Gigafactory? How About Microfactory? Arrival Rethinks How an EV is Built

Gigafactory? How About Microfactory? Arrival Rethinks How an EV is Built. Go to you can sign up for free. And also, the first 200 people will get 20% off their annual premium membership. In the world of vehicle manufacturing, not just EVs, bigger is usually seen as better for economies of scale. Gigantic Gigafactories pumping out thousands of vehicles. What if there was another way? A new EV company on the scene is challenging that notion. Arrival's microfactories are rethinking how an EV is built and producing electric vans and electric buses. Let's take a closer look.

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  • Undecided with Matt Ferrell
    Undecided with Matt Ferrell9 månader sedan

    So what do you think of Arrival's approach? And be sure to watch my video on another innovative company in action - Highview Power and Liquid Air Batteries -

  • Jake Witmer

    Jake Witmer

    12 dagar sedan

    Looks really cool. I love modular stuff that works like cells. I also really love the composite material. I'd buy a car or truck made out of this. I totally don't give a shit what it looks like, I just want it to be super tough and super functional. I've had a similar idea for a plastic truck + bulletproofing material for a while.

  • Emmanuele


    13 dagar sedan

    Love this, maybe I’m wrong but my thought was this could give small islands the ability to build local

  • Sn Gopalkrishna

    Sn Gopalkrishna

    Månad sedan

    India, South Asia can ensure costs, pricing will be cut by 1/8 - 1/15th of the current actuals!. Also sharp increase in profits and marketability of quality products!

  • Josh Coray

    Josh Coray

    Månad sedan

    You should look into the Local Motors factory. They did this a decade ago and now do a partially 3D printed vehicle, Olli, on top of the Iconic Rally Fighter. They give tours and it is really a cool place to see. They just setup one here in Knoxville TN, and I have been to that one in addition to the AZ factory.

  • lich meister

    lich meister

    2 månader sedan

    the technique sounds terrific until demand for your product exceeds the micro-factory capacity. then you either start up a bunch of these 'micro' facilities (i see huge problems with maintaining consistent quality here) or you start up a huge factory (and essentially admit that the whole micro-factory thing was a smokescreen to obfuscate the fact that nobody had been buying your product) and join the real world.

  • 5kopiyok
    5kopiyok18 timmar sedan


  • J Priest
    J Priest7 dagar sedan

    Everybody seems to be suggesting video ideas, well I'm part of everybody, too, so, I think one about hydrofoil boats vs. floating boats. Or, you know I had more, this is worth watching for ideas? Thanks for all the hard work you do.

  • DkXboxer
    DkXboxer8 dagar sedan

    Think they'll be able to make rvs outta this? That'd ve rad

  • binleyhouse
    binleyhouse8 dagar sedan

    They should build campervans, maybe a hybrid one

  • Mike Lott
    Mike Lott9 dagar sedan

    Matt, I don't really think this is a novel solution. Early "factories" were in someone's home or a larger building that would house around 10 or so workers. This is an old idea with technological tweaks. Mega factories were invented to solve the problems of consistency and mass production of products with the added benefit of lowering transportation costs from multiple small factories. The novel approach seems to be using robots on multiple tasks so that an assembly line is no longer necessary. It will be interesting to see what the overall cost of production is from several smaller factories as compared to one larger factory. Is it actually cheaper to produce 10,000 UPS trucks in smaller self-contained units as opposed to one large mega unit? I also like the use of infused color and non-welding assembly techniques. Will these trucks hold up as well as the older models? Time will tell. Overall, a very intriguing idea that has implications outside of the building process. Could this type of process help revitalize older neighborhoods? Many interesting thoughts come to mind with this approach. Thanks for the video.

  • Jimjan
    Jimjan10 dagar sedan

    Did I miss it or was there no comment on safety?

  • Asma Angel
    Asma Angel10 dagar sedan

    The daffy schedule chiefly suck because submarine conversantly fasten apud a synonymous sing. spiky, real yacht

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude15 dagar sedan

    It's funny how even after watching this video, some people in the comments think this won't work because of economy of scale. They're not passenger cars. They're commercial vehicles for fleets. They don't sell in millions for normal people.

  • Dee Plato
    Dee Plato16 dagar sedan

    Thanks *Matt* Nice segment

  • Camille Comeau
    Camille Comeau19 dagar sedan

    I would love to see them make EV Motorhomes, since they already make buses.

