Elon Musk Finally Addresses Tesla's Problems

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  • Travis Worthington
    Travis Worthington2 dagar sedan

    Fuck Tesla what a bunch of hitbox ugly ass junk and the people that drive them are so smug they fart into glasses and drink their own farts

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    digital subliminal messagesMånad sedan

    S R B How were you talked into this// ....you can tell me or "Dave"/ but I'd suspects / you were called out of retirement / as a captain /// ///

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    digital subliminal messagesMånad sedan

    S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S Come on, madame secretary / we have room// I get the stress part // ... Welcome to the big boys/ recalls and safety suits every year//. /// But / and I'll compensate you/ // but yeah I get it/ then / they're trying to over burden me to boot// / // // that o.k. // //

  • Ron Marcy
    Ron Marcy2 månader sedan

    I continue to like this man. Incredibly brave.

  • LQQK49
    LQQK492 månader sedan

    ⭕ Two signs indicate that Tesla will face more scrutiny from China soon. Every year on World Consumer Rights Day March 15, the Chinese propaganda CCTV highlights one company for a public trial, and this year, Tesla found itself on the defendant’s seat. Then on March 19, while Yang Jiechi humiliated himself as Chinese representative in front of the press in Chinese in Anchorage, Alaska, criticizing the US without the interpretation (obviously for domestic consumption purposes), the Chinese military banned Tesla cars from entering its complexes, citing security concerns over cameras installed on the vehicles. Stay tuned, and fasten your seatbelt, there’re more to come. March 20, 2021 Saturday.

  • Shahrzad Bn
    Shahrzad Bn3 månader sedan

    I love this man😍

  • LQQK49
    LQQK493 månader sedan

    Tesla recently got 5 Chinese authorities’ invitations to “have a cup of tea” talk. Anybody know why? Tesla was promised that they do not need to transfer technology to Chinese manufacturers, the problem is that, they actually DID NOT transfer it. China allows Tesla manufacturing in Shanghai, hoping that it will help elevate Chinese electric car technology. Instead Tesla is now killing the Chinese electric car market. Tesla drop the Model Y price, further worsen the situation. One of the Chinese authorities suspects that Tesla uses the US military technology to spy on the Chinese driver and send the location and even audio/video feed back to the US. This is a huge deal. SpaceX’s Starlink will eventually bypass 5G and enable people to access the internet from wherever on earth, this further irritates Chinese authorities, because this will eventually break the Chinese Great Wall of internet blockage. Tesla will become America’s edition of Huawei, but 100 times worse. And Elon Musk will be the next Meng Wanzhou. Do you know what happened to Jack Ma and Alibaba? Do you know what will happen, if you dance with a bear? I’m not talking about Winnie the Pooh. 2021.3.5.5

  • Begoña Fernández
    Begoña Fernández3 månader sedan

    "I like it cold" - Stranger things vibes here, now I get the Alien comments

  • Caleb
    Caleb3 månader sedan

    Baby, me and June bug love you

  • Noah
    Noah4 månader sedan

    They had me hooked up to the point where he mentioned "extreme levels of precision...more than any other vehicle in the world." Elon...come on man. I love your ethic and enthusiasm, but don't lie to the cameras.

  • RWhite
    RWhite4 månader sedan

    60K and the body panels are not lined up correctly on many vehicles...no thanks!

  • SuperNoodle
    SuperNoodle4 månader sedan

    “But Elon, that’s not funny when people are nervous!” *yes it is*

  • Twinny 555
    Twinny 5555 månader sedan

    That tweet was so obviously April fools with the reference to Easter eggs and ending with ‘you can’t believe it’

  • Kasi Jayatheertha
    Kasi Jayatheertha5 månader sedan

    Machine building machine 🔥🔥

  • Alexander Paideia
    Alexander Paideia5 månader sedan

    Even to this date, Mr. Elon Musk has attacked and accomplished a great deal beyond the 99%. However, one more particular greater task, very much within his capability, he fails and reluctant to attack it. What could that be? GS. altc, Paideia Academy and Society.

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    Rodolfo Vitangcol6 månader sedan

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  • Vin Wiesel
    Vin Wiesel7 månader sedan

    I declare Elon Reeve Musk, President of the United States under the authority of me.


    The sad news about NIO's intrinsic price seblacks.info/cold/video/imSa1I9obZiChm0.html

  • Rodolfo Caetano
    Rodolfo Caetano8 månader sedan

    Anyone still watch this video?

  • Sai Kiran Pandilla
    Sai Kiran Pandilla8 månader sedan


  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter9 månader sedan

    But the problem with Tesla, especially with the Model Y, is they're focusing on quantity over quality. So many people have the same issues with Model Y like the hatch not working properly, poorly assembled interiors and bugs etc.

