Everything That's Wrong With My Tesla Model 3 - Quality Problems

All of the quality issues that my brand new Tesla Model 3 arrived with.
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A detailed look at the build quality issues with my mid-range Tesla Model 3 including exterior scratches, paint quality issues, panel gaps, and panel placement.

What quality issues did my Tesla Model 3 Mid-Range arrive with? It's been heavily reported that while Tesla has been ramping up the production quantity of Tesla Model 3's, the quality of the builds is not fully there. In this video we'll look at all of the various paint scratches on my Model 3, paint defects, and also the mismatching panel gaps on each side of the vehicle. As a control, we'll also look at the panel gaps on my Subaru Crosstrek (a vehicle that cost 1/2 the price), and see how the panel gaps compare to the Tesla at the exact same locations. All of the issues shown in this video are from how the car arrived at my house. I took delivery on November 29th, and the car went straight into my garage at 22 miles on the odometer for this video to be filmed. I had not yet driven the car before filming this video, except from taking it from the delivery truck and placing it into my garage, several hundred feet of travel. Are the flaws I show worth mentioning, or am I simply being petty? Feel free to let me know how you feel in the comments.

Proof That This Was All Filmed At Delivery:
One Continuous Shot W/ Odometer - seblacks.info/cold/video/p6liypuGim19p4o.html

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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering Explained2 år sedan

    Lots of vernier caliper experts in the comments! "Jason, you don't know what you're doing away from a whiteboard!" While partially true, whiteboards are my safe space, I know how to use a caliper haha. The reason I'm not using the other end of the caliper (as demonstrated at 10:48, when measuring a glass gap) is because even though it's plastic, it'd be enough to scratch the paint if I wasn't super careful with it. Easier to hover over it, get it as close as possible (with my eyes, not the camera you're watching from), and not worry about scratching the areas I'm measuring. That cool? Find your next ride here! www.autotempest.com/

  • Deangelo Cesar

    Deangelo Cesar

    25 dagar sedan

    @Dario Thomas yup, I've been watching on Flixzone} for years myself :)

  • Dario Thomas

    Dario Thomas

    25 dagar sedan

    pro tip : you can watch series on Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching all kinds of movies recently.

  • Briar Bullock

    Briar Bullock

    6 månader sedan


  • Jericho Rosas

    Jericho Rosas

    7 månader sedan

    Should’ve busted out the feeler gauges hahaha

  • Jasko Skenderovic

    Jasko Skenderovic

    10 månader sedan

    I work in the car industry and that Tesla is very poorly assembled.

  • Cars and Eye Candy
    Cars and Eye Candy4 dagar sedan

    American made. Totally normal.

  • Gabor Nagy
    Gabor Nagy10 dagar sedan

    Buy a Mercedes and you will not find flaws like you would on a Tesla. Mercedes-Benz The Best or Nothing!

  • tony cash
    tony cash18 dagar sedan

    In my opinion all of these flaws are unacceptable

  • Lester Parker
    Lester Parker19 dagar sedan

    Unbelievable. People, don’t buy these pieces of junk. Could you imagine a Toyota like this? It would never leave the factory like this. Stop buying them, let the stock tank, and they’ll either make them better or just the whole thing down. I guess if you don’t care about money, go right ahead. But what a piece of crap

  • addicz2
    addicz221 dag sedan

    Tesla would become another american cars

  • StheG PC
    StheG PCMånad sedan

    I wouldn’t have accepted the car, but once you have signed for it, it’s harder to reject it.

  • Arvind Pradhan
    Arvind PradhanMånad sedan

    This corr looks like somebody painted it at home.

  • Bonhyun Ku
    Bonhyun Ku2 månader sedan

    poor quality control by Tesla

  • Deyvson Moutinho Caliman
    Deyvson Moutinho Caliman2 månader sedan

    I only deal in used cars, so I would never come to those details. But one of the good things about not paying much for something is peace of mind. If it's not leaking oil it's already a plus.

  • roi3151
    roi31512 månader sedan

    that sucks i bought brand new chevy spark 17 for my mom. it arrived warped to protect the car inside out same about any other car in the family hyundai toyota nissan brands this is not small thing its your property and expensive one it should be well cared on all the way to you just like mine arrived and about the gaps just went to check all the family cars all of them have symmetric small gaps that just fucked up

  • Graham Campbell
    Graham Campbell2 månader sedan

    If that came out of Germany Hitler would have been furious!

