to give it time and really give you guys our honest opinion about owning the new Tesla model 3. We picked out some things that we absolutely love about it, and unfortunately mentioned some things that we don’t love about it. We hope this video helps you on deciding whether or not to get one, but in our opinion, if you can. GET ONE! Lol.


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#1 - The Car ( 0:43 )
#2 - The Space ( 1:20 )
#3 - The Key ( 2:31 )
#4 - The way it drives ( 3:49 )
#5 - Regenerative breaking, auto pilot, and cruise control ( 4:32 )
#6 - Driver Profile ( 5:33 )
#7 - Lighting ( 6:30 )
#8 - Infotainment Center Features ( 7:07 )
#10 - Material of Seats ( 8:52 )
#11 - Dual Wireless Charging Pads ( 9:29 )
#12 - Security dash cams and sentry mode ( 9:48 )
#13 - Preset Adjustments ( 10:20 )
#14 - Energy no gas ( 10:51 )
The Battery Life - ( 11:55 )
Road Trips - ( 13:54 )
IS IT WORTH IT TO YOU? - ( 15:25 )


  • Sade Randall
    Sade Randall23 timmar sedan

    You guys are so cute together! Thank you for this video!

  • Scott Dang
    Scott Dang7 dagar sedan

    Dude, you just cost me an extra 20k on my new car budget.. damn it. lol Thanks for your video.. It was really informative, and fun to watch.. You guys rock. I'll be ordering my Tesla with your link. Good job. God bless.

  • Maryrose Morgan-Coakle
    Maryrose Morgan-Coakle8 dagar sedan

    very good video but in NZ the difference in price between std range and long range is over NZ$27000 as you miss out on government tax credit of NZ$8625 so you are paying a huge amount for the extra range and performance nearly 45% more than std range

  • ItzBlueKitty
    ItzBlueKitty8 dagar sedan

    One question? Does the auto pilot do all th driving for you??

  • Joseph Lo Piccolo
    Joseph Lo Piccolo11 dagar sedan

    The fact that you need to go through the pad to set your steering position. Mirrors. Music volume. Climate controls. Open glove box. Ahhhrrrr!!!. Do my head in. Limitations that control us.

  • Joseph Lo Piccolo
    Joseph Lo Piccolo11 dagar sedan

    Great video dudes. I get it now. It's a high tech and very expensive phone on wheels. Think I will opt for the Deisel Ranger Raptor. Sweet as. I'll even get change at the price point for a couple of of years of juice and services.

  • Raul O.
    Raul O.14 dagar sedan

    Great video guys!

  • Van Hoc Wong
    Van Hoc Wong14 dagar sedan

    Unfortunately, your facial expression betrayed your words. Any way, it is true. The Range and Refueling are the Biggest problems.

  • ngampen savetamal
    ngampen savetamal14 dagar sedan


  • ji wang
    ji wang15 dagar sedan

    Here in Texas, cities like Houston with 4 million people there are only a handful of super charging stations. You can imagine the issues with waiting in line for a super charge station…..hopefully the Texas power grid holds up, if not I can’t use my Tesla.

  • Mike Mears
    Mike Mears15 dagar sedan

    Tesla is for people that do not travel. Having to stop and fuel every 150 miles is a no bueno. I'll hop in my Silverado, drive 496 miles, fill up in 6 minutes and be at my destination. 1000 miles from home in 13 hrs. Not stopping every 150 miles, waiting how long to charge, then drive another 150 miles and so on. There would be, I guess, the amount of just charging time that I would have in my entire trip, plus the trip time itself. It just doesnt work for me.

  • Lets.Get.Crafty
    Lets.Get.Crafty18 dagar sedan

    Thanks for the useful info. If and when I get one it will be a long range. And we live in an area with lots of ev charge stations (my work has one too). So should not be a problem. I dont plan to travel too much with it just work n play.