  • Thomas Hamm
    Thomas Hamm9 månader sedan

    That stupid news anchor should be fired!! She has no clue how hard Elon is trying to workout the links of building quality cars on a deadline. And then to have the audacity to think he was lying about sleeping at his factory. She's lucky I wasn't there, I would of smacked the living shit out of her and she would have permanent tinitis.

  • Ryan Chen
    Ryan Chen10 månader sedan

    5:30 so smart

  • Boaz Forttress
    Boaz Forttress10 månader sedan


  • 王海
    王海10 månader sedan

    "If you find yourself in hell, keep going" - Churchill

  • Drizztkame
    Drizztkame10 månader sedan

    LOL the look on the translator's face when Elon pauses..

  • Ms.heba_
    Ms.heba_11 månader sedan

    bring him to me 🥰💞

  • MysticJimmy7
    MysticJimmy7År sedan

    2:17 Jesus, he looks like he hasn’t slept in months. I don’t know how he does the things that he does.

  • You Liked That
    You Liked ThatÅr sedan

    "Yes, i sleep on this couch here" *Reporter process to bounce her poop cutter where Elon sleeps* ....

  • LRND Hashwin
    LRND HashwinÅr sedan

    He is my role model fuck god

  • Jeric Singuillo
    Jeric SinguilloÅr sedan

    Damn, this bitch female reporter does seem to be very cynical and annoying. Lol

  • Adam Ingram
    Adam IngramÅr sedan

    It wasn't a joke about April Fools and he saying they are going bankrupt he was testing the waters to see the reactions from all of his customers and everybody else

  • Adam Ingram
    Adam IngramÅr sedan

    Don't get me wrong the idea is a great idea but there is just not enough supporting technology to adequately be effective in these vehicles you have to charge them for hours before you can drive an hour down the road and all these companies want to set different charging rates it's just not going to continue. The electric car is just ahead of its time

  • J.W.
    J.W.År sedan

    their model 3 still has terrible qc. panel gaps and poor paintings with scratches. stop investing in new things like cybertruck. time to focus on basics.

  • suntzuwarsword1964
    suntzuwarsword1964År sedan

    People complained when the motor car replaced the horse and cart , this man is a pioneer saving the planet , Testla will rule , every new idea will have problems....great job ELON !

  • Henry Zhang
    Henry ZhangÅr sedan

    With that many robots, and that many technologies in one car, TSLA will have no competition.

  • Henry Zhang
    Henry ZhangÅr sedan

    Soon people will see this guy changes the world no one before ever could.

  • kitty mcpaws
    kitty mcpawsÅr sedan

    what is up with that ASL lady. Is the mouth movement also part of it or was she just emotional/outraged signing really hard.

  • cutehursty
    cutehurstyÅr sedan

    Lol this was a year ago this guy legit randomly gave a million dollars for trees

  • AdoreMiyabear
    AdoreMiyabearÅr sedan

    Tesla builds cheap material and unsafe vehicles. Look at the bottom car welding unprofessionally and cheap metal. At you see Tesla in California build cars outside look like camping outdoors jobs using gorilla super clues. Tesla doesn’t take too long to build the electric car then mechanics car. 1. Unsafe vehicle and not dependable cars 2. Unprofessional welding and body alignment 3. Cheap medal and plastic 4. Battery needs charging and loosing power if not charging 5. The weather too hot and too cold will lost power 6. Not reliable car 7. Take too long to charging and time is money 8. Money pit, cost and repairs 9. Software and battery not reliability 10. No spares tire 11. The prices too high for the electric car 12. Home charging car battery unsafe and cost 13. Battery keeps charging all the time will run out the juice soon

  • dinesh anand
    dinesh anandÅr sedan

    Who else wants a movie of him ?! Come on guys ???? Or is it really me ????

  • Tamara Laird
    Tamara LairdÅr sedan

    People are too hard on this man. He's changing our future, and you ungrateful fucks are saying "you're not fast enough. faster!!"

  • Alexis Verday
    Alexis VerdayÅr sedan

    "that is not a good couch" -Elon Musk

  • Justus Cycling
    Justus CyclingÅr sedan

    lol funny when you see it one year later, while tesla stock going deep down - and Elon talks about nuking the moon and talking about some shit inside the brains of everybody, like it was something good. hope he wont do suicide soon or maybe go to jail..

  • FroddeB
    FroddeBÅr sedan

    6:04 "When you hear about him sleeping at the factory you go, yeah sure right..." This just shows how little she knows about Elon Musk, he is probably the most genuine CEO out there and would never lie to inflate his self-esteem. Elon Musk doesn't give a damn about his self-esteem.