  • Sayitloudly Nothing
    Sayitloudly Nothing2 månader sedan

    U spent the 1st 3 mins being a b$/%h.

  • avenuePad
    avenuePad2 månader sedan

    So, this guy doesn't want to form an opinion. 🙄 Seems cowardly to not just simply say that a $2500 premium paint job with scratches and chips straight out of the gate is unacceptable. You wouldn't make excuses for any other car manufacturer, or at least you shouldn't. So why give Tesla an out? Oh, yeah...the cult of Elon.

  • devan singh
    devan singh2 månader sedan

    Interestingly enough, when my dad inspected cars to determine if that had been in an accident, these would be some of the flaws he’d be looking for at the mechanic shop for a pre-purchase inspection. It’s insanely poor and terrible for a company to deliver a car in this condition, this really needs to be addressed

  • BimmerPrid3
    BimmerPrid33 månader sedan

    Tesla 💩💩💩

  • Barry Youngston
    Barry Youngston3 månader sedan

    Looks pretty crappy to me. But looks don't really matter to the silly go-grennies that buy into the nonsense. After all, they are saving the world!!

  • gilbert
    gilbert3 månader sedan

    Imagine Lexus engineers going over this car, the look of shock and disbelief. Cackling to themselves that it must have been built by monkeys, and shuddering at the thought of the great shame it would bring to them and their families if they produced a Lexus of the same quality.

  • robertoppenheimer
    robertoppenheimer3 månader sedan

    Tesla responded quickly to you because they knew who you were.

  • gs mmibmw
    gs mmibmw3 månader sedan

    Was this a used car??

  • Red Cisco
    Red Cisco3 månader sedan

    You bought a turd of a car, why did you expect better? The worst cars made right now, hands down

  • Edward Estrella
    Edward Estrella3 månader sedan

    Don’t forget if your battery dies you either place it and suffer 13 hr recharging or buy new Tesla

  • V Anderson
    V Anderson3 månader sedan

    $2,500 extra for that paint job, it should be FLAWLESS!!! You handled it far better than I would have. I would have been LIVID!

  • Shawn Warnick
    Shawn Warnick3 månader sedan

    You know, with all of these quality issues, why are people still buying them? I would rather have an audi etron or an ipace if i wanted a luxury ev

  • Jan Lojko
    Jan Lojko3 månader sedan

    You need to remember it’s just a throw away battery car it’s not a real car let’s be honest real cars burn fuel

  • manzarek74
    manzarek743 månader sedan

    tesla is the worst company when it comes to quality build and reliability. Eaither you got a "monday" car or it is build by amateurs.

  • Georgs Paju
    Georgs Paju3 månader sedan

    Check those gaps after 30k. Perhaps that body will be a loose Lucy

  • John
    John3 månader sedan

    I'd buy a tesla but there is only 3 chargers in my state and no tesla dealership

  • nagmat1
    nagmat13 månader sedan

    I wonder how many things you didn't find.

  • René Casaña
    René Casaña3 månader sedan

    7:15 I think You're probably using the caliper wrong, the other side tips ( the smaller ones) are the ones supposed to be used to measure exactly between gaps not the big ones.

  • RussianSupaPowa
    RussianSupaPowa3 månader sedan

    Bro is an engineer but has never used the other end of a digital caliper c'mon now cuhhh precision precision precision the other side if literally for gaps

  • Mark Stevenson
    Mark Stevenson3 månader sedan

    Was considering a Tesla for a company car but after seeing this I am getting the new Polestar. Why do trusted car reviewers not talk about the build quality when they review these cars? Thanks Jason

  • Q-chan
    Q-chan3 månader sedan

    I think the quality control problems are at least partly related to the high demand. They are in such a hurry to get the car out to customers and you know what happens when you rush things. I bought an Outback 4 years ago and needed to wait a month to get it due to high demand. Panels not flush and had a cam cage leak. This is not just a Tesla problem. That being said if Tesla continues to sell product with the same quality moving forward they will run into the same problem that the Big Three encountered starting in the 70’s. They could sell whatever they wanted and people would but them until the oil crisis and better and cheaper Japanese competition came aboard. It seems that Teslas are for people who love tech, fast acceleration and have a high tolerance for things that don’t affect the immediate actual performance of the car such as paint, door gaps, etc. If that is you, go for it. For me, those things possibly reflect the overall quality of the build. What other shortcuts were made in things I can’t see? I’ll wait for the Toyota BEV's coming out in 2022.

