• A whole lot of nothing
    A whole lot of nothing4 timmar sedan

    It's not bad luck. Its fucking nasty. Get those shit covered clodhoppers off the table

  • Phuck YouTube
    Phuck YouTube8 timmar sedan

    Why do you think it's okay to wear your shoes inside? do you like to drag random faeces off the street into your home?

  • Ian Johnston
    Ian Johnston10 timmar sedan

    Just saying they werent waterproof in the first place

  • R T Walker
    R T Walker11 timmar sedan

    Tell us you don't know how to use a drill, without telling us you don't know how to use a drill...

  • Tim abel
    Tim abel17 timmar sedan

    Next time lift up the insole screw put insole back. Will baffle him for longer.

  • Harold Williams
    Harold Williams21 timme sedan

    He was not fuming

  • ITsJustPain
    ITsJustPainDag sedan

    Daaaam... y'all got $$ and decided to drink it away?? I been there.... It ain't worth it. I wasted 15k guys. Alcohol isn't worth it

  • Void soul
    Void soulDag sedan

    cool, vandalism

  • Old Tree
    Old TreeDag sedan

    What waste of resources

  • asioe kiou

    asioe kiou

    20 timmar sedan

    Who tf puts there shoes on a table

  • Emily An
    Emily AnDag sedan

    Apparently it doesnt take much to entertain these guys

  • Morgan Stromberg
    Morgan Stromberg2 dagar sedan

    Tell me your rich without telling me your rich

    ORBEARACER2 dagar sedan

    A table made of paper like everything else in this country.

  • William Fowler
    William Fowler2 dagar sedan

    Apparently it doesnt take much to entertain these guys

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  • Emily An

    Emily An

    Dag sedan


  • Arvind Dhiman
    Arvind Dhiman2 dagar sedan

    Thanos was right

  • flateric67
    flateric672 dagar sedan

    It's the table i feel sorry for...minding its own business, just being a table...and then some idiot decides to drill holes...

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu2 dagar sedan

    The classic flow

  • Nikola Okonesh
    Nikola Okonesh2 dagar sedan

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  • Alejandro Ortiz
    Alejandro Ortiz2 dagar sedan


  • Malinda Lyas
    Malinda Lyas2 dagar sedan

    People really just be paying for names because these are some of the ugliest fucking shoes in existence. The outside looks older than I do but the inserts say otherwise. I'd probably wear some bullshit like this to repaint the kitchen or feed the dogs in.

  • shito shito
    shito shito2 dagar sedan


  • Matt Ferrigno
    Matt Ferrigno3 dagar sedan

    What a POS drill your using... did you see how much pressure he had to put 不... amazon special I see 不

  • Maxx
    Maxx3 dagar sedan

    Who tf puts there shoes on a table

  • A random F
    A random F3 dagar sedan

    Tutorial:how to get brain cancer

  • Charming nowhere to hide
    Charming nowhere to hide3 dagar sedan

    First time I've ever seen a table made out of Rice Krispie Treats.

  • 堮媔堭 堮媔堭
    堮媔堭 堮媔堭3 dagar sedan


  • Irfan zulkarnain
    Irfan zulkarnain3 dagar sedan

    The dummy youtuber ever

  • Dark Insanity
    Dark Insanity3 dagar sedan

    If that happened To me I would of first look inside my shoes and under the table to see why basic shit man 潑儭

  • popsicle_kun
    popsicle_kun3 dagar sedan

    What kind of shoes are they

  • Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide

    3 dagar sedan

    Those cheap Chinese shoes were somehow stronger than the cheap Swedish table. Hahaha wtf

  • Im over here
    Im over here3 dagar sedan

    Youre probably better off using super glue. Much easier for a man of you skill level.

  • Randy DeTarr
    Randy DeTarr3 dagar sedan

    Why don't you guys get a real job

  • Aaron Petrovich
    Aaron Petrovich3 dagar sedan

    Whether this is real or fake way to ruin a perfectly good pair of Yeezys. You guys are truly the definition of why our youth is becoming more and more retarded. I hope you guys can grow up and stop being douchebags but I know that's asking to much.