  • scorpion251970
    scorpion25197018 dagar sedan

    Let off the accelerator. No gas 😉. My first month,it’s totally great. Not perfect. But it’s best I’ve had, so far. Btw, I’m subscribed to a long range.

  • SushiTaro
    SushiTaro21 dag sedan

    Thank You! You helped me decide on getting the Long range

  • The Baby Nurse
    The Baby Nurse22 dagar sedan

    Great video. Thanks so much!

  • Silk
    Silk24 dagar sedan

    5:35: Nice transition. Most couples just have one partner talk while the other partner smiles in the camera

  • Silk
    Silk24 dagar sedan

    4:37-4:40:: That is the most succinct definition of R.B. I’ve heard👍🏾

  • Josh Penovak
    Josh Penovak26 dagar sedan

    You can always upgrade to The long range via the app

  • ~(Rogue Jedi)~
    ~(Rogue Jedi)~26 dagar sedan

    I’d say the infotainment center is nice but I wouldn’t say it makes it safer than having a knob for the air flow, or volume makes it less safe when trying to drive safely.

  • cheesepownsu


    7 dagar sedan

    In my perspective, this eliminates distraction. There are waaaaay to many things going on in cars with 20 different dials and buttons and all. This is clean and in one area. If anything it’s an extension of safety, the screen becomes an extension of the road. It becomes a part of the windshield, something to keep your eye on every once in a while, like your speedometer

  • Alison N Mommy Vongmany
    Alison N Mommy Vongmany28 dagar sedan

    That’s it!!! We are getting one!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Alison N Mommy Vongmany

    Alison N Mommy Vongmany

    27 dagar sedan

    We are looking into Model Y

  • Matt and Val

    Matt and Val

    28 dagar sedan


  • ChicoHendrix
    ChicoHendrixMånad sedan

    Lmao he’s in Santa Clarita

  • Jeffrey Kaminski
    Jeffrey KaminskiMånad sedan

    Be careful using auto PARK. My model X "crashed" twice using this feature Tesla distanced itself from problem. Now my insurance company is suing Tesla because I filed a claim with my insurance company and guess who is going to be called to testify in court? Yup ME. Paid $125,000 for this experience.

  • Suren Sath
    Suren SathMånad sedan

    How much are you really saving? Lol. If you can't simply go somewhere and come back on one charge then that vehicle is just perfect for your breaks during work to watch Netflix. Lol. Thanks for the honesty video.

  • LaTanya Tolan
    LaTanya TolanMånad sedan

    Super helpful! Thank you!

  • MARIO Ramirez
    MARIO RamirezMånad sedan

    Also you guys should it look into the BMW i3 with a Range Extender which is a cc engine motor 2gallon gas tank that keeps the charge of your battery so you can drive longer distances, I own one is amazing, the interior is not as luxurious as some of other BMW but is different, everywhere we drive everyone gives us completements and i mean everyone.Also when you driving on the road people can stop looking at the car and when I have to pull to a rest area or anywhere alot of people have pull over just to ask me about the car, no joke. Also Yes you will have to put gas in the 2 gallon tank but it only takes 30 seconds or less and im back on the road while many other EV cars are charging to continue their trip, me I just keep going, and yes, the 2 gallon gives you about 90 to 100 miles for keeping battery charge and you will have to pull out to a gas station again and fill up, but for me thats not an issue because that gives me a little brake to stretch the legs etc, but what i love is that I don't have to charge my car like everyone else, only when I get to my destination, and believe me we drive alot currently im here in Southern Arizona border of New Mexico is only 20 minutes, and I have drive pretty much everywhere in the state with high medium and low mountains and recently took a 3 week vacation all the way up to San Francisco and had no problems at all or range anxiety, other EV makes owners have approach and ask cuestions about our I3 and they are impressed when I tell them how the car works, the only difference is that BMW put that cc gas engine to the car I wish it was solar panel they put on the car especially here in Arizona but gas does it to, well I just wanted to mention my experience with my EV BMW i3 and to be clear im not a tesla hater, I wish they were a little less expensive and give me more for the money I will spend specially if you drive tons like we do, don't like stop to charge the car in a long trip, enjoy your car.