  • Gareth Baus
    Gareth Baus22 dagar sedan

    Sounds like they are trading a little bit of long term efficiency for lower up front costs, and a lot of flexibility. Whether it is better, or worse overall probably depends heavily on how you run the business and market the products.

  • denis milic
    denis milic25 dagar sedan

    I would like that this concept survives and strive, BUT it is difficult to manage a small factory with many manufacturing processes, calibration, and troubleshooting. You need a bunch of people for that same as a big factory.

  • Tuomo Taivainen
    Tuomo Taivainen28 dagar sedan

    So.... this "composite" is basically plastic, right?

  • Some Dude

    Some Dude

    15 dagar sedan

    Most likely CFRP with integrated colouring

  • Vlasko60
    Vlasko6028 dagar sedan

    Getting smarter and smarter. Impressive.

    LOLBTLOLBT29 dagar sedan

    this wont work obviously

  • Some Dude

    Some Dude

    15 dagar sedan

    Obviously you don't know what you're talking about

    D' ARTICULATEMånad sedan

    A Clever Approach ! just hope they are reliable enough for the market.

  • 20thCenturyBoy
    20thCenturyBoyMånad sedan


  • AbuTamim23
    AbuTamim23Månad sedan

    I would love to use Brilliant, But i know i'm dumb.

  • Sn Gopalkrishna
    Sn GopalkrishnaMånad sedan

    India, South Asia can ensure costs, pricing will be cut by 1/8 - 1/15th of the current actuals!. Also sharp increase in profits and marketability of quality products!

  • Rodney Willis
    Rodney WillisMånad sedan

    That van looks like what I feel the next generation driverless cars will look like. Just imagine getting into that van equiped with tables, chairs, kitchen and beds and ordering the van to take you to Florida tonight!

  • Don Duncan
    Don DuncanMånad sedan

    I think Aptera is using the distributed, micro factory model. I have been waiting for it from the first day I saw it, 2006. I put in an order Dec. 6th. after waiting because my wife is against it. She loves her Camry V6 which we keep buying since '94.

  • CocoaPimper
    CocoaPimperMånad sedan

    Factorio in real world.

  • SalveMonesvol
    SalveMonesvolMånad sedan

    Areas where electric vehicles would be actually perfect: Drag racing: Since they are generally 1km at most, you don't need to worry about range, just discharge rate and weight. Electric motors can offer an advantage in weight and power delivery over everything except (for now) top fuel monsters. Water toys: again, low range and high power to weight. Urban transport: Pollution is a problem in city centers, both of air quality and sound.

  • 10 O'Swords
    10 O'SwordsMånad sedan

    Sounds good for the vehicle, what about environment compared to traditional & Tesla manufacturing process? How's the carbon 👣?

  • AIon
    AIonMånad sedan

    fundamentally this doesn't make any sense. unless you do custom cars. i just dont get it, and i want to get it actually.

  • Some Dude

    Some Dude

    15 dagar sedan

    Obviously you don't get it. They're not tesla or a traditional car company. They don't sell vehicles in mass market. They take orders for fleet operators and build them in their own backyard. So a bus operator in Chicago can order 1000 buses, and these guys will make 1000 buses for them in a micro factory in Chicago. Then they move on. It's a traveling circus.

  • Nate Hine
    Nate HineMånad sedan

    Decentralizing will win

  • yesthatguyz
    yesthatguyzMånad sedan

    Hey Matt, Is it possible to see the full original interview with Mike Abelson?

  • D T
    D TMånad sedan

    That is f....g awesome!

  • Aesma
    AesmaMånad sedan

    You can't make a car like that, at least not one that would sell. And maybe not one that would pass crash testing either.

  • Some Dude

    Some Dude

    15 dagar sedan

    They're not making cars. They're making commercial vehicles for fleet operators

  • Jean Roch
    Jean RochMånad sedan

    As big as a gigafactory is, yours aren't a million times smaller, so maybe call them mini-factories instead ? A micro-factory is more like an automated machining job-shop. Can turn out tons of simple parts like water faucets, and could conceivably fit in an couple apartments.

  • FloridaClay
    FloridaClayMånad sedan

    What comes to mind immediately is the huge difference in scale. They make 1,000 buses a year. Tesla, for instance, is making about that many vehicles every day. Not to say microfactories are not an interesting approach. They definitely are. But it may not translate all that well to very large scale production. That remains to be determined.