  • DoctorGarkle
    DoctorGarkleÅr sedan

    Who is the halfwit interviewing him? It would be hard to find someone more stupid.

  • Constantine Dragases
    Constantine DragasesÅr sedan

    All the Tesla fanboy f*****s in these comments need to shut the f**k up. You have no idea what you're talking about. The image of this company versus the reality of this company are two completely different things, I promise you. The ineptitude of Tesla management at every level from this clown all the way down to front-line supervisors is truly staggering. This guy was sleeping on the floor because Tesla management is impotent and terrible at every level.

  • Silvertarian
    SilvertarianÅr sedan

    People who cry over an april fools joke are not people you want as investors. Keep scaring them Elon.

  • M
    MÅr sedan

    Timbs & a donk

  • Blood0cean
    Blood0ceanÅr sedan

    I'm all for elon innovations. Im all for 0 emission cool looking electric cars. But tesla final build quality and practicality is pure shite. Sry musk cocksuckers. Being blind is of no use to consumers at large. Most of u meaning 90% of u don't even own cars let alone a tesla.

  • Helen Ismail
    Helen IsmailÅr sedan

    Tesla, Elon never broke.

  • Chiel Demmer
    Chiel Demmer2 år sedan

    looks a bit like macdonalds

  • Paul .G
    Paul .G2 år sedan

    Never let yourself drive by a computer.

  • Threelly AI
    Threelly AI2 år sedan

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  • Noneya Bizz
    Noneya Bizz2 år sedan

    Welfare queen, constant game play with stock market, snake oil salesman. This company only survives because his consumers turn a blind eye to what they would be critical of from anyone else.

  • Mohammed Hafeez
    Mohammed Hafeez2 år sedan

    I hope this guy lives a 100 years and become successful in everything he does..!!

  • David Vonch
    David Vonch2 år sedan

    He will thrive.

  • yumi BmD
    yumi BmD2 år sedan

    I fuck with this dude

  • A M
    A M2 år sedan

    I watch 15 min video and watched 5 Adds! please don't do this again.

  • vic
    vic2 år sedan

    Smart person fixes issues , but a genius prevents them.

  • Serpent115
    Serpent1152 år sedan

    5:00 is the part you where looking for

  • __David_


    4 månader sedan

    Thanks! ;)

  • CC35A


    5 månader sedan

    thank you :D

  • Prism Fantasy
    Prism Fantasy2 år sedan

    If you want to understand poor people. Just sleep on the floor.

  • Dino Pappous
    Dino Pappous2 år sedan

    Appreciate his candidness, however the fundamental issue is that Tesla is a "Technology Company"...not a MANUFACTURER.....

  • tracy g
    tracy g2 år sedan

    The reason I admire and love this guy is because of his brutal honesty. He’s no coward and he stands in truth regardless of the criticism and or discomfort of it. He does his best and then some - Thank you

  • Álvaro Gines
    Álvaro Gines2 år sedan

    Didnt see a single employee

  • Engr. Rushd
    Engr. Rushd2 år sedan

    Every Organization or Company has problems. Tesla's Production process is completely new type. Robotic production processes. Difficult to anticipate total effect on Efficiency.

  • runsInThe Forrest
    runsInThe Forrest2 år sedan

    It seems like progress is not as fast as his visions are.

  • Cookie Mite
    Cookie Mite2 år sedan

    tesla is done with their production hell. they are now making 5000 model 3 per week. now, lets see whats next.

  • Zam Benz
    Zam Benz2 år sedan

    it's so funny when he thinks that problem is a straight things, business all about curve,. opss . He stayed in USA, all about drag racing not a F1 racing. Silly richboy

  • Rig7
    Rig72 år sedan

    Founded Tesla 15 years ago and look where it is now. People who doubt this man need a head transplant

  • Mrs Jones
    Mrs Jones2 år sedan

    Smart guy! I'd actually learn something.... I'd pack up, move and come to work for you in a heartbeat!!!

  • Mrs Jones
    Mrs Jones2 år sedan

    I'd pack up, move and come to work for you in a heartbeat!!!!

  • Ken
    Ken2 år sedan

    Elon Musk: "wow, um so like...things ...can be made faster, and... I think ...maybe better." Everyone else: "He's so smart!!"

  • G bacon!
    G bacon!2 år sedan

    I love you Elon Musk !

  • DSV
    DSV2 år sedan

    he is fantastic! Hard worker, visionary, using his wealth to make the world a better place. Just imagine if there were 10 more like him.