  • MARIO Ramirez
    MARIO RamirezMånad sedan

    Is a nice review of the car, just letting you know the adjusting of the seats for each individual driver is nothing new, majority of luxurious cars and the not to luxurious, for example the ford fusion titanium is one of them that comes to my mind, you can adjust the seats up to 3 people the mirrors included as soon as you push a button that is by the door handle driver side obviously, just saying, adjustments of the seats in cars for individuals that are driving same car is nothing new, only difference is that tesla has put that adjustments of the seat on a touch screen thats all but thank you for your input in explaining the seat adjustments on a tesla👍

  • Alex
    AlexMånad sedan

    I'm not impressed of Teslas cars already have a battery Tesla just has a large big battery to power it for hours it's not even advanced technology

  • Romario Smith
    Romario SmithMånad sedan

    That con alone is why I don't want any electric cars. Lol.

  • lilbaybt228
    lilbaybt228Månad sedan

    But where’s the amazon link for the carbon fiber spoiler 😭

  • Durk Jenkins
    Durk JenkinsMånad sedan

    Nice video. I appreciate your honesty, I am thinking of getting one sometime maybe later this year. You both are made for each other,cute couple.

  • Bob UK
    Bob UKMånad sedan

    Hi, useful video, thanks. It is difficult to convert from a gas to electric way of thinking and that shows in your video, you were very honest about it. I agree, save up and get the LR version if you want to do distance driving. Here 'gas' is MUCH more expensive than in the states - £1.25 per litre which is about $6.52 per US gallon (Aug 2021). Going electric here is about three times cheaper even if you have to pay. One problem here is the very high insurance grouping, due I think to the performance. Cheers. BobUK.

  • Jamespham
    JamesphamMånad sedan

    That is is the purpose of the long range dual motor.

  • Sandra555
    Sandra555Månad sedan

    Thank you very helpful info, did you get the self driving feature?

  • EV Family
    EV FamilyMånad sedan

    09:21 - A Marshmallow 🤣🤣🤣

  • Gabriel Aszalos
    Gabriel AszalosMånad sedan

    Nice work guys! Thanks for the honesty. Best of health and may you be happy with your vehicle :)

  • Aiden Stinson
    Aiden StinsonMånad sedan

    Saving up for one, hopefully I will get it in the next few years!

  • 1Phonetip
    1PhonetipMånad sedan

    Thank you for your honest review!

  • rene alcid
    rene alcidMånad sedan

    Thank you for the great review.Will hold off purchase for now.

  • Sophia
    SophiaMånad sedan

    Point the camera to the car guys, are you reviewing the car or reviewing your handsome face ❓❓❓❓❓

  • Anna Piddubna
    Anna PiddubnaMånad sedan

    I love Tesla!

  • Rick Mottola
    Rick MottolaMånad sedan

    You're a cool dude. We'd be friends for sure. Awesome vid. Very straight-forward with no BS.

  • Huy Nguyen
    Huy NguyenMånad sedan

    The charging is still the biggest concern to me

  • Robert Dwyane
    Robert DwyaneMånad sedan

    Mrs Pamela Morgan and her method works like magic I keep earning single week with new strategy

  • Sukhpreet Singh

    Sukhpreet Singh

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    Anyone who she handles his or her trade for I believe is so lucky

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    Ramsey Woods

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    Can I start with $1000?