  • Some Dude

    Some Dude

    15 dagar sedan

    Tesla makes cars for mass market. These people don't. They make very specialised vehicles for fleet operators in batches in their own backyard. It's like a traveling circus

  • sas19092008
    sas19092008Månad sedan

    brilliant improvement of Trabant idea, widely produced in past in communistic eastern Germany

  • Koto-Sama
    Koto-SamaMånad sedan

    glue cars together, f*ck reparability

  • Henry Postulart
    Henry PostulartMånad sedan

    How about you feel my stiffness buried deep, sweet darling??? I don’t believe there’s a more generous offer on ANYONE’s table… Sorry, I feel pushed to offer myself up to you so soon. But, dammit, sweetness, I believe we can make each other happy 😍

  • zetairez
    zetairezMånad sedan

    I’m not sure this approach can scale well to passenger vehicles, which are sold several times the 10K/year numbers for commercial vehicles. However, this approach is well suited for composite body vehicles and seems to be very novel.

  • Must High Tech Expo
    Must High Tech ExpoMånad sedan

    Great content, love this type of interview thank you. If you are searching for high-tech video I invite you on our channel

  • Ground Control
    Ground ControlMånad sedan

    After watching and enjoying so many of your videos, I still hadn't clicked on that subscribe and bell button... I guess I was just kind of... undecided. Well, after this video, which is one of the most exciting ones I've seen in a while, I finally did! Your content is DEFINITELY worthy. Always high quality, put simply and interesting. It's never about the same thing. You find exciting topics of all sorts of different things. I can't wait to see these busses on the road!!

  • nisetsu
    nisetsuMånad sedan

    You can't fight economies of scale and fleet operators will always go for the cheapest price unless they are run by corrupt government crooks and union mafia like USPS. As soon as a competent giant like Tesla decides to compete for that market this company is toast. I bet they are counting on one of the automotive giants who is failing at making their own EVs like GM or VW buying them out.

  • Some Dude

    Some Dude

    15 dagar sedan

    You don't understand this at all do you? They're not making cars. They're making commercial vehicles for fleet operators in their own backyard. Then they move on to the next customer's backyard. Like a traveling circus



    Månad sedan

    They use a different process, but it's essentially supply chains that use comparative advantage. Which is in many cases insurmountable in its own right.

  • Anthony Lipke
    Anthony LipkeMånad sedan

    modularity would be good for the customer repair etc. I see it as a question of quantity and cost. Highly automating and making many parallel cells vs a few high cost high speed dedicated cells. Generally the dedicated inflexible cell will have much lower cost parts when making many of the same part. There are a whole lot of choices that are path dependent either way.

  • Angel Rivera
    Angel RiveraMånad sedan

    Great information.

  • Músaye
    MúsayeMånad sedan

    At first that sounded like "That's where a rival comes in."

  • thenormalyears
    thenormalyearsMånad sedan

    its not welded they use adhesives????? oh shit

  • Some Dude

    Some Dude

    15 dagar sedan

    Planes aren't welded. And they're pretty safe. Welding weakens metal. You don't know that?

  • Name Last Name
    Name Last NameMånad sedan

    pity they owe so much money

  • King Series
    King SeriesMånad sedan

    the freight from factory to factory gonna cost.....

  • King Series

    King Series

    Månad sedan

    then having everything in one place.... plus travel time reduction.... i dont know... micro factory is ok i guess if its just small production... but large production needs to have fast fast fast stuff moving

  • Kripto Vaga
    Kripto VagaMånad sedan

    It sounds like a scam. I'm not convinced.

  • Some Dude

    Some Dude

    15 dagar sedan

    @Kripto Vaga I'm not talking about the cars either. You don't seem to understand what they do. They're not mass market vehicles.

  • Kripto Vaga

    Kripto Vaga

    15 dagar sedan

    @Some Dude not talking about a car, but about manufacturing story, I'm a industrial engineering.

  • Some Dude

    Some Dude

    15 dagar sedan

    They're not selling to you. They're in a different market.

  • Matheus Michereff
    Matheus MichereffMånad sedan

    So, how are the crash tests on these vehicles?

  • Some Dude

    Some Dude

    15 dagar sedan

    Why would they do that? They're not passenger vehicles. You can't buy them. They're commercial vehicles.

