Food Theory: The Subway Tuna Conspiracy Continues...

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We've covered the Subway Tuna controversy once before on this channel. In that, we can to the conclusion that Subway was not trying to market a mystery meat as tuna in their tuna sub. Recently the New York Times came out with an article bringing it all up again. The article said that they did a DNA test on the Subway tuna filling and could not prove it was in fact tuna. Well Theorists, I'm here to tell you that the New York Times made a pretty big mistake with their test and the tuna wants its revenge...

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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Justin Kuiper, and Luke Barats
Editors: Koen Verhagen, Josh Langman, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  • SkullKnight101
    SkullKnight10112 timmar sedan

    This is embarrassing, I've watched film and game theory for a long time and I forgot or never knew there was a Food theory

  • Theo
    Theo16 timmar sedan

    Notice he does not go to the source...he blindly defends the corporation...thats shill shyt. Where is the inventory list of subways wholesale tuna purchase???

  • Theo
    Theo16 timmar sedan

    Shill channel

  • Tyler Tre
    Tyler TreDag sedan

    Coming from a former employee, wait till you guys find out about the only 40% real chicken in their “chicken” strips that everyone loves

  • Malach211
    Malach2112 dagar sedan

    Subway needs to countersue.

  • v yay
    v yay3 dagar sedan

    So is the tub safe or nah bruv

  • No other Like my own skin
    No other Like my own skin3 dagar sedan

    Can you work on? Next 8 months As long you about 20 minutes - ish or so Nuggets and dip This Science Episode 1 Wendy Spicy Chicken Nuggets Vs McDonald's Chicken McNuggets When you can.

  • molto 77
    molto 775 dagar sedan

    Ppl telling that a multimillionaire company cant afford tuna

  • Mr. Mozzarella
    Mr. Mozzarella6 dagar sedan

    Plot twist: matpat is the ceo of subway

  • datpunk02: electric boogaloo
    datpunk02: electric boogaloo6 dagar sedan

    SUBWAY: eat flesh.

  • Sandy Deodores
    Sandy Deodores7 dagar sedan

    Tuna doesn’t feel like a word anymore

  • Badweather4cast
    Badweather4cast7 dagar sedan

    Wait, how did Applied Food Technologies know that the samples were really tuna? I don't disbelieve them at all, I'm with Game Theory and every rational person on this one, I'm just curious as to how AFT could figure it out when the DNA was denatured!

  • Jamerson
    Jamerson8 dagar sedan

    Scientist here. I called bs soon after reading the article into the testing methodology. PCR is great on some applications, but not on highly processed food stuffs, like tuna. Think about how they cook canned tuna so it can last for as long as it does. It gets pulverised! High heat, high pressure. DNA got no chance. But also the primer selected is very important too

  • Scarlett
    Scarlett9 dagar sedan

    I’ll still eat it

  • Wicked The Mad Hatter
    Wicked The Mad Hatter9 dagar sedan

    Wait hold up Why would you use a story where they confirm tuna dna after confirming that dna is denatured after cooking?........ that seems dumb

  • ccubsfan94
    ccubsfan949 dagar sedan

    And then people believe everything else that comes out of these publications

  • ZaoqSquek
    ZaoqSquek9 dagar sedan

    We use to have: "eat fresh", now we have: "hello fresh"

  • Kenny Vasquez
    Kenny Vasquez9 dagar sedan

    I think subway found there lawer

  • TJ DarkRage
    TJ DarkRage11 dagar sedan

    Never believe anything you read, see, or hear on the internet - until you can verify it through a reputable source. My only question is, how did Inside Edition's lab find dna... wouldn't that tuna have been cooked just like the rest?

  • Pheith
    Pheith11 dagar sedan

    Well I say we have someone with tuna allergy have some of that subway tuna and see if they react.

  • 999
    99912 dagar sedan

    I wish matpat was my teacher

  • Daddy Vatilifa
    Daddy Vatilifa12 dagar sedan

    Wasn't expecting a Boondocks quote from you Mat, consider me whelmed...

  • LordQ2
    LordQ212 dagar sedan

    1:10 *HA!*

  • Cardinal plays
    Cardinal plays13 dagar sedan

    next channel news theorists?

  • Crowned The King
    Crowned The King13 dagar sedan

    Fact is, if youre eating tuna.. Youve kinda got something wrong with you anyway.

  • Weltenbruch
    Weltenbruch14 dagar sedan

    RIP Dieter Laser 5:40

  • Smileyツ
    Smileyツ14 dagar sedan

    How are you actually suppose to eat leftover cake? Do you microwave it, re-heat it I need the oven, or do you eat it cold? (Matpat notice me pLeAsE)

  • gabrielantona
    gabrielantona14 dagar sedan

    Not sponsored by Subway? Missed troll opportunity

  • Buttery Biscuit
    Buttery Biscuit14 dagar sedan

    Replacing the tuna with a happy elephant was an amusing and fun touch. Thanks for the laugh

  • Nathan Little
    Nathan Little14 dagar sedan

    So how did inside edition get a positive match for tuna that had been cooked if the DNA becomes denatured?

