Guess the Player | LEC Pop Quiz | 2021 Summer

Who is a good Ryze player? Faker? Doinb? Jiizuke? Ahead of LEC Summer 2021 we asked players to guess who the player was based on a series of clues, the earlier they guessed, the more points they would get.

These were some of their answers.


  • RIPBobSaget
    RIPBobSaget23 dagar sedan

    Lol Armut knows bc he lost to BRTT draven at play-ins in 2018

  • Maria Isabella
    Maria Isabella24 dagar sedan

    Acertei o Brtt de primeira kskskskks

  • Alexander Fiedorov
    Alexander Fiedorov25 dagar sedan

    "Who follows that league?" Almost 1 million people, not that very far behind comparing to LEC.

  • PH DayZ
    PH DayZ27 dagar sedan

    5:20 Brazilian LEC fans 🤝 BWIPO

  • Znany Streamer
    Znany StreamerMånad sedan

    "Half of fucking mid-laners are known for that shit" Selfmade spitting facts out there.

  • V2mine
    V2mineMånad sedan

    Zanza, love u

  • teranyan
    teranyanMånad sedan

    lmao the Hans Sama one, must have hurt a bit

  • CoxinhaPlay
    CoxinhaPlayMånad sedan


  • GodTube TV
    GodTube TVMånad sedan

    4:06 We have the same guess and laugh afterwards lol

  • AdryhZ
    AdryhZMånad sedan

    Odoamne's reaction at 3:18 LMAAAO

  • S K
    S KMånad sedan

    Guessed Xiaohu after little tiger hint, because I know Xiao means little from Xiaomi brand name. Dunno why I feel proud lol.

  • Fernando SSMM
    Fernando SSMMMånad sedan

    You should mic the interviewer a bit better

  • Barış içsezgi
    Barış içsezgiMånad sedan

    Am i the only one who thinks Bjergsen was obvious af

    MAKEOUTHILL 999Månad sedan

    Carzzy got 4x3 points still got 10 points total wtf

  • eXecu7or
    eXecu7orMånad sedan

    Odoamne is my spirit animal

  • Kamehadouken
    KamehadoukenMånad sedan

    Odo's soul entered the void when he learned the answer was Bjergsen, lmao! His eyes just stopped seeing this dimension...

  • Kealán Brady
    Kealán BradyMånad sedan

    Bwipo always coming out on top in these

  • Gabriel R
    Gabriel RMånad sedan


  • Sumo Nok
    Sumo NokMånad sedan

    I don't know how to feel about the fact I always know better in this videos than prop layers but I'm a hard stuck diamond player since the Last 3 years xd

  • Mico
    MicoMånad sedan

    Known playing Draven Jankos: Tyler1 HAHAHAHAHAHHAAH

  • Paulo Ricardo
    Paulo RicardoMånad sedan

    ''Who watches that league'' as a brazillian I know CBLOL is garbage, but i demand a little bit of respect ;-; ! HAHAHA

  • Josef Bozděch
    Josef BozděchMånad sedan

    Carrzy point count at the end sceen: 3 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 10. EZ MAFS

  • Kit Zhao
    Kit ZhaoMånad sedan

    Bwipo is so good at these lol

  • Crane cane
    Crane caneMånad sedan


  • Sam Woodhouse
    Sam WoodhouseMånad sedan

    Is it me or has bwipo won most of these quizes over the years ( I remember the "old/reworked items quiz") aswell. Think he won that one

  • Gruntblaze
    GruntblazeMånad sedan

    How is "known fornplaying ryze" not alexich

  • Asphyxia
    AsphyxiaMånad sedan

    __________ and 4 wards. Lmao, I'm literally crying hereee 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Guilherme Savian
    Guilherme SavianMånad sedan

    you guys better check this guys teeth, its looking bad :( 1:20

  • y̶o̶l̶y̶o̶l̶2̶3̶2̶3̶
    y̶o̶l̶y̶o̶l̶2̶3̶2̶3̶Månad sedan

    jankos clean your teeths!

  • Abitak
    AbitakMånad sedan

    How does Carzzy have 10 pts if he had 4x 3pts? lmao

  • Jerónimo
    JerónimoMånad sedan

    what role was caps before mid?