  • Jay Cumming
    Jay CummingMånad sedan

    too bad they don't plan on making cargo vans.

  • paul sutton
    paul suttonMånad sedan

    I am greatly heartened by this information. I have written elsewhere about how and why we in the UK lost our vehicle manufacturing capacity. Socialism. And I did not think that we could conjure gigafactories out of deserts. No deserts. So it is good to hear that there is an alternative. and that its origins are British. If we could put Cornish lithium in the batteries, we would be well on the way to closing down China. Incidentally, In addition to this, someone is making vans based on the wonderful Morris J-type, which appeared just after WW2. But I know nothing about it.

  • Tjzhdicfh Getfjt
    Tjzhdicfh Getfjt2 månader sedan

    The decisive open desirably examine because cereal immuhistochemically muddle beneath a fat faulty rat. axiomatic, valuable chronometer

    MUHAMMAD IBTISAM AFZAL2 månader sedan

    I like rivals approch especially it is customer friendly. No need to worry about dents and repainting anymore.

  • Alan Wetherall
    Alan Wetherall2 månader sedan

    Boy that video took me back in time. I used to work in the shoe industry with the traditinal long lines of circular tracks producing shoes. I joined a company that developed the cell based apparoch just like the video. The result was a faster more flexible production setup. The other thing that everybody overlooks is that it drasticall reduces the work in progress which is capital teid up and not producting profit. If you turn round your products in a quicker time it makes an amazing effect on your bottom line. I live about 40 iles from Bister in England and cant wait to go and see the site alan

  • lich meister
    lich meister2 månader sedan

    10,000 vans per year. so... as long as nobody really wants to buy the product, you can meet demand. what happens when millions of people want one? upgrade to an actual, real factory. what a way to great way to spin the narrative of 'nobody is buying our stuff' every really cool innovation (like the composite panels) these guys are doing would be just as valid if they were making 1,000,000 a year in a regular factory.

  • Some Dude

    Some Dude

    15 dagar sedan

    I doubt you can understand what I said if you couldn't even understand the video.

  • Some Dude

    Some Dude

    15 dagar sedan

    That's stupid. Weren't you listening? They're not selling to millions of people. They're commercial vehicles for fleets. Thousand or two thousand is pretty much the biggest order any company has ever got in history.

  • Blake Wilkes
    Blake Wilkes2 månader sedan

    I'm curious how the composite material withstands extreme weather conditions - e.g. Arizona summer or New York Polar Vortex... Even the best plastic bins left outside are brittle and fall apart after a few years of Sun/Hot/Cold cycles...

  • Sprits Fal
    Sprits Fal2 månader sedan

    Great video. I love the way they're going about creating these vehicles too. It just makes sense. I can't wait for van lifers to refit these into living spaces. Imagine, with no combustion engine, how much extra real estate they'll have.

  • Pandarah
    Pandarah2 månader sedan

    Man, I would love to take a look in their micro factory as well! And their vehicle designs are so slick and beautiful!

  • Anonymous Hippopotamus
    Anonymous Hippopotamus2 månader sedan

    Once the factory setup is done. How many employee does one need to maintain such?

  • Eto Hige Gamer Culture
    Eto Hige Gamer Culture2 månader sedan

    That electric UPS truck looks so cool. Imagine if electric vehicles delivered themselves O_O

    USBEN2 månader sedan

    Modular stuff is always good and adaptable.

  • Michael Heider
    Michael Heider2 månader sedan

    They should have received the contract for new usp cars

  • Peter Deacon
    Peter Deacon2 månader sedan

    This is amazing, have you managed to visit a plant yet? I love the idea of the panel design with a colour throughout. Would alow for wraps and advertising or specific brand like Ups.

  • Lightpad
    Lightpad2 månader sedan

    Oh, cool! BTW Arrival uses Clojure for data processing 🌸

  • Guilherme sampaio de oliveira
    Guilherme sampaio de oliveira2 månader sedan

    Gigacasting could use less space too.

  • guvi goyal
    guvi goyal2 månader sedan

    Quality control can become problem, in this approach.

  • Iamiwasthen Aiiamnow
    Iamiwasthen Aiiamnow2 månader sedan

    Tesla doesn't build their whole car in a giga factory.

  • mark james
    mark james2 månader sedan

    BUT how far can they go TESLA will tell you that up front funny the CEO seems to leave that out

  • shourav ahmed
    shourav ahmed2 månader sedan

    You did not talk about the biggest flaw of the cellular manufacturing approach. > Throughput While it has its fair share of advantages, it is really difficult to scale up production in a cellular layout.