  • Francisco Zermeno Jr
    Francisco Zermeno Jr3 månader sedan

    That gap on the rear front door it too big for me, that’s unacceptable when I’m spending 40k+ on a car.

  • ⵉⵜⵔⵓⵏⴰⵓⵜ
    ⵉⵜⵔⵓⵏⴰⵓⵜ4 månader sedan

    Those panel gaps are probably visible from outer space.

  • bloop
    bloop4 månader sedan

    Teslas are genius. They intentionally make large panel gaps so that they act like vents, making it more aerodynamic 😝

  • Savi GG
    Savi GG4 månader sedan

    This is abysmal.

  • colorist_tommy
    colorist_tommy4 månader sedan

    Proudly Made in USA. hahahaaa

    MCES LEX4 månader sedan

    If I would have bought a new Toyota and it came like this I would first of all not bought it, but if it was delivered to me like this, I would have returned it to the dealership and told them to give me my money back and extra compensation for not being able to use my vehicle for so many days, I would report this vehicle to the government as a lemon, then I would have called the manufacturer, Toyota, and told them how this dealership is selling lemons. Honestly Tesla owners deserve it for being in a trance-cult following, in a few years this car will fall apart and it's going to be out of warranty and they're going to lose $30k-40k from this purchase, no one in their right mind will buy a 5 year old Tesla 😂😂😂

    MCES LEX4 månader sedan

    It's a $50,000 car, compare it to a luxury $50,000 Mercedes or Lexus, if a Mercedes would have these problems it would be considered a lemon and would have to be sold as a lemon, WoW! Tesla are the worst manufactureed cars I've ever seen.

  • Al Wong
    Al Wong4 månader sedan

    Bad American workmanship, doesn’t take pride in their work

  • Crazygunzpn Gaming
    Crazygunzpn Gaming4 månader sedan

    Where the Tesla fanboy at?

  • Joey Smith
    Joey Smith4 månader sedan

    1121 KEY POINTS. 1. Substandard Paint Quality, PATHETIC. 2. Faux Leather Seats, PATHETIC. 3. An over abundance of ALUMINUM front and rear, PATHETIC. The Model 3 exterior is about as durable as a Coke can! 4. 5 inch ground clearance, PATHETIC. The Model 3 bottoms out over speed bumps! 5. No SPARE TIRE or RUN FLAT TIRES, PATHETIC. WTF!!!!! 6. Poor overall workmanship, PATHETIC. This is a poorly designed, poorly equipped car for the price, that simply cannot be denied. Other than the software package, there is NOTHING premium about this car! The paint quality is absolutely LAUGHABLE! This vehicle cannot be run through an automatic car wash, unless you desire the paint to be riddled with scratches. Elon has delivered a STUNNING software package locked within a HORRENDOUS hardware package. I’ll pass until quality is VASTLY IMPROVED!

  • George C
    George C4 månader sedan

    just buy a german electric car. they've been in the game for almost a century now and don't allow for these kind of rookie mistakes when it comes to quality control

  • DeafBlindNoob
    DeafBlindNoob4 månader sedan

    Seems like Tesla manufactures their cars in a 3rd world country by starving slaves. Real shame, by design these are the coolest cars ever.

  • Joey Smith

    Joey Smith

    4 månader sedan

    Yes they do manufacture them in a 3rd world country. AMERICA!

  • Garrie Clark
    Garrie Clark4 månader sedan

    I guess ruff enough is good enough,

  • hajikilla91
    hajikilla914 månader sedan

    Oh Boy if U say one bad thing the Musketeers, Efans, and Fanboys are gonna crucify U... 😂 just ask Rich Rebuilds..😂😂😂 what Nerds.. If U spend your hard earned $$$ on a pretty expensive Car U should expect a quality product.. And I know they’ll say “ every car company has some defects “ true but if U notice at the dealer or within ( usually 3 days ) the dealer will repair it or make it right, and Tesla is notorious for bad Custom Service, expensive and unavailable parts, and Horribly Overpriced Parts... This is Unacceptable for a $50K or higher vehicle with less than 23 miles on it...🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Robin Thomson
    Robin Thomson4 månader sedan

    My ten year old renault has less scratches to the paintwork...

