Feeding My Venus Flytrap Candy Instead Of Flies

I feed my Venus flytrap candy

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  • Faris Al-Kidewi
    Faris Al-Kidewi15 minuter sedan

    An example why we shouldn’t take candy from strangers... die!!

  • Alias Jaymes
    Alias Jaymes39 minuter sedan


  • Leizle Valencia
    Leizle ValenciaTimme sedan

    That plant has already diabetes 😅.

  • Brown Sugar Saga
    Brown Sugar SagaTimme sedan

    Taste it on your finger..?

  • jj maybank's girl
    jj maybank's girl2 timmar sedan

    Uuuhh these plant actually exist???!!

  • Honey B
    Honey B2 timmar sedan

    Why does the plant look dead? Why didn’t her clean up the juice? Why did he lick his finger? Why did he think it was a good idea to feed a plant candy? 🤔

  • MaliMay
    MaliMay2 timmar sedan

    yes let’s feed nature high fructose. no more sunlight. it’s over

  • Cari Pete
    Cari Pete2 timmar sedan

    You killed it for no reason at all. :-/

  • Jessica Y
    Jessica Y2 timmar sedan

    This is giving me real step-plant vibes 🥴

  • A ddlc fan
    A ddlc fan3 timmar sedan

    Sir your plant is going to turn into fertiliser for the other plants

  • IVAN
    IVAN3 timmar sedan

    People I know it's awful but lets just not watch this anymore

  • Kanjo
    Kanjo3 timmar sedan

    You don't even show the whole thing....

  • Amir K
    Amir K3 timmar sedan

    They don't need glucose they need nitrogen and other minerals found in insects, they can get enough glucose from photosynthesis

  • Kumar Shishupal
    Kumar Shishupal4 timmar sedan

    Vegetarian veg?

  • Taehyungs_Wife95
    Taehyungs_Wife955 timmar sedan

    Damn..this man just killed his fly eater😩

  • Jesus Nova
    Jesus Nova5 timmar sedan

    Dude you're absolutely gross! Tasting juice from the fly traps drool? That's the trap"s stomach acid!

  • kalamantutay
    kalamantutay6 timmar sedan

    You just gave that venus flytrap diabetes XD

  • Katastrophe_TTV
    Katastrophe_TTV6 timmar sedan

    Did you kill it🥺

  • Rob Henry
    Rob Henry7 timmar sedan

    Nah this fr made me sad. Plant did not deserve this one, not even for science lmao

  • Carter Crina
    Carter Crina7 timmar sedan

    What a moron! Why the heck would you feed them poison and kill? For some views ! Disgusting and pathetic

  • Bella kay
    Bella kay8 timmar sedan

    Are you sure its not dead?

  • Youtube Fields
    Youtube Fields9 timmar sedan


  • jean harris
    jean harris10 timmar sedan

    Won't that kill the plant? I mean all that sugar though 🤭

  • Julie Auxier
    Julie Auxier10 timmar sedan

    It's cute 🥰🌱

  • hulkhuggett
    hulkhuggett11 timmar sedan

    I had an awesome Venus fly trap. I made the big mistake of fertilizing it. Don't fertilize your fly traps, it will kill them. I used organic fertilizer, just fyi.

  • Laura Jeziorski
    Laura Jeziorski12 timmar sedan

    I read that they can only close like three times and then die. So you shouldn’t make them close just by touching them

  • Olivia
    Olivia12 timmar sedan

    Did he.... lick the jelly bean juice off his finger

  • crunchy dinkens
    crunchy dinkens12 timmar sedan

    Bruh I think it suffocated

  • Amberly Townsend
    Amberly Townsend12 timmar sedan

    Are y’all really upset over a PLANT?

  • Derek LeGrand
    Derek LeGrand13 timmar sedan

    I like how all the other dead fly traps have their mouths hanging open as this one's rigamortis sets in

  • john bowers
    john bowers14 timmar sedan

    Its limp from weight not cuz it's dead the red juice is the digestive liquids mixing with the food coloring of the bean

  • Austin Spruill
    Austin Spruill14 timmar sedan

    *RIP* Venus, he was a pretty Fly guy, but getting close to him was always a Trap.

  • SootGecko
    SootGecko16 timmar sedan

    Strange how no one gives two shits about killing a plant until it involves a venus fly trap. Simply because they resemble some bare minimum sentience with eating vaguely similarly to humans. Suddenly everyone is a moral fuckin monarch about plants.