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    Alen Scott

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  • Alen Scott

    Alen Scott

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    @Robert Dwyane Mrs Pamela Morgan has brought me out of the wrenches and to a better living through trading options, I encourage newbies to trade with her

  • George Cadman
    George CadmanMånad sedan

    • I invested in Tesla back in 2013, I was very much a bear,My reasoning was simple: Tesla was trying to do what no American automaker has done so far: Develop and sell a mass-market electric vehicle. It was trying to do what no American company had done in nearly a century: Start up a new auto manufacturing business. To take it a step further, I bought 40 shares from Tesla miners, investing about $1,800 in total with part of the proceed from a 401(k) rollover. At the $908 per share price I sold at,that's a realized profit of $35,000! It may not be a life changing money, but it's an incredible return nonetheless,Now I am working with 3 asset Gold, Silver and Crypto all are good but crypto investment is the mother of them all, Crypto has followed this pattern for sometime now, it dips and gets everyone scared then after retesting an old resistance several times, we wake up one day to see it is bullish. This period is the perfect time to buy the dip and accumulate irrespective of the bulls being under pressure. Bitcoin moving up is inevitable and would see the price of bitcoin surpass it's all time highs. The reversal was imminent because obviously, the bitcoin market needed a correction to gather the right momentum to give the bulls more steam and this just make it the perfect time to invest and accumulate as much as possible. I'd strongly advice any newbie/traders to buy the dip for traders who are still wondering whether to enter the market or old time traders who are Holders to seek help from not just any trader but an established trading expert with at least 89% trade accuracy. I underwent a series of trading losses I'd best not talk about before I was introduced to trading analyst Expert Mrs Pamela Morgan . My contact with her has being the hallmark of this year for me,under her careful guide and her signal service I've been able to recover my losses and even grow my trading portfolio massively from 1.2 btc to 4.6 btc in just 5 weeks. I will advice traders especially newbies to have an orientation of trading before they get involved in it. Expert Mrs Pamela Morgan makes you learn daily while you make profits with her signals . • She can be contacted via WhatsApp ***+1 ( 4 3 7 ) 2 9 1-0 7 5 6*** for inquires into profitable trading strategy...

  • Rayshard Robinson
    Rayshard RobinsonMånad sedan

    Thank y’all for your video. I’m seriously considering buying a Tesla.

  • Vermin Watch_Out
    Vermin Watch_OutMånad sedan

    Good review...conclusion Tesla sucks, come back in 10 years

  • Techy James
    Techy JamesMånad sedan

    I totally agree on the LR versus SR. I regularly make 600 plus miles (4x a year just for work), and the LR is a definite a huge benefit for long trips. Especially with the current SR+ versus LR being almost 100 mile difference or offset the 80% suggested max charge for normal use. Although I about once a year make a trip that required 100% on my LR or take an extra 3 hour drive to make it t from my home to the next available Supercharger. The trip is 285 miles from my house to the SC and my max range is 310 for the 2018 model. And he first half is all hills which negatively affects the range. That trip especially if there is say heavy rain or other weather events leaves me with about 2% battery left. Luckily for me last month they added a charger at the 70% mark of that trip so not near as bad any more.

  • TonePilot
    TonePilotMånad sedan

    Tesla is well known for exaggerating their range. We'll be getting the Model 3 Long Range soon so glad we ordered that one.

  • TonePilot


    Månad sedan

    @T1Oracle We just got our Model 3 a few days ago. We'll see how it goes!

  • T1Oracle


    Månad sedan

    Actually you will get the advertised range if you drive until the battery dies. Unfortunately, that can damage the battery. Additionally, the car will indicate 0 range for the last 26 miles or so.

  • Devyn Robinson
    Devyn RobinsonMånad sedan

    I just pre-ordered my Model Y and used your referral link. Great Video and channel love all your videos :)

  • Matt and Val

    Matt and Val

    Månad sedan

    Thank you so much! We appreciate it! 😄

  • Nishanth Murthy
    Nishanth MurthyMånad sedan

    How much does it cost to charge 80% at superchargers in winnipeg ?

  • Elim Uddin
    Elim UddinMånad sedan

    Is the tesla good for taxi

  • Chris S
    Chris S2 månader sedan

    So you telling all the car thieves that they don't have to worry about breaking into your Tesla, but all they have to do instead is just take your cell phone and the Tesla is theirs??? Good feature.