  • CarbonGlassMan
    CarbonGlassMan2 år sedan

    She didn't believe he slept at the plant? Because leftists think Business titans are lazy.

  • Venl588 HD
    Venl588 HD2 år sedan

    I think this is the time of single digets weeks of bankrupt. But now every thing is fine

  • Vinnie Valentine
    Vinnie Valentine2 år sedan

    Tesla are literally everywhere in MN.

  • Vinnie Valentine
    Vinnie Valentine2 år sedan

    He said he has a clear understanding for the path out of Hell, and this is Hell he is trying to get out of

  • Vinnie Valentine
    Vinnie Valentine2 år sedan

    He is the only person trying to save the human race you fools

  • Samuel Sazo
    Samuel Sazo2 år sedan

    Amazing .... Just when you start to question nasa ....... appears the solution ...... before, it was important to control oil, now, electricity ...... sending cars to space ??? Maybe 1 tenth of 1 percent of the small group of the insanely rich elite will ever leave this planet after having pissed and shit all over it's beauty in order to amass their wealth in the name of a better future for all the poor smucks they have left behind on their garbage dump. You go Elon ..... Give anyone a couple of billions and they might impress you too

  • Samuel Sazo
    Samuel Sazo2 år sedan

    Where did he come from?

  • Samuel Sazo
    Samuel Sazo2 år sedan

    Explain the Joe cell - Why not REAL Tesla energy - no need for battery - no need for charge stations - no waste product - he is just pushing another diversion.

  • Samuel Sazo
    Samuel Sazo2 år sedan

    This technology has been around for years - he is being used as a spokes man.

  • Samuel Sazo
    Samuel Sazo2 år sedan

    He is not the first guy to make a car. What is his plan for the waste disposal of all the old battery contamination.

  • Joan Alegre Cantón
    Joan Alegre Cantón2 år sedan

    Hello he was right he

  • Nicolas Holmes
    Nicolas Holmes2 år sedan

    is human too ah

  • RH BM
    RH BM2 år sedan

    I admire how open and honest he is. Its damn refreshing.

  • GMT
    GMT2 år sedan

    A small part of me feels that all of the companies he's founded will end up like Apple after Steve Jobs died.

  • Chino YZDUMB
    Chino YZDUMB2 år sedan

    Some ppl need to thrive on status to do great things (justifiable), Elons drive is clarity, he believes he KNOWS what path is correct for the world and it's just getting there. I hope he's right and don't burn out before he reaches it. He's literally sacrificing his own life by not sleeping, which has been scientifically proven is considered low level brain damage that only REM sleep can repair, as r many working ppl, except majority of everyone r sacrificing for themselves n their families (justifiable) but Elons doing it for himself, his family and everyone else. Since I'm not smart enough to help him (wish I could), I just wanna recognize him for that, thanks E, u can have some of my life if u ever want

  • SterPal
    SterPal2 år sedan

    its funny random ppl commenting here as if they are actually smth..they give their approval/disaproval.. who the fck r u anyways??? its really tough to see valuable comments and this points out how immature,nonsense and fake is this world..

  • MrDajiangyoude
    MrDajiangyoude2 år sedan

    I believe it

  • Ron Chai
    Ron Chai2 år sedan

    Tesla is one of the most toxic environments to work in, and it all stems from Elon.

  • Roxy Graff
    Roxy Graff2 år sedan

    I totally agree with Elon, people need to lighten up! Elon's has a beautiful sense if humor and he would be a joy to be around...Elon you rock! Please do not change a single thing about you...if there was a perfect man, you are it...:) The way you talk, your mannerisms, you're so soft spoken and never have you been condescending to anyone no matter what their station in life. How you keep all these beautiful traits with everything you've done and experienced is simply a miracle. Most would become cynical, I'm sorry but you are a rarity that I have never seen. You can't be from here...lol You are incredible and I could listen to you for days and forever. Say you'll marry me... hehehe ( couldn't help throwing that in) too bad you'll never see this post or have any inkling how amazing you are!!!

  • Pratheep Anumaty
    Pratheep Anumaty2 år sedan

    Good morning 11/11/2018

  • andrew mac gregor
    andrew mac gregor2 år sedan

    this man makes me vomit he has brought nothing new to the world. he uses the name of a true genius tesla. what he does is use anyone's ideas and takes credit for doing something magical and new. he is a slimy con man.

  • Michaela Hale
    Michaela Hale2 år sedan

    Tesla Overnight challenge ***Insane*** sleeping on couch

  • ThanksIfYourReadIt
    ThanksIfYourReadIt2 år sedan

    He needs love guys not respect... "Behind every great man, is a greater woman."

  • Tracer69
    Tracer692 år sedan

    Top bloke!