Ford Lightning vs Cybertruck - A lifelong ford truck owner / EV expert calls it like it is! - EP #4

Another video on the Lightning

With the intent of being as fair and honest as possible. Please provide a link from a legitimate Ford source with any data stating Ford Lightning ranges can and will be greater than 300 miles. The Ford lightning being able to go around 450+ miles would be a game changer and a serious competitor to CyberTruck. It would seem like a no-brainer that Ford would be publicizing this information around the world. I can find nothing, anywhere.

The Tesla Cybertruck is an all-electric, battery-powered, light duty truck announced by Tesla, Inc. Three models have been announced, with EPA range estimates of 400-800 kilometres (250-500 mi) and an estimated 0-100 km (0-62 mi) time of 2.9-6.5 seconds, depending on the model.[11]

The stated goal of Tesla in developing the Cybertruck is to provide a sustainable energy substitute for the roughly 6,500 fossil-fuel-powered trucks sold per day in the United States


  • NJRE
    NJRE3 månader sedan Response to MKBHD / Marques Brownlee

  • JTGphotos


    8 dagar sedan

    now your video is 3 months old you must feel pretty stupid with your armchair judgements. yes the pro series for $39,900 is coming and now most likely with a $8,500 tax incentive possibly would be $31,400. and Yes I have bought plenty of things for the advertised price, I can understand the price doesn't include tax as you aren't paying the tax to form its to the government. 300 miles WITH 1000 lbs in the bed, I don't see Tesla releasing any kind of estimated ranges like that. and considering Elon has recently stated Tesla will be opening their chargers to other EV's the "poor ford charging infrastructure" is moot and the Biden in fracture plan has billions going towards EV innovation including charging

  • NJRE


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    @Jason Pharr It doesn’t make sense you can’t have inferior battery technology and build a pick up truck that ignores coefficient of drag and then surprise the world that it goes further it defies physics

  • Jason Pharr

    Jason Pharr

    2 månader sedan

    It would be awesome if Ford was under promising on the range with the intent to over deliver. Not too sure that’s the case. Of course it looks really bad to go the other way, like promoting unbreakable windows and then actually shattering them onstage.

  • NJRE


    3 månader sedan

    @Mary Gutman yes. That’s what I’m saying. EPA DOES NOT TEST VEHICLES w people or payload. Math doesn’t add up. Square front pickups w zero design concern of coefficient of drag don’t complete on range w vehicles that do.

  • Mary Gutman

    Mary Gutman

    3 månader sedan

    @NJRE So are you accusing Business Insider of flat out making up the quote, or are you saying the head of EV Development at Ford just doesn't know what he's talking about???

  • Ismael Brosas
    Ismael BrosasTimme sedan

    Ford a.k.a rusty nail

  • Lawrence Rhodes
    Lawrence Rhodes14 timmar sedan

    Since you did this video it is known that that Ford will be aluminum with a steel frame. All Fords will be 4wd. Not sure Tesla will get as much incentive. That said Tesla is much better technology. However am the guy that got a 32k Leaf EV for $13,550.00. So I am counting on the cheap 4wd unit with maybe the long range option. I saw the Ford with the fold up rear seats. That gives a flat area behind the seats. I like your thoughts but don't agree that the base model will be unavailable. I am going out on a limb and saying you will be able to get the base Ford for 43k with 300 miles range. That said if I can get the 4wd Cybertruck for 48k I would much prefer that. Unfortunately my wife wants the Ford because it looks "normal".

  • Taveren Tech
    Taveren Tech21 timme sedan

    He starts out at the VERY beginning with misinformation. The F150 lighting 300 mile range is loaded up, not optimal. Ford is taking the approach that people use their trucks. Actual mileage will be HIGHER if you're only shuffling people. So right there, he's flat out wrong. Plus, he's obviously very biased, look at his T shirt.... he's bending the facts to make it seem different then it is. I live in Silicon Valley and you cannot get your Tesla X even fixed/repaired. No one that relies on their truck for their income is going to be buying a Tesla. If you check reviews of F150 lighting, when they are showing screens I noticed that one screen had an estimated driving range display that read an incredible 472 miles. because the built in SCALE in bed showed no cargo. F150 Lightnings go through same torture tests as non-EV F150s in Rouge proving grounds in Michigan. I'm from Michigan, and that place is no joke. Telsa also has CUSTOM proprietary charging ports. There will be little to no aftermarket parts for Tesla, lots for F150. Telsa is a niche market, bleeding cash, and over valued. He spends 5min saying Tesla is a real product with a REAL vehicle in BETA, while F150 Lighting doesn't even exist yet. Then 8min later he's showing his comparisons and uses "To early to tell" for anything that Tesla looses (like frunk) because - well Tesla could add a drain, could add outlets.... what is real?? what is BETA??