  • 1 Sweet Pete
    1 Sweet Pete2 månader sedan

    Very cool

  • JemiLee DaBear
    JemiLee DaBear2 månader sedan

    The boxy designs make it easier to have custom paintings or art on the side. Custom skins!

  • R Allen
    R Allen2 månader sedan

    We used a very similar approach when we built our factory that did electronics re-manufacturing for a major tractor manufacturer. The most important part was our ERP system. We had a genius build it for us. Based on PICK database system from the 70's. Worked amazing. When the tractor manufacturer bought us (Big Green) they installed SAP. They were idiots and couldn't even implement the functionality we had to have. Most of us eventually got fed up with their idiocy regarding tech implementation and personnel management and walked out. I really have nothing good to say about them.

  • Zahari Stoyanov
    Zahari Stoyanov2 månader sedan

    Starting from scratch is a blessing :)

  • Falcon
    Falcon2 månader sedan

    Maybe the CEO of the company will read this, or anyone else: This is neat and all, they (microfactorys) are good for startups yes, but building the car normally has a huge cost advantage in the long run, they can also produce more, look at VW with their factory and train terminal. Just astonishing and that dirt cheap (VW could sell their cars for a fourth of the price and they would still make a decent profit) Welding is cheaper than screws! Composites are not only constraint to the microfactorys, most people want a sprayed car with metal underneath, it looks nicer and feels better, also its much better for the environment. You want to recycle composites? Sounds like Tesla with their batteries, not realistic, waaaay to expensive. Well anyway good sir (CEO), you seem like an intelligent man, you will figure it out, maybe I'm just wrong, in any case best of luck, hope to hear from you or your company in the future.

  • vule
    vule3 månader sedan

    So a shitty plastic econobox held together by rivits and glue... Fascinating I tell ya!

  • Dr Pollywog
    Dr Pollywog3 månader sedan

    As much as I love my v8 pickemup truck, As a school bus driver I am stoked to see commercial EVs. Imagine all the safety benefits. Such as being able to hear better at railroad crossings. Just to name one.

  • Carl Knapp
    Carl Knapp3 månader sedan

    When Aptera goes into producing vehicles their approach will be similar to Arrival's micro-factory with a taste of the classic Dodge Viper factory.

  • Steve Aspen
    Steve Aspen3 månader sedan

    Great and Brilliant video. That was a super and pleasant [first] video, Matt. Thank you.

  • Michal Novák
    Michal Novák3 månader sedan

    Sounds like Mikerofactory to me ;-)

  • Just Some Person
    Just Some Person3 månader sedan

    Commercial use of EV and hydrogen are, honestly, where it makes the most sense. So I hope to see this grow. If Arrival can succeed, awesome! But I have two major MAJOR questions. 1. How do they handle quality control? QC in a single factory is a LOT easier than QC in a network of microfactories. 2. How do they address maintenance? Is the tolerance of their microfactories good enough that parts from one can swap for parts from another easily years down the line when their products need significant replacement parts? And will they be available? These are the kinds of questions that will prove if Arrival works ... or is Dead On Arrival.

  • Patrick Riley
    Patrick Riley3 månader sedan

    Workhorse headquaters where they do a ton of work is super small. Trying to get a tour to make a video. HMU if you want to work on it together Matt. I have nothing to contribute other than connections within workhorse and the ability to film it all. I was planning on starting a SEblacks channel to cover green tech much like you do but on a more surface level as you are just on another level than I could be.

  • theytookmyfuckiname
    theytookmyfuckiname3 månader sedan

    Now we just need nuclear energy and its perfect

  • Eric Baker
    Eric Baker3 månader sedan

    This is a very interesting video. Really great interview and some really cool discussion going on. This is neat technology. The future is exciting. Great job on this video

  • Volo
    Volo3 månader sedan

    Isn't it the technology designed by Gordon Murray for his T.25 and T.27 microcars? It's not new.

  • MrGwg11
    MrGwg113 månader sedan

    So to do batches, is this not going to incur a lot of inventory? just finished a post graduate where it was hammered home, "Inventory Bad!" Also, i'm curious to see composite material safety data, don't want to repeat the Pinto.