  • Music R Master
    Music R Master16 timmar sedan

    Did anybody get this reference?

  • YayoVision
    YayoVision16 timmar sedan

    The ants tho

  • 飛翔葉Hishouha
    飛翔葉Hishouha16 timmar sedan

    I feel bad for the plant … 🥲

  • Angel .M
    Angel .M17 timmar sedan

    You do know that these are alive right??

  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh18 timmar sedan

    Venus fly trap literally dying Guy: oh wow MLEM cinomonny

  • IAmADragonHearMeRoar
    IAmADragonHearMeRoar18 timmar sedan

    I’m very glad so many comments are concerned about how he treated this poor plant… Don’t feed jellybeans to your carnivorous plants.

  • Rayven bird
    Rayven bird19 timmar sedan

    Bruh those r real

  • Vand Vand
    Vand Vand19 timmar sedan

    That looks so fucking wrong

  • Horshu
    Horshu20 timmar sedan

    Jesus Loves Yall ❤

  • satish chilakamarri
    satish chilakamarri20 timmar sedan


  • fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhh

    18 timmar sedan

    Why are you tasting bug plant juice?

  • EagleBafBomb
    EagleBafBomb20 timmar sedan

    I forget these aren't animals :/

  • justonexone
    justonexone20 timmar sedan

    It’s not a cinnamon juice taste, it’s acid bro

  • Parth Sharma
    Parth Sharma20 timmar sedan

    Comments saying the he killed the plant, well, we do eat vegetables, fruits and beans. Amazing that seeing motion in a being makes us emotionally attached to ot

  • Colorfire
    Colorfire20 timmar sedan

    This video just keeps getting worse

  • Krystle Edwards
    Krystle Edwards21 timme sedan

    And then I suck them down the blender

  • Krystle Edwards
    Krystle Edwards21 timme sedan

    My hand in one of those

  • Kingdom Freedom
    Kingdom Freedom21 timme sedan

    His Venus fly trap is going to get cavities..🙄😕

  • Owa
    Owa22 timmar sedan

    Glued his mouth shut 🤐

  • sailor zuna
    sailor zuna22 timmar sedan

    THE COMMENT SECTION is killing me 😭

  • Supisara Angthong
    Supisara Angthong23 timmar sedan

    I love Venus flytrap, but no matter how many I planted, all died.😔 I’m not good at taking care of them, so I stopped buying them. It’s better for them to be in better hands than me.

  • Ada v
    Ada v23 timmar sedan

    Feed me Seymour

  • Sona's Corner
    Sona's Corner23 timmar sedan

    I think it's dead you should have used a different coloured jelly bean so you could know if it was bleeding or not because it looked like it was

  • CM1 Magnus
    CM1 MagnusDag sedan

    Why are you tasting bug plant juice?

  • tomimn2233
    tomimn2233Dag sedan

    Why am I not surprised that he keeps one of them plants.

  • BlackPink Kitty
    BlackPink KittyDag sedan

    Dude who told you to just leave his "drool" if u have ants in your house obviously they're just gonna come asap and man the Venus Flytrap has been tortured to death 💀

  • Xander Menard
    Xander MenardDag sedan

    Are venus fly traps harmless to humans?

  • Lubomir Kazakov
    Lubomir KazakovDag sedan

    What happened next?

  • joabei11
    joabei11Dag sedan

    It’s a fly trap not a jelly bean trap.

  • Jay Yadav
    Jay YadavDag sedan


  • Judith Osei-Tete
    Judith Osei-TeteDag sedan

    A whole lot of people getting triggered in this comment section over a plant that's not even endangered.

  • Raul Ruiz
    Raul RuizDag sedan

    How do y'all know it died? Doesn't look dead to me lol? Am I missing something?

  • Tehreem
    TehreemDag sedan


  • C J
    C JDag sedan

    ppl just do anything for attention and it’s rlly sad. that’s like saying “ hey well my dog at this vegan chocolate let’s see if they like it “ idc idc same energy

  • Patrick


    Dag sedan

    Plants don't feel pain. A dog and a plant is different jesus christ

  • Gub Gub
    Gub GubDag sedan

  • Cris LeRoi
    Cris LeRoiDag sedan

    I wouldn't want those ants in my house.

  • Anmol Thakur
    Anmol ThakurDag sedan

    Now this is cold blooded murder... You monster!!!!