  • BatSlayer2448
    BatSlayer24483 dagar sedan

    So how fake? Yes

  • Siena Novela
    Siena Novela3 dagar sedan

    Everyone : WHY WOULD YOU SCREW SHOES TO A TABLE Me : the poor table :(

  • ZaveoK
    ZaveoK3 dagar sedan

    On eBay: Deadstock

  • Julian Martinez
    Julian Martinez3 dagar sedan

    Yea. Drilling is making holes. You screwed the shoes using a drill. Smh

  • solui
    solui3 dagar sedan

    why tho

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo3 dagar sedan

    You damaged his shoes and the table, of course hes gonna be mad

  • Matt B
    Matt B3 dagar sedan

    Hart? Drill to screw? Wheres ya impact buddy. Gtfo hereee

  • Dr. donna Walter
    Dr. donna Walter4 dagar sedan

    Running shoes are not inexpensive and those looked pretty new too...ack!

  • Dangiel Frauk
    Dangiel Frauk4 dagar sedan

    Those cheap Chinese shoes were somehow stronger than the cheap Swedish table. Hahaha wtf

  • Gab !
    Gab !4 dagar sedan

    Who tf wears shoes at home ??

  • bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojo

    3 dagar sedan

    this is f**** genius唐

  • Kashif Butt
    Kashif Butt4 dagar sedan

    Ice cream and my mom are you

  • William Degener
    William Degener4 dagar sedan

    Give your wife's boyfriend back his drill

  • Ares Snow
    Ares Snow4 dagar sedan

    Idc about the joke tf was with that screw

  • Mac11 11
    Mac11 114 dagar sedan

    Not the 500s tho

  • Victor Soria
    Victor Soria4 dagar sedan


  • Queenbee Hines
    Queenbee Hines4 dagar sedan

    Notice they were some yeezys

  • C. M
    C. M4 dagar sedan

    Can tell these guys are rookies with mac allister tools 丐

  • William Propsma
    William Propsma4 dagar sedan

    I dont expect less from people who use Hart tools

  • Senpai Doge
    Senpai Doge4 dagar sedan

    1000$ Balenciagas! With Payless Shoe Design

  • Alexandrea Compton
    Alexandrea Compton4 dagar sedan

    If only he took out the padding first too

  • Rekoster
    Rekoster4 dagar sedan

    Where this world is going?

    GOTH4M CITY INC4 dagar sedan

    this is f****** genius唐

  • Matthew Sheppard
    Matthew Sheppard5 dagar sedan

    Should have taken the soles out and used shorter screws bro instead of making a bs video

  • J Price
    J Price5 dagar sedan

    Next time take the insoles out

  • Jerry Rivera
    Jerry Rivera5 dagar sedan

    This dude really ripped them off the table just to unscrew them

  • gaben newell
    gaben newell5 dagar sedan

    This is the type of shoe my mum would love to use when I misbehave

  • Sakari Pokkinen
    Sakari Pokkinen5 dagar sedan

    What about the table idiot!!!

  • Daniel Decker
    Daniel Decker5 dagar sedan

    I hope you didn't take much for that shity table he just pulled out 3 inch screws

  • katvloom
    katvloom5 dagar sedan

    On this episode of ruining 2 things at once...today we have the table and shoes. ( I mean the table isn't like demolished but there's fuckin holes in it )

  • Revenge
    Revenge5 dagar sedan

    Wasting tables

  • Zachary Reynolds
    Zachary Reynolds5 dagar sedan

    Doesn't know how to use a drill. Hope their fully stripped and you can't remove them

  • Rvve Duio
    Rvve Duio5 dagar sedan

    Is no one going to talk about how he is ruining the screwdriver bits

  • NightWolf
    NightWolf5 dagar sedan

    Ugly shoes anyway

  • Dean Alfonso
    Dean Alfonso5 dagar sedan

    Why people be wearing shoes in the house anyway?