  • TMK Aquarist
    TMK Aquarist3 dagar sedan

    The 300 epa range is with 1000lbs load capacity

  • GeeFam TV
    GeeFam TV4 dagar sedan

    I heard that the 230 and 300 miles targeted range on the ford f150 are calculated with 1000 lbs of cargo and i saw a video showing the range 405 miles without load. Is that accurate?

  • NJRE


    4 dagar sedan

    Yes. This has been mentioned on the video comments about 100 times. Still doesn’t make it true. And I still don’t understand why Ford themselves wouldn’t list this somewhere on their website. Or mention it during the reveal. The EPA has never and does not add payload or people to its range testing. The good news I guess for Ford is that they are moving ahead with the first stages of Production. So we may know next year what is true and what isn’t.

  • Joshua Reynolds
    Joshua Reynolds9 dagar sedan

    Dude. I love Ford and Tesla as well and thought this would be a good comparison but I can't go any further. To be honest, Tesla hasn't even given details about the battery, charge rate, kW/m, etc.

  • Michael Pallone
    Michael Pallone10 dagar sedan

    Range is not the most important thing. Not even close. Most people (non-commercial) won’t even come close to using the max range on a daily basis. Do you now with your gas guzzler? Do you drive 300 miles per day without stopping? C’mon dude! And if you did, you wouldn’t be looking at an electric vehicle right now. You’d be waiting a few years for them to become more advanced/efficient. This video is dumb. This guy is dumb.

  • Christopher Dreher
    Christopher Dreher10 dagar sedan

    What is this guy talking about. The Lightning 300 mile range is with a 1000 lb payload. Tesla is notorious for overestimating real world range. I can’t even get 80% of my Tesla’s rated range in the real world. I highly doubt there will be more than a 50 mile real world range difference between the two

  • Kris Elle
    Kris Elle11 dagar sedan

    The Ford Lightning was tested with 1000 lbs in the bed while towing a trailer and got 350 miles. Tesla was tested without any payload. So you're basically close to even there. This is based on their preliminary numbers. After watching this video, it seems to be very pro Tesla and bias against the Big 3. The Cyber Truck is not practical, looks hideous and won't sell as much as the Big 3. Ford will sell way more Lightnings over the Cyber Truck IMP, and the big 3 will have a better sales record than Tesla's Cyber Truck. Just wait and see.

  • my email
    my email11 dagar sedan

    I would love to get a Cybertruck and I might, but right to repair is a major problem. People are getting screwed, when they have an issue with a Tesla. Just like Apple and many other tech companies. The answer should not be, "Buy a new one, because it's too expensive to fix AND you are not allowed to fix it or have a third party fix it." I'm sure you'll be in the same boat with Ford. If Tesla will give us "The Right to Repair", then I would buy one or two in a heartbeat. Obviously great tech and the best vehicles ever, but I don't want to have to drop $20k if something breaks.

  • Wayne Black
    Wayne Black11 dagar sedan

    Strange to hear such a spirited and to be honest somewhat redundant comparison between the CT and F150 Lightning. The CT hasn't even been released, the Ford you can actually use now. Surely the first rule of doing any comparisons on products, is that the products actually exist and can be compared?

  • Tony Taing
    Tony Taing13 dagar sedan

    I am going to buy a cyber truck. But this comparison is strange. The F150 was rated with 1,000lb load. I don't think the cyber truck was rated with that much of a load. And my tesla's 220miles gets me only 150miles of daily use:( the only thing about truck usefulness is really only about the assory........ and from that cyber trucks will be only a one hit wonder:)

  • tony smith
    tony smith13 dagar sedan

    Fleet trucks are products to. Delivery do make money in somthing thats not real.. Only 1.2 percent market...just talk

  • tony smith
    tony smith13 dagar sedan

    A truck by Delorean motors.