  • Isaiah Trimmer
    Isaiah TrimmerDag sedan

    "The ants have found the drip off from the jelly bean" The drip: 😎 💧💧💧 💧 💧 💧 💧 💧 💧 👇💧💧💧 👇 💧 💧 💧 💧 👞 👞

  • Lemons Asmr
    Lemons AsmrDag sedan

    So you just killed your Venus Fly Trap?? Wtf dude. You just filmed him dying a slow painful death as he started leaking. It wasn’t “slobber” it was him dying. Venus fly traps are only able to digest meat; such as flies. Not straight glucose such as a Jellybean.

  • moodyflowers


    23 timmar sedan

    its a PLANT

  • Patrick


    Dag sedan

    Do you think they suffer pain

  • Volix
    VolixDag sedan

    And then it gained 200 pounds

  • L. Toro
    L. ToroDag sedan

    Wait that’s illegal

  • Lawrence Bobo
    Lawrence BoboDag sedan

    Are they dead?

  • Joshua Dandrea
    Joshua DandreaDag sedan

    Evil scientist experimenting on living creatures

  • Amanda Ranae'
    Amanda Ranae'Dag sedan

    Intentionally mistreating or killing things so you get attention on the internet is so incredibly lame, just really shameful and sociopathic. You need major therapy.

  • ERICA Brown
    ERICA BrownDag sedan

    Really spooky😱

  • Cee-JayGames
    Cee-JayGamesDag sedan

    buddy hes already dead

  • Javier Navarrete
    Javier NavarreteDag sedan

    I hate ants

  • ItzBreanna!
    ItzBreanna!Dag sedan

    next episode: watering plants with gatorade

  • Joseph Smith
    Joseph SmithDag sedan


  • Emily Hennessy Sandoval
    Emily Hennessy SandovalDag sedan

    Venus fly trap more like Venus candy trap

  • Somper
    SomperDag sedan

    OK, I hate animal cruelty But jesus christ this is a plant it doesn't have a fucking brain calm your tits. It's not like the dude just chopped down a tree, he killed an unfeeling, and not very necessary plant, as it was being used as a house plant, people kill plants all the time, be it purposefully or accidentally.

  • Doxxty
    DoxxtyDag sedan

    Who said "plants don feel pain"? -vegan teacher madapaka

  • Kimberly
    KimberlyDag sedan

    OK so... What happened???

    SISKI AIO BENZDag sedan

    WTF is wrong with people

  • Płütø
    PłütøDag sedan

    You know how some people aren't meant for taking care of animals, kids, and humans in general? Yeah well this goes for plants too, you have to be hella stupid to think a jelly bean was going to replenish it's energy..

  • Paul McCarthy
    Paul McCarthyDag sedan

    Him - "We all know Venus fly traps eat Fly's" Me - Flashbacks to school when the seemingly obvious things never occurred to me 🤐

  • Amanda Hernamdez
    Amanda HernamdezDag sedan

    The fact that he ate that

  • Adonan the Stoic
    Adonan the StoicDag sedan

    That's an odd thing to try. You said yourself they eat insect for the nitrogen and phosphorus rather than the energy, so why feed it something high in glucose?

  • Frosti T
    Frosti TDag sedan

    He reminds me bill gates this is how happy he gets when he kills all things.😒

  • Patrick


    Dag sedan

    You're alive because you consume killed things

  • PSALM 91
    PSALM 91Dag sedan

    You need to get your sale a Venus Ant trap 😬

  • NodNikolai45
    NodNikolai45Dag sedan

    I love all the people freaking out about this it’s literally a plant, you’re acting like he’s feeding his dog nothing but chocolate and candy.

  • HPUTFanGreta


    22 timmar sedan

    A plant is just as much of a living creature as a dog is.

  • Champel Adams
    Champel AdamsDag sedan

    Omg hope it didn’t die never seen one before only tv thanks for sharing

  • Irikshema fox
    Irikshema foxDag sedan

    Take better care of your venus flytrap. This isn't ok.

  • Breaking bad Heisenberg
    Breaking bad HeisenbergDag sedan

    He's barfing

  • Kaitlyn Adkins-ali
    Kaitlyn Adkins-aliDag sedan


  • Violeta Selakov
    Violeta SelakovDag sedan

    “Si te tomas 1 segundo para leer este pequeño comentario, Jesús te ama y que te proteja de esta enfermedad.” ¡Amén! ❤️‍🔥🙏🏽♥️

  • moist_captain
    moist_captainDag sedan

    That's a whole ants nest in his house