  • Creepy Kong
    Creepy Kong4 månader sedan

    Thanks for being objective and showing us facts. No you are not human garbage and look good in blue hoodie. 😁

  • Komissar Krash
    Komissar Krash4 månader sedan

    I used to work in an automotive factory as a quality inspector (cleanroom so I inspected sheets of aluminium before they would be pressed into parts). Its pretty obvious that a lot of the issues would be rejected parts with many other automotive manufacturers. With the dot under the clearcoat would be a clear reject, most automotive manufacturers have a tolerance of about 0.5mm with only some others being 0.3mm (volvos are 0.2mm) so the fact that the dot is that big is a clear sign to me that the person who inspected your car was Helen Keller.

  • Clarence Hoover
    Clarence Hoover5 månader sedan

    Totally unacceptable defects. I would have refused to take delivery of this vehicle.

  • Frank Eggers
    Frank Eggers5 månader sedan

    I bought my Tesla model 3 extended range dual motor in April 2020. The only defect I've found is that the GPS cannot always get me where I want to go. My old Garmin GPS works better. Specifically, when I wanted to go from my Point Loma San Diego house to 300 Fir Street, the GPS guided me across the Coronado Bay Bridge onto Coronado Island which was miles out of the way. When I wanted to get to the emergency department of a hospital it had me running in circles near my house. It cannot even get me to my house. These are not new areas and my old Garmin GPS from my previous car takes me directly to those places. It is very difficult to report these problems to Tesla. Whether Tesla will do anything has yet to be determined.

  • Santino Rider
    Santino Rider5 månader sedan

    In contrast, we've owned a Nissan leaf 2014 model for 5 years. Zero electrical or software problems. Zero body build issues or noises. Zero repair times. Electricity, replacing worn tyres and some fluids, battery for the keys, wipers the only costs. From talking with other leaf owners, their experience is similar. Get's back to the old issue of poor design, build and reliability of US vehicles.

  • KuLdi Lakh
    KuLdi Lakh5 månader sedan

    I don't think ELon Musk really cares too much. His interest was to sell TesLa in 2018, but the deal broke down. Now its more of a headache for him and he's probably just wants to drag it along until he can get shot of the company. The hype of battery operated vehicles and trucks can still be challenge by the Hydrogen CeLL and the die hard Combustion which the Japanese are continuing to develop with greater efficiency. So TesLa may have a very slow climb if any, or judging by these corner cutting errors, it maybe a workforce on the cheap knocking up these newer models.

  • Eric Gray
    Eric Gray5 månader sedan

    The main issue I have with panel gaps is not the look or anything, it's a much bigger issue. When you have gaps that are up to 2mm difference per panel then that means that either the car or the part in question is being made to such a tolerance that could potentially lead to you purchasing a replacement door for the same car that came off another identical model, but that is too large to even fit yours. It is nothing to do with being picky about who cares about the gap, it shows that the parts aren't made to a very strict quality which shows that down the road even NEW parts might cause issues, especially with body panels which even made to very tight standards, still causes difficulty for Body Shops for example

  • Anthony HT
    Anthony HT5 månader sedan

    I guess they only reason why people keep on buying Tesla cars is because there are no real competitor to them, otherwise, nobody would accept to buy a car this expensive despite this terrible build quality.

  • John Smith
    John Smith5 månader sedan

    Looks like a good used car 🤣🤣🤣

  • Stefano Farnedi
    Stefano Farnedi5 månader sedan

    My respect for automotive engineerings has gine through the roof since seeing this. For such bulk products and such large products a tolerance of 0.75 to 1mm on PANEL gaps is a wonder of modern engineering

  • Robert Blaney
    Robert Blaney5 månader sedan

    Are those flaws normal ? They’re normal for a TESLA

  • aziz hkiri
    aziz hkiri5 månader sedan

    Take a shot everytime he says "MiLiMiteRs"

  • Steven Corns
    Steven Corns5 månader sedan

    WTF. Surely that paint job and damage is a one off, sure not a common thing holy bad

  • Steven Corns
    Steven Corns5 månader sedan

    Before even watching, As a vehicle Detailer, the paint job alone on a BRAND NEW car would be enough for me

  • Diego Tameirao
    Diego Tameirao5 månader sedan

    If you are or happy just sell the car

  • T Tran
    T Tran5 månader sedan

    Tesla fanboy said it normal and perfectly fine.