  • Apple Guy
    Apple Guy18 dagar sedan

    300 mile with 1000lbs of cargo. The 500 mile cybertruck is with nothing but a driver

  • hi youtube
    hi youtube18 dagar sedan

    So basically if u want a decent priced electric we have to wait 5-10 years man someone needs to make a 30k electric car that doesn’t look like an egg or a peanut

  • Bela Sziklassy
    Bela Sziklassy20 dagar sedan

    I think both vehicle are solid products based on what we know now and there is absolutely no clear winner here for everyone. As of this writing, Ford still is eligible for $7,500 federal tax incentives. Their base vehicle starts at $40k and is AWD versus Tesla's RWD. The Tesla bed is 1ft longer while the ford bed sides are flat making things like tool boxes more accessible. I'd argue that Ford's range estimation calculations based on real world driving data are also more Robust than Tesla's, but of course Tesla has the cameras and safety tech baked into all models, which is a huge plus there. That said, neither vehicle has hit production, but the Ford is the one that is looking like a real product. I don't doubt the cybertruck sees a release. The real question is when and in what format.

  • Richard Ike
    Richard Ike20 dagar sedan

    The Cybertruck is the future, brought to us in the present.

  • Vill Ram
    Vill Ram21 dag sedan

    Tesla is leading the way everyone else is following. I don’t even want a electric vehicle. But If I buy one it would be a cybertruck. Can I get a extra battery installed in the frunk for more range?

  • Slartybartfarst
    Slartybartfarst23 dagar sedan

    Elon thinks out of this world..........Mars. Pressurised transport for Mars? The glass would burst out, oh hang on its bullet proof high tensile, yea but the body would balloon up, no wait its high tensile folded stainless. No Tesla never needs to advertise, first videos from Mars will be Teslabots in Cybertrucks............enough said.

  • Andrew Cyvas
    Andrew Cyvas24 dagar sedan

    I beg to differ. CCS charging is about as fast as Gen 1 and Gen 2 Superchargers but not Gen 3. Also, ford may beat Tesla on delivery as they just announced another dely. On everything else I agree however.

  • beverly hinton
    beverly hinton25 dagar sedan

    So many Tesla haters out there so thank you for a comprehensive outline comparing the 2 vehicles from a truck owner’s perspective. So it’s not just a worthless weird - looking vehicle afterall, and I only hope my mechanic can add another year to the life of my 2004 truck until I get my Tri motor

  • Gary Hicks
    Gary Hicks26 dagar sedan

    You have what looks like a nice microphone, why can't I hear you. Not worth watching a video that I have to turn my volume up all the way and still can barely hear you!

  • F A
    F A27 dagar sedan

    Wait to see which one is going to sell more in next few years! I bet it is Ford F150! No matter, how Tesla wins in categories at the end, F150 is going to win the most sales. Wait and see!

  • Thomas Ruwart
    Thomas Ruwart28 dagar sedan

    IMHO if you want a Lightning just because it looks like a "real" pick'em up truck, well you're just shooting yourself in the footpounds😈

  • Ronald del Vista De Nada
    Ronald del Vista De Nada28 dagar sedan

    What do think about the other new American EV Trucks? Rivian? Lordstown? Tes I know they are not yet being sold. But perhaps you could take a look at the other USA EV, trucks hopefully coming to market. More USA EV truck competition the better!

  • Matt Jaeger
    Matt Jaeger29 dagar sedan

    You talked about range. I read that Ford's range is with a payload of 1,000lbs. Telsa's is empty.

  • Clifton Kisielewski
    Clifton KisielewskiMånad sedan

    Forgot to mention the f150 range numbers include 1000 LB payload

  • Mohammad was illiterate
    Mohammad was illiterateMånad sedan

    *STAINLESS STEAL for a work vehicle body is so practical.*

  • slaughterme1
    slaughterme1Månad sedan

    simple ffffffffffffford makes a electric version of a truck , Tesla uses there electrical design and tested hardware and built a truck around it , win. no compitition.


    transfer switches are not a big deal to install whatsoever btw

  • lessdeth69
    lessdeth69Månad sedan

    Sadly, many will pick the Lightning based on looks alone and apparently, many still expect and enjoy the dealer experience.

  • Vince Scott
    Vince ScottMånad sedan

    You make a valid points. I don't understand Tesla's cockpit. Where are the cup holders? Where do you plug in your phone? Do you have to turn your car on and go to through the screen just to open the glove compartment? The cockpit looks too sterile and blah. The lightning's cockpit looks more traditional and user friendly. Any thoughts? And how much are the tires on the Telsa truck going to cost?