  • Chris S

    Chris S

    Månad sedan

    @Michael Scofield He said there is no need to take out your cell phone from your pocket. Car can sense your phone so no need for password. Also, people always leave cell phones lying around, like at a restaurant table while they go to bathroom, or park bench while chasing their kid at playground, or on shopping cart at grocery store. Ever seen that? I do all the time. You ever seen anyone leave car keys around? Not me.

  • Michael Scofield

    Michael Scofield

    Månad sedan

    What's easier to steal, keys or a phone? Answer that one Dumbo, also don't they need your phone passcode to access the app?

  • HR
    HR2 månader sedan

    I'll pass nope goodbye.

  • Karim Elmoutawakil
    Karim Elmoutawakil2 månader sedan

    Nice video and lovely couple

  • Mary
    Mary2 månader sedan

    This is so helpful thank you!

  • Carlos Reghis
    Carlos Reghis2 månader sedan

    Does it makes a spaceship sound effect when flooring it?

  • Hoàng VM
    Hoàng VM2 månader sedan

    My model S also has similar range as your, I got mine when they first did a refresh (2016), all points you made in this video I have mostly experienced. This is why I am planning (keyword here is planning LOL) to get a Roadster 2 with EPA of 600 miles, I know it is a hefty price tag but we only live once.

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith2 månader sedan

    You definitely should of got the long range version that sounds pretty annoying/time consuming and time is money to alot of people. They need to add a little backup motor with a 5 gallon tank for emergency use if your batteries die.

  • Dai Jhin
    Dai Jhin2 månader sedan

    Ganda kaya lang yung harap parang ordinary lang

  • Anthony Dyer
    Anthony Dyer2 månader sedan

    How well does the white interior hold up to denim jeans? My cream sofa doesn’t stack up so well - more like a grey blue sofa in the seat.

  • Ram Mudumbi
    Ram Mudumbi2 månader sedan

    On road trips: Maybe if you 1. Charge to 100% 1st near home then 2. only charge from 20-80% on route to destination, your charge time will be shorter.

  • Ling Zeng
    Ling Zeng2 månader sedan

    tesla model Y central control screen: amzn.to/3x6JzW2

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    Kiara Mesha2 månader sedan

    One of the best reviews I’ve ever seen on a car. I didn’t even skip 🙌🏾

  • Matt and Val

    Matt and Val

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    Aww! Thanks girl!! 💕 - Val

  • Vladimir Mitrovic
    Vladimir Mitrovic2 månader sedan

    They never say car use about 5 % juice a day. So if you dont drive for 5 or 6 days your car can stay dead on the spot and no chance to start with no service to strat .

  • E30M3_4life
    E30M3_4life2 månader sedan

    One of the pros of your purchase is that I own a lot of Tesla stock… 👍🏼

  • Shasta
    Shasta2 månader sedan

    Just came across your video. Really appreciate you covering the battery life of your 3. I was planning to get the base model but you have convinced me to save a little more and for the long range version, thank you!! You guys do a great job, keep it up.

  • thedrumman2019
    thedrumman20192 månader sedan

    Planning on ordering one in December. Saving up for a 10k down-payment. Looking at either blue or white. I like blue but the more I look at the white, the more I'm leaning to white