  • Chris Chauis
    Chris Chauis14 dagar sedan

    Who else otw to get a tuna sub 😅

  • The king of animations Alexander Arredondo
    The king of animations Alexander Arredondo15 dagar sedan

    Again with the human centipede your giving me memories of that movie

  • The king of animations Alexander Arredondo

    The king of animations Alexander Arredondo

    15 dagar sedan

    And it ain’t good memories

  • Georg Anatoly
    Georg Anatoly15 dagar sedan

    wouldn't care if it wasn't still would eat the yummy mystery meat

  • Ridho Irvan
    Ridho Irvan15 dagar sedan

    Inside edition is soo underrated

  • Shaun Page
    Shaun Page15 dagar sedan

    Can you do a theory about if the TMNT can survive with just pizza as a food source

  • ouail zemmouri
    ouail zemmouri16 dagar sedan

    Your videos are so good I stay through the sponsor

  • Ma Amorim
    Ma Amorim16 dagar sedan


  • Lenard Miller
    Lenard Miller16 dagar sedan

    Why TF would you go to subway for a tuna sandwich? People who do that should require a power of attorney in order to enter into any sort of transaction

  • Sal P
    Sal P17 dagar sedan

    my goodness who are these karens?

  • GrottoRabbit
    GrottoRabbit17 dagar sedan

    More Fake News from The #EnemyOfThePeople ..... Nothing new from the New York Slimes

  • Brozilla - Kaijuu IRyStocrat Deadbeat
    Brozilla - Kaijuu IRyStocrat Deadbeat18 dagar sedan

    Conclusion... It is tuna. Tuna aint expensive People.... Also again... Proof Twitter aint reliable as usual.

  • Lê.H
    Lê.H18 dagar sedan

    Why does the first reporter have to work when she is pregnant

  • UwU
    UwU19 dagar sedan

    Man that's sus, lol

  • Livvy the Something or Other
    Livvy the Something or Other20 dagar sedan

    It truly is a travesty that the internet makes it so easy to blind so many oblivious people to the truth.

  • Lukas Leibrecht
    Lukas Leibrecht20 dagar sedan

    Talk about perfect timing, I was watching this video and my city did a tornado siren took me awhile to realize the sound was not coming from the video!🌪️📢🤯😆😆😆

  • Lukas Leibrecht
    Lukas Leibrecht20 dagar sedan

    There's something fishy going on with Subway.😆😆😆🐟🥪

  • POV. Your the crafting table
    POV. Your the crafting table21 dag sedan

    Subway is just trolling us 😀 If you get the fishing pun comment

  • meapy mik meapsker
    meapy mik meapsker21 dag sedan

    Stop pls stop theory in subway I hate u game

  • asher abbott
    asher abbott22 dagar sedan

    Matpzt the SmatPat

  • BackHDLP
    BackHDLP22 dagar sedan

    14 Garlicbread

  • G Martines
    G Martines22 dagar sedan

    lol idk food theory and film theory are the same ppl 😣😣😣

  • Mano Mano
    Mano Mano22 dagar sedan

    other food companies: frick we need to hide out secrets subway: YOOO BOI HE'S ON OUR SIDE

  • meme
    meme23 dagar sedan

    So in other words the media quoted a study they weren't able to have full access to, still treated it as legit, and didnt give all the facts (like heat destroys DNA) to fit a narrative... yeah that doesn't surprise me.

  • this is a comment by a person
    this is a comment by a person23 dagar sedan

    "subways tuna isnt tuna" and omegamart lemons are lemons

  • ✨itz Moonlight Y'all (the alpha) 我史诗✨
    ✨itz Moonlight Y'all (the alpha) 我史诗✨23 dagar sedan

    Kinda *fishy* am I right?

  • Mr. Cowbriss Rides again!
    Mr. Cowbriss Rides again!24 dagar sedan

    Ok, subway, spill the beans, you're using some pink goop like mcdonalds...

  • 24 dagar sedan

    who else really counted the 14 free meals?

  • Chari Mahariel
    Chari Mahariel25 dagar sedan

    Not a problem in Russia cuz most of the time companies just call such snacks "Fish X" rather than specify the fish (unless it's a sushi restraunt)

  • Detwand
    Detwand25 dagar sedan

    Media. What did you expect? XD

  • Kirk Almeida
    Kirk Almeida25 dagar sedan

    I'd like a theory on why Subway isn't suing the NY Time into the ground

  • Joel Oliver
    Joel Oliver26 dagar sedan

    I hate tuna I ordered a tuna sub from subway I hated it Conclusion: it’s tuna

  • LordSmyrnian
    LordSmyrnian26 dagar sedan

    Amazing world we live in when Inside Edition has a more ethically/accurately reported story than New York Times.