  • davezavu
    davezavuMånad sedan

    The Big 3 have taken advantage of brand loyalty for decades. If all of the badges and branding were removed from both, as ambiguous vehicles, they would compare exactly the same as you did. With the same vehicle winning. The sad thing is that Ford, Chevrolet and Chrysler all had the resources to do the research and development decades ago and squashed it. Read about the EV-1. Nice vid by the way.

  • joustingdude
    joustingdudeMånad sedan

    I still think the cybertruck is going to flop. Assuming it ever actually comes to market.

  • Noah Moore
    Noah MooreMånad sedan

    Concerning the look: The first time I saw the Cybertruck, I hated the look. By the end of that day, I started thinking it looks pretty cool. Almost any time Ford has come out with a new body style I have hated it at first look, and then it grew on me. Eventually, the old style ends up looking outdated. The look of the cybertruck is different, that’s all. If people start seeing them on the road, the look will be normalized and eventually the traditional truck look may look outdated altogether.

  • Tom John
    Tom JohnMånad sedan

    Absolutely, the only people who are going to buy Fords 150 EV, will be republicans, diehards anti vaxers, maskers, climate change deniers….lol

  • Scott Fauque
    Scott FauqueMånad sedan

    It was pretty stunning that you disregarded the $40K vehicle for fleets (that is a massive market).

  • NJRE


    Månad sedan

    No profit

  • DJ Love Tap
    DJ Love TapMånad sedan

    No brainer! Obv. Ford will not have batteries to have vehicles and will go bankrupt quickly. Cybertruck has better specs and is less expensive. Ford is going to get stomped out quickly on trucks. Nobody’s going to pay for Ford’s “Nokia” version: it’s garbage

  • Resurrtronics
    ResurrtronicsMånad sedan

    I think the Cybertruck will succeed just based on the ugly looks alone. It will be a classic one day.

  • Hong Chittarath
    Hong ChittarathMånad sedan

    Yezzz that's winner.

  • Al Garry Herring
    Al Garry HerringMånad sedan

    This may be a good comparison show, but I couldn't hear you, even with earphones. Please turn up the sound!

  • =^Genesis^=
    =^Genesis^=Månad sedan

    F150 range is calculated with 1,000 lbs of cargo in the bed so the 300 mile range is a worse case not less. Those who have driven the F150 have already said the range appears to be significantly more and Ford has no intention of showing the true range at this point in time but with Chevrolet already stating their trucks are expecting 400 plus miles of range it is doubtful that Ford will release a product with less. I will also say that Ford will not relinquish its best selling truck crown without a fight. Tesla hasn't even put the Cybertruck in anyone's hands being their PR event. Tesla's truck is not all that impressive to me at all. You keep talking about how the Cybertruck "is" better when you have no clue and won't have a clue until they are actually produced. I'm holding my opinion until they actually ship. Another issue, Tesla's quality control and build quality is absolutely terrible. From water leaks to massive gaps in body panels or unpainted body panels in vehicles that are delivered to customers or doors that fail to open. And many of these issues aren't repaired after repeated visits from Tesla technicians. Tesla has a long way to go to catch up to even the cheapest internal combustion engine vehicles on the road today when it comes to fit and finish. And the fact that a 50k+ vehicle has worse build quality than vehicles that are selling for 30k should not be acceptable and won't be acceptable once they are no longer the only mainstream option. Tesla has largely gotten by because they were the only game in town for ages but that time is coming to an end and when they no longer have their exclusivity they're going to have to compete on actual quality. That is when it will matter, if they can survive the oncoming competition then they will have accomplished something in my book. I applaud the company for pushing EVS into the mainstream but beyond that I'm not really at all that impressed with them. P. S. Full self driving is a PR stunt, even Tesla's lawyers acknowledge that full self-driving will not be released and those who pay the extra money for the feature are suckers. Sorry but that's just the truth. We will be lucky to see full self-driving in at least another decade.

  • John Turner
    John TurnerMånad sedan

    You are funny. Your video would be totally different if you compared Dual motor vs Dual motor. You are comparing a 1/2 ton Ford to a tech spec of a 3/4 ton. This is apples and oranges.

  • John Turner

    John Turner

    Månad sedan

    @NJRE Nobody compares a 150 to a 350 LOL. Of course a 350 would win every category. We will see who wins this by sales numbers. I will be willing to wager Ford out sells Tesla. If Tesla made something a little better looking then things might be different.