  • Think ItOver
    Think ItOver5 månader sedan

    Return that piece of crap!

  • Tracey Pass
    Tracey Pass6 månader sedan

    I've only watched the first 4 mins and I would be so disappointed if a brand new expensive car turned up in that condition. Did they fix it for you?

  • Sylvo Totem
    Sylvo Totem6 månader sedan

    Doesn't that mean, that the paint layer on the car is extremely thin and low quality? I mean, all those scratches, some of them seem to be from simple road dust, maybe when it was being transported from one place to another on a tow truck or on it's own wheels? Others might've appeared by a mistake, but also due to very thin paint cover. That is my guess. If you have a very thin coating, you can't help but to get few scratches very fast.

  • wjstewdog
    wjstewdog6 månader sedan

    What did Tesla do about scratches and dirt and paint in the end? Thanks for video

  • KWP
    KWP6 månader sedan

    Looks like Ray Charles painted that car... trash

  • johnccooperworks
    johnccooperworks6 månader sedan

    Tesla's is overpriced crap! I have a friend who is professional detailer who owns his own business, and who's work history includes being on a crew to polish and detail Air Force One! He says the paint quality is absolute crap! One of the worst in the automotive industry. You mix that with cheap, 70's interior plastics and hit and miss reliability.

  • MS Kewinyc
    MS Kewinyc6 månader sedan

    This video goes to show don't buy a Tesla lease it at best. Too many problems with their cars Elon Musk needs to pay more attention to quality control in 2021. Those scratches might have came from coming off that truck. However best to go to dealership with these scratches the door looked dented. I'd reject that car for $60k I want perfection. 🤣🤣😭😭Perfection + Tesla = Not in your life SUCKER!!😳😂😂

  • Carbon FiberC6
    Carbon FiberC66 månader sedan

    The right question would be "why would buy a Tesla in the 1st place"

  • 국화맛
    국화맛7 månader sedan

    i dont wanna buy tesla yet. cuz of quality problem.. that is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo severe.....

  • Ryan L
    Ryan L7 månader sedan

    That whole car is a defect.

  • MaxiRev
    MaxiRev7 månader sedan

    Elon has to have Steve Job mentality for design. The manufacturing departments will be scared to even bring such cars out of the factory. Simple solutions; bring true German top 3 brand together from the design team. Whole problem is solved.

  • hothotheat3000
    hothotheat30007 månader sedan

    I want an EV but I can’t bring myself to buy a Tesla. So many horror stories out there, and the excuse I keep hearing is that the service is awful but it’s worth it for the car. I can not justify spending luxury money for mediocre goods and services. If Toyota/Lexus releases a fully EV in the US, I’d buy it.

  • ActiveHybrid
    ActiveHybrid7 månader sedan

    build quality among Mercedes , bmw and Tesla by using a cat ! How do you test your vehicle to make sure it is qualified to sell ? Mercedes : we leave a cat in the car overnight, if the cat is dead in the morning , the vehicle is qualified BMW : we use a cat too but always find her passed out in the morning Tesla : our vehicle is qualified if the cat is not inside in the morning , she always finds a way to escape !

  • Dan Werner
    Dan Werner7 månader sedan

    I would not be happy with that paint job and the fit and finish for the price you pay for the car

  • Al' Sanchez
    Al' Sanchez7 månader sedan

    your complains are excellent, but the measurement you made are wrong your Vernier caliper is being used wrong , please use the other end

  • Just Aguy
    Just Aguy7 månader sedan

    The engineering of the car is pretty awesome. The fit and finish, build quality, well.... that is a bad paint job honestly, and some obvious transport dings.

  • Nathaniel Medina
    Nathaniel Medina8 månader sedan

    I was considering buying a Tesla, but seeing your experience has been a good eye opener. Quality Control will need to be overhauled in the next few years before I consider a purchase. In the mean time, Toyota seems the way to go

  • taroctg
    taroctg8 månader sedan

    Quality issues... sexy

  • H.I.M
    H.I.M8 månader sedan

    When I first saw a tesla I was like "damnnn that looks so cool I want one of those, thats clean asf😱😎". When I visited the small showroom, and sat in the interior of the Model S I was severly disappointed. I don't like portrait style screens for 1, and two the material quality and feel was mediocre for a car at an 80K dollar price point. I especially care about what the door clunk sounds and feels like when you close it, and when I closed the door on the model S it felt and sounded tinny and cheap. You don't get a second chance at first impressions. I was completely uninterested when I discovered the reliability and build quality issues as well. Overall they were way to expensive and gimmicky, at that point I'd rather an audi a7, lexus LS, or even 2021 Genesis G80

  • Pierzak
    Pierzak8 månader sedan

    damn, pls get urself a diffrent mic, it is really hard to listen to u like this

  • Aeron Gerich Co
    Aeron Gerich Co8 månader sedan

    Overall, do you think buying Tesla is a good buy, or buying any other electric car?