  • Josh
    Josh3 månader sedan

    It is LEAN manufacturing as it was intended to be. This is same way that Toyota kicked GM's ass. It makes for greater flexibility and a reduction of risk for a smaller startup. However, as they grow so too will their factories because they will want to chase the cost per unit down.

  • Randy Geyer
    Randy Geyer3 månader sedan

    Excellent! Finally living change.

  • Craig Travis
    Craig Travis3 månader sedan

    If the composite works it will be a real breakthrough, something started from a clean sheet of paper

  • sailingsolar
    sailingsolar3 månader sedan

    Micro factories don't (can't ) benefit from "economies of scale". It's that simple. Micro factories work when needed production /sales are limited.

  • wwlb
    wwlb3 månader sedan

    I hope that at least when enough electric cars manufactured, people realize that they don't solve the original problem of not decreasing emissions instead of just ineffectively redistributing them.

  • Vopa Deva
    Vopa Deva3 månader sedan

    There is already an idea floating around to open-source everything. This idea is akin to de-centralize everything and I heartily agree with it!

  • Tim Brown
    Tim Brown3 månader sedan

    What a wonderful way to give opportunities to under privileged areas. Drop a factory in an area where workers have been taken advantage of... truly a win, win to add to your plan.

  • Enviro Mental
    Enviro Mental3 månader sedan

    While I hate the idea of anyone losing their job, the micro factory if put into action by more businesses, could perhaps save communities and towns from absolute devastation if one or more go out of business. They could hopefully move to a plant not too far away instead a losing their jobs by the thousands if a giga factory closed.

  • Brian Fong
    Brian Fong3 månader sedan

    I swear this guy is Grady's brother from the Practical Engineering SEblacks channel

  • Thomas Heer
    Thomas Heer3 månader sedan

    Arrival has the right idea of using electric vehicles in a market where they would have advantages. In town and relative short haul employment, like for example UPS delivery vehicles, these vehicles get no more than 200 miles a day and could be recharged in the remaining 12-16 hours a day. Using composite materials saves tremendous weight advantage, and also since they are electric you reduce the vibration issue you have with gas or diesel engines. Like the concept to build is forward thinking and looks like it would be highly effective. Am betting on the off shifts, third shift the maint would be accomplished would reduce down time drastically. The only down side is the battery issue. Right now the Achillies Heal is going to be the battery pack. I am not a big battery fan as working in electronics/electrical for best part of 50 years we have been hearing of the astounding NEW battery is just behind that door that will be cheap, requires no expensive and rare materials, long lifespan, and is not a toxic product. Well as I said have been waiting for 50 years, and that break thru still is just over the horizon promised to be in full operation within the next year. Right now the battery issue is just one part of the issue, while the other is even more of a issue and that being power generation to charge these batteries. For example for over several decades California has annual Brown Outs due to the lack of enough power on the grid to support demand. So until we receive those cost effective batteries and a grid that sustain the increased demand it will just be another pie in the sky story.

  • Jay Wiese
    Jay Wiese3 månader sedan

    Lol, A Rival

  • Cooper
    Cooper3 månader sedan

    Adhesives and mechanical fixings...yaaaaa I want welds.

  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. Bacon3 månader sedan

    I’ll take a wait and see approach here.

  • Art Lewellan
    Art Lewellan3 månader sedan

    I've been an advocate for (and designer of) transit systems since the early 1990's. I say the standard 40' municipal bus does not convert to EV very well nor is it suitable for stop-n-go circuitous routes. They are suitable for Express and Rapid Bus routes mostly during rush hours when high capacity is needed. Shorter wheelbase buses for 15- 20- 30-passenger models should become the standard, starting with a replacement for the paratransit lift-van which should be easy boarding low-floor for seniors, disabled and all transit patrons. Likewise, suspension should be designed for ride comfort and safer handling. Battery packs should be located in the floor rather than the roof. Lastly, I'm an advocate for plug-in hybrid PHEV tech. New bus and utility van models should consider PHEV tech "indispensable" rather than "interim" tech.

  • Ruben b
    Ruben b4 månader sedan

    Love the channel, look up e-traction from the Netheands and their unique wheel hub engines.

  • James
    James4 månader sedan

    this reminds me of factorio where you have tileable blueprints.

  • msnpassjan2004
    msnpassjan20044 månader sedan

    If their micro factories also act as service centers they could have a huge advantage over Tesla which is STILL struggling to provide service.