  • NJRE


    Månad sedan

    Not meant to be funny. It’s best of the best. Best options to best options. Otherwise you get lost in 5 different packages w 20 different options. If the facts and figures hold true. The CT will win in almost every category and be significantly cheaper.

  • Colin Barrows
    Colin BarrowsMånad sedan

    I am no expert, but I don't agree with your assessment on the method for connecting your house to your car during a power outage. I believe both trucks advertise several 110V and 220V outlets (that is AC, not DC). That means the vehicle already has an inverter built in. Theoretically, you could rig your home's electrical panel with a 220V plug that connects directly to your truck's 220V outlet.

  • V
    VMånad sedan

    "Tesla has masters degree while Ford is still in the ninth grade!" That got me

  • mobley Mobley

    mobley Mobley

    Månad sedan

    Tsla owns the school and is building a new one with mechanical bees, while legacy makers are in alternative ed. catching spit in their sleeves.

  • B K
    B KMånad sedan

    Only time will tell

  • Wind Konton
    Wind KontonMånad sedan

    So he didn't catch that word play from Ford. 364 miles WITH a load of 1,000 lb.

  • Wind Konton

    Wind Konton

    Månad sedan

    @NJRE yes you are also missing a key point. No battery is the same. Do I like F150 look over that polygon mess of a truck (yes). Does both trucks have interesting technology (yes). But almost all of it old tech with new touches. Will a new improvement to those trucks come along (sure). I mean add a charging port to the bed and use a small 10-15kw generator to top off or try to keep at 70%. Is it a fix no could you just as easily put 3 solar panels over the bed same as bed cover (sure). As it comes down to all other things. It is up to the end users needs/wants. You want cyber truck fine. In the end it is your money.

  • NJRE


    Månad sedan

    I think you didn’t catch that this is complete BS. EPA Doesn’t test with either payload or passengers. Nowhere on any specifications anywhere on Ford website or documentation states range in the 460+. Even if they put 1000 pounds of payload inside a pick up truck, that doesn’t extrapolate to 160+ miles. By the way you’re claiming 364 miles, but the Internet is claiming 460 miles.

  • Big-Browski
    Big-BrowskiMånad sedan

    The Lightening could have used some design lifts, I mean it is really plane Jane.

  • toltecnightmare
    toltecnightmareMånad sedan

    i keep telling people that you dont even get leather seats in a ford trim below 50k

  • Travis Decker
    Travis DeckerMånad sedan

    That Cybertruck is good awful ugly though

  • Travis Decker
    Travis DeckerMånad sedan

    Why does no one make an El Camino type electric vehicle? Seems like the best start.

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike HuntMånad sedan

    Making comparisons based on things like range and other performance characteristics is totally dependent on how one plans to use them. Ford will fill their niche and Tesla another. Ford will likely remain the number one pickup seller in the US. Most of your Tesla advantage claims are bullshit for someone looking for a work truck aside from range. The comparisons you make in selling the vaporware Tesla are are irrelevant. Not to mention that the Tesla looks like crap. This is a shitty 'review' that sounds like it was written by Elon Musk.

  • JD W
    JD WMånad sedan

    The cyber truck looks like crap and far as trucks go! I would never buy UGLY and the cyber truck is UGLY! I don’t care what the range is. I’ll burn that fossil fuel at $10 per Gal!!!

  • NJRE


    Månad sedan

    Over a million Pre ordered. I guess some people disagree.

  • DeepEastCA
    DeepEastCAMånad sedan

    Ford = junk

  • Eric Johnson
    Eric JohnsonMånad sedan

    My wife said Ford Maverick now, Cybertruck when it's released. When my number is called for the CyberTruck my wife will get the Maverick until I can get her a Model Y.

  • SCWgreg
    SCWgregMånad sedan

    Note: CyberTruck does not have or ever claim to have bulletproof glass. But they do claim 9mm bulletproof stainless steel skin. Their glass is relatively rock (steel ball) proof, vs the shatter friendly glass all other vehicles use.

  • Ken Jackson
    Ken JacksonMånad sedan

    I can’t help but notice that the images of the Ford Lightning are of a real vehicle. Those images of the Cybertruck are computer generated animations.