  • VED
    VED5 dagar sedan

    It's all fun and game until he step on

  • Juan Carlos Calderon Castro
    Juan Carlos Calderon Castro5 dagar sedan

    Que clase de imbeciles amigos

  • Rvve Duio

    Rvve Duio

    5 dagar sedan

    "HE WAS FUMING" Him actually: *doesn't fucking react *

  • Kevin M
    Kevin M5 dagar sedan

    Those shoes looks ugly anyways.

  • meck
    meck5 dagar sedan

    Bruh those shoes aint cheap

  • PS PS
    PS PS5 dagar sedan


  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith5 dagar sedan

    Come drill me look how cute this man is

  • otogigamer
    otogigamer5 dagar sedan

    Wouldn't it be better if you took off your shoes and not wear your shoes around the house

  • Sookie Doe
    Sookie Doe5 dagar sedan

    Ahhahaha so funny hahaha

  • Tangerine
    Tangerine5 dagar sedan

    Of course he is!!!! Id be too

  • seth blanton
    seth blanton5 dagar sedan

    That must be a cheap ads table for those screws to rip through it

  • Anthony McCoy
    Anthony McCoy5 dagar sedan

    First pretty damn dumb you just put two ugly holes in a nice top secondly refer back to the first idiotic thing you did!

  • Leandro Rafael
    Leandro Rafael5 dagar sedan

    Oh screw you!!!

  • Rodrigo Gir瓊o
    Rodrigo Gir瓊o5 dagar sedan


  • liouy cnny
    liouy cnny5 dagar sedan

    "HE WAS FUMING" Him actually: *doesn't fucking react *

  • Edward M
    Edward M5 dagar sedan

    Teach him a lesson about respecting the table Also screws throw the table

  • J H
    J H5 dagar sedan

    This shoes are so ugly they deserved that

  • agm
    agm5 dagar sedan

    I dont wear shoes in the house.

  • simon w
    simon w6 dagar sedan

    That was one shitty table

  • MsMonkeykitten
    MsMonkeykitten6 dagar sedan

    I love how fake these videos get. As of buddy is gonna wreck a table out of the blue hes had there so long that the friends dont notice. Also the guy is wearing way better and nicer shoes than the ones on the table. It wasnt even funny . I dont get it. He prolly paid more for that table then the shoes.

  • J D
    J D6 dagar sedan

    WOW....he was fuming so much.

  • G_ sniper15
    G_ sniper156 dagar sedan

    This would be me my real expression: Random dude: "you left your shoes on the table" Me: what do you mean? Who leaves their shoes lieing on the table especially when im not using them?.... Its called a wardrobe for a reason bro. Unless you put them on the table cause you tryna prank me. And don't think for just a second, for just a second i cant see that camera in your hand. Random dude: uhhhhh....

  • The Italian Dandy
    The Italian Dandy6 dagar sedan

    700 euro sneakers ruined

  • G_ sniper15
    G_ sniper156 dagar sedan

    Wow let's all not pretend like we all didn't see the damn screws

  • louis dreanic
    louis dreanic6 dagar sedan


  • proving insanity
    proving insanity6 dagar sedan

    That hahaha was the best 不

  • Raviindra Soni
    Raviindra Soni6 dagar sedan

    Waste of time and money

  • vinzfalken
    vinzfalken6 dagar sedan

    Not even funny. Waste of table and shoes. Terrible video

  • drpapi444
    drpapi4446 dagar sedan

    Lmao you guys did again I'm dying of laughter

  • OG Skilled
    OG Skilled6 dagar sedan

    He was fuming

  • Brayan Morales
    Brayan Morales6 dagar sedan

    Who the heck puts shoes on the table?

  • Peezy Or PJ
    Peezy Or PJ6 dagar sedan

    Id be pissed.

  • Hassan Farooq
    Hassan Farooq6 dagar sedan