  • Coleorado
    Coleorado2 månader sedan

    got bjergsen on second one

  • Chloe
    Chloe2 månader sedan

    How is bwipo so good at every one of these

  • Pedro Almeida
    Pedro Almeida2 månader sedan

    Bwipo is my favorite top lane now kkkkkkkkkkkkkk' BRAZILLLLL

  • MadXSVI
    MadXSVI2 månader sedan

    "yahoo" - jezu

  • Lucas Bastos
    Lucas Bastos2 månader sedan

    Rx Rx

  • TheZeug
    TheZeug2 månader sedan

    Riot : Xiaohu. Jezu : Yahoo ? ok

  • Breno Barbosa
    Breno Barbosa2 månader sedan

    Oook. When Bwipo retires (and I don´t think or wish it will happen anytime soon) he is going to make an OUTSTANDING analyst.

  • Joaquin Giannetti
    Joaquin Giannetti2 månader sedan

    Odos reaction when he hears "Bjergsen" is fucking gold.

  • Pr0xy
    Pr0xy2 månader sedan

    "wtf, is ir brtt? Who follows this league?" - Lider. What a trashtalk man. :(

  • Jakub
    Jakub2 månader sedan

    Jankos, Free content

  • LazyBTD
    LazyBTD2 månader sedan

    Damn I luv Odo reactions :D

  • InsaneShepherd
    InsaneShepherd2 månader sedan

    4:00 I love Odo

  • Fajtka
    Fajtka2 månader sedan

    I needed to watch it 2 times to see this little faces on the left. I though everyone got it wrong XD

  • Flodde
    Flodde2 månader sedan

    The Bjergsen one really hurt

    Z3NTURIO2 månader sedan

    Lider: "Who follows this league" killed me

  • Zerek, Master Cloner
    Zerek, Master Cloner2 månader sedan

    Bwipo is just too good in any of those videos

  • Julio Amador
    Julio Amador2 månader sedan

    3:21 Odo is like who the fuck cares about that tournament

  • Koé
    Koé2 månader sedan

    4:57 aí perdeu a linha KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  • Mathias Emanuel
    Mathias Emanuel2 månader sedan

    brTT > Doublelift

  • Crane cane
    Crane cane2 månader sedan


  • Dave Jaa
    Dave Jaa2 månader sedan

    1:21 did this guy ever seen a toothbrush? no offense

  • Samuil Ivanov
    Samuil Ivanov2 månader sedan

    Hylisnack deserves more points

  • Trippin' Potato
    Trippin' Potato2 månader sedan

    4:05 you already know who Jankos was going to say lmao

  • Cygi_G
    Cygi_G2 månader sedan

    Jankos please, brush your teeth

  • Mr. Spooderman
    Mr. Spooderman2 månader sedan

    Guess the player and guess the team by far the best pop quizes. Guess the team my favorite.

  • Kcaj
    Kcaj2 månader sedan

    Bwipo's mind is too large for this planet.

  • S-Cut
    S-Cut2 månader sedan

    Come on, the thing with orange juice was so obvious, how can't you know this meme? :D

  • str8beefymode
    str8beefymode2 månader sedan

    Kirei still bottom

  • kadsenvieh
    kadsenvieh2 månader sedan

    More of that PLZ...its so funny

  • Tomi Kushlòv
    Tomi Kushlòv2 månader sedan

    its shows bwipo really know this game i would love to see him after professional carrier on analyst desk .

  • Daniel Fernandes
    Daniel Fernandes2 månader sedan

    We don't need the producer telling the right answer, just show Bwipo 🤣🤣🤣

  • Joyce Zhang
    Joyce Zhang2 månader sedan

    omg so many clues it's bjergsen and the EU pros having so much trouble naming him. MOOD

  • Do-Khac-Cau Dang-Vu
    Do-Khac-Cau Dang-Vu2 månader sedan

    Bwipo smurfs everygame he plays...

  • Jeroen
    Jeroen2 månader sedan

    Pleaase just have a piece of all of Bwipos answers after each other on the end of the quizes!

  • Luan Dutra
    Luan Dutra2 månader sedan

    Bwipo is such a legend

  • Dante Spekken
    Dante Spekken2 månader sedan

    Love how nuclearint literally went either nuclear with the max 3 points or inted and got 0, no inbetween

  • Hegnaz
    Hegnaz2 månader sedan

    Im loving these videos

  • Rijad Kljajic
    Rijad Kljajic2 månader sedan


  • Dmxx.
    Dmxx.2 månader sedan

    i swear bwipo wins every quiz hes cracked at knowledge lmao

  • Handsome
    Handsome2 månader sedan

    Love these

  • The Perfect Sidekick
    The Perfect Sidekick2 månader sedan


  • Hamza Tlemçani
    Hamza Tlemçani2 månader sedan

    love this format and Bwipo always smurfing #5head XD

  • pedro2
    pedro22 månader sedan

    2:41 yahoo?