  • Ken Jackson

    Ken Jackson

    Månad sedan

    @NJRE Well, what I was talking about is that the images of the CT look like computer animations. Perhaps that is the look you were going for.

  • NJRE


    Månad sedan

    What on earth are you taking about? If u are referring to the SEblacks video image. Ironically, I personally took the CT image in the Meat packing district of NYC. The lightning is off the internet. Both companies have prototypes.

  • MyNicePC
    MyNicePCMånad sedan

    This guy truly knows what he is talking about!!!

  • wasup fool
    wasup foolMånad sedan

    I'm not a Ford guy but I would take the Ford over the Cybertruck any day. Ford is underestimating range because the specs is with 1000 pounds in the bed, while Tesla never reaches their advertised range in any of their models

  • prabin koirala
    prabin koiralaMånad sedan

    Great comparison, keep us updating I subscribed your channel 😊

  • Burnin In Texas
    Burnin In TexasMånad sedan

    This guy obviously owns tesla stock... bs misinformation in this. People are going to buy a truck that looks like a truck and has practical uses... not a meme truck, you can't even put your dog in the back lol. People buy trucks to haul things... period

  • NJRE


    Månad sedan

    I own zero stock. Over a million people have reserved the truck. Not sure why you can’t put your dog in it?? I buy trucks trucks to haul things, but ironically 95% of the guys driving pickup do it for status symbol and never use the thing. If you wanted a real pickup you certainly wouldn’t buy a lightning 5 1/2 foot bed. Even the CT is too small.

  • Channing Rhodes
    Channing RhodesMånad sedan

    You sure you don't work for Tesla lol

  • Channing Rhodes
    Channing RhodesMånad sedan

    wrong on the distance on the Ford lighting. Ford is saying that you will get 300 miles with it loaded with weight. That is not the best case scenario. Ford hasn't released the final numbers on the distance.

  • Channing Rhodes
    Channing RhodesMånad sedan

    You cant compare the Ford Platinum to the Tesla package. You should compare the Lariat model to the Telsla tri motor package. That would be a fair comparison. I could immediately tell you were going to favor the Tesla model just by the shirt your wearing.

  • Monkey Business
    Monkey BusinessMånad sedan

    I stopped watching your video at 6.07 because you have failed to do any research at all on the vehicles you are comparing. I will give you this one then you can research the rest. 300 miles is the EPA number with 1,000 pounds of cargo in the bed. Empty trucks are showing actual range of 460-490. How do we know this? Ford has produced several for demo’s. The Cybertruck is all on paper.

  • NJRE


    Månad sedan

    I took the listed specs from each manufacturer. Not sure how that’s not doing research. Your 1000 pound EPA figure is a lie, misrepresentation and complete BS. The EPA does not test vehicles with payload or people inside. Never has never would. Even if you had 1000 pounds of payload in the back it does not add 160 to 190 miles of added range. This is SEblacks propaganda. Nowhere does Ford state their vehicle goes this far. It’s the single most important feature of any electric car you think they’d have it mentioned on the website. Ford themselves during their big release told the world it goes 300 miles, that’s what we’re going with. Furthermore they built a pick up truck that’s The shape of a brick, which is fine and I have no issue with it but you can’t have your cake and eat it too, you can’t make a box, with a high coefficient of drag and expect it to get long range sorry that just doesn’t work.

  • Paul Davis
    Paul DavisMånad sedan

    The other reason the Tesla pickup needs to look like it does is aerodynamics. To get the great range they need to push through the air better than than something that looks like a bunch of cinder-blocks. So the old style pickup has to die for an efficient aerodynamic pick-up to rise from the ashes.

  • Eleazar Hernández
    Eleazar HernándezMånad sedan

    To be a lil fair trimotor price does not include FSD

  • Mr. Norris
    Mr. NorrisMånad sedan

    The weight is actually just simple math. If you sitting in an empty EV charged to 80% with over 360 miles of EPA RATED RANGE, you kinda have to know the range fully charged is more. Did Tesla state what their range might be with a payload? And if no, why not…? Tesla is stating THE ABSOLUTE BEST case scenario and we know that. But who is Ford’s customer base, and what does their customer base care about most? Well there you go. But given those stats, the Tesla still might be better. But we won’t know until their booth on the road. But I’m going with the Ford for the better frunk and more utility from what I can see right now. But you can’t beat that supercharger network 🤷🏿‍♂️ And Ford still qualifies for a federal EV tax credit 👍🏿 Have fun with that yulk, you’ve gotta tell us about that thing after a test drive.