  • 26 dagar sedan

    6:59 i had traumatizing flash backs

  • Kosmic
    Kosmic26 dagar sedan

    its actually rat testicles

  • Crim Zen
    Crim Zen27 dagar sedan

    The tuna might not be tuna, but the jalapenos in my tuna melt were real.

  • Monochrome
    Monochrome27 dagar sedan

    -Food Theory is Not a Cult and There is No Mind Control.- "The Earth King has invited you to Lake Laogai."

  • Kingdude78
    Kingdude7827 dagar sedan

    Nice boondocks reference

  • ThEChaS3
    ThEChaS329 dagar sedan

    fire house subs still better tho…

  • Jendo Stromann
    Jendo Stromann29 dagar sedan

    once again source: dude, just trust me

  • Food Theory 2 the second theory
    Food Theory 2 the second theory29 dagar sedan

    My life was gone when I got that award.

  • VengfulDarkness
    VengfulDarknessMånad sedan

    NYT being credible is slowly becoming a thing of the past, which is rather disheartening.

  • Simona Diblaru
    Simona DiblaruMånad sedan

    0:48 our CLAM

  • Turma do Galego
    Turma do GalegoMånad sedan

    say with the animator james / the0ddisout, he worked on subway

  • Bman Hangout
    Bman HangoutMånad sedan

    Won't eat Subway. The reason why? Right after they pulled out there measuring scoop and anally brushed off any extra tuna. That was it! I found a better alternative.

  • I’m done with yt
    I’m done with ytMånad sedan

    Milad got sum explaining to do!

  • Map Room Gaming
    Map Room GamingMånad sedan

    The New York Times, a former newspaper, publishes fake news... IMAGINE MY SHOCK!

  • Quentin Styger
    Quentin StygerMånad sedan

    An anonymous source says that all journalists are liars and will write anything for a paycheque.

  • Vincent Maldia
    Vincent MaldiaMånad sedan

    Where is your control arm? You should have added frozen tuna and frozen tuna you yourselves cooked. Poor methodology

  • Joseph Moya
    Joseph MoyaMånad sedan

    That NYT quote being so low in the article is what we call "burying the lead," my friends. Read the whole article. That is the lesson here.

  • Joseph Moya

    Joseph Moya

    Månad sedan

    Also, Subway should totally sue the NYT for defamation. That, and pay MatPat a huge fee for being their propaganda wing.

  • Maseratiii
    MaseratiiiMånad sedan

    If it tastes like tuna, it could literally be anything

  • Destiny Sutton
    Destiny SuttonMånad sedan

    Don't cooked the fish scientist. If want to find the DNA of the fish do it when it's not cooked.

  • Methrael
    MethraelMånad sedan

    I think the main issue here is something I suspect - the plaintiffs never intended to win, they just intended to get attention and sell their services. They were never in information to begin with; they were in advertising.

  • Bob Toad
    Bob ToadMånad sedan

    Most tuna cans aren't tuna.

  • lol A secret
    lol A secretMånad sedan

    But it was a spinach wrap

  • lol A secret
    lol A secretMånad sedan

    I actually like the tuna fish sandwich the first time I tried it

  • Månad sedan

    fahrenheit sucks, america please🤦‍♂️

  • Genital Destroyer_69
    Genital Destroyer_69Månad sedan

    Did anyone catch that boondocks reference?

  • Yoshiku Yuu
    Yoshiku YuuMånad sedan

    The whole lawsuit was probably set up by Subway themselves. Look at how much free PR they got from just paying two people to sue them for a ridiculous reason.

  • TheZombers
    TheZombersMånad sedan

    can i just enjoy my tuna, pepperoni, lettuce, with salt and pepper sprinkled on it footlong and call it a day i dont care if its not fish it tastes good af

  • ant
    antMånad sedan

    Well at my subway they use EBT of course the food will be cold never cooked

  • Ramen Guy
    Ramen GuyMånad sedan

    0:17 I like to imagine that this was all put on by the real tuna fish, setting out decoy fish and everything.

  • TessaRae c:
    TessaRae c:Månad sedan

    I’ve been eating the same tuna sandwich from subway for like 10 years

  • Mickey
    MickeyMånad sedan

    As someone who WORKS at subway- Man this tuna question is thrown at me a lot “You know what it is? I don’t want it it’s fake-“ “Sir-- I’m just an employee- I don’t know 😓”

  • the United Britain of great kingdom
    the United Britain of great kingdomMånad sedan

    Please do a kfc gravy isn't gravy

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    M3chaCatMånad sedan

    pls mak a battle cats game theory episode pls

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    Fremil JoseMånad sedan

    Food theory idea: what would happen if the U.S went vegan for a decade Video 12 of asking

  • a cat on the beach
    a cat on the beachMånad sedan

    after eating hello fresh I became a giga chad

  • W R
    W RMånad sedan

    Those girls were just looking for some free money.

  • happy potato
    happy potatoMånad sedan

    I got an add on subway before watching this- XD

  • Fe4rero
    Fe4reroMånad sedan

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