  • Kiki
    Kiki2 månader sedan

    Kinda disrespectful that Odoamne didn't say anything, like Bjergsen is nothing

  • k
    k2 månader sedan

    Bwipo is smurfing!

  • hqbasti
    hqbasti2 månader sedan


  • Shindoc
    Shindoc2 månader sedan

    Some facts about cblol that those who do not watch do not know (You from LEC please read): -On MSI most teams were fawning over cblol and asking for things in Portuguese on twitter just to get a like, answer: IT WORKED. They gained a lot of engagement and even one of these was the RNG. -Lec has 120K in games like fnatic x G2 and speaking in English (a language that is global) plus lec covers an entire continent. Cblol has 60k in bad games and 90~100k in classic games, and the broadcast only speaks Portuguese and covers only Brazil. While vitality takes 35~50k in common games and 30k in low table games. -A single Loud member lol has more followers than joining most LEC teams (remember that there are several players counting on reserve). -The final of cblol ACADEMY had more than 60k viewers on SEblacks alone, not counting simultaneous views. -cblol was 3rd region, broadcast and 3rd most watched team in MSI 2021 (in the case of the team simultaneously while in the championship). -Brtt gets 30k views on twitch playing lol and doing live for 3 hours and doing 1 live a month almost. -Brtt was ONE OF THE GUYS that helped to grow the e-sports scene in Brazil. -Most cblol teams have more followers than all teams of LEC combined on Instagram and Twitter ( Loud has 11.4M only on Instagram and Pain has 2.2M ) . -Most players have almost 1M followers on Instagram alone (players from the highest teams). -CBLOL IN 2015 was able to fill one of the biggest stadiums in Brazil and still have people outside, thus filling the stadium more than a Brazilian football classic (and everyone knows that in football terms Brazil is giant) Meanwhile I do not even know about the existence of the LIDER 's social network and the team 's so it 's not even close to Brazil , it may not be a strong region but it certainly has more engagement than yours , so keep calm and do not brag about it

    IDNGAF2 månader sedan

    how do they know so little

  • Xychosis
    Xychosis2 månader sedan

    “Known for playing Draven” Jankos: Tyler1 you’re not wrong lmao

  • Frederik Mortensen
    Frederik Mortensen2 månader sedan

    2:40 You're a professional player, how the FUCK do you not know Xiaohu, literally one of the best midlaners to exist Hello man what earth is this guy on

  • Fujoisgodlike_
    Fujoisgodlike_2 månader sedan

    3:23 the reason I came here to see this video. Honorable mention to jankos replying with jiizuke’s ryze, that should’ve been correct.

  • Γιαννης Βουδιωτης
    Γιαννης Βουδιωτης2 månader sedan


  • Whonp
    Whonp2 månader sedan

    BrTT > DoubleLift

  • Glauber Lima
    Glauber Lima2 månader sedan


  • Lumi
    Lumi2 månader sedan

    "Know for playing Draven" éan, tsc, why luci ?

  • B L
    B L2 månader sedan

    someone has problems with basic mathematics - Carrzy 3+3+3+3=10

  • Evriviadis Liapis
    Evriviadis Liapis2 månader sedan

    That was way too good plz make another video with player guessing

  • Marek Vlcek
    Marek Vlcek2 månader sedan

    Carzzy have 4x 3 points and have total 10 pts? Quick maths?😀

  • Murderous Muffin
    Murderous Muffin2 månader sedan

    Bwipo might still be the king in the LEC pop quiz, but Magifelix is quickly becoming a challenger to the throne

  • sari tibi
    sari tibi2 månader sedan

    damn it only took caps like 3 weeks to grow his hair back, respect

  • Tryonix
    Tryonix2 månader sedan

    Q: Has never reached playoffs A: Anyone in Excel

  • ron zeffir
    ron zeffir2 månader sedan

    3 points for xiahou call me a mastermind

  • Филип Петровић
    Филип Петровић2 månader sedan

    How is Bwipo so 5head all the time wtf

  • Vie Baracena
    Vie Baracena2 månader sedan

    This is wholesome

  • Francis Liu
    Francis Liu2 månader sedan

    More of this pls ! This is so fun to watch

  • Akanthur
    Akanthur2 månader sedan

    LEC Editor:carzzy 3,3,3,3 points=10 nice

  • Rojo y Negro
    Rojo y Negro2 månader sedan


  • Aleksander Wilk
    Aleksander Wilk2 månader sedan

    Bwipo is the smartest person i know.

  • Thavs
    Thavs2 månader sedan

    No caps in the video uwu