  • Rick Smith
    Rick SmithMånad sedan

    Nice video! I agree with your conclusions, but an advantage you left out for Ford is that it comes with software that makes it easy for contractors to manage the use of the truck. Tesla has nothing like this. However, Tesla is the masters of software, so if this proves to be a big thing, I expect that they could match the Ford application pretty quickly. Warm regards, Rick.

  • Dominic Powell
    Dominic PowellMånad sedan

    It's clear you haven't done your research... Ford has underestimated their mileage estimates on the Mach E and they are providing better than estimated mileage, secondly the 300 miles is with a 1000 miles of payload. It has been shown giving over 450 miles with nothing but the driver.

  • John Ruckman
    John RuckmanMånad sedan

    What is the difference in aerodynamics between the Ford and Cybettruck?

  • Trooper022873
    Trooper022873Månad sedan

    Excellent video

  • Shawn Donovan
    Shawn DonovanMånad sedan

    The guy wearing the Tesla shirt with the tesla stuff in the background thinks the Tesla is going to be better get the hell out of here lol.

  • GorrillaCGorilla
    GorrillaCGorillaMånad sedan


  • Marcin Rucinski
    Marcin RucinskiMånad sedan

    This sounds like some time ago android users were watching apple presentation and all the new features were already implemented into their phone some time ago... but anyway I have to give kudos to Tesla because of this company or the other ones are pushing for electric vehicles

  • LtMuraida
    LtMuraidaMånad sedan

    The Cybertruck is so ugly though.

  • NJRE


    Månad sedan

    @LtMuraida can be refined of course. Mean nothing. That’s a little much.

  • LtMuraida


    Månad sedan

    You know pre orders don’t translate to truck purchases, right? It’s a refundable deposit so it literally costs nothing to make a preorder

  • NJRE


    Månad sedan

    Over a million people think otherwise.

  • Cooper Carr
    Cooper CarrMånad sedan

    Tesla is honestly behaving like old school Ford. It didn't give the people what they wanted (Faster horses) it innovated and created a new product the consumer couldn't even think of.

  • Cooper Carr
    Cooper CarrMånad sedan

    I just simply don't understand how the Cybertruck can have all of these doodads and cost so little. You'd think Ford sourcing materials for the past 50 years would let them come under the wire in terms of price.

  • Ben Maclean
    Ben MacleanMånad sedan

    Yea. Because Tesla never over promise 😂 FYI I own a Tesla and love it but think the range between the F150 and Cyber truck will be a lot closer

  • Decathelon Dave
    Decathelon DaveMånad sedan

    anyone, how do i read my cybertruck resevation number to see were I am in line. I ordered the next morning after the big show and love my model 3.

  • MandalorianFanboy
    MandalorianFanboyMånad sedan

    The Cybertruck doesn't actually exist. (It's a concept car)

  • Heng Chen
    Heng ChenMånad sedan

    Technology-wise Tesla will win out, but Ford has been building trucks for a long time, Tesla hasn't even build cars that long. I just don't think Tesla will be able to build an overall better truck than ford. Cyber truck is a truck looking electric car, that's how we should look at it.

  • Zizhdizza Bagus

    Zizhdizza Bagus

    Månad sedan

    Sure mate. Look at their spaceships they sux so much because they never built one before! Right? Ahahaahah)

  • I Am Sparkie
    I Am SparkieMånad sedan

    I don’t think Tesla will hit the specs they are trying to achieve. In particular with the pricing for the Tri motor. Their current pricing model does not allow the CT to be inserted without a massive restructure. Maybe the 4680 cells will aid in this? Maybe cost of ownership savings is included in that base price? Maybe future tax incentives? Maybe they can get close but I don’t see how they can market it for that price. It just doesn’t fit into the lineup at that price imo.

  • Blake Strother
    Blake StrotherMånad sedan

    Yeah I stopped listening in the first 3 minutes. You are comparing the Cybertruck to the Platinum trim only because you don't believe Ford will dominate the market selling the model that is blatantly advertised commercial. I am a Foreign car guy, supported Honda my whole life but even I have to take my hat off too Ford. By being first and doing a what I have seen so far as a decent job, they just ensured lasting dominance for another 50 years. The Platinum may not be a Cybertruck but look Ford is pulling a Microsoft move here. Their real money will come from bigger contracts. Institutions and companies with fleets will go 100 percent EV far before the civilian driving world will. The Lighting will be the standard truck for State and Federal fleets, barring no serious issues AND private companies will follow suit. Your take on why you are comparing the two, namely that a 40k EV truck won't sell instantly invalidated anything you have to say as an expert. The finance and tech world has been speaking about how quickly the commercial vehicle world will become EV and autonomous and Ford is the first contender to do something about it AND with this money they will no doubt turn it around to make better luxury trucks and cars.