  • julsszn


    2 månader sedan

    Same I’m trying to save for a 10k down payment

  • turfoid
    turfoid2 månader sedan

    Tesla elite

  • Stormspark
    Stormspark2 månader sedan

    Big tip: You want to make full use of the Energy app (this is what shows the range Tesla estimates for your car based on your driving habits). Tap the arrow at the bottom, it's in the same menu as the games and toybox. The "263 miles" comes from the EPA, not Tesla, and due to regulations they are legally required to advertise the car with the EPA rated range. Keep an eye on your efficiency. Swipe right below the car on the screen, and you will see your current efficiency in Wh/mile (you can swipe down for the trip meters and such). Efficiency is greatly affected by driving habits. Things like hard acceleration and going really fast can greatly reduce it. Might be worth looking at your driving habts and seeing if you're doing anything that hampers efficiency on those long trips (on short trips where you can charge right afterward anyway it doesn't matter so much). If you swipe left below the car it will tell you your tire pressures. Depending on what tires/wheels you have it could be different, but I have the 18" wheels, and my tires say to use 42psi cold (this is what they should be when you first start driving, pressure will increase a few PSI as you drive). Having pressure too high or too low will greatly effect efficiency too. The tire pressure monitoring system will show -- when the car has been sitting for awhile, so I have a digital tire pressure gauge and a 12V air pump in the trunk just in case. Another big thing: you're right in that you don't want to charge to 100% on a regular basis. But it is absolutely ok if you do it occasionally, in preparation for a road trip. When the car is charging, you will get several options at the bottom. One is "scheduled departure". You can set this to be a one time thing, or on a daily/weekly basis (feel free to play around with the options). If you set the charge to 100% with a scheduled departure set, the car will intelligently time its charging, so it hits max charge right before you leave, and also precondition the battery, which increases your efficiency when starting out on the trip by a lot. Otherwise if you say start at 90% and just leave without preconditioning, you are going to having pretty reduced effiency for the first 5-10 mintues or so, and that combined with only being 90% to begin with, is going to reduce your range a lot. You can also use scheduled departure if you say leave for work at the same time every day, even if you are only charging to your 90% "daily" level, that will also help efficiency. Also, make sure you are using the lighting bolt icon on your navigation when you stop at a supercharger. If you do this so that the car is aware you're going to stop to charge, it will precondition the battery as you get close to the supercharger, so charging will be faster. I recently made a trip in my sr+ (same as yours, but blue with black interior, and mine is about 3 months newer and is a vision-only model), that was 2 hours each way (another city to pick up a friend, then from there to an amusement park all day). This also counts the car sitting in the amusement park parking lot with sentry and cabin overheat protection running all day. I only had to stop at a supercharger once for 10 minutes on my way back, and I had 29% battery when I got back. I did pre-charge to 100% and use the scheduled departure option. By using some really efficient driving (using autopilot to draft semis even if it meant going 2-5mph under the speed limit), I got my efficiency to 197 Wh/mile on that trip.

    PIPERBOY WILLIAMS2 månader sedan

    Thanks for keeping it a buck with the charging

    PIPERBOY WILLIAMS2 månader sedan

    The car looks like a frog man

  • Ana Pks
    Ana Pks2 månader sedan

    did you guys get the autopilot package ?

  • Stephanie Vega
    Stephanie Vega2 månader sedan

    I love how excited you are! Makes the review more personable. Great video.

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia2 månader sedan

    Im glad you guys are honest about the range, never heard that before about the standard range

  • John D
    John D2 månader sedan

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  • Pain
    Pain2 månader sedan

    Is this SR+ or LR?

  • Alienwarez567
    Alienwarez5672 månader sedan

    Still looks like shit, my bimmer looks better, drives better and is much much better quality. If you dont like driving then let the wife drive it.

  • Milika moeai
    Milika moeai2 månader sedan

    Does the auto pilot cost more?

  • Ry Maniquez
    Ry Maniquez2 månader sedan

    Driving is not suppose to be complicated that u have to think of charging,Even if i have the money i will never buy one coz of waiting time of charging..and if it breaks i have to go back to dealership for them to fix it and thats expensive..i will stick to gas and honda toyota cars.