  • Kevin Nguyen

    Kevin Nguyen

    7 månader sedan

    At the moment, no. Google "tesla zipties and fakewood", "tesla door handle not working", and "tesla bumper fell off". I would lease a PHEV and wait 5 years for Toyota to make an electric car. I don't trust Chevy (GM) or Nissan (Renault). The Honda E if you live in Europe.

  • DWrld Gster
    DWrld Gster8 månader sedan

    so this car is supposed to have held up in space.

  • Alex Voicu
    Alex Voicu8 månader sedan

    Bahahahahahahaha! Its a revolution, maaaaaan! Shut up and fork Elon your money...

  • Donny O'Neil Jr.
    Donny O'Neil Jr.8 månader sedan

    Similar, gaps and paint issues on car and its a 2020. Don't go on the Tesla forum, way too many fan boys that think Tesla does no wrong

  • BList
    BList8 månader sedan

    Imagine trying to trade this car into Tesla and they knocked the price down stating the surface scratches. I'd be sick to my stomach

  • Assembled
    Assembled8 månader sedan

    lol this is literally a used car

  • Jonaleeno “jonaleeno” Hewington
    Jonaleeno “jonaleeno” Hewington8 månader sedan

    " Just watching your channels here in Northern Ireland The United Kingdom, and find them interesting and well researched. I'm a retired car workshop manager mechanic" and after 40years enjoy the new technology when it is well explained, which keeps my interest in advancing vehicle technology. Please keep making your videos as I appreciate them very much. Yours sincerely, Jonathan.....ps...The sweet sound of I.C.E. tunned engines,(BMWs, Audis, V8s etc.) will be sadly missed though by folk who were lucky enough to have gone through the era of some beautiful combustion sounds of top-end engines relating to the individual unique engine sounds and presence absent in E.Vs! .....Though The Earth comes first.

  • K Sekhose
    K Sekhose8 månader sedan

    Me watching in 144p I don't see any scratches XD

  • Stephen Jimenez
    Stephen Jimenez8 månader sedan

    QC, not.

  • speterj
    speterj8 månader sedan

    You are using those calibers wrong.

  • Nathan Deal
    Nathan Deal8 månader sedan

    ALWAYS walk the car before you accept delivery. I would of demanded these fixed and would of refused delivery.

  • Alex Mejia
    Alex Mejia8 månader sedan

    This is why i cant stand Tesla. That is unacceptable.

  • Greg S
    Greg S8 månader sedan

    Wow. Thanks for this. I can excuse the "Road Rash" that it got in transport. Those kinds of things happen all the time in new cars that are sent to dealerships, they just touch it up before you see it on the lot or before you pick it up. However, the dust in the paint and the extreme's in panel gaps and the lack of levels. That is a major concern for me. If they can't be more concerned with how their car looks on the outside, what kind of care did they really take in building it on the inside where I can't see? I shouldn't have to be the one to go over the car and make sure it has all the bolts it's supposed to and that all of them are tightened down. I shouldn't be worried about the battery connections shorting or grounding out at some point and leaving me stranded because someone didn't torque a screw down enough. There lack of care in inspecting the assembled cars as they leave their factory really makes me wonder. Especially given that the low end long range car has a base price of $45k.

  • George Sica
    George Sica9 månader sedan

    It was a two day delivery because this unit was rejected by another buyer, therefore it was in stock. It's not 'used' because it was never titled. Almost two years old so I'm sure Tesla quality has bumped up. When the model 3 first came out I read many reviews about paint quality.

  • Josip M
    Josip M9 månader sedan

    If I do not know that is New Car, I will say that is wrecked car. With regards on gap if body panels.

  • Cabin-luvr 279
    Cabin-luvr 2799 månader sedan

    Absolutely unacceptable. Glad they will make the proper corrections. Cool Cars, great design but their for and finish issues are legendary.