  • Blake Strother

    Blake Strother

    Månad sedan

    Also side note, people who inflate the role of features a car should have are not to be listened too. Features, especially when you reach luxury tiers should cater to what you want as a person. One of my fears of commentators on the EV space is they are overselling features to their viewers. If we really want the world to convert to EV sooner than later we need to encourage folks to consider their real life driving habits because SEblacksrs and advertisers are trying to squeeze more money out of you and ultimately scaring tons of people away from EV because they are inflating the role of features such as range, speed, infotainment, etc. Performance is important but price to performance is the name of the game in tandem with features you want for your lifestyle.

  • Roland the thompson gunner
    Roland the thompson gunnerMånad sedan

    What about parts and dealer support and service? We already know on paper the cyber truck is superior there. But how well will all this tech work in the real world under adverse conditions? Can you even mount a ladder rack on a cyber truck ? I know I can get after market equipment like tool boxes and racks for an F -150.

  • NJRE


    Månad sedan

    It will certainly create a new market.

  • Casey Wilson
    Casey WilsonMånad sedan

    Can't wait to see the fully loaded cybertruck eat the lightning's lunch

  • The Ethical Hacker
    The Ethical HackerMånad sedan

    The lightning models were never the best towers. They always towed less than the standard f150s. They were also always faster speed machines back in the day. Since the 90s I believe the Lighting models were built for the performance and speed.

  • troy Ladouceur

    troy Ladouceur

    10 dagar sedan


  • Angel Cedillo
    Angel CedilloMånad sedan

    I agree with you but a lot of these points sound like fan boy assumptions.

  • wildweav
    wildweavMånad sedan

    You compared top of the to top of the line trucks. The only reason that I can see someone going with the Ford Lightning over the Cybertruck is actually at the base level. The base level Lariat Lightning is going to be dual motor and 4wd the base model Cybertruck will only be a single motor. I agree that the single motor Cybertruck might never get produced but I have a hunch that the dual motor Cybertruck will be the first to be produced. If Senator Stabenow gets her electric car bill through congress that could put the base level Lariat Lightning under $30,000 and that is a game changer. The beds, both are too short IMO, The Cybertruck could make up for it by having the ramp fold up at a 90° angle to the tailgate when it's down.

  • Stan M
    Stan MMånad sedan

    cyber Truck looks like crap..

  • General Sirc
    General SircMånad sedan

    Self driving has been promised by Elon for many years and always falls short. Maybe eventually he will achieve it but not by next year and probably not for a few year s

  • General Sirc
    General SircMånad sedan

    One important thing here is that the Ford truck is real and the cyber truck is not real yet. The cyber trucks number are not final and we all know how Elon over states things, sometimes a lot.

  • Zar11
    Zar11Månad sedan

    Fords gonna sell way more. Tesla cybertruck misses the mark culturally for truck buyers imo. Impressive truck but not what the customers want.

  • Paul Kovacs
    Paul KovacsMånad sedan

    Tesla can't get there siber truck to the market yet

  • Marco Carreno
    Marco CarrenoMånad sedan

    If you look at the websites, it appears the dual-motor Cyber truck makes a better comparison to the extended range f-150 lightning than the Tri-motor. The base prices are almost the same along with the specs...

  • the honest truth
    the honest truthMånad sedan

    I’ve ordered the CT tri-motor and I ordered the Ford today. I currently have a Model S and Model 3. I find this review to be dishonest and not giving the Ford enough credit although I hate most domestics with the exception of the new Chevy Stingray and the Ford Lightening. I don’t believe the CT will be delivered anywhere near on time at this point but I am confident that Ford will deliver it.

  • daniel Johnson
    daniel JohnsonMånad sedan

    300mi with payload. Its near 500mi without.

  • neker rivera
    neker riveraMånad sedan

    There’s no A or B here fellas. The Cybertruck will be the number one in the US and the world.