  • x First Lady x
    x First Lady x2 månader sedan

    Whats crazy is, before finding your video on YT, i saw an article online saying Tesla Model will soon be cheaper to own (In Australia starting at 26k) than a Toyota Camry Hybrid. I was looking at purchasing the Toyota Yaris Cross at the end of this year till i saw that article. Your video makes me want to get the Tesla its just the charging thats putting me off. Thank you for this honest review 😍

  • Take The5th
    Take The5th2 månader sedan

    Wow, definitely will not purchase a tesla

  • Joseph Ramirez
    Joseph Ramirez2 månader sedan

    Getting the SR+ in a week. Kind of rethinking my decision for not getting the LR model but still super excited. Thanks for the great video

  • The Wannabe Geek
    The Wannabe Geek2 månader sedan

    Love this video and your channel guys.. Outstanding review on the good and bad. You have convinced me to get the LR Version. I travel a lot of miles here in Australia each week, and we don’t have a very good Super Charging network at all… Looking forward to seeing more.

  • Matt and Val

    Matt and Val

    2 månader sedan

    Thank you so much! We appreciate it! 😊🙏🏽

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  • mike NALUS

    mike NALUS

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  • JavaleMcGeeGOAT


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  • Dr. Howard Schneider
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  • SarahV_L
    SarahV_L2 månader sedan

    Such a good review! Thanks for being so honest! Love how Cali this video is (mean that in the best way) 💛

  • Ernest Z
    Ernest Z2 månader sedan

    Great info! I have a 2021 Model 3 SR+, too. I live in Sacramento and last month I took my family (2 adults, 2 teenagers) on a 1,100 mile, week-long trip to San Diego and Anaheim. This car is definitely a road worthy vehicle for our family. We left Sac at 100% from home. The driving time to San Diego was 7 hours. We had three stops on I-5: Firebaugh, Buttonwillow, and Burbank. Each stop was 20 minutes (during which people got a bite to eat, used the restroom, stretched), meaning the total trip (about 500 miles) was 8 hours, with one hour TOTAL for charging. Fantastic! On the trip back up to Sacramento, we went up US 101 from Anaheim. It’s a bit more scenic and longer, so we had four stops: Oxnard, San Luis Obispo, Salinas and Concord. Each stop was right around 20 minutes, again very well timed with meal breaks, snacks, bathroom stops. The charging stops were not an issue at all. During the trip south on I-5, I was often driving 80 mph, with the a/c running (it was in the upper 90s through the valley), and around 70 mph (again a/c running the whole trip) heading north. Several passes to climb over, notably the Grapevine and La Cuesta Grade. No issues, ran up those like they weren’t there! And mind you I had four people, and their luggage and gear for a weeklong road trip (and my wife loves to overpack!). I let the car’s Navigation system determine our stops, and it was spot on. I can confidently highly recommend the SR+ for road trips. We had a great time in it. Cheers!

  • Sandra555


    Månad sedan

    Thank you very useful info

  • Patrick OBrien
    Patrick OBrien2 månader sedan

    Nicely done video. I would not use or appreciate the "toys," games, sound effects etc.

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    Rusan2 månader sedan

    Where is the spare tire?

  • Guru Gamer
    Guru Gamer2 månader sedan

    Which wheels and full spec did you select when ordering?

  • Guru Gamer
    Guru Gamer2 månader sedan

    Does this Tesla have Enhanced Autopilot or Full self driving capabilities?

  • MarkinCHS
    MarkinCHS2 månader sedan

    Why is the dual motor recommended? To extend the range or other reasons too?

  • Guru Gamer

    Guru Gamer

    2 månader sedan

    Longer distance

  • Samuel page
    Samuel page2 månader sedan

    Hey guys buy a mini gas generator put it in the under trunk and fill it up and use it to charge your car if you can't make it to a super charger

  • Hood Hunter
    Hood Hunter2 månader sedan

    dude, can't go cheap by going with the standard range. Long Range is a MUST! All Tesla owners will recommend that off the bat. Lower your Model 3 will make it even more fun to drive. Thinking of doing that to our Model Y as well. Roaster is next on my list.

  • vsvpmob
    vsvpmob2 månader sedan

    Hey Man, Where did you get your Yankee hat??

  • Tom Mac———
    Tom Mac———2 månader sedan

    I knew visiting your family was